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Article & Research by Allison Garton:
Mount Olivet/Oliveito Cemetery was founded in 1899 by Hollis Monroe Peavey, one of the pioneers of Oneonta-By-The Sea (now known as Nestor), and incorporated in 1954 by the Mt. Olivet Cemetery Association. During the 1920s, mysterious overnight burials would appear. By the mid-1960, the small 2-acre cemetery had fallen into disrepair.

The Matthias family purchased the cemetery in the 1980s. Many grave markers and monuments had been destroyed or vandalized and much restoration was needed... and completed. In addition to the roughly 100 existing burials, Mt. Olivet is now re-opened for new interments. Also, the Veterans Administration will replace any service member's missing/stolen markers for free.

This is a very small cemetery tucked into a neighborhood. Be respectful of the interred, the neighbors, and don't forget to say "hi" to Mr. Peavey, the founder, and Mr. Young, the time traveler, who died forty years before he was born. No, seriously.

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