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For Stake Presidents, Bishops, Stake and Ward Youth Leaders:

How a BillionGraves Activity Will Bless Youth
  • Meaningfully involve youth
  • Lighten leaders load
  • Helps youth engage
  • Feel the spirit of Elijah
  • Teach leadership and ownership
  • Serve others on both sides of the veil

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For Youth and Youth Leaders:

BillionGraves, a Meaningful Youth Activity
  • Document ancestors' graves
  • Help families find each other
  • Inspire curiosity and mystery
  • Everyone wants to know who they are and where they came from

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How to Carry Out a BillionGraves Activity

- Cemetery Documentation Project Guide
- Smartphone Cemetery Activity (
- BillionGraves Service Project Guide

  • Set a goal
  • Choose a cemetery
  • Prepare the activity
  • At the cemetery:
    • Divide into teams
    • Take photos of the headstones
    • Share experiences
  • Transcribe the information from the headstones.

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The Promised Blessings Of Family History

  • More closeness and joy in your family
  • Divine protection
  • Personal power
  • Power to change, repent, learn, be sanctified
  • Power to turn the hearts of your family together
  • Witness that life continues beyond the veil
  • Find joy and be blessed in every aspect of your life
  • Protection against the intensifying influence of the adversary

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For Everyone:

“What is BillionGraves?”
  • BillionGraves is a free website to look up headstone photos from around the world.
  • Volunteers use Smartphones to take GPS tagged photos of headstones.
  • Photos are uploaded to the BillionGraves website.
  • Photos are transcribed by volunteers.
  • Photos can be easily accessed for research online.

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For Service Missionaries:

Click on the links below to learn more about opportunities to serve.

  1. Take Photos of Gravestones with the BillionGraves App
  2. This is the most needed area of service and is readily available in most areas of the world.
  3. Transcribe Gravestones Names and Dates
  4. Transcribing is a good service opportunity for those who are homebound. It is also good for any service missionary during inclement weather or after dark.
  5. Plan a Group Cemetery Documentation Event
  6. Planning group cemetery documentation event is a great way to use your leadership skills and bring community members together.
  7. Translate Languages on the BillionGraves Website
  8. If you are fluent in another language we could use your skills!
  9. Finish Photographing in Partially Documented Cemeteries
  10. This service opportunity is specifically for areas where many cemeteries are already partially finished.
  11. Document Unmarked Graves
  12. Service missionaries in some states will find that most cemeteries in that state have already been photographed. However, there is a great need for you to serve those buried in unmarked graves.
  13. Post Cemetery Service Projects on
  14. Organizations that need help with projects can post them for free on And then volunteers can go to the website to find opportunities to serve.
  15. Linking BillionGraves Cemetery Records with FamilySearch Records
  16. Turn a source that is verifiable and a monument that is visual into sources for FamilySearch. Every BillionGraves record is verifiable because it has a photo and has a GPS location that is always obtained by someone standing in front of the gravestone to take the picture.