William Richardson

18 Jun 1829 - 24 Aug 1904

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William Richardson

18 Jun 1829 - 24 Aug 1904
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Grave site information of William Richardson (18 Jun 1829 - 24 Aug 1904) at Heber City Cemetery in Heber, Wasatch, Utah, United States from BillionGraves

Life Information

William Richardson


Heber City Cemetery

Loren Mair Ln
Heber, Wasatch, Utah
United States

Headstone Description

PVT Utah Ter Militia Indian Wars


November 9, 2012


September 2, 2012

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I was born at Tool Cross, December 11, 1827. My parents were Francis Futheringham and Janet Walker. Soon after I was born, I was rolled in a blanket and given to an old woman to take to father. Grandfather Walker would not let them live together because father was English and so much older than mother. I was taken to the home of Robert and Agnes Burns. Father had me baptized in Tool Cross and given the name of Joann Walker Futheringham. Agnes Burns became the mother of three children, so her mother, Agnes McIntosh, took little Futhry as she called me, and raised me until she died, and then I lived with grandfather and his two daughters I did not know but that they were my grandparents and my aunts so I was contented. When I was about six years old, I had the measles and some of them went into my eyes, and I lost the sight of one of them, which was blind all the days of my life. By the time I was eleven years of age, I had had eight different homes, and it was then I was told by some girls that Agnes Burns was not my mother, and I was taken to see my father who only lived a short distance away. When I was thirteen years old, I had to go to the factory to work. I had to learn and it was sometime before I got much pay. When I had been working there three years, it burned to the ground. But I was lead to another place when I was trying to hunt work and the first time I asked, I got work. After grandmother died, I went to live with neighbors until I got down sick with brain fever. Agnes burns, who had a mother's love, took me home to care for me. Then she took sick so they took her and her boy to Glasgow where they both died. So to save me, she lost her own life and her boy's, and I was cared for by a poor old lady called Elizabeth Gorlay. I was out of work for sixteen weeks, but as soon as I could get enough to eat I felt stronger. All the clothes I had were on my back, but my boss was good to me and had saved me my job. In the spring of 1849 two Mormon girls came to the factory to work and talked to me about religion. A short time after I went to a prayer meeting and a girl talked in tongues. The interpretation was that all in the hall would obey the gospel and go to Zion. I have lived to see it fulfilled. I was baptized about the 3rd day of October, 1849, by Elder Thomas Stewart. My uncle received word of it so when I reached home, he told me that no Latter Day Saint would sleep in his home, so I had to live with an old lady in the same house until I could find somewhere to go. I had no friend but the Lord to rely on. I could not go to Glasgow for I had no clothes. There was another girl working in the mill baptized about the same time and we enjoyed going to meetings, and I went to lodge with her. We soon forgot our troubles. On New Year's we attended a conference in Glasgow. While here I met a young man who came to see me quite often and go to meetings. The real trouble came when his folks found out that it was more than going to meetings together, for they did not want him to keep company with me. I did not know what love was until now. That was the time had to trust in the Lord and he gave me his Spirit to help me in trouble. The young man was William Richardson who later became my husband, so I will let him tell his own story. When my folks were opposed to the girl I loved, that had no one to take her part, I asked the Lord in faith what I would do and after awhile my prayers were answered. I was living with my grandmother and grandfather then and had them to keep. My mother had died when I was three years old, and father did not marry for six years and my sister Catherine and I lived with him. After he married we lived with our grandparents. I was born in Glasgow June 18, 1829. My parents were William and Katherine Richardson. So now that I was over 21 years of age, I decided I could choose for myself, so in December 1850 I left grandfather's home to start working for myself. I wanted to get a home as soon as I was able, but it takes so long to save a little in that country. So on the 20th of June, 1851, we were married in Glasgow by Elder Joseph Clammons. It is recorded in Rutherglen. The witnesses were my father, Easter Brown, James Aitken and Mary Gargeson. Joann's mother and half sister were there too. We had just been married two months when grandmother died, it being the 21st of August. She was to be buried the next day, and when the folks were gathered and during the time the minister was praying, grandfather died. Nobody knew that he had died but me, for I was sitting by the bed for he had taken sick in the morning. During these two months we had visited them often and they gave us many things. They said they were mistaken in mother and hoped she would forgive them. On the 18th of April, 1852, our first child was born. She was blessed on the 23rd of May by Elder John Gray. Her name was Janet. Mother was soon able to go to Rutherglen to meetings until there were enough Saints to hold meetings in Newton where we lived, where it was held in our home. On the 27th of March, 1854, Janet was down to father's visiting. While she was playing she fell on some hot ashes and was badly burned. They did not know what to do for her and she suffered so much. On the 4th of April, 1854, in Newton, William was born and on the 4th, I got burned in the mines. It was very had on mother but she was among friends. Janet lived and suffered until the 12th and was buried on the 16th in Rutherglen Churchyard. It was hard on all of us but it must have been foreordained. I told mother of it before we were married. I said she would get well and strong and that our first child would not live long, and we would come to Zion and live to a good old age and have ten children in all. William was blessed on the 30th of April by Elder Archabald Steel. When he was six months old he had smallpox very badly and was healed by the Elders. We later moved to Clippens where we had good work and made good pay. In ten months we saved ten pounds, sending it to Liverpool for our emigration. We paid our tithing and another call was made to help buy nails and glass for the temple. On the 9th of February, 1856, we went into Glasgow to take the steamboat to go to Liverpool. We felt very bad to leave our friends but it was for the gospel. Mother was very sick going to Liverpool. We sailed on the 18th and the weather was good until the 24th. Then it stormed for a day and a night. It was good again until the 1st of March. Then it was a terrible storm. I had to lay in the front of the bunk to keep mother from rolling out. The brethren held a prayer meeting that night and the Elders rebuked the storm, and by morning it was calm. There were about five hundred passengers on board beside the sailors. Mother was sick all the way but the captain was very kind. We landed in Castle Gardens on the 27th of March, 1856. We were in New York two days and started to Scranton, Pennsylvania. That night we ate supper with about fifty other emigrants. Quite a number had come from Rutherglen. One good sister gave mother a feather bed to sleep on and she felt much better next morning. Mr. Gilmore, her husband, got a house for three of us, but we soon had it to ourselves. On the 13th of April, 1856, John Thornton Richardson was born and blessed in July by Angus M. Cannon. I soon found James Watson and worked with him in the mines. We moved about a great deal whenever we could find work. In September the company paid us half of our money promising to pay the rest in October, but we never got it. Brother Watson decided to go west to get work and when I got my pay, I could bring Sister Watson and family out. When there was no pay, we all had to live together. On the 20th of January, 1858, James was born and was blessed by Elder Thomas Low on January 30th and called James Watson. In February, Brother Watson sent a letter with some money for Sister Watson to come to him. I took her to Scranton. It was the coldest day I was every outdoors. She started alone with five children and was going to Illinois. That summer I worked awhile in the mines and did some carpenter work but not getting much pay. But we had a good garden. I worked in the mines until February and they shut down. We planted another garden and started in the mines again. We made good pay but we wanted to go west. I was going to leave mother to come later. We left Scranton 24th of November, 1859. Mother broke down when she saw me get on the train for she was not well and had three small children. We arrived at Watson's in four days and I stayed with them. About the 1st of January, 1860, I received a letter from mother stating that a girl baby had been born on the 20th of December. She was blessed by Elder Davis on the 10th of January, 1860. Her name was Harriet Beechem and was the second child born to us in Mt. Vernon. In February, I sent for my family. She had to live with Sister Watson again and that is what made us such good friends. I took very sick in March, and after we moved to ourselves mother was very sick. The work was not good during the summer but was better during the winter, and we planned all winter to start to Salt Lake in the spring. The fellow that I had helped buy a yoke of oxen and cattle could not go so, of course, I could not. But in May 1861, James Watson, Thomas and James Low, Jacob Beecham and Andrew Johnston and their families started. We felt very bad because we could not go. We didn't do much work that summer, but in the fall we could get all the work we could do. The war had started and the boats were running up and down the river all the time. About the 18th of December, mother gave birth to a boy, his name was Robert. When spring came, we were no better off than the year before. Neither of us could buy the other one's share in the outfit to travel in. I worked in the mines all summer then moved about 70 miles farther west where I got a good job. About New Year's 1863 I wrote to James Watson at Heber telling him how I was but I could do just as he said. In April I got a letter from him telling me to come when I had the chance so I answered saying I would come that season. Mother got her foot burned badly and had to get help for she had quite a number to care for. Her five children and three of Brother Short's, who had lost his wife, and three grown persons. Brother Short married soon and took his children away. In May Brother Sinclair, a friend we had known in Pennsylvania, came to our house. He had been in the Army. After I told him I was going west, we sent for his wife so she might come and all go together. About June 1st I received another letter from Brother Watson stating the two teamsters were coming from Heber, John Muir and James Given, and he was sending another letter with John Muir. I went to get my money so I could go, but they wanted to know why I wanted to leave when I was making good money. I told them I did not come to America for money but for the Gospel, and it was the Gospel I was going to Salt Lake for. We started on the 9th of June, 1863, from Duquine. We met Mrs. Sinclair at St. Louis. While here she lost one of her little girls and her purse and became very angry and bitter because she had left her home. But both were found. We could not go up the Missouri River because the water was so low the larger boats could not run, and had to go up the Mississippi. Then take the cars to St. Josa. It cost us a great deal more money than if we could have gone up the river. We got to St. Josa all right but had to wait a while to get a boat to take us to Omaha. Before we got up there her boy took sick. We had to hire a team to take our things to Florence. While we were hunting a house, a man came with Mr. Sinclair to see the children before he started to Salt Lake. The man said nothing to us but reported it to the church store that we had smallpox, but we had never thought of that. They ordered mother away from a meeting. Then they came with a team and told us we would have to move out of town. Both mother and I were surprised at the way they acted. I told them I would take the boy anywhere but did not want my family with it either, but we all had to go. When we asked Mrs. Sinclair if they had been exposed to smallpox, she said there was some next door to them before she left but the father went on to Salt Lake just the same. John took it, then Harriet, and one Sinclair girl. Then another of her girls took it and I had to do the nursing for mother could not handle them. James, our boy, took sick and we had a rain for two or three days. It was very cold and the house was so open, we could not keep warm. James caught cold and the smallpox never came out. After he died, I had to dig the grave. We could not get a coffin so had to get a box from the store. Brother Anderson helped me carry it to the grave and I filled it up. Then Mrs. Sinclair's youngest child took sick with it and died in about a week. We could not even get a box so had to empty our clothes out of a box and use that. I just had Brother Anderson to help with this. I had been about four weeks with very little rest. They all had them but Robert, the youngest, three of ours and four of hers. We were able to go around and I found John Muir with the letter from James Watson. There were so many things I needed to get that I could not get in Utah. I had intended getting a yoke of cattle and wagon which would cost about $250 in all, but we had spent more money coming up the river and there was so much expense when the children were sick. When the emigrant train was ready to go, Robert was sick and we didn't know whether to go or not. The doctor told us not to go because the children would take cold. When we talked to Brother Little, he said he would get a wagon for us to go in if I would learn to drive cattle. Mr. Samuel Snider lived in Salt Lake and wanted the wagon and cattle brought to him, so I was given them to bring my family in alone. Mrs. Sinclair went with another family. We started and our first night out on the plains was a very miserable one. Our bed clothes were wet and our beds uncomfortable. The next morning I had an awful job finding my cattle. I had only seen them the day before and there were 500 head in all. Mother could not ride in the wagon, but Harriet was little and Robert was sick and they had to ride all the way. William drove the cattle part of the time, but he caught cold and took sick and had to stay in the wagon from Fort Laramie on. He took Mt. Fever and didn't get over it until we were nearly to Salt Lake. At Horseshoe Bend, the mountains were very steep and it was dangerous going downhill. We had to tie the covers down in front to keep the children in and some cattle at the back held the wagon back. When we came to the Saleratus beds, I went ahead and gathered about 100 lbs. and got 25 cents for it. On the way there were two deaths. An old woman from England and a young man leaving two children. When we arrived at Green River, it was telegraphed to Salt Lake that the Mormons were coming with loads of powder and they were afraid we would kill all the gentiles. When we came along, the captain took the soldiers in his tent for dinner. While they were there, we took the wagons across the river and unloaded the powder in sacks and sent it on packed on mules. The soldiers looked through all the wagons, stopping us a half day. William was so sick all the way that we sometimes thought he would die. When we camped at Wanship, mother saw a Sister Baits that she had known in Pennsylvania. She brought us a half bushel of potatoes. That was the best thing we had tasted for a long time. The next morning, she brought us some chicken. Mother cooked some for breakfast and William and Robert ate some. They seemed to get better from then on. We went to Sniderville then to see Mr. Snider, the man that owned the wagon and oxen I had driven across the plains. Mother was very anxious to go to Salt Lake so Mr. Snider told us we could take his wagon. We got into Salt Lake City October 4, 1863. We had been just eight weeks from the time we left until we reached Salt Lake. We took our wagon with freight to the tithing office. Brother Sinclair came and got us and took us home with him. We stayed there and went to conference. I had a chance to work for Brother Sinclair in Salt Lake and for Brother Snider in Sniderville, but I guess Heber was the place we had to come to. We had a chance to come with Brother Muir, and Brother James Shanks was coming at the same time. We were on the road two days and arrived at James Watson's about 11 at night. When mother went out next morning, she was very disappointed because she could only see two houses and sagebrush. She said she had thought Heber would be better than that. The houses were built of round cottonwood logs, board roof and a dirt floor. Mother would rather have been in the Old Country because the homes were better there. I began to work by helping Brother Watson thresh. Then I started to haul wood. Brother Wall was the President and our neighbor. We had been selling our clothes for things we needed, but he told us to keep them for we might not be able to get any for two or three years for we could not get clothes without any sheep. On the 11th of December, 1863, Arch was born. It was mother's birthday and he came as a birthday present to bless her. There was 18 inches of snow that night. It was very cold and we had a hard time to get around. Sometimes the snow would be three feet and often over the fences. During that winter I hauled 20 loads of wood. The first Thursday in February 1864, our baby was taken to the old log school house and blessed by me, his father. His name was Archabald Squire. William was partly well now and could cut wood. I did not get help from any one although I had one of the largest families. Brother Todd told me that the day would come when I would be glad that I did not get anything from any one. What I would have would be my own. I began working at the sawmill and for my work there and for Brother Wall I bought a house and four lots for $60. The house was nearly where the old tannery now stands. About New Year's 1965, Brother Henry McMullin went up to the mill with me. At that time wheat was $5 a bushel in gold, and flour was $12 a hundred, and I was working for $2.50 a day. I began working in the gristmill then and it was at that time I had my feet frozen. I could not get my shoes on until May. I worked there all summer and in September, Robert took scarlet fever. He was over it when he took a cold. I thought he would be all right and left for the mill again. I was there four days and our grub gave out. I came home and when I got there, Robert was pretty sick. Sister Watson had been staying with mother. When I came home, she left. I administered to him and he seemed to rest better, but he died during the night. That was September 15, 1865. Dave was born October 1, 1865. He was blessed by Elisha Jones the first Thursday in November and was called David Fisher. At this time I was working at the mill. We had all the flour we needed but that was about all. Sugar was 65 cents per pound. We had no milk. We bought a bolt of factory and it cost $1.25 a yard. In March 1866, I bought a little rock house. I paid $125 for it. It was the first rock house in Heber. It had two doors in. One was boarded up and the other was some boards nailed together with nails that cost one cent each. The window cost $13 in wheat. The Indians often bothered us driving our cattle and horses away. We had to stay home most of the time and guard the Indians. About this time I received a letter from William Neal saying that they were coming here, so mother and William went to meet them on the Weber River. They brought Robert Simpson and family to Heber with them. I took a load of flour to Salt Lake from the mill and got $60 for it, the first money that had come into Heber. We went through the Endowment House just after conference was over. Mother took sick with erysipelas and was healed by George Q. Cannon. In November 1867, Abram Hatch was sent up here to be bishop. Isabel was born March 16, 1868 and was blessed by Thomas Hagin, Sr. That was the year the grasshoppers came. That year mother moved into the city. Robert and William Lindsay were going in to get married and took her with them. I sent in an order for $250 on any store. Mother bought a new stove that cost $135. She was very proud of it because she had cooked over a fireplace for so long. With the rest of the money I had worked for I bought a wagon. It cost $225. I went to work in the mill again with Brother Thomas Nicol. In the spring, February 27, 1870, Joanna was born. She was blessed by Nymphia Murdock about April 1. I went to work in the mines after July 24, 1871, at Big Cottonwood. I did well there. After that, I went to Coalville to work in the mines. One night I hated to go to work for I felt that something was wrong with my folks at home. I prayed three times during that night for the Lord to bless my family at home. For two nights I felt that way. On Wednesday, I was at work about two hours when a fall of coal came down and covered me all but my head. The men lifted me out and found that my back had been hurt and some of my ribs broken. Joseph and John Campbell helped me. Everyone was so good to me. I could not turn myself in bed. When I did go back to work, I could not stand up but had to sit down and work or get on my knees. I left the mines that spring and we moved up to Center Creek to the mill. After the organization there in 1877, they commenced to have meetings. I found more joy and happiness then. I labored in the Sunday School and the Young Men's and was a teacher for 17 years. I had blessed more children than any other in the ward besides confirming them after baptism. Mother was a working teacher in Relief Society in Heber and Center Creek. She was counselor to Sister Cluff for 13 years and then counselor to Sister Hundley. She was always willing to do her duty in the church and help the oppressed and needy. And I have always tried to be a peacemaker and not to find fault. Mother died January 14, 1901. She died an easy death, being sick only about 12 hours. She was buried January 18. The speakers at the services were Bishop Duke, Thomas Hicken, and John Duke. She is sure of all the blessings that were promised to her for she died firm in the faith and should receive eternal exaltation in the Kingdom of God, and I hope that I may endure to the end so that our joys may be together. In conclusion, I will say in the first place I believe that our life is laid out like a program, and if we have filled our position here on earth, then it will be said, "Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into the joys of our Lord," and if not, we will suffer. My father and one half sister, Agnes Wotherspoon, are the only ones of my family who joined the church. They came to this country and lived and died in Ogden. Added by a grandchild in the year 1927: In the summer of 1903, grandfather went to Jensen to visit with his children there. On August 24 that same year, he passed away, not waiting very long until he joined his lifelong companion. Their lives had been full of hardships, but they have left a posterity who will cherish the memory of such worthy, sturdy pioneers who gave up everything and went through so much for the Gospel. Of their ten children born to them, six are still living. About thirty-three grandchildren are living, and fourteen have gone to meet them there, besides 137 great grandchildren and a number of great, great grandchildren still living. So had grandmother lived until December when she would have been one hundred years old, she would have known that her life was well worth living.

Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel, 1847–1868

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Company: Horton D. Haight Company (1863) Source of Trail Excerpt: Richardson, William, Autobiography [ca. 1870s]-1887, 18-20. Read Trail Excerpt: When I left Du Quoin I intended to buy a team of my own at Florence, but was disappointed. We had been living there for ten weeks with so much sickness that it had cost a good deal of money. But then, we were thankful that we had the money. Then Brother Little got a team for me to drive, which belonged to a Brother Samuel Snyder. He had sent east for three yokes of cattle and a wagon. I got them to drive and there was just our family in the wagon. James had died July 25th, and we started from Florence on August 9th, about noon. We had traveled only about a mile when it began to rain and wet everything in the wagon. After it quit raining we went on about another four miles and then camped for the night. We went along all right till we came to Loop Fork (on the Platte River, near the present day town of Columbus). There they took the wagons onto the ferry boat and the cattle had to swim across. After that we drove sometimes at night to get good feed and water for them. We drove late one night and William caught a bad cold and then came down with the Mountain Fever and was sick most of the way after that. He got even sicker about Ft. Laramie, Wyoming. When we reached the Sweetwater a Brother Smith went out to hunt in the morning and had traveled very fast all day. He came back to camp a little while after the cattle were turned out to feed and layed down in his wagon. His brother called for me to come over, and he put water on the man's hands and face. While I was holding his hands I felt him tremble, and that was all. They kept him in the wagon all the next day but it did no good, and he died. We had some trouble when we came to the Green River. It had been telegraphed to Fort Douglas in Salt Lake City that a wagon train was there with two or three wagon loads of powder. They were afraid that if the powder got into Salt Lake City the Mormons would kill all the Gentiles in Camp Douglas. The soldiers there at Green River were ordered to take the powder from our wagon train. Some of them came along at noon when we were camped. But our Captain, Isaac C. Haight, took them into his tent and served them dinner, while talking to them 2 or 3 hours. While they were in the tent, the wagon with the powder crossed over the river and up into the mountains, unloaded the powder into sacks and then came back. That night we all crossed over the river and camped. The next day a company of soldiers came along and stopped us on the road. They searched all the train but did not find the load of powder so they told us to go on. William was sick all this time, and Robert was not much better. Sometimes we thought they were going to die. We came down Echo Canyon and camped at Wanship one night. When we got to Coalville, we were going to stop with Andrew Johnston and his wife, but they were not at home. His wife had gotten bit by a scorpion so they had gone down to Salt Lake City for her to see a doctor. When we got to Snyder's Flat, we met a herder there with cattle. He went to Snyderville and told his boss about us, and Snyder came down to where we were camped. He wanted me to stop there with my family. He said there was no need to take them any farther when they were so sick. He said he had a house I could move into, and he would send a man into the city with the freight that was in the wagon. But my wife and I wanted to go onto Salt Lake City, to see it. There were folks that we both wanted to see, also. Then Brother Snyder said that was all right, we could go onto the city and then bring them back to Snyder Valley in his wagon, that I had driven across the plains, but I could not decide that then. He said that he was going down to Salt Lake City in a day or two for Conference and he would see me there. The wagon train went on for a few miles and then camped for the night. The feed was good and Captain Haight wanted the cattle to get filled up before we went into the city. We had to go over the little mountain and down Emigration Canyon, as the road was washed out in Parley's Canyon. We camped that night before we started up the mountain, so we could go up in the morning when it was cool. We got up all right, but some had to be helped. When we were out of the canyon and started down the bench, we looked down on the City and the lake and thought the sight was great. We felt much joy, for we had hoped and prayed for it over fourteen years, and now it was in sight at last. On October 4th we finally reached Salt Lake City. It had been eight weeks from the time we left Florence till we reached the city.

Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel, 1847–1868

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Company: Horton D. Haight Company (1863) Source of Trail Excerpt: Richardson, William, Diary, 1884-1894, fd. 1, 2p. Read Trail Excerpt: We sarted from Florance [Florence] on the 9 of Agust[.] We started about Noon & when we got about a mile on the road it cominced to thunder & Rain[in]g & weat every thing in the Wagon & after it quit raning we went three or 4 Miles & then campd for the night we got along right til we came to Loup fork & thay took the Wagons on the fary Boot & the Cattle had to Swime part of the way[.] we drove som times at [...] night to gate good fead & water we drove late won Night & William catched cold & took the Mountin Fevear & was sick all the way after that he got sick when we was at fort Larmay [Laramie]. Thare was wone day when we was at the Sweat water [Sweetwater.] thare a Brother the nam o Smith went out to hunt in the morn to hunt & he had travled very fast & he cam into Camp a little while after the Cattel was turned out & he went and laid doon in the Wagon & his Brother caled for me to comb to him & he poot water on his hands & face while I was holding his hand & I feeled him just give a trember & that was all thay [ca..] him in the Wagon all afternoon but that was no good[.] he was ded[.] thare was a Wagon load of Pooder [powder] in the train & the Solders wanted to take it so when we came to Green river thare wone of the Solders came into Camp & when he came the Cabtin Isic Isaac] C[hauncey] Hait [Haight] took him to his tent & talked to him about 2 or 3 hours with him & the tim tht he was thare the Wagon with the pooder Croced [crossed] over Green river into the Mountins and unload the pooder into sacks & came back the nixt day[.] we just croced over the river that Night & Camped & then the next day thare was a compnay of Solders came along from Hambsfork [Ham's Fork] & stoped us on the road[.] sarched all the train[.] did not find the lood of pooder then thay told us to go. When we came to kambels Parlays Park won of Snaders sons wanted me to stop thare & live with him all winter & thay wanted to leve the sick Boy & his Mother thare but I wanted to see Salt Lake City[.] then he wanted me to go into Salt Lake & he would bring us back to Snader valla So on the 4 of October we got into the Sity [City] & as soon as we got into the City Brother Snader came & took the Wagon & got it unload & took us home to his hous. . . .

