Timothy Edward Marsh

25 May 1912 - 19 Oct 1993


Timothy Edward Marsh

25 May 1912 - 19 Oct 1993
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Grave site information of Timothy Edward Marsh (25 May 1912 - 19 Oct 1993) at Evergreen Cemetery in Springville, Utah, Utah, United States from BillionGraves
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Life Information

Timothy Edward Marsh


Evergreen Cemetery

1876-1998 North 2000 West
Springville, Utah, Utah
United States


May 29, 2011


May 26, 2011

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Timothy Edward Marsh

Contributor: crex Created: 7 months ago Updated: 7 months ago

History on file at DUP Springville Museum I was born on May 25, 1912. I went to school in Mapleton Elementary. In the sixth grade, Barry Nelson was my teacher and he came down the aisle to hit me with a pointer because I was talking. I picked up the inkwell and he walked back to his desk. We had a swimming hole in the creek where I went swimming in the raw. We used to go out on Sundays and climb in the mountains and catch frogs and grasshoppers. Then we would cook their legs and eat them. I used to play baseball in grade school and walked a mile an a fourth to school every day and then home again. We would to to school and as soon as we got home we would go to work. In the wintertime the snow would get so deep we would walk home through the fields and walk over the fend tops on the snow. We used to sleigh ride on Clyde’s Hill and build a great big bonfire. Every Saturday night we would go to Springville to play baseball and to see the baseball games. I didn’t walk. I used to have to run to keep up with my Dad. I finished grade school in 1927 and started Junior High School in 1928. We used to sluff school and go up to the canyon. I only went to school when I had time. My home life wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. We didn’t have radio and T.V. so we played games with the neighbor kids. In the summertime we would to go town with the horse and buggy and when snow came we would take off the wheels and put runners on it. On the Fourth of July we would go to Springville to watch the parade and eat lots of junk. We had to thin beets to earn enough money for our dress-up clothes and money for the Fourth and Twenty-Fourth of July. I graduated in 1931. I used to walk from Mapleton to Springville in the cold (sometimes 10 degrees below zero) to see LaPreal. We went dancing when there was a dance. Afterward we would go for a ride somewhere with Smitty. He would take his guitar and play while I sang. In between times when I wasn’t working or fishing, I used to play baseball. I stayed on the farm until 1940. Then we moved to Springville and I worked for Fred Averett selling tractors. I managed softball teams for him. We won our league two straight years. In August of 1941 we moved to Park City where I went to work in the mines (Park City Consolidated). I went through the Spirro Tunnel. I worked there until September of 1942. Then we moved to Springville and I worked at Ironton. I quit there and decided to move back to Park City. We moved up on one Saturday and back on the next. I was out of work during June of 1943 when I got my greetings from the President. Even though I had four kids, I decided to go, so I went to Fort Douglas, had one meal there and decided to go to work at Geneva. I worked there until 1950, then back to Ironton. In the meantime we had acquired five children. Ironton closed down in Aril of 1962. I went to work for Thiokol and we moved to Tremonton for two and one half years. Then we went to Blackfoot to work for Westinghouse at the Atomic Energy Site. In 1969 we managed an apartment house in Salt Lake City and in July of 1971, we went back to Springville where we live now.

Life Timeline of Timothy Edward Marsh

Timothy Edward Marsh was born on 25 May 1912
Timothy Edward Marsh was 17 years old when The New York Stock Exchange crashes in what will be called the Crash of '29 or "Black Tuesday", ending the Great Bull Market of the 1920s and beginning the Great Depression. The New York Stock Exchange, is an American stock exchange located at 11 Wall Street, Lower Manhattan, New York City, New York. It is by far the world's largest stock exchange by market capitalization of its listed companies at US$21.3 trillion as of June 2017. The average daily trading value was approximately US$169 billion in 2013. The NYSE trading floor is located at 11 Wall Street and is composed of 21 rooms used for the facilitation of trading. A fifth trading room, located at 30 Broad Street, was closed in February 2007. The main building and the 11 Wall Street building were designated National Historic Landmarks in 1978.
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Timothy Edward Marsh was 27 years old when Adolf Hitler signs an order to begin the systematic euthanasia of mentally ill and disabled people. Adolf Hitler was a German politician, demagogue, and Pan-German revolutionary, who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945 and Führer ("Leader") of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator, Hitler initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939, and was central to the Holocaust.
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Timothy Edward Marsh was 33 years old when World War II: German forces in the west agree to an unconditional surrender. The German Instrument of Surrender ended World War II in Europe. The definitive text was signed in Karlshorst, Berlin, on the night of 8 May 1945 by representatives of the three armed services of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW) and the Allied Expeditionary Force together with the Supreme High Command of the Red Army, with further French and US representatives signing as witnesses. The signing took place 9 May 1945 at 00:16 local time.
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Timothy Edward Marsh was 41 years old when Jonas Salk announced the successful test of his polio vaccine on a small group of adults and children (vaccination pictured). Jonas Edward Salk was an American medical researcher and virologist. He discovered and developed one of the first successful polio vaccines. Born in New York City, he attended New York University School of Medicine, later choosing to do medical research instead of becoming a practicing physician. In 1939, after earning his medical degree, Salk began an internship as a physician scientist at Mount Sinai Hospital. Two years later he was granted a fellowship at the University of Michigan, where he would study flu viruses with his mentor Thomas Francis, Jr.
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Timothy Edward Marsh was 52 years old when The Beatles make their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, performing before a "record-busting" audience of 73 million viewers across the USA. The Beatles were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960. With members John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, they became widely regarded as the foremost and most influential music band in history. Rooted in skiffle, beat and 1950s rock and roll, the Beatles later experimented with several musical styles, ranging from pop ballads and Indian music to psychedelia and hard rock, often incorporating classical elements and unconventional recording techniques in innovative ways. In 1963, their enormous popularity first emerged as "Beatlemania"; as the group's music grew in sophistication, led by primary songwriters Lennon and McCartney, the band were integral to pop music's evolution into an art form and to the development of the counterculture of the 1960s.
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Timothy Edward Marsh was 67 years old when Jim Jones led more than 900 members of the Peoples Temple to mass murder/suicide in Jonestown, Guyana, hours after some of its members assassinated U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan (pictured). James Warren Jones was an American religious cult leader who initiated and was responsible for a mass suicide and mass murder in Jonestown, Guyana. He considered Jesus Christ as being in compliance with an overarching belief in socialism as the correct social order. Jones was ordained as a Disciples of Christ pastor, and he achieved notoriety as the founder and leader of the Peoples Temple cult.
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Timothy Edward Marsh was 78 years old when Cold War: Fall of the Berlin Wall: East Germany opens checkpoints in the Berlin Wall, allowing its citizens to travel to West Berlin. The Berlin Wall was a guarded concrete barrier that physically and ideologically divided Berlin from 1961 to 1989. Constructed by the German Democratic Republic, starting on 13 August 1961, the Wall cut off West Berlin from virtually all of surrounding East Germany and East Berlin until government officials opened it in November 1989. Its demolition officially began on 13 June 1990 and finished in 1992. The barrier included guard towers placed along large concrete walls, accompanied by a wide area that contained anti-vehicle trenches, "fakir beds" and other defenses. The Eastern Bloc portrayed the Wall as protecting its population from fascist elements conspiring to prevent the "will of the people" in building a socialist state in East Germany.
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Timothy Edward Marsh died on 19 Oct 1993 at the age of 81
Grave record for Timothy Edward Marsh (25 May 1912 - 19 Oct 1993), BillionGraves Record 4127 Springville, Utah, Utah, United States