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Shown on most maps as “Longoria Cemetery”, the cemetery should more properly be called “The Eugenio Longoria Cemetery” to distinguish it from the other Longoria cemeteries in the immediate area, all of which are on lands belonging to descendants of Ponciano Longoria and Maria Rita Villarreal. The cemetery is located about 5 miles west of Rachal just off FM 755; it is about one-half mile west of the picnic area on the highway and about 150 feet south of FM 755, hidden from view from the highway by a dense grove of old mesquite trees and brush.

The cemetery is located on private lands once owned by Eugenio Longoria, eldest son of Ponciano and Maria Rita Longoria, and was established in 1927 upon the death of Antonia Vidaurri de Trevino, mother-in-law of Eugenio Longoria. In earlier years, persons from outside the immediate family were buried in the cemetery but now burial space in the cemetery is available only to descendants of Eugenio and Ana T. Longoria.
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