This is ajournal given to me by Leland Moon for William Richardson

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The following is taken from a book titled William Richardson-Journal1BB5-1887. It is copied as closely as we can read with corrections in spelling but not all grammar. Someone wrote in some pencil notes at the tops of some pages which will also be noted as this is typed. (Pencil note-Aug. and Sept. 1 & 2 1885) Mo. 17 Raining a little. Tus. 10 Thomas and Harret (Harriet?) was up and there was a heavy hail storm in the afternoon-they went home in the evening. Sun 23 Went to meeting (Meton) Mo.24 There was snow in the morning. Sat 29 Went to High Priest meeting. Sun 30 Went to meeting, it was the Priesthood meeting in the Ward, there was not many present. After the report of the Teachers, I talked to the Teachers to go and visit the Saints and talk kindly to them to come to their meetings and teach them to do the best that they can and have charity for one another. Mo. 31 Helping J. Thomas to haul up his grain. Tus 1st of September 1885 Helping go to thrash-Wm 2 do forenoon and Sellers in the afternoon. Th. 3 Fast Day Went to meeting and had a good meeting-not many there. There was three boys baptized in the morning and they were confirmed in the Fast meeting. I confirmed Homar Ryan and then we blessed a boy for Joseph and Susan Goodwin his name Robert Daralae Sat 5 Went to the Priesthood meeting Bro. T. Giles presided, he was counseling the Saints to take care of their wheat and he thought that it would be better to feed some of their wheat to their pigs and not use so much of the States bacon. Su. 6 Went to meeting not many there. Mo. 7 At home. David came home in the evening and Thomas Todd came up to cut the gain. Tu.8 Cutting the grain all day. Th.10- shocking up the wheat. On Sunday 6 I baptized Margaretann, and Janet Wms. two girls and they were confirmed in the meeting. I confirmed Margaretann and Bro. Janet. Fri.11 Raining Sat. 12 At home Sun 13 At meeting called to talk. I felt well and wanted to do right and there was some things that I know and some things that I do not know and there is some things that I believe is true although I do not know it. When I was in the old country I was told there was Utah, well then I believed it. It was truth all the same so there is a great many things the same way. I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet and I never saw him. Some people will say that they are proud to see a brother that was acquainted with the Prophet. The Lord said unto Thomas "Blessed art thou for seeing and then believing--but more blessed is he belie vest and never saw." Then let us do our duty and have charity for one another and do not judge one another. There is none of us perfect yet it took Enoch a long time to get perfect. Let us do the best that we can and it will be alight. Some people will say that they do the best that they know how. There is not many of us does that. Let us try and do right and keep the Commands of God and we will be blessed for all the good that we do. After meeting went to Daniel's Creek to visit the Brethren there and the Sunday School there was not many of the brethren there and I talked a little in the Sunday School. 0n Mo. 14 At home Tus 15 David and the girls went to Heber to Thomas Watson's marriage Dance. He was married in the afternoon. Wen 16 They got home about noon Th 17 David started away. Fr 18 we was hauling up the grain Sat 19 Ditto (Do) Sun 20 Went to meeting there was not many there. Bro Harvey talked a little and Black Baird Mo. 21 Went to Provo to get my citizen papers we got to Mrs. Watson's after dark Tus 22 Got our papers in the Afternoon Wn. 23 Started home got to Heber after dark Th. 24 Went with John to Hatch for to get a new wagon, got home in the evening. Fr. 25 Rainin Sa 26 At home and Todd came up for the old woman for Harriet {Harret) was sick she had another girl Su. 27 Went to meeting the Bishop was home, Bro Black talked a little. He bore his testimony to the truth of this work and said this was a peculiar time. He said there was a great many turning against this work, then the Bish(op) said that he was glad to meet with us but he would have felt better if there had been more at the meeting. He had been away a good while and he was not going to make any excuse but he was coming home now to stop with us. He talked (yated??) about being at Logan then he talked about some men turning against this work and against their wife and family. Then he called on Bro Baird to talk a little. He bore his testimony to this work and that he felt well- -Then there was a Priesthood meeting. The Teachers had no report then there was a little talk about the Church property but they could not do anything about it. Then he called me to talk to the Teachers. I said that it was my desire at all times to have the spirit of my calling and I prayed at all times for to have the spirit of my calling and when the Teachers went to visit the Saints they should pray for the spirit of their calling and talk kind to their brothers and sisters and not be too hard with them for there is none of us perfect, tell them to do the best they can. Teach them to come to meetings, attend their prayers and pay their tithing and not break the Sabbath Day and not take the name of the Lord in vain. If they will not do those things we can’t help it, we have done our duty and they will have to answer for it their selves. And teach them not to find fault with anyone. If some is finding fault with the President and the Twelve about going away and some of them saying that they will keep the laws of the United States that is their business--not ours. It is for us to take care of ourselves. It is my desire to do my duty and may have the spirit of the Lord to enable me to do right is my desire at all times. After meeting went to visit Brother Priestly then he brought me home. Mo. 28 Cut some hay and willows. Tus 29 Ditto -—and dug some potatoes. Wn 30 Ditto Th. October 1st, 1885 Went to the Fast Meeting there was not many there but we had a good meeting. We attended to the ordinance to sister Hundley and sister Coal Fr. 2 At home Sat 3 Went to Heber to the Priesthood Meeting, there was not many there. Br. Giles presided. The Stake House was the talk of the day and home industry. Sun 4 Went to Daniel's (Danals) break to visit the Brethren there. There was some bad feelings among the Brethren there. I visited some of them but I did not get it right. Mo 5 Preparing for the threshers. Tu 6 Threshing at John's in the afternoon. Wn. 7 finished in the forenoon and fixed up the straw in the afternoon. Th. 8 Commenced to dig the potatoes in the little field. We had John's wagon box full with one more. Fr. 9 Ditto we had about 60 Brs. Sat 10 Went to the mill with some wheat, was there all day. It stormed a little in the morning. Sun. 11 Went to meeting, the Bishop was there. There was a child to bless belonging to James and Susy Park, her name was Malay Jane. I was mouth. It had a good blessing. The Bishop called some of us to talk a while so I arose and said that I always felt well to talk on the principles that we believe in for they were my thought all the time. I had no money to think about and I had no stock either so I did not lose any sleep over them so my whole thought was on the principles of this Church. When I joined this Church a little over 36 years ago we thought that Jesus Christ would be reigning on the earth before this time but He is not here yet and we are not ready for Him yet. When the Lord told the Saints in 34 that he wanted them to go up to Jackson County Missouri and that they were to redeem Zion he wanted to try this people for he knew that Zion could not be redeemed then. The Saints had a great deal to do before that is done. We had to be drove up here to the mountains to fulfill the prophesies of the Old Testament. We was to gathered to the mountain and build temples to the Lord for His word was to go forth from Zion and His law from Jerusalem. Now then we're here let us do what is right and pay our tithing for if we don’t pay our tithing it is not the land of Zion unto us. I feel well and may the Lord help us to do right, Amen. Mo. 12 Went to Heber to get my tools sharpened for to commence to quarry again. Tu. 13 Went to the quarry and worked there 4 days. Sat. 17 Raining--at home fixing up the potatoes. Sun. 18 Went to Daniel's (Danels) Creek after meeting. Mo. 19 Went to the quarry --there all week. Sun. 25 Went to meeting. Bros. Giles and Hagens was there. They give us some good talking. The Bish left before the meeting was out. He was taking Sis. Cluff to Provo. She was going to Logan to go through the Temple. We had the Priesthood meeting after the Bish went away. We had a good meeting. I talked to the Teachers about their duty. Mo. 26 At the quarry, there all week Sun. 31 Went to the Conference. There was not many there in the forenoon. There was one of the Twelve Apostles there. J. W. Taylor and Bishop Preston and B. T. Burton the Bish talked on the Duty of Priests and Teachers, and Apostle Taylor gave us a history of Mexico. We had a Priesthood meeting in the evening and Apostle taylor talked a good deal on Adultery. We got some verry teaching Sunday. November 1885 We had some very good teaching all through Conference. We went home in the evening. Mo. 2 Went to the quarry Tu. Ditto Wed 4 and Thurs. 5 Ditto Fr. 6 Storming Sat. 7 Quarrying Sunday a Went to meeting. The Bros. called on me to talk to the Saints a little and I felt to talk to the Teachers on their duty. How they ought to visit the Saints. I felt well. After meeting went and visited Bro. Coal. He did not feel well towards some of the Brethren. There was a meeting of the Mutual Improvement for to reorganize again for another year. The Bish proposed that we should have Bro. Richard Harvey for our President and it was seconded. The Bro. Coal proposed that we should have Bro. Priestly (Preastly) again for another year, then the vote was put to the house, Priestly first, He had 18 votes then Harvey 17 then the Bishop said that we should have a change and we should have a younger man. Then there was another taken and they had to stand up on their feet for to count them right. Priestly had 17 and Harvey 18. Then there was a squabble about it then the Bish told me to rise and talk. I said that I thought that we should have a change. That we should have no party work about, but we should change around and after a while we should find out who was the best. Then Bro. Miller said that if Bro. Harvey had been at home last year Bro. Watson said that he would be appointed and we should have him. Then Bro. John Harvey talked upon it, then Bro. Priestly said that he would give it up. Then Bro. Harvey done the same. Then the Bro. J. How suggested that the Bish select the president. Then it was put before the house and carried. Then the Bishop arose and said that we had tried young men and there was too much opposition and we would to try a old man and he proposed William Richardson. Then there was no opposition. Then I had to choose my one counselor. I said that I was taken to a surprise and that I would have to think upon it a little. Bro. Priestly went on with the business till I was ready. Then I arose and said that some of them wanted Priestly and some Harvey and I would have them for my counselors and we would be able suited. Mo. 9 Working at home. Tu. 10 Ditto Wed. 11 Hauling (haling) up wood Thu. 12 Ditto Fr. 13 and Sat 14 Working poll tax on the road on a bridge on Crooked Creek. Sun. 15 Went to meeting, blessed a child for Joseph L. Sessions. His name was Joseph L. After meeting went to Daniels creek with the Bishop and Bro. Black. I talked a good while to the Saints. I felt well. The evening we was set apart for our office and Bro. Harvey was ordained an Elder. I ordained him. The Bish set me apart for my office and Bro. Black, (set apart) Harvey. When we was at Daniels Creek there was two children blessed (belonging to) William and Phoebe Bathers. There was a boy, his name was John Taylor. The Bishop was mouth and the other was (blessed by) John Oaksher name was Sarah.---Around home all week. Sun. 22 We went to Daniel's Creek. I was around home all week. Sat. 28 Went to the High Priests meeting. Some of the Bishops talked a little. Then Bro. John Muir talked a good deal on the Word of Wisdom. He said that there was a good many that was high in office that did not keep the Word of Wisdom and he could not do anything with them, but they would have to do something with them for they had covenanted before God to keep the Word of Wisdom and they had not done it. Sun. 29 I was late for meeting. The Bishop was there. There was a Priesthood meeting in the afternoon. There was a good deal to talk about some of the Saints on Lake Creek, and I was to go and visit them. There was none of the Teachers there from Daniel's Creek. Went to Bro. Call's after meeting then attended association meeting. There was not a large attendance. Mo. 30 At home. Tu. 1 1885 At home. We. 2 Ditto Thurs. 3 Fast day. Went to center but no meeting. Talked with the Bish and some of the brethren a while and then went home. Archie had a party in the evening. He came on the 26th of November. The boys that was here had a good time. Fri. 4 Around home. Sat. 5 Went to the Priesthood meeting, Giles presided. We had a good feeling in the meeting. Some of the brethren talked on the persecutions that the Saints was suffering now for the Gospel, but they felt well in the Gospel and they had a desire to hold on to the end and be saved in the Kingdom of God. Then Bro. Murdock wanted the clerk to read part of the minutes of the Priesthood meeting at Conference, which he read, and the part was shocking by John Taylor and the words was this, that all the persecution that the Saints was passing through was for our sins and pride and iniquities, and if the daughters of Zion would not repent there was many of the harlots would go ahead of them in the Kingdom of God, and Bro. Murdock talked a good deal on the Word of Wisdom. After meeting went to Bro. Giles and settled up with him about quarrying rock. Sun. 6 Went to meeting. The Bishop was there. He called on some of the young brethren to talk. William Baird bore his testimony to the work of God and Bro. Joseph Jacobs done the same. Then Bro. Black talked on the general principles of the Church. Then the Bishop gave us some good instruction. Meeting closed by Bro. Baird. There was a meeting of the Priesthood for a few minutes. Brother Joseph L. Sessons (Sessions?) wanted to get rebaptized for the remission of their sins and Bro. and Sister Adwin Bunnel was the same so it was agreed that they should get rebaptized by Bro. Horn. After the meeting went to visit Bro. Coal. There was some trouble with him and Bro. Black, and Bro. Miller went with me. We got them to make it all right. Attended the evening meeting. Mo. 7 Went to the quarry. It stormed all day. I did not stay long there. Tus. 8 Storming Wed. 9 Storming Th. 10 At the quarry--the first strong frost this season. Fr. 11 At the quarry. Sat. 12 Very cold. Sunday 13 At meeting the Bishop called on me to open the meeting. After singing confirmed them that was rebaptized. The Bish (did) L. Sessons (Sessions?), Black (did) S. Sessons, Bard (Baird?) (did) H. J. Sweat, Richardson (did) Bunnel, K. Bunnel (did) sister Bunnel then Miller and Murdock (did) the bread and water then the Bish said that he was going to preach a sermon and he was going to have a teeset (tea set?7) and it should be he that did not provide for his own household was worse than an infidel and has divided the faith. Then he quoted part of the Savior's Sermon on the Mount. Then he said that we had to teach our children the principles of the Gospel and provide for them with school houses and meeting houses and Temples for our dead, for they are our household. Attended the association. Bro. Lloyd brought a note from Bro. Phillips for me to come and stop with him and not travel so far to my work so I went over on Monday 14, and stayed there till Friday 18. When I got home the Old Woman was at Archa Sellers--his woman was away to Salt Lake City. Sat. 19 At home. On. 20, Went to meeting, the Bish was not there. Black called his brother Samuel to talk to us and he gave us a good discourse. Attended the evening meeting. Mo. 21, Went to the quarry and stayed with Phillips till the 24th, Fr. 25, Christmas got dinner with William. Sat. 26, At home. Sun 27, Went to meeting the Bish was sick. Bro. Black called on me to talk a while. I said this was the last Sabbath in the year and we could ask ourselves the question had we spent the past year right or had we passed our time away foolishly for if we had spent our time away foolishly then we will have to give an account for it. The time that we spend is like the water that runs down the creek--after it passed it will never return again so we should make good use of our time while we have it. We will talk about the persecution that we have to pass through but the Apostle J. W. Taylor he said at the conference that it was for our sins that we have to pass through the trouble that we are in at the present time. We should do the best we can all the time. There is none of us does the best we know how. We can live and be honest with one another and not tell lies to one another and we can live and not break the Sabbath Day. Then let us keep the commandments of God and the covenants that we have made and we will receive the reward that promised to the faithful. After the meeting there was a priesthood meeting. there was not much business to do and we had a short meeting but we had a teachers meeting after. We wanted to change the teachers in their districts. We had a great deal of talk but we got it all right after a while. Attended the meeting in the evening. Mo. 28, Went to the quarry. Tu. 29 Ditto. Wed. 30, Dtto-Storming mostly all day. Thur. 31, Storming Friday January 1, 1686: Storming a little in the morning. Went to William for dinner, got supper with John. Sat. 2, Went to Center to get the school house cleaned. Sun. 3, Went to meeting, the Bish called upon Bro. Baird to talk a little. Very good on the principles of the Gospel. Then he called on Bro. Black to talk a little. After meeting I went to Daniels Creek to visit the Teachers there. I attended the Sunday School then Bro. Jacobs called on me to talk to the Saints. I said that I wished them all a Happy New Yeay and I was glad to have the present opportunity to talk to them a little. I said that we should be one and try and do the best we can all the time. It is not (the) best we know how for the most of us (because we) all know a great deal better than we do. I talked a good deal and felt well. Came back to the Creek and stopped at Bro. Haws and got some dinner and then attended the Association. It was a cold night. Mo. 4, Nice warm day. Tu. 5, Ditto, working in John’s well. Wed. 6, In the well it stormed all day. Thurs. 7, Fast Day. Went to the meeting. We had a very good meeting. The Bish was there and Black, Bunod??, Priestly, Miller, and Lloyd and Bro. Black had a boy blessed by his Father. After meeting went to the Bish for dinner then went into the Relief Society meeting. That had a good meeting. Sister Cluff wanted me to talk to them. I felt well to be with them and I exhorted them to be orderly and clean(ly) and teach their children the principles of the Gospel. After meeting Bro. Priestly brought us home. Fr. 8, Went to Lake Creek. There was a little trouble with Bro. and Sister Phillips with their teachers. We got it all right before we left. I stopped all night with Bro. Phillips and in the morning went and visited all the Saints on the Creek. I was there all day. Sun. 10, We went to meeting in a sleigh with William. The Bish called on Murdock to open the meeting and me and How to attend to the Sacrament--How the bread--then he called on Bro. How to talk a little. He was glad to have the liberty to be with us for this was a very peculiar time among the Saints. He said that he had been down south a little way and there was a great many was apostatizing from this Church. They could not stand the persecution. He said that the polygamists was persecuted now but the monogamists would have their turn after a while. When he called on Priestly to talk a little. He said that he did not expect to be called but he could bear his testimony to the work of God. He said that he did (apparently some words missing). Then he called on Bro. D. M.(7) Bunnel to talk a little. He said that he was not any surprised to be called to talk, for he felt that he was going to be called to talk. He said that he felt that he felt well in the Gospel although that he did not attend the meetings as often as he ought to. He said that circumstances prevented him from attending all the time but he would try and do the best that he could all the time. Then the Bish talked to us a while then he said that there would be a Priesthood meeting after this was out but there was a little business that he wanted to put before the Saints. He said that there had been some rebaptized in the Church and he wanted to give them part of the Priesthood and he put it before the meeting and it was carried that James Nash, I. H. Sweat, John Sweat, D. H. Gunel, Joseph Sessions, John Nash, Robert Cluff, William Priestly, and John Black (be given the Priesthood). Then, after the meeting the Priesthood was opened by prayer by Bro. Miller. Then he called on Bro. Black to talk. He said that he thought that some of them should ask the forgiveness of the meeting for he was sure that some of them had taken the name of the Lord in vain and they should not be ordained till once that they make it right. Then he called on me to talk a little. I said that if any of them had a weakness if they would do right the Lord would help them, but if they would not try and do better the Priesthood would (do) them no good and they were better with the Priesthood. There was a good deal of talk about it then they were ordained to their office. I ordained D. E. Bunel and B. Cluff to the office of Deacon. After meeting went with Bro. Priestly and got dinner for I wanted to know how he felt as a teacher. He said he felt well and was willing to do all the good that he could--then went to the evening (meeting). We had a very good meeting. William came down to meeting with the sleigh and I rode home with him. Mo. 11, At home cutting wood and John went to Heber and he got 7 sacks of grain from George Carlisle. Tus. 12, Cutting wood. Wen. 13, Ditto. Thursday 14, Stormed all day. Fri. 15, Ditto. Saturday 16, Went to Heber to prove up (improve) our land and I had to get 55 dollars from Joseph Hatch to pay for it. We was there all day. Sunday 17, Stormed a good deal through the night. I traveled down to meeting alone and was a little late when I got there. Miller and Murdock (blessed) the bread and water. There was some to be confirmed that had got rebaptized. I confirmed Susan Boring. Then the Bish called on me to talk awhile. I said that I felt well to have this other opportunity to talk a little but I wished that there had been more at the meeting. The weather was stormy but there was some of the Saints that lived close by here that was not at the meeting but I would not find fault with those that was here for I expected that they came here for to be blessed. This is a very peculiar time that we live in. There is a great deal of talk about the Mormons, and there is a great deal been put in prison (prising) for the Gospel that they believe in, but then if we believe in the old prophets we will have to pass through these things. We can find it recorded by the Psalmist David in the second chapter that the kings of the earth and the princes are combined against the Lord and His anointed saying this, "let break their bands and cast their cord away. that is the trouble with all the Nations of Christendom, and more, the United States of America that is what troubles them. They say that one man (has) power, but it is the Priesthood. It is that, that is to bind the devil and he knows it too well, then who is the Lord's anointed those that has been through the house of the Lord and has been sealed to one another for time and all eternity and those is them that has entered into the new and everlasting covenant and Jesus says in the 24th chapter that they would change the laws and break the everlasting covenant. Well then how will they change those laws if they would let the people alone and let them have their liberty that would not change them but when they pass laws to stop the people from entering into the New and Everlasting Covenant then they are changing the laws and breaking the Everlasting Covenant then Jesus says that the earth will be turned upside down and it will be burned up and a few men left. And it will not be long before those things will come to pass, for we can find in a peice entitled “One hundred years hence"--that in 1845-that all the human family will be in peace and love, and that the earth had been turned upside down about 45 years before that time. Then let us try and be one, for if we are not, the Lord says that we are not His. We must love one another and try and do all the good we can, and that is what will bind Satan. Attended the association meeting in the evening. Mo. 18, Went to Heber to prove up (improve) the land. Sis Richardson went down with us and stopped all week. It rained and snowed all the balance of the week till Saturday 23. I went down and worked on the school house all day. Sunday 24, Raining in the morning. There was not many there. It was wet and bad roads. Got dinner at Bro. D. E. Bunels and then came home and did not go to the evening meeting. Mo. 25, Snowing. Tus. 26, Ditto. Wed. 27, Ditto. Th. 28, At home. Friday 29, Went to Heber to William Sesions funeral. He was killed in a snow slide at the Parley. His corpse was taken to the Hall. Bro. Hagens was the first speaker, then T. S. Watson, then the doctor. They all talked well of him. There was over 40 teams at the funeral. Saturday 30, At home. Sunday 31, Went to meeting. Met Thomas Todd and Harriet on the way coming up to our place. There was missionaries from Heber West ward. They were Bro. John Crock and William Davis. Brother Crock talked on the signs of the times and the Edmonds Bill and the Secret Organizations all throughout the United States, and he thought that the Government would have trouble (in the) East that they would not need to come to the Mormons to get it. Then he read from the Conference??, the signs of Christ's second coming and some of the-sayings of Joseph Smith. Bro. Davis talked on the Word of Wisdom and his experience in the Church and talked good and he felt well and we had a good meeting. I went right home. We went down with Thomas to the evening meeting. We had a good meeting. We came home with William. (FEBRUARY 1886) Monday, 1 of February 1886, Snowing in the morning. Went down to the Creek to help to make out a report for the Conference. Tus. At home cutting some wood. Wn. 3, Ditto. Thursday 4, Fast Day. I could not go to the meeting with a sore foot. Sis. Richardson went- warm day. Friday 5, At home--fine day. Saturday 6, Went to the Conference. Went to the afternoon meeting giving in the reports. There was a good spirit there. There was a Priesthood meeting in the evening. There was some of the brethren got up in the meeting to ask the forgiveness of the Priesthood for getting drunk. They were forgiven for not to do the same again. The President said that if a Bishop or a High Counselor wanted to get drunk that they were to give in their resignation first. There was a good deal of business done making changes in the quorums (coroms). Bro. Ben Rich was there. He talked a little on the brethren using whiskey. He said we should try and be kind to them for after man gets started to that it is hard to quit, for he knew it by experience. He said that he had quit it 5 years ago and he had never touched it since. He felt well in the Gospel. Then the President talked on the contrariness of the governor. He said that he would not do anything for this people. Sun. 7, Went to conference. The hall was full. There was several of the presidents of the quorum (who) talked. They all felt well. Then Bro. Ptich talked on the signs of the times, how they t??others??) would like to persecute this people but they ; were the same in all ages of the world and how the Saints was persecuted in the days of Joseph. But there was one thing that we could observe, that whosoever apostatized from this Church and persecuted this people never prospered in this world. In the afternoon President Hatch talked on some business of the Stake. Then he talked on the Word of Wisdom and how he done when he was going out to Ashley 4 years ago and how he has done this last 2 years, and he wanted all the Bishops and their counselors to keep the Word of Wisdom and all the High Council to do the same. Then Bro. Rich said that he wanted to talk a little to the young men and young ladies. He said that they should have a testimony for their selves that this work is true and that the principle of Celestial marriage is true before ever they talk about going through the House of the Lord. For if they did not believe that principle there was (no) use of them going through the House for there is all polygamists that ?70fects?7 there. Then if that principle is not true, then all those blessings that is promised to us is no use to us and our belief is false, but that it was true if we believed it or not. He said that we could get into that principle when we are ready. He talked good. Stopped all night at Heber. Spent the night with Bro. Watson. Mo. 8, In Heber, got the papers for the land. Went to Bro. Crock to make arrangements with him for to get our seed oats. Tus. 9, Thomas and Harriet went home with me. Wed. 10, Cutting wood. Thur. 11, Ditto. Fri. 12, Ditto. Sat. 13, Irrigation (aragation) meeting at the school house. The by laws was accepted and for us to go to work as soon as possible. Sun. 14, Went to meeting in a wagon. I did not go to the Heber meeting at night (because) the roads was bad. Mo. 15, John and some of them went to Heber and Thomas Todd was very sick. Tus. 16, At home. Wed. 17, Went to Heber in the morning when the snow was hard and Thomas was very sick and I stayed with him 8 days. I was with him all the (time). Thurs. 18, Thomas was a little better in the morning and he felt better all day and about 9 in the evening he got very bad and we had to send for the doctor and he did not know what he was doing for 5 hours. I went to the meeting in Heber on the 21st. Bro. Fortie talked on the people in Park City. Thomas was comanen (commenced) to get a good deal better. Mo. 22, Thomas a great deal better and William Peal started to clean out Thomas's well. Tu. 23, On the well. Wed. 24, On the well in the forenoon and went home in the evening for Thomas was getting along well. Thu. 25, At home. Fri. 26, At Joseph Thomas's, he was sick I was with him all day. Sat. 27, Joseph Thomas was not any better. Went to Center Creek to the High Priest meeting. The roads was bad and there was not many there, but they all felt well. I stayed all night with J. Thomas. Sun. 28, With J. Thomas all day. I went home in the evening. Bro. and Sis. Priestly came to stay all night. Monday 29, went to take care of J. Thomas he was no better. I stopped with him all the time till he died on the 4 of March, 1806. He was born on the 11 of Nov. 1848 and buried in Heber grave yard on the 5 of March 1886. Sunday 7, went to meeting. Bishop called on Preastly (Priestly?) to talk a little. He felt well and had a discre (discourse7) to do right. Then he called on Brother Coal. He felt to do right and said that if we would all pull the one way it would be easy for us to get along. But if we pulled against one another we could not get along at all (atale). Then the Bish called on me to use the rest of the time, I felt well to have this opportunity. It is 2 weeks since I was at a meeting, and since then I had been with the sick and I had seen the power (poor) of God manifested. When we are attending the sick there is many thoughts comes into our head. We have all once (wonst) to die, and if we look around us we will see young and old. There is no time certain for us to live. Well then, are we ready--for if we are not ready we will lose by it. Let us do right and keep (ceap) the commandments of God and do all the duty that is required of us and all will be well with us. Attended the meeting (meton) in the evening. Elr. Heber Moulton and his counselor (councal) was up to talk over some matters concerning the association. It was made all right and there was a good feeling after. In the morning Mrs. Thomas was very sick and they had to send for the doctor and he said that it was the same disease (deses) as Joseph died with. Then I was around all the time. Down (doon) everyday 2 or 3 times and sometimes stayed all night. And she died on the 18th and was buried on the 20th of March 1886. She was born in Logallay Fifeshire Scotland on the 17th of July 1850 and was buried in Heber grave (yard) on the 20th day of March 1886. Sunday 21, At home all day, I was very tired. Monday 22, At home all day. Thomas and Harret (Harriet?) went home. They had been up here nearly 2 weeks for a change and Thomas felt a great deal better. John took them home. The roads was very bad. Tuesday 23, Went to the quarry. Wednesday 24, There was a meeting at Center Creek to send delegates (dalagats) to Heber to a meeting there and they appointed (apinted) William Murdock and James Lindsay and William Richardson to go down there. Then we have to go down there again on the 29th. I stopped in Heber all night and James Lindsay and William Murdock came down in the morning and we went to Judge Watson and made an acknowledgement (actnolidgement) that we had started to the work. Got home in the evening alight. Friday 26, Went to the quarry, very cold in the afternoon, snowed (snoed) a little. Saturday 27, Storming and cold. Sunday 28, Went to the meeting with a wagon. There was missionaries there from Wallsburg. Br. Greer and Cook. They felt well and exhorted us to do our duty and keep (ceap) the commands of God. And if we would so we would not be afraid for (of) our enemies (enamis). There was a Priesthood meeting in the afternoon. The Teachers did not have any report. There was a good deal (dale) of talk about changing the time of the meeting, to have the meeting before the Sunday School. After meeting went to Bro. Coals. There was some trouble (truble) with him and his family. I told them what they should do and then it would be alight. Went to the Association in the evening. We had a very good meeting. Monday 29, At home in the forenoon. Bro. Coal came and got a half ton (falf tun) of hay, then went to Heber. Bros. Murdock, Lindsay, and me had to meet (meat) the trustees of the Wasatch Canal Company to try if we could get them to take the canal off us when it was finished. And they decided that they would have to talk to the President to have a public meeting first. Stopped with Thomas all night. Tuesday 30, Went from Heber to the quarry-worked there all day. Wednesday 30, At the quarry and George Muir with me. Thursday 1, 1886, Fast day. Went to the Fast Meeting. We had a good meeting although there was not many there. Friday 2, Storming- -at home all day. Saturday 3, At the quarry-William with me. Sunday 4, Went to meeting on the South(?). The Bish was to the conference at Provo. Bro. Black talked a little then called on me to talk a while. I felt well to have this other opportunity to again meet with you. There is not as many here as might (be) but it has been stormy weather and the roads is bad and the folks (foalkes) cannot come to meeting, and those that came wanted to receive a blessing. And if I had the spirit of the Lord I would talk to them a little. And if not I would sit down. We would be better if we could all talk by the spirit like the Quakers (quickers), for we all talk too much about one another. We all talk about the Jews (jues), about how they done with Jesus Christ, but let us think on what they done with him. He said that He was the only begotten of the Father and He was full of grace and truth. Now the Jews (jues) could not believe that for they had known him since he was a child, and how could he be the only begotten of the Father, and that he was before Abraham's day, he says, and if they would believe on him they would have everlasting life. They knew how he was and how his father was and was not so bad for us to believe in Joseph Smith. He told this generation that the God of Heaven had appeared unto him and (also)His Son Jesus Christ (had also appeared unto him). And told this generation that all the denominations (damanations) was wrong. And if he would (do) as he was told that there was a great work for him to do. And I talked on the Roman Catholics bringing forth the Bible and the persecution that the Reformers suffered to bring about this work and on the Catholics believing the Pope (poop) forgiving their sins for money. I felt well and told the saints to be do right and all will be well with them. Then there was a child to blessed belonged to James and Jessey (Jassay) Baird. I was mouth. His name is Thomas James and blessed him with health and strength and long life and the blessings of Abraham, Isaac (Isic), and Jacob. He had a good blessing. After meeting went to James Lindsays to do some business for the Irrigation (Aragiton) Company. Was there till night. Went to the Association meeting. Mon. 5, The general election of the Irrigation (Aragiton) Company, was there till night. Went to the association meeting. Mon. 5, The general election of the Irrigation Company I was elected President of the Company. Tues. 6, Went to the quarry. Wed. 7, Went to the quarry. Thurs. 8, Storming--at home. Fri. 9, At the quarry. Sat. 10, Went to Heber to give Bonds of the Faithful performance of our duty towards the irrigation company. Sun. 11, Went to meeting. The Bishop give us some of the conference news. In the evening attended the meeting-- talked on the Bible. Monday 12, Went to the quarry they were hauling rock that day Will was with me. Tues 13th at home in the garden Wed. 14 ditto. Th 15th At the quarry. Fri. 16th at home. Sat. 17th at the quarry Will and George with me. Sunday 18th At Meeting. The Bishop called on William Bard to talk a little, he felt well and had a desire to do right. Bro. Black occupied the balance of the time, I went home after meeting. Mo. 19th Went to the quarry. Tues. 20 At home working in the garden. Wen 21 Went to Janet Oaks funeral. Thursday 22 went to the quarry. Friday 23rd. In the garden. Sat. 24th Went to Heber and got five-hundred of Oats from John Crock at $1.50 per hundred then went to the highpriest meeting. Sunday 25 went to Center Creek (Creak) meeting we had missionaries from Heber, Bro. H Cumons (Cummings?) and J Duck. H. Cumons talked on the signs of the times. He talked good and felt well. Bro. Duck talked on the persecution (percucon) of the Saints and he felt that if he knew that his enemies tenimis) was suffering in hell that he would like to have the chance to go visit them. Mon. 26, In garden. Tues. 27, Ditto. Wed. 28, Grubbing. Thurs. 29, Cutting willows forenoon and grubbing for Arch in the afternoon. Fri. 30, Grubbing for Archie. Saturday May 1, 1886 Went to Heber to the conference. There was not many at the meeting. The people was all so busy. Some of the Bishops gave in their reports. Then the President called on Bro. Wilson to talk to us. He talked on the Gospel of the Latter Days and the Former Day Saints and the persecution that they had to endure They had to suffer more than we have for the Gospel. He talked good. The afternoon some more reports. President John Murdock of the High Priests Quorum (corom) talked a good deal on the Word of Wisdom and the duties of the High Priests and how they should live it. There was a Priesthood Meeting in the evening. It was a large meeting. Hatch talked on how he had made money since he had come to this place and on the evils of going to the whiskey saloon. Then he called on Bro. B. Young to talk a while. He talked on the evil of those that would commit adultery. He said that after they had received their endowments they could not get forgiveness in this world unless they had their head chopped off. When their blood was spilled, that atoned for the crime. Sun. 2, The house was crowded and great many could not get in. We had some reports and Bro. Waten (Watson?) talked a good while on education. In the afternoon Bro. L. Brim and G. Cluff was there. They had returned from a mission and they gave an account of their mission to the Sandwich Isles. Then Bro. Young gave a lecture on the Priesthood and its powers (poors). The team did not come down and we stopped all night and we spent the evening with Bro. T. S. Watson. Mon. 3, Went home in the afternoon. John was plowing far me. Wed. 5, Digging oak roots in the field. Thurs. 6, Fast Day. Went to meeting. There was a good many there. Bro. Miller had a child blessed. Friday and Saturday in the field. Sun. 9, Went to meeting. The Bishop called on me to talk a while. I said that I was a Mormon because I wanted to (be). It was not because my parents was, for they did not want me to be a Mormon for I was a good boy before that. When I heard this Gospel it seemed to me that I had heard it somewhere and that it was truth, and that is what I came here for—the truth of the Gospel. I was working at home all week. I was working in the field. John finished the grain on Friday evening. Sat. 15, Went to clean out the ditch (dich) and could not finish it. Sun. t6, Went to Daniets Creek to visit the Saints in company with Bro. J. Haws and Jacobs. We visited the most of the Saints there. Went to the meeting in the afternoon. Bro. Jacobs called on me to talk a while. l felt well and talked how we should live to have the Spirit of the Lord to be with us all the time. Went and visited Bro. F. Bathers during the time of the Sunday School. Mon. 17, Went to finish the ditch. John went with me. Tues. 18, John planted my potatoes (pottas). 19th Gathering up brush along side of the hay land. Thurs. 20, The plum (plumb) trees was in full bloom. We was burning brush by the wash. Fri. 21, Clearing up brush. David got home in the afternoon. Sat. 22, At home. Sun. 23, Went to the meeting myself. Harriet and the children was up. The Sunday School superintendent (superattending) and his council was up from Heber and they talked to us. We had a good meeting. I was around home all week. Sat. Went up the canyon (canon) to the reservoir (riservo). Sun. 30, Went to the meeting. Bros. Jacob and McGuire talked to us. There was a good many at the meeting. There was a Priesthood meeting. There was not many of the Teachers there. There was 4 Deacons ordained. I ordained one, Wm. Daniel Bathers. After meeting Bro. Black and me went to Bro. Carr's. He was sick and we anointed (anonted) him then I went home with Edwin Oaks. Sis. Richardson was down to Heber to J. Harrets. The baby was sick Saturday but it was a good deal better. There was a little rain in the evening and then rained in the night. Monday 31, there was several storms during the day. Wm. planted his potatoes. Tuesday June, 1886 went up to work on the reservoir. We had a heavy thunder shower in the evening. Wednesday 2,3,4,5, in the canyon. Sunday 6, went to meeting. After meeting went with the Bishop Dalals (Dallas?) Creak. He went to set the S. School teachers apart for their duty and I ordained Bro. Jo. Jacobs into the office of Teacher. Got home at dark. Mo. 7, Went up to work on the reservoir-was there all week. Sunday 13, Went to meeting alone. The Old Woman (wife?) was at the Park. She was over to see Isabella. She was working over there. The Bish called on Bro. Jacobs to talk a little-he felt well and had a desire to do all the good that he could. Then the Bishop called on Br. Coal (Cole) to talk a while. He said that he felt to respond to the call of the Bishop. He had a desire to do the best that he could for there was none of us perfect and he knew the Lord was with this people and cc.(company). Then the Bishop said that it was my turn to talk. I told the people so and asked for an interest in their prayers that I might be able to say something that would be of some benefit to them. I said the Lord had been with this people and he had watched over them. The Scripture says that his spirit lighteneth every man that cometh into the world but his spirit is not the holy ghost that we reserve by the laying on of hands. When the Lord blessed Joseph Smith with Spirit and told him that if he would keep his commandments he had a work for him to do well, then blessed him and watched over him and he went every year to receive instruction from the angel and that was all that he got till the next year. There is some of us cannot remember what we are told from one Sabbath to another. I said that we would have to be one or the Lord would not want us as his people. I felt well and talked a good while. After meeting there was a Teachers trial. There was Bros. W. Muroah (7), D.E. Bunel, and W. Priestly, the trial was with W. Richardson Jn. and B Harvy, it was decided in W. Richardson favor. After meeting went to D. E. Bunel for dinner. We had ripe strawberries for dinner. Mo. 14, forking on the fence. Tus. 15, at quarry. Wed. 16, on the fence 17-18-19- on the fence. Sunday 20, we went to meeting. Bros. Baird and Black talked to the saints. Got dinner at D. E. Bunel. Traveled home. Monday 21, on the fence and was there all week. Sunday 27, Went to meeting there. Missionaries there from Heber. There was T. H. Giles-J. Croock, and John Muir. They all gave good instruction and they wanted me to quarry some more rock and I promised to do so. I went and got dinner with them at the Bishop's then traveled home. Mo. 28, Went to Heber-got an order from Bro. Giles for 12 bushels of wheat. Bro. Ryan and others, had A. Sellers taken up for taking water when it was not his turn. The trial (trayle) never came on because they were under no organization (orgnation). Tuesday 29, Went with Dave after a load of wood and in the evening went down to Center to appoint (opint) a water master so T. Murdock was appointed. Wed. 30 Went to the quarry. Thurs. 1, July 1886 at home watering the garden. Fri. 2, at the quarry. Saturday 3, went down on the creek to celebrate the 4th, We had a good time in Hundy Grove. W. Coal was marshai of the day, J. Goodwin was , orator, J Lindsay read the Declaration of Independence (Diclarince of Jindipandoce) and I was the Chaplin and B. Cluff give a speech. We had a good time then went to Bro. D. E. Bunels with a basket and got our dinner. There we had some new potatoes and green peas for dinner and we had a dance in the afternoon for the children. Bro. Ryan and Goodwin played the music. Sunday 4, We traveled to meeting. The bishop called on Bro. Loal to talk a little then Bro. H. Sweat to talk a while then the Bish occupied the balance of the time. At the close of the meeting there was a Priesthood meeting. There was not many present. Monday 5, the folks all went to Heber to celebrate the 4 and I went to help John with his hay and was at home alone in the evening. Tues. 6, at the quarry. Wed. 7 ditto Thurs, 8, ditto Fri. 9, Went to Heber to get the drills sharpened. There was a thunder shower in the afternoon. Sun. 11, Went to the meeting. The Bish called on Bro. Priestly to talk a little. He felt well, then called on Bro. D. E. Bunel. He said that there was two parties on the Creek and it was not right. He felt to do what was right. Then the Bishop talked the remainder of the time. He said that there was some that called themselves Saints that did not want this ward to increase but it would increase in spite of them and he told the teachers to attend to their duty and visit the Saints and see that there is no hard feelings among the saints. Mo. 12, Went to Heber to see W. Bays for hirn to get a mowing machine (mishine) Tues. 13, At the quarry. 14 ditto 15 ditto. Friday 16 Working on the dike for water (for the) potatoes (Pattos). Saturday 17, watering the potatoes. Sunday 18, We traveled down to meeting. We had a good meeting. We had Bros. H. H. Cluff and B. Cliff Junior from Provo and they talked to us good. Monday 19, Went to Heber to see if Buys (Bains?) had got the machine and he had not got it. He would send for it in the morning. Tus. 20, At home. David went to Heber for the machine. 21 Bains (Buys?) came up and put it together and started it running in the forenoon, I was nailing shingles on Wms. barn. Th. 22 Ditto Fr. 23 Helping Wm. with his hay. George Muir and Dave had a dance in the evening. St. 24 Hauled up 2 loads of Wms. hay. Sun 25 Went to meeting. The Bish called on Bro just came from England, and then he called on Bro Ger Cluff to talk to the Saints a while he bore his testimony to the truth of the Work of God and give his experience that he got while he was on his mission to the Sandwich Isles. He talked good and felt well in the work of the Lord. After meeting went with Bro. Black for dinner then went to the Priesthood meeting at half past 2 o'clock. There was not many of the teachers present so there was not a full report. ; Mo. 26 At Wms hay Tus 27, at Arches hay Wn 28, ditto Th. 29 At Wm. hay Fr 30, at my own hay. Sat 31, at my hay in the forenoon and with John in the afternoon and John and Dave went up the canyon in the evening. Sunday 1 August 1886 at home watering, there was no meeting. On the creek there was a Sunday School Jubilee in Heber and I did not go there. Monday 2 at my hay Tus. ditto and in the evening went down to Bro. Priestley's. I had some trouble with Wm. Coal about a dead heifer. There was Bros. Priestly, Melber and B Lindsay. We did not get it decided. Wn. 4th was watering the potatoes in the little field Thursday 5, Went to the fast meeting here. Was not many there, we had a good meeting. There was only a there. I came home for to get up some of the hay for it was in good order. Sis. Richardson stopped to the R. S. Meeting and she got a ride up with George Cluff, him and the girls was up for to get some currants? . Fr. 6, Wm got up all the hay that was cut. St. 17, Raining and it is Conference. We started to Heber in the rain--it was not so bad till we got down to the mill lane and then it was very heavy. Went to the meeting in the forenoon. There was not many there. Bro Hatch talked about the Stake House. Apostle J. H. Smith was there and he talked about the times and the treatment that the saints was passing through at the present time. He said that this cloud that we was under at the present time would soon pass over. He said that there was some that did not do right in Celestial Marriage and that was the cause of a great deal of this trouble He said that all the talk and persecution (percucon) they had put a few (fue) over 150 in prison in 18 months but in England (Engling) they put in prison 4000 at one time. Now in England a quaker is as good as any other person for John Brite is counted a bright (brit) star in the English Parliament. In the afternoon there was a few more at the meeting. Some of the Bishops give in their reports then Apostle Smith talked a good deal on Infidelity and Atheism. He said that the Christians was the cause of it and cc. In the evening there was a Priesthood meeting. A. Hatch talked about the Stake House, he said he wanted the Bishops in their wards to pay 100 dollars as soon as possible (posebil) and J. H. Smith talked a good deal, he talked on the Priesthood and there was no need for us to make long prayers nor long confirmations nor long prayers when we anointed the sick. We had a good meeting and we got some instruction. Sunday 8, Went to the forenoon meeting, the hall was crowded and they could not all get in to the hall. There was some of the Bishops gave in their report and then J. H. Smith give us a good sermon on marriage. He made it very plain. Went to the meeting in the afternoon the hall was crowded. Hatch called on George Wilson to talk a little. He felt well in the gospel and bore his testimony to the truth of it then called on George Cluff to talk a little on his mission to the Sandwich lsles. He felt well in the gospel then he called on Bro. Eampy? to talk a little and he told how he was received when he was back in the Southern States on his mission. Then Apostle Smith talked on the Word of Wisdom and the laws of health and how we should live and guard against all our weak points for we shall be tried according to the deeds done in the body and cc. Went home in the evening. Mo 9, Went to Heber to get our likeness? tpicture?) taken then it rained in the evening. Tus. 10, At home around home all week--David was helping John to haul up his hay. Sunday 15, Went to meeting. Traveled down, the Bishop called on Bro W. Byne to talk to us a while. He said that he was not expecting to be called upon to talk to us this morning but he felt to respond to the call. He felt well in this work. He said some of the young people had a little social party last evening and they enjoyed their selves and he believed that they were a lot of good virtuous boys and girls and he Ioved to see them come around his place and they could come around again when they felt like it--He felt well in the work of God--Then Bro Black was called to talk a while. He talked on the first principles--After meeting William Jn. and me and the Teachers Priestly, Miller, and Lindsay went to Wm. Coal’s to try and settle some trouble that we had about a heifer, and after the Teachers heard both sides of the case they went out to decide the case and when they came in they wanted to know if we would abide by their decision and I told them that I could not do that for I had made a promise with myself never to do that again so there was nothing done. I went to the Bishops before 1 went Home. Mo 16, at home Tus. 17, Went to Heber to see Bro Hatch on some business. I was around home all week. Sun 22, went to meeting. Pres. Hatch and (his) Council(ors) was there but he did not talk much. He called on Bro Jacobs to talk a while then he called on Bro. Wm. Murdock to talk. He said that it was for the Gospel that he came here for to be with the Saints of God in the valleys of the mountains. He had no other motive in view than serve the Lord and he talked on some of the Gentiles (Guntels) that he had been talking with when he was in Salt Lake City how they felt about this people and cc. then Bro. Alexander bore his testimony to the work of the Lord---. Then the President talked a little, he said that he had been mad all week and it was wrong (rong) but he had so much to think about but he was going to try and not get mad any more. He said that our Bishop was away but he had told him to go and we was not to feel bad about it. After meeting we traveled home. Around home all week. Sunday 29 Went to meeting. Harriet and Thomas came up. I met them on the road. The Old Woman (Woming) was with them. Ban Cluff Jn. was up from Provo. He give us a good discourse on the principles of the gospel. After meeting there was a Priesthood meeting. Some of the Teachers had a report and some had none, then Bro Black had a letter to the Ward for them to pay 21 dollars to the general expense fund. Then there was a little trouble with Bro How and me. He accused me for not attending Sunday School. I said that if I was appointed to assist him I did not know of it and I did not understand it that way and I would not blame anyone about it. Bro. Black proposed that we all take hold and do what we can for the Sunday School till he would write to the Bishop Mo. 30 Went up the canyon with Davis for stable logs. Tus 32 ditto Wensday 1 Sep. 1886 When we was up for logs we had a shower of rain when we had dinner and the horses could not take up the load and we had to take some of the lofts off the wagon, then it rained all night. Thursday 2, it was fast day. The roads was so soft and muddy that we could not go to the meeting and John and David started to the stable in the afternoon. Friday 3, on the stable in the forenoon then we got word that Hatchel Peal Sassons had died that morning. About 6 o'clock David started over to strawberry to look for William he had been away about two weeks and we did not know how (why?)he was stopping so long---Then Sis Richardson traveled down to Heber in the afternoon and went down to William Peals. After supper the family all felt bad about it. We stopped in Heber all night. Saturday 4, I had to travel home in the morning for the funeral was to be at 2 P.M. and the rest of the family wanted to go to the funeral. The corpse was taken to the Hall. Mirron (Mirriam?) felt very bad when she was in the Hall and after she got home I stopped in Heber all night to comfort her a little. Sunday 5, Went to the meeting, Heber Hatch was not there, he was away to Salt Lake City. Bro Gilles called on L. M. Murdock to talk to the people. He gave the Saints a good sermon on how we should live is we want to attend to a Celestial Glory, then he called on Bro Hagens to talk to the Saints a while. He wanted us to have charity for one another and not be too bad on our Bros. and Sis. when we found them in a little fault. Went back to Wm. Beal's for dinner and comfort them a little and the team came down in the evening and I went home with them. Mo 6, Went to Heber to see Bro Hatch. Went to see how Sis. Peal was. She was feeling a little better. Working around home all week. Sunday 13, Went to meeting. Bishop Clegg and his Counselors was there. Bro. L. Duke talked first he bore his testimony to the work of God and he said that we had all to obey the same principles before we could receive a Celestial Glory, then Bro. A Teorti? bore his testimony to this work then they (asked) B. Cuff (to share) in a little of their time to talk. He felt well and he would rather sit and listen to others talk than talk his self but he felt to be obedient to the Priesthood, that is the way that (why) the World is against us. If we was more united the world could not do us any harm, and he said if we had anything against our brethren and them (they should) not partake of the Sacrament for that is what keeps us living. Then Bishop Clegg gave us an account of how he heard the Gospel first and how the people received the Gospel in Preston first when H. C. Kimball, W. Richards, and J. Fielding landed from America and his father was among the first that obeyed the Gospel in England (Inglen) and so on- Attended to the association? (Asotshen) meeting in the evening. Mo. 14, went with John to haul up Muir's grain. Tus. 15, ditto. 16, ditto. 17 At home. Friday 18, Arch came home in the Afternoon. Saturday 19, at home. Sunday 20, Went to meeting. The girls and Arch went to Ryans and David and Mac stopped at home and I went down to the meeting. Mo. 21, at home. Tus 22, ditto. Wn 23, Arch had a dance in the school house and he started away to Strawberry in the morning of the 24th. Friday 25, at home. To Heber to the High Priests meeting on the 26th. Sunday 27, At meeting Arch and Will came home in : the evening. They were hunting cattle. Went to meeting in the evening. Arch was there. Will and him started back in the morning. Mo. 28, I am one week behind with everything since Arch came in and went away. Tuesday 22, Hauled up the grain. Will and l have came home in the evening. Wn. 23, hauled till noon. J. Thomas got thrashed in the forenoon. Thursday and Friday at home. Saturday 26, to the High Priests meeting. Sunday 27 At meeting there was a child blessed by Black, Bard, Cluff, and me. George Cluff mouth. No priesthood meeting. Went to meeting in the evening. Mo. 28, Went up the canyon to work on the mine. Tuesday 29, ditto. Wed. 30, ditto. 31, Went to Muir's place to help John to thrash but the machine was not there. Friday 1 of October 1886, went to Muir’s place to thrash. Sat. 2, ditto. Sud. 3, Went to meeting and Mc Millan was there from Daniel's Creek. Mo. 4, Went to Mc's place to thrash. Tus. 5, At the mine. Wn. 6, At home thrashing in the forenoon and to Sellers in the afternoon. Th. 7, Fast day, went to Sister Undsay's to help to thrash. Bro Black was there so there was no meeting. Fixed up my straw in the afternoon. Fri. 8, At home. Sat. 9, ditto. Sunday 10 went to meeting—went home after meeting and did not go to the evening meeting for there was none of the boys at home. They were away up the river. Mo. 11, At home cutting wood. Tus. 12, ditto. Wn. 13, ditto. Th. 14, Storming and snowing. Went to the quarry for my tools in the afternoon and the boys came home in the evening. 15 & 16 at home. Sunday 17, Went to meeting. I talked a good while to the people. Attended the meeting in the evening. At home all well. Sunday 24, Went to meeting. George Cluff talked the most of the time. There was a Priesthood meeting in the afternoon. Went to Bro. D. K. Binels(?) for dinner. Bro. Black went with me to visit Bro. Priestly's children. There was some charges against that they were neglected. They were not so bad as it was reported. Went to the meeting in the evening. Around home all week till Saturday 30. Went to the Conference. There was not many there. Hatch and some of the Bishops occupied the forenoon and in the afternoon Apostle Grant and there was a Priesthood meeting. In the evening we had a good full meeting. Sun 31, At Conference Apostle Grant (talked) a good deal on the Word of Wisdom. That was the talk of the Conference. We did not go home on Sunday evening. Monday 1 November 1886- Tus 2, Went to the quarry to find where I could quarry some more rock. Wen. 3, Went to Croocks quarry, 4, 5, and 6, was there. Sunday 7, went to meeting. We had a Priesthood meeting in the afternoon. Then Bro. Black went with me to Priestley's. We heard that he was home. Sister Priestly was at home and she told that it was none of our business what she done and we was not to come there any more. Then went to the night meeting. I was up the canyon the next week with the boys building a stable. Sunday 14, At meeting there was a child to bless. I was mouth. The parents was Haran James and Feby (Phoebe?) Sweat, and his name was Samuel. Stopped to the meeting. The Association was reorganized and we had Bros. Moulton, and W. Lindsay with us, and Richard Harvey was appointed President. At home all week. Sunday 21, Went to meeting. About 6 inches of snow. Bro. Lindsay got up in meeting and said that he had been drinking and he wanted the Brothers and Sisters to forgive him and he would try and not do the same again. Bro. Black talked a good while on how we should forgive one another, then I talked on the same. Did not go to the evening meeting. At home all week. Went to the High Priests meeting on Saturday, 27. There was a good deal of talk about sending the children to the outside schools. 28, at home. Did not go to meeting. There was a young men's conference at Heber. Mon. 29, At home. Tus. 30, Went up the canyon with David and was there all the week. Sun. 5, Went to meeting. Bro. Hatch and T. H. Gilles was up. Bro. Gilles talked on the Word of Wisdom and Bro. Hatch on improvement. There was a good large meeting. Harriet and Thomas was up to John's to see Bell and the baby. At home all week. Sun. 12, At meeting Bro. Baird wanted me to tell them something that they did not know. I said that I could not tell them anything that they did not know--that belongs to the Gentiles (Gentiles) for them to hire a preacher to talk to them and tell them things they did not know. I did not have learning (larning) for that. We cannot go astray if we will pay attention (atenson) to the teachings that we receive from those that is placed over us. That is what Apostles and Prophets is for-that we would not be blown (bloon) by every wind of doctrine (doctring) for they was placed in the Church till we all come to a knowledge (knolidge) of the faith yet. For if we had, we would be one (wone) and so on, (I) occupied all the time. Went with Black for dinner, then we went to visit Bro. Harvey. Attended the meeting in the evening. Short program (prograhan). Called to talk. Talked on improvement and the Word of Wisdom. Mo. 13, Went to Heber to see President Hatch and got some deals made. I stopped all night with James Watson. At home all the remainder (remander) of the week. Sun. 19, Went to meeting with William the Bishop. Was there he wanted Bro. Baird to talk to us a little for hear how he felt. He felt well in the work that he was engaged in and talked on the persecutions that some of the Saints were passing through at the present time. Then the Bishop said that he was a little rusty as he had not spoke (spock) much in public since he left here. He told what he believed in and what kind of resurrection he believed in, and that we was accountable for all our sins and sayings. Went home after meeting. Mo. 20, Went up the canyon to work on the mine. Worked there till Thursday 23. John's boy, Roy, got his self burned on the 22nd. Fri. 24, Cut wood at home. Sat. 25, Christmas Day. Thomas and Harriet came up for dinner and we went down to Heber with William in the evening to look at the Christmas tree. Sun. 22, Went to meeting. Brother Black called on Bro. Richard Harvey to talk to us a little because he had been to Logan to get married. That was about the 14th. Then he called Bro. D. K. Bunnel to talk to us a little. Then he called on W. Murdock and he talked a good deal on the Word of Wisdom. Thea, Cutting wood. 28th, ditto. 29-30 31 At home. January 1, 1887, New Year's Day went to Heber, got dinner at Wm. Peal's. There was Thomas and Harriet was there, Bro. and Sis. Montgomery, and Bro. and Sis. Lambert. Spent the day with them then went with Bro. Watson and spent the evening with him and stopped there all night and David (? came) for us on Sabbath Day. Mo. 3, At home cutting wood. William Peal came up in the afternoon for to go up to work in the mine. Tus. 4, Went up to work on the mine. We were there till the 8th. We came home in the afternoon. Sun. 9, Went to meeting. Opened by Bro. Murdock. The Bishop said he had not heard me talk for a long time. I said that I felt well to have another opportunity (optunity) to talk to my brothers and sisters. I was proud that there was so many here as this was the commencement (comensment) of another year. We all knew how we lived last year better than anyone else and if - we have not lived as we should have done we cannot make it any better now for the time is like the water that is in the creek it is passed into the river and it is in the lake so it will never return. Are we Latter Day Saints or are we hypocrites (heprecets). For if we are Saints then we have kept (ceap) the commandments of God and all our covenants that we have made, each and every one of (us) knows if we have kept them or not. If we have not kept them we are not so good as the Gentiles for they do not profess to keep the commandments of God. We will tell them that the Lord has revealed His Gospel from the Heavens to us and we have obeyed it, and the Lord will send his judgments upon the wicked and they will not obey his Gospel. The Book of Mormon tells us that this is a blessed land above all others and all those that live upon this land must keep his commandments or he will cut them off the face of the earth. He cut the Jaredites off for their disobedience because he had revealed his Gospel unto them for they were under condemnation for the same and we have it also that the prophets when they came to this country were told the same. That if they were (had) faith and would do right they would be blessed and prosper and if they would be disobedient they would be persecuted by their brethren the Lamanites. We can find as long as they done right the Lord blessed them. And whenever they went astray after a while the Lamanites was upon them to stir them up to their duty. So we can find that they went on that way till they would not repent and they did not mind what the prophets said unto them and they rose up against one another until there was none left. Now we have received the same Gospel and we believe if the people of the United States do not repent and obey this Gospel they will be cut off and the Lord has told this people that if they will do right they would prevail over their enemies and if not their enemies would prevail over them. The enemies is against us now to stir us up for to do right and if we will not we must suffer for it. They are getting more united against this people so we must be more united with ourselves for unless that we do better than the people we will never. (get) any blessings. Our Father is a just Father and He will reward us according to our works. The people of God is always the the fewest in number for he cannot make us do right unless we had a mind to. For is he would force us to be good that would take away our agency (agance) and if we have no agency then (we) are not responsible (responcibel) beings. Then we cannot have any rewards nor punishment but we have got our agency so let us do right and keep all our Covenants and Commands of God and not forget the Word of Wisdom and we must love one another above all, Amen. (a mane) There was missionaries from Walsburg but they were late so I gave way for them. There was Bros. Curbay (Kirby?) and Grear (Creer7). Grear felt well in the work but he was not much of a talker but he felt to give us all the encouragement (incuridgement) that he could to but we must do right. Then Curbay said that he was very cold and it took him a long time to get warmed through. He said he had heard part of a good sermon this morning for Jesus said if he had not come, the Jews would not have been under condemnation and he talked a good deal on general principles (generel prencepel). He give us some good instruction and so on. The Bishop said that we had some good sermons this morning and he enclosed (included) all that had been said and he wanted us to remember the expense fund (budget?) for it was a good deal behind and we had it to make up and we must remember the Stake House and we must remember to go to Heber tomorrow to settle our Tithing. Got dinner E. Oaks. There was a good many there from Heber. At home in the evening. Mo. 10, went to Heber, settled tithing, and payed Wm. Boyis for the machine. Started for home after dark. Very cold. Tus. 11, Storming all day. Wed. 12, Storming, went up the canyon. It drifted and stormed all day Thurs. 13, to Fri. 14. Went up to the mine. Worked all day then came home at night. Sat. 15, went to a company meeting at Center Break. Sun. 16, went to meeting-rode down with John. There was missionaries there from Charleston. There were E. Bays and J. Murdock. Bro. Murdock talked first. He said that we should uphold our Bishop and those that is placed over us all the time and that we should have charity for one another and he related a circumstance about a young man when he was on his mission. He talked well and felt good then Bro. Bays talked to us on the times and persecution that some of them was having at this time and Bro Bays read some passages from the Companion (Companion?) to prove that the worst sin that we can commit is for us to betray our brethren there is no forgiveness in this world or the world to come. Mon. 17, Around home. Tus. 18, In the mine. 19th to Thurs. 20, Fri. 21, at home. Sat. 22, at a meeting in Center Break to adjust the water claims. There was a great deal of talk and they decided to choose 7 of a committee to decide on what they can do with the claims. The committee was a J. Horn, W. Byne, J. Goodwin, and R. Harvey, R. Jones, B. Cluff, and A. C. Hack and they were to meet on Tuesday in Heber. Sun 23, went to meeting. Black presided, there was a child to bless belonging to Bro. and Sis. Byne. It was blessed by Bleck (Black?) and M. Bleck was mouth. L. Brim talked too on the first principles of the Gospel. Mon. 24, Went down on the Creek to talk to the Bishop about them having another organization on the Creek. Tus. 25, Went to Heber to state my claim to the committee, then went to J. H. Giles to talk about the coal claim. Stopped all night to talk to T. S. Watson. Stopped at Harriet's. Came home with the boys on Wednesday. They were down with logs to Turner. Thur6 and Fri at home. Sat. 29, Went to Center Break to another meeting to learn what the committee had done , they decided that we enter into a contract to finish our construction (contrict) on the ditch and then give everyone according to our work. Sun. 30, At meeting William had his team down. There was missionaries there from Heber. They were missionaries {mish) Duke and Wm. McDonald. He was the first speaker and he said that we should encourage home industry more than we do, then the Bishop talked on how we should live for to be good Saints to stand the test that is coming on this people. Went with Bro. D. R. Bunnel for dinner, then went to a Priesthood meeting. The Teachers did not have much report to give. Bro. Black gave in a report for Bro. Murdock for he was absent. None of the other Teachers had any report. The Bishop talked on the Stake House and the expense fund. There was a good deal of talk about the trouble between W. Cole and ( )but nothing decided about it. I did not go home until after the night meeting. Mo. 31, At home. Tuesday 1 February 1887. Went up to the mine-worked all day. Wen. 2 to Thurs 3rd till noon then came home after dinner. Frid. 4, Up in the morning and came down in the evening. Saturday 5, went to the conference. There was a good many there for the first meeting of the conference. Bro. Hatch presiding he said that we did not know what one day will bring forth for at bed (bead) time last night he did not think that we would (have) any one with us but there was two too) stragglers came along in the night. Then he said that we would (do) no business this morning and then the next conference we would have a large turn out on Saturday morning. Then he called on Apostle Grant to talk to the people. He said that he was proud to see so many here this morning. He could see that the Saints here was like the Saints (in) other places they were taking a fresh hold (thay war taken a fresh holt) {of the Gospell for in Salt Lake City the last Fast Day in a seat many of the wards there never was so great (an attendance at the) meetings, and the Saints was telling (saying that) it was time to see if they were what they profess to be, for we must keep the commandments of God and if we do not keep them we can not have a standing in this Church and he talked on the duty of the Priests to go around and visit the Saints and administer the Sacrament to those that could not attend the meetings and that the Teachers should visit the Saints regularly (reagler) every month. Then he talked on the way that we should Administer to the sick, We should remember that the Oil is Holy and keep it clean and a good cork in the bottle. Appeal in Prayer and if there is any that does not have faith in the ordinance they would be better to leave the room and so on. Then Apostle Taylor bore his testimony to the truth of what had been said . and he talked a little on the Adming Tuker Bill. (Edmunds-Tucker Bill) He said that he was proud of that Bill and it would be a good thing if (it) would pass for it would show to the World what this people is and what they will do for this work and so on.--In the afternoon Bishop van Wagner gave his report and told how they were getting along in Midway Ward. Then Bishop Duke of East Heber and then Bishop Clegy of West Heber and then Bishop Moon of Woodland the Bishops all said that the majority (magorety) of the Saints was trying to do the best they could under the position (posion) they were in at present. After the reports Apostle Taylor talked and said that he would talk to the young and told them to be temperate in all things and not abuse their bodies (abise thare bodays) and he talked on the schools and the effect the Edmunds-Tucker Bill would have upon this people. He said that it would make us have Mormon School for to educate our children. There was a Priesthood Meeting in the evening, there was some business to do. President Hatch said there was a counselor (needed) to J. Murdock, President of the High Priests Quorum (Corom), so he proposed John Horrocks--carried the was sustained ?)-Then he said that there was a President for the Priests Quorum wanted and he proposed F. W. Gilles to that office. Carried (he was sustained) Then there was 8 called to the office of High Priest and they were ordained to that office then Apostle Taylor said it was (not) strange that so many old men being called to the office of High Priest there was so many of them almost ready to drop into their graves and with that Priesthood they could prepare themselves to enter into the presence of our Heavenly Father for it was by that power (poor) that the Heavens and the Earth was made. Sunday 6, Apostle Grant talked in the forenoon. He talked on the Good of the Christian World, of them believing in a God without either body parts or passions. He said that we should leave the Gentiles and their God alone till we get them to believe in something better and that is the God of the Ancients (anchents) had body parts and passions and man was made in His image and we cannot believe that this world was made out of nothing. That is the way that the Christians and the infidels cannot get along together for they want to take away their God and give them nothing for it. He talked a good deal on the relief of the Gentiles and the Latter Day Saints and so on--In the afternoon Apostle Taylor talked. He wanted to prove from the Bible that all that the Saints was paring true (living through?) at the present time (was) predicted by the Old Prophets for they said that His Angels would gather them and that they would fly as doves to their windows. And he said that the day would come when the Saints would be gathered by flying through the air and the Lord said they would fly as clouds through the air and if the Government did not stop the immigration that could (come to) pass. For all the prophecies must be fulfilled the Lord said Heaven and Earth might pass away but his words would not pass away and he said that some men had too many wives for they did not take care of them. They were like him down south one time they had too much pie. He said that his trial came off in April and he did not (know) what they would do with him. He said if he was sent to prison 5 years they would learn him a trade and as he did not know anything he would learn his father's trade--this was a cabinet maker. He exhorted the young people to be good and virtuous and take care of their selves and so on-Then Apostle Grant give some good teachings then the conference adjourned for three months. There was a good deal of rain in the afternoon and very cold in the evening and we did not go home. Mo. 7, very cold, got 2 picks sharpened with W. McMillan and got 17,112 Ibs. of powder from A. Hatch. Tus. 8 At home. Wed. 9, Very cold and drifting. Went up with the boys and home. Stopped all night, 18 in. of snow. In the morning came home with the Lindy's. Fri. 11, Pleasant. Sat. 12, Went to Heber to see Bishop Clegg about the Contract of the Canal. He was at a marriage. Sun. 13, Storming, did not go to meeting. Mon. 14, Storming, storming the most of the week. Sunday 20, At home all day writing and the others of the family went to Heber. It was very cold all day. Mon 21, very cold. Tus. 22, Ditto. Wed. 23, Ditto--this has been three of the coldest days this year. Thursday 24, went up to the mine, it was all covered over with snow. Shoveled snow all day and came home at night. Friday 25, Storming. Saturday 26, Went up to the mine and cleared off all the snow and worked till night and traveled down. Sunday 27, Went to meeting, it was a pleasant day and there (was) a good turnout to meeting. We had Bishop Clegg and A. Fortig his counselor from Heber. Bishop Clegg give us a lecture on Theology (Thologa). He compared the religion (reledgon) of the world with the religion of the Church of Jesus Christ and showed the foolishness of the belief of the World. He gave a good sermon. Then Bro. Fortig bore his testimony to the words of Bishop Clegg and give us some good teachings and spoke a little on the times. We went to Bro. Black's for dinner. There was a Priesthood meeting in the afternoon. Some of the Teachers had a report and some had none. Stopped to the night meeting and gave a short lecture on the Bible. Mo. 28, Went up to work on the mine. Tuesday, March 1, 1887 At mine. Wed. 2, Thurs. 3, Fri. 4, At the mine. Sat. 5, Went to Heber to the Priesthood meeting. There was some talk about how they should do, and how the dances should be conducted. After meeting, went and got 2 picks and a drill sharpened with Wm. McMillan. Sunday 6, Went to meeting. The Bishop was at Wallsburg and Black called on Howe to talk a little while and then on Bro. Baird. Mon. 7, At home with a sore (soor) finger. Tues. 8, Ditto. Wed. 9, Ditto. Thurs. 10, Up to the mine. Fri. 11, Ditto. Sat. 12, At the mine till night. Sun. 13, Went to meeting in a wagon. The Bishop Sweat to talk a little. He said hat he was a poor talker but he would respond to the call. He said that if he had improved his time as he should have done he would have been a better talker than he was. But he asked the Lord to bless us all and then he called on Bro. Ryne. He talked on the times. He said that he thought that he could take the last oath but he would do as he was counseled to do. Then the Bishop talked on the duties of the Saints and a little on dancing. There was a Priesthood meeting in the afternoon. There was some business to be done there as there was some trouble between W. Cole and me. There was a good deal of talk but that was all. Mo. 14, Went up to the mine and was there all week. David worked (with) me most of the time. Sun. 20, Went to Center Creek there was no meeting there. There was a meeting at Daniels Creek (Danels Creack). Sister Jordon was buried on Thursday and her husband was not at home. He wanted to hear her funeral sermon preached. There was a full house. H. Moulton was the first speaker. He read some passages from the Book of Mormon from the Book of Alma, on the resurrection and talked a little on the glories of the just. Then John Duke was the next speaker. He talked his usual way. Then I talked a little and Jacob Howe. We had a good meeting. Then we went over to Brother Gordon’s and attended to the ordinance. Then to Bro.- and blessed a child belonging to J. T. Grea (Gray?). Her name is Sarah. Then Bro. Duke dedicated and consecrated Bro. Jordan's house unto the Lord. Stopped with Bro. Bunnel for supper. Went to the night meeting--give a short lecture on the Bible. Mon. 21, Commenced working in the garden. The folks all went down on the Creek to a Relief Society picnic and dancing and I was at home all alone. I had a sore foot and could not do much work all week. Sun. 27, At home. Mon. 28, David commenced to plow and I was digging oak roots nearly all week. Sunday 3 April 1887, Went to meeting. The Bishop called on me to talk a while and I felt glad to have this other opportunity to talk a little on the principles that we believe in. I talked a good while and said that this government was just fulfilling the prophecies of the Old Prophets. Mon. 4 April 1887, There was a meeting in the school house to elect officers for the irrigation company. I was elected president for 5 years. Tue. 5, Went up to the mine, John went with me. We worked there 4 days. Sat. 9, Went to Heber to get qualified but T. H. Gillis was not at home. Sun. 10, Storming, did not go to meeting.Thomas Todd and Harriet with the children came up and stopped all night. Mon. 11, Around home all day. James Lindsey came up and brought 1500 of hay for $6.00. $2.00 for water tax, and $4.00 for standing around. Home all week. Sat. 16, Went to a meeting at Center and Wm. Barrys was not there with the papers and we had to put meeting off until Fri. 22. Sun. 17, Went to meeting. The Bishop read to us the Epistle of the First Presideney (Prasentsay) from the Deseret News. There was not a large meeting. Mon. 18, At home. Tues. 19, Ditto Wed. 20, Went to finish our dike. It came a storm and we had to come home. John started to go to the city. Thur. 21, Working on the fence. 22, Ditto 23, The same. Sunday 24, At meeting. The Bishop called on the Seventies to talk to the people and he called on Bro. Wm. Baird first. He said that he felt well in Moronism and he bore his testimony to the truth of it. Bro. George Cluff was called next. He talked a good deal on how Latter Day Saints should live. There was a Priesthood meeting after the meeting was dismissed. The Teachers did not have much report. The Bishop said there was surely something wrong. There was a good deal said on the Word of Wisdom. After meeting I talked to the Bishop about Cole not bringing up his case and have me tried and that Brother Howe had kept feelings against me till the 4th of April and never said anything about it. Mon. 25, Snow in the morning, Tus. 26, Went to work on the dike. 27, Ditto. 28th At home on the fence. 29, Ditto. Sat. 30, Went to Heber to conference. President Hatch said that we could have a good conference (even) if we should not have any of the Apostles here with us but he expected Abraham H. Cannon in the evening. There was some of the Bishops gave in their reports in the forenoon and Bro. F. Franghon he was a returning missionary and he talked a little on the Gospel. In the afternoon there was some reports and some little sermons. Bro. Empay from Midway talked on the first principles and there was a large Priesthood meeting in the evening and Bro. Cannon was there. He talked a good deal on the Seventies as he was one of the Presidents. He said that the Elders' Quorum was to prepare them for that calling. Sunday, May 1, 1887, At meeting. There was a crowded meeting. G. Hatch had to talk on the meeting house, and then Bro. Cannon talked on the first principles. We had a good meeting and we had a crowded house in the afternoon. Mon. 2, At home all week until Saturday 7th. Went to Heber to see Wm. Barrys about the papers. Went to the Fast meeting on Thursday--there was not many there. I bore my testimony to the truth of this work. There was a child blessed belonging to Wm. and Janet Baird and the childs' name was Elizabeth Baird and the Bishop was mouth. On Sun. 8, I did not go to meeting for Bro. Hunter was here from Grass Creek. Mon. 9, Working on the Great Hunter. Went over to Baird's. Tus. 10, Had a meeting in the evening, there was not many there to appoint 3 to appraise our work on the Wasatch Canal. We appointed Bro. Robert Broadhead, Isaac Baum, and Hendsy O. Wilbur. Wed. 11, Went up to the mine with Bro. Hunter. Thurs. 12, At home. Fri. 13, Went to Heber with Bro. Hunter. Went to see Bro. Haum to find out when he could go on the dike. He agreed to go on Sunday for the water was to be turned in the dike on Monday morning. Then I went around by Bro. Broadhead and he said that he would go. Sat. 14, At home, my foot was very sore, I could not walk any. Sun. 15, At home. T. S. Watson and Sis. Watson and T. Todd and J. Simpson and their wives was up here and they had a good time. Mon. 16, went to Heber to qualify for the company. Stopped at the creek to attend a meeting in the evening. The meeting took place according to appointment. A. Hatch was chairman and G. Cluff secretary and they wanted to organize another company. there was a good deal of talk but they had the majority and they appointed their committee, drafted their articles of agreement and we had no say in the matter. We was there till very late and we adjourned to meet in the morning. Tus. 17, Met at 10 o'clock in the morning and was there till the afternoon. At home the balance of the week with a sore foot. Sun.22, Could not go to meeting. On the 19th and 20th was up the canyon organizing on the dike, then went on the 24th and stopped till Saturday 28th. Came home in the afternoon. Sun. 29, Went to meeting. Bro. Wing and his counselor was there to visit the Sunday School and they stopped to (stayed for) the meeting and occupied all the time. Then there was a Priesthood the meeting in the afternoon. The Teachers did not have much report. There was a good deal of talk about having a meeting on Lake Creek District. So it was decided to have a Sunday School. Bro. Cole made it alight with me. Mo. 30, Finished the pasture fence. Tus. and Wed; At home watering. June 2, 1887 Went up the lake to the reservoir (riservo). I did not go to the Fast Meeting. The boys broke the plow and I came home in the evening. Sat. At home. Sun. Traveled down to meeting. The Bishop called on Bro. Palmer to talk a little and bore his testimony to the truthfulness of the work he was engaged in. Then he called on George Cluff to talk a while. After meeting I talked to the Bishop about him not looking to the interest of the Ward so we could not agree. Went to Bro. Black's for dinner. I had to travel home and my foot was very sore. Mon.6, At home. Tus. 7, Went to the funeral of Wm. Binn's child. It fell in a tub of boiling water on Saturday forenoon and died on Monday morning. Wed. 8, Fixing fence. Thur. 9, Went up to the reservoir. Fri. 10, Flixing fence. Sat. Cutting wood and fixing fence. Sun. 12, Went to meeting. The Bishop called on Bro. Black to talk a while. He talked as usual on general principles. Then he called on me to talk a while. I said did we ever compare this Gospel with the Gospel that the different sets of Christians of the world (had). We cannot believe in the same heaven and the hell. We cannot believe in a Heaven away beyond the bounds of time and space and that there is a God being (banes) that has not any body parts or passions. That is a nothing. That there is a hell that burns with fire and brimstone all the time. There is a good many of the world that cannot believe in such a doctrine as that. We are like Paul, he said, although we or a angel from heaven should preach any other doctrine than that (which) had been preached unto them, let them be accursed. We have to find out what he preached. He preached repentance and baptism for the remission of sins and the laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost and the signs that follow them that believe. So the Bishop wanted the Priesthood to remain after meeting a little. There was not many there. The Bishop wanted to know what I had against him and Bro. Howe. I told them what I had against them and they would no (not) acknowledge it. So the Bishop said that they would have Hatch up on Sunday. Mon. 13, At home. Tus.14, Went to Bert Boring's funeral. The Bishop wanted to talk (to me) a little so I did. Wed. 15, Up to the mine. 16 and 17 Ditto. 18th At home. My birth. I and Sister Rich went over to the park to see Isabell. 19th Went to meeting and Hatch was there and F. H. Gillis. Bro. Gillis talked first. He talked on general principles then Bro. Hatch talked on how we should live and how we should live with one another. There was a Priesthood meeting in the afternoon but it did not amount to much. After Hatch went home Bro. Howe wanted Bros. Cluff, Black, and me to go into the schoolhouse to talk over the matter and we done so. They wanted to know what I thought about it and I told them that I could not see any way that we could agree unless the two companies should consolidate together. So Bro. Howe agreed to use his influence with his party and I was to do the same. Mon. 20, At home all day. Went to A. Sellers in the evening to talk over the matter. With A. Sellers, O. Lindsey, D. E. Bunnell and T. Murdock and we all thought it was best to join together. Around home all week. Sun. 26, At meeting. Geo. Clutt talked on the Kingdom of God. Mon. 27, Started to water the grain. Tus. 28, Wed. 29, Thu. 30, Ditto. Friday July 1, 1887 Building a dam in the creek to water the little field. Sat. 2, Working on the cellar. Sun. 3, Went to meeting, there was not many there. Bro. Black talked a while. Then the Bishop called on me to talk a while, then there was a meeting of both companies to see if we could agree to join together. There was a good deal of talk but that was all. Mon. 4, They all went to Heber but me and mother. Isabell was over from the park and David took the girls to the dance at Heber and when William came in the evening we was told that Bro. Harvey was dead. Tus. 5, Went to Bro. Harvey’s funeral and David commenced to cut some hay. Wed. 6, Hauled up some hay. Thurs. 7, Digging a place for the haystack and David cut some more hay. Fri. 8, Raining all day. Sat. 9, Ditto. Sun. 10, At meeting. It rained nearly all week. Sun. 17, At meeting. Not many there. Wed. 13, Hauled up some more hay we was working in the hay all week. Sun. 24, At meeting, not many there. George Cluff talked to the Saints. Mon. 25, All the folks was at Heber to celebrate the 24th. They had a great time at Heber. I was at home alone. Tus. 26, At the hay. At the hay all week. Sun. 31, At meeting. Bro. Miller was there. He had came back from Pleasant Valley and the Bishop called on him to talk a little. He was glad to be back with us again for he liked this valley. Then the Bishop called on Joseph Murdock to talk. He said that he had been into Salt Lake to see President John Taylor. He had died on the evening of the 25 of July 1887 and was buried on the 29th. And they talked about the days of Nauvoo. Then the Bishop called on Bro. Habring to talk a while. He bore his testimony to the work of the Lord. After the meeting there was a Priesthood meeting. There was not many there. There was some talk about changing the meeting before Sunday School so it was changed and the Bishop put it before the meeting for me to go around and visit all the Teachers and it was carried. Mon. 1st August 1887 Cut some hay. Tus. 2, Ditto. Wed. 3, Ditto. Thurs. 4, Went to Fast Meeting. Fri. 5, At home. Sat. 6, At Conference. Hatch presided, he said that he had sent for some of the 12 to come but they could not come and he expected S. B. Young. Some of the Bishops give in their reports in the forenoon and some in the afternoon and there was a Priesthood meeting in the evening. Bro. Young did not come. The talk was about the Stake House and The Word of Wisdom. Sun 7, At Conference. The President called on the most of the High Council to talk and the returned missionaries. We had a good conference. All home talent came home in the evening. Mon. 8, At home. Tus. 9, Raining, around home all week. Sun. 14, At meeting. The Bishop give out the appointment for me and John Baird to talk that day. Bro. Baird talked the first principles of the Gospel then I had to talk. I said that I felt well in the Gospel and that we was living in a day of great events. Although that President Taylor was dead (dade) the work of the Lord would still go on if we would do right. The 12 is able to take care of the Church. We need not fret (frate) about it. President Taylor has gone to rest. The enemies of this Church has no power (pour) over him now. Some of this people think they are about to give up some of the principles of this Gospel because they are grappling for Utah to become a state and make polygamy a crime because they have to if this was a state and it a crime. ; We would have our own prison and our own (one) Marshalls. I said that I knew this was the work of the Lord although that I had never heard the Prophet talk nor seen him either. But when the Prophet Heber and others to go to England (Engling) to preach the Gospel of the Son of God and testified that a angel had come with the everlasting Gospel to be preached on the earth in the hour of God's judgment and for them to repent of their sins and get baptized for the remission of them and then get hands laid on them for the reception of the Holy Ghost that they would receive a testimony for themselves that this Gospel was true and that Joseph Smith was a Prophet. I talked a little on the Word of Wisdom. I thought that the young people was under greater condemnation then for it had been taught to them. And now it is given to them as a commandment. When we was young we did not know that it was a evil to drink tea and coffee and whiskey for I used to get whiskey from my Grandmother to kill the worms. Then I talked on the duty of the Teachers for them to teach the Saints the Word of Wisdom if the keep (cape) it themselves. And that they should attend all the meetings and teach the Saints to do so. The Bishop give it out for Bro. Howe and Bro. Byne to preach the next Sabbath. Got dinner with Bro. Black then went to visit Bro. R. Harvey and then went to visit the Bishop. Sun. 21, Went to meeting myself for T. Todd and Harriet Todd, S. Watson, S. Murdock and all their children. Bro. Byne took for his text He that beareth (barreth) turn not away. He done very well with his text. Then Bro. H talked on some things that Byne had said. Bro. Black was to talk the next Sunday. Sun. 28, 1887 Went to the meeting. Bro. Lloyd talked a little first. Then Bro. Black talked on the Kingdom of God on the earth. Jesus Christ coming to reign with his Saints and he talked on the spirit world. Around home till Thursday the first of September 1887. Went to the Fast Meeting. There was not many there. I bore my testimony to the truth of the work. After meeting went to Bro. Black's to administer to his child. It was very sick with the whooping cough (houping caught). Went to Heber in the afternoon to get some flour. I was to Heber on Fri. 26. I got a pick sharpened with W. Mc Millan and we stopped all night and spent the evening with Sis. Watson. Bro. and Sis. Muir was there and in the morning we heard that the boiler bursted at Bro. Alexander's saw mill and that his son Roy had got killed. He was a young man about 24 years of age. We went to the funeral with Bros. Joe Murdock and T. Nicol. I was up to the mine one day during the week. Bros. Hatch and Alexander was up to Center on Sunday for there was a good many at meeting. Hatch talked in his usual way. Alexander did not have much to say. Went to the Bishop's for dinner. President Hatch wanted to talk over S. Roukes and It was decided to go before the High Council. Then we went to the school house to see what could be done with it. There was a good deal of talk about it. Then Hatch said what the people wanted he was willing to stand by. Then it was decided to have another meeting on Monday the 5th of October 1887. Commenced in the morning to haul up the grain and went to the meeting in the evening. There was not many there and we could not do anything with it. Those that was there signed what they had to the school house. The Trustees was to see the others. Tus. 6, Hauled up the rest of the grain. Wed. 7, Putting up the fence and cutting wood. Sun. 11, We went to meeting. The Bishop called on Bro. Fowler to talk to us a while. He said that he was no talker and he thought that he never would be one. He said that he had a good deal around (had been around a good deal) this two years and he did not see a place that he liked any better than here. Then the Bishop called on me to talk. I said that it was more than expected but then I was on hand all the time to do what was required of me. There is not so many at the meeting today as there was last Sunday. Well if there was not it was their own business. It shows a little respect for the President for them to come to meeting when he comes to visit us. I talked on the duty of the Saints and so on. The Bishop called on Bro. Brim and he talked a little while. Went with the Bishop for dinner and then went with him and Bro. Black to Daniel's creek. The Bishop had a meeting of the Sunday School and he called on me to talk a little. It was more than expected to be called on to talk to them too. I said that it was the duty of the parents to teach their children to go to Sunday School meetings and Primary Meetings and to get baptized when they were 8 years old and so on. Then Bro. Black talked to the Saints. After meeting we blessed 2 children, one belonging to Wm. T. Bethers. Bro. Black was mouth to theirs, and the other belonging to Oaks. I was mouth. It was a poor weakly child, it did not live long. Was around home all week. I was sick the most of the week. We got thrashed on Saturday the 17th. On the 18th I did not go to meeting. David went away that morning. I was working around home all week fixing fence and cutting wood. Sun. October 25, 1887 Went to meeting. The Bishop called on J. Baird to talk to us a while. He talked his usual way. Then he talked his self on how we was to prepare for our households, that we had more than biscuits and potatoes to pick from. the last sentence is unreadable but says something like --for we had to build School ???, a meeting house -- then unreadable.

A Short History of William Richardson III by Carol [Richardson] McKinney, Oct. 1992

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A SHORT HISTORY OF WILLIAM RICHARDSON III William Richardson III was the son of William Richardson II and Isabel Richardson (2nd cousins). He was born 18 June 1829 in Westmore, Lanark, Scotland. When he was 3 years old his mother died of cholera. At age 19, on 20 January 1849, he was baptized into the LDS Church, his father and stepmother having been baptized a few months earlier, after hearing Orson Pratt preach the Gospel. He became a coal miner at a young age, as did his father before him. On 20 June 1851 in Glasgow, he married a young LDS convert, Joan Walker Fotheringham. They worked and saved all they could from then on so they could travel to Utah, and had a daughter, Janet, and son, William IV, before leaving Scotland. Janet died at 2 years of burns after falling into an outdoor fire. In February 1856 they left Scotland by boat for Liverpool, England. There were many soldiers on the boat, bound for the Crimean War. On 18 February they sailed from Liverpool on the ship, Caravan, for New York, arriving on 27 March. They went first to Pittston, Luzern County, a coal mining region of northeast Pennsylvania, to be with friends who had emigrated from Scotland previously, and to work awhile to earn money for traveling on to Utah. A son, John Thornton, was born to them soon after their arrival, on 13 April 1856. They lived in several other locations in that area, and 2 more children were born to them, James and Harriet, before they could save enough money to move on toward the west again. They also worked for 2 years in Gallatin County, Illinois, near the Ohio River, where a son, Robert, was born in December 1861. In July 1863 they were finally able to start for Utah. But near Florence, Nebraska, 5 year old James died of smallpox. Others in the company also died. This was the company of Captain Isaac C. Haight. (William Richardson III kept a journal of his life's experiences and testimony, writing many details that his descendants would not have known otherwise, including how he was converted, his travels to America, and especially the hardships they endured on the plains and mountains going to their Zion, and his struggle to provide for his family and carve out a homestead in a new land, the unsettled wilderness of the Heber valley in Wasatch County. It was there, in September 1865, that little Robert, not quite 4, died of scarlet fever. Carol Richardson has a photocopy of the original journal, which is in the Historical Department of the Genealogical Library Archives in SLC.) They arrived in the Salt Lake Valley 4 October 1863, according to his journal. After attending Conference, and staying with some LDS friends they had known in Scotland, James and Mary [Murray] Muir, who are two of my (Carol Richardson) 2nd great grandparents, they went up to the Heber valley, where 2 sons of James Muir had settled, George and John. William and Joan had 4 more children born to them in Heber, Archibald Squire, David Fisher, Isabel and Joanne. In later years, 2 of the Richardson sons, William IV and John Thornton, married 2 daughters of George Muir and his wife, Margaret [Hannah], Jane Howie and Isabella. William and Joan lived and worked in the Heber Valley for many more years. They were always active in the LDS Church, and tried to teach all their children the same. Joan died 14 January 1901 and was buried in the Heber Cemetery. After that, William went to live with one of his sons, John Thornton, and wife, Isabella [Muir], my (Carol Richardson) grandparents, out in the Uintah Basin, east of Vernal in Jensen, Utah. He died there 24 August 1904, and his body was taken back to Heber for burial. Because of the hot summer, and the slow transportation of those days, which was a team and wagon, his body was packed in storage ice, in a coffin box, later used for burial. He and his wife, were loved and revered by their children, and also the many grandchildren and great-grandchildren who knew them. Quite a number of family reunions have been held in or near Heber, honoring them and renewing loving, extended family relationships over the years. Some of the highlights of the reunions have been to visit the cemetery where they are buried, and the old family homesteads, some of which were 2 to 4 miles southeast of Heber, in the Center Creek region. (Written October 1992, by Carol [Richardson] McKinney, a great granddaughter of William and Joan, for the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers) (Posted to this site by Kenna [McKinney] Onoman, daughter of Carol, 24 September 2017.)

Life timeline of William Richardson

William Richardson was born on 18 Jun 1829
William Richardson was 3 years old when Charles Darwin embarks on his journey aboard HMS Beagle, during which he will begin to formulate his theory of evolution. Charles Robert Darwin, was an English naturalist, geologist and biologist, best known for his contributions to the science of evolution. He established that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestors and, in a joint publication with Alfred Russel Wallace, introduced his scientific theory that this branching pattern of evolution resulted from a process that he called natural selection, in which the struggle for existence has a similar effect to the artificial selection involved in selective breeding.
William Richardson was 11 years old when Samuel Morse receives the patent for the telegraph. Samuel Finley Breese Morse was an American painter and inventor. After having established his reputation as a portrait painter, in his middle age Morse contributed to the invention of a single-wire telegraph system based on European telegraphs. He was a co-developer of the Morse code and helped to develop the commercial use of telegraphy.
William Richardson was 30 years old when Petroleum is discovered in Titusville, Pennsylvania leading to the world's first commercially successful oil well. Petroleum is a naturally occurring, yellow-to-black liquid found in geological formations beneath the Earth's surface. It is commonly refined into various types of fuels. Components of petroleum are separated using a technique called fractional distillation, i.e. separation of a liquid mixture into fractions differing in boiling point by means of distillation, typically using a fractionating column.
William Richardson was 40 years old when Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton founded the National Woman Suffrage Association, breaking away from the American Equal Rights Association which they had also previously founded. Susan B. Anthony was an American social reformer and women's rights activist who played a pivotal role in the women's suffrage movement. Born into a Quaker family committed to social equality, she collected anti-slavery petitions at the age of 17. In 1856, she became the New York state agent for the American Anti-Slavery Society.
William Richardson was 45 years old when Winston Churchill, English colonel, journalist, and politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1965) Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was a British politician, army officer, and writer, who was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955. As Prime Minister, Churchill led Britain to victory in the Second World War. Churchill represented five constituencies during his career as Member of Parliament (MP). Ideologically an economic liberal and British imperialist, he began and ended his parliamentary career as a member of the Conservative Party, which he led from 1940 to 1955, but for twenty years from 1904 he was a prominent member of the Liberal Party.
William Richardson was 59 years old when The Great Blizzard of 1888 struck the northeastern United States, producing snowdrifts in excess of 50 ft (15 m) and confining some people to their houses for up to a week. The Great Blizzard of 1888 or Great Blizzard of '88 was one of the most severe recorded blizzards in the history of the United States of America. The storm, referred to as the Great White Hurricane, paralyzed the East Coast from the Chesapeake Bay to Maine, as well as the Atlantic provinces of Canada. Snowfalls of 10 to 58 inches fell in parts of New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, and sustained winds of more than 45 miles per hour (72 km/h) produced snowdrifts in excess of 50 feet (15 m). Railroads were shut down, and people were confined to their houses for up to a week. Railway and telegraph lines were disabled, and this provided the impetus to move these pieces of infrastructure underground. Emergency services were also affected.
William Richardson was 65 years old when Mahatma Gandhi forms the Natal Indian Congress (NIC) in order to fight discrimination against Indian traders in Natal. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was an Indian activist who was the leader of the Indian independence movement against British rule. Employing nonviolent civil disobedience, Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. The honorific Mahātmā – applied to him first in 1914 in South Africa – is now used worldwide. In India, he is also called Bapu and Gandhi ji, and known as the Father of the Nation.
William Richardson died on 24 Aug 1904 at the age of 75
Grave record for William Richardson (18 Jun 1829 - 24 Aug 1904), BillionGraves Record 2540006 Heber, Wasatch, Utah, United States