Friedhof Wien (Zentralfriedhof)

Simmering, Austria, Vienna, Austria

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In 2013, named by CNN as one of the World's 10 Most Beautiful Cemeteries, The Zentralfriedhof (English: Central Cemetery) is one of the largest cemeteries in the world, largest by number of interred in Europe and most famous cemetery among Vienna's nearly 50 cemeteries. The cemetery's name is descriptive of its significance as Vienna's biggest cemetery, not of its geographic location, as it is not situated in the city center of the Austrian capital, but on the outskirts, in the outer city district of Simmering, and its address is Simmeringer Hauptstraße 230–244, Vienna 1110, Austria. The musician Wolfgang Ambros honoured the Zentralfriedhof in his 1975 song "Es lebe der Zentralfriedhof" ("Long live the Zentralfriedhof"), marking with it the 100th anniversary of the cemetery's opening. In addition to the Catholic section, the cemetery houses a Protestant cemetery (opened 1904) and two Jewish cemeteries. Although the older of the two, established in 1863, was destroyed by the Nazis during the Kristallnacht, around 60,000 graves remain intact. Cemetery records indicate 79,833 Jewish burials as of 10 July 2011. Prominent burials here include those of the Rothschild family and that of the author Arthur Schnitzler. The second Jewish cemetery was built in 1917 and is still in use today. There were 58,804 Jewish burials in the new section as of 21 November 2007. Officials discovered desecration of 43 Jewish graves in the two Jewish sections 29 June 2012, allegedly as an anti-Semitic act – the stones and slabs were toppled or damaged. Since 1876, Muslims have been buried at Vienna's Zentral Friedhof. The dead are buried according to Austrian law, in a coffin, in contrast to the Islamic ritual practice; burial in a shroud. The opening of the new Islamic cemetery of the Islamic Faith Community took place 3 October 2008 in Liesing. The cemetery also contains Russian Orthodox burial grounds (Saint Lazarus chapel, 1894) and plots dedicated for the use of various Orthodox churches. Since 1869, members of the Greek Orthodox community have been buried in Section 30 A, just west of Gate 2, near the arcades. The Romanian Orthodox community is near Gate 3 in Section 38 as are members of the Bulgarian Orthodox churches. The Serbian Orthodox community received portions of Sections 68 B and 69 C, near Gate 3 and Section 27A contains the tombs of the Coptic Orthodox Church. The Protestant section on the east side is dedicated for the use of both confessions-parts of the Evangelical Protestant church in Austria, the Lutheran A.B (Evangelische Kirche Augsburger Bekenntnis) and Calvinist H.B (Evangelische Kirche Helvetisches Bekenntnis). The cemetery was inaugurated in the presence of the President of the Evangelical Protestant Church, Dr. Rudolf Franz 14 November 1904. The cemetery was expanded in 1926 and 1972 and 1998. The Protestant section consists of 6,000 graves and 300 family vaults. Europe's first Buddhist cemetery was established in Zentralfriedhof in May 2005. An area of the Zentralfriedhof has been set aside for this purpose centered around a stupa, and was consecrated by a Tibetan monk. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Austria celebrated the dedication of an hectare-sized plot set apart for the Mormon deceased in Zentralfriedhof 19 September 2009. Main entrance: Gate 2 - Vienna Central Cemetery, Simmeringer Hauptstrasse 234, 11th District Gate 1 - Vienna Central Cemetery, Simmeringer Hauptstrasse 230, 11th District - Old Jewish Cemetery Gate 3 - Vienna Central Cemetery, Simmeringer Hauptstrasse 240, 11th District - Protestant Cemetery, Park of Peace and Power
Friedhof Wien (Zentralfriedhof), Created by BillionGraves, Simmering, Austria, Vienna, Austria