Apiti Cemetery

Apiti, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand

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Apiti Cemetery is situated on Ridge Road, Apiti, in the Manawatu District of the North Island, New Zealand.\n\nApiti is a Maori word meaning the narrows, or the gorges. At 457 metres above sea level, it\'s a high uplift of land between two river systems, the Oroua to the west, and the Pohangina to the east, 40 kilometres from Feilding.\n\nIts isolation meant it was settled by Europeans relatively late in New Zealand history; the first settlers arrived in July 1886, having been balloted 100-acre sections by the Feilding Small Farm Association.\n\n\n\nThe Cemetery was originally situated on the Main Road in Apiti, with the first recorded interment on the 22nd May 1896 after the death of Albert Nix.\n\nThere were only about 9 burials in this first cemetery however as it was closed on the 31st December 1899 as it was deemed “unsuitable in various ways as a burial ground”.\n\nThe burials in the 1st Cemetery were:\n\nGiry Sullivan (burial date unknown)\nAlbert Nix buried 22nd May 1896\nAlice E. Prince buried 22 October 1896\nCharles W. Gould buried 8th May 1897\nRichard C. Field buried 27th October 1897\nMargaret Mathers buried 3rd January 1898\nErnest I. buried 20th April 1898\nRobert Stewart buried 1th November 1898\nHarold B. Miller buried 17th April 1899\n\nThese people are believed to be re-interred in the 2nd Cemetery on Ridge Road. There are some headstones in the Ridge Road Cemetery of these original burials.\n\nThe first interment of the 2nd Cemetery was that of Sarah Haynes who died aged 22 days on the 9th February 1901 and was buried on the 11th February 1901.
Apiti Cemetery, BillionGraves Cemetery 296672 Created By Marijke Bullians, Apiti, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand