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Because it is across the street from Maple Grove Cemetery, some of the photos taken on the westernmost section of Maple Grove may show up as being in Highland even though the GPS coordinates correctly place them in Maple Grove.

Use EXTREME CAUTION in exiting from either of Highland's exits because it is very difficult to see oncoming southbound traffic.

The website is the one used by the City of Wichita on its website, http://www.wichita.gov/cityoffices/park/cemeteries

It includes a section map, many of which are expandable to see the general plot locations. There is also an alphabetical index that includes most names of people interred here, which usually includes the plot location. However, the list is incomplete, but estimate probably 90-95% complete from many visits there.

The above link does not include the Temple Emanu-el Jewish Cemetery that is also a separate part of the cemetery, which can be found here:

Temple Emanu-el includes a list of names interred as of 2001, working on getting an updated list for it.

Plot locations with PF are one of several Potter Fields, mostly Sections 499, 501, 502, 503, and a series of sections (I - XIII)

If you visit the cemetery, there is a cemetery map attached to a small building, denoting sections and plot numbers within the sections. If you take the south entrance, take the first left as soon as you enter the cemetery. The first building on the left. The below link was taken at the building so you can use it to GPS you to the building with the map. The second, and larger, building is a mausoleum.


The City of Wichita took over the cemetery in the early 1980s, but the previous owner did not keep good records so no new burials are allowed in the main cemetery.

There is a second cemetery within the main cemetery. If you drive past the mausoleum, there is a black wrought iron fence on the left. The graves from there to the west end of the cemetery that are south of the driveway are part of the Congregation Emanu-el Cemetery, also called Temple Emanu-el. Link below is to the rock memorial at the east entrance to the cemetery.


This is a Jewish cemetery and burials have taken place here as recently as 2011. This cemetery has been fully photographed, transcriptions still in progress. However, some of the photos do not appear to have uploaded successfully so will review after transcriptions are completed to re-take any that did not upload.
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