Norris D. Roundy

2 Aug 1933 - 15 May 1948

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Norris D. Roundy

2 Aug 1933 - 15 May 1948
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Grave site information of Norris D. Roundy (2 Aug 1933 - 15 May 1948) at Alton Cemetery in Kanab, Kane, Utah, United States from BillionGraves
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Life Information

Norris D. Roundy


Alton Cemetery

Unnamed Rd
Kanab, Kane, Utah
United States




October 3, 2021

Annette Alger

October 2, 2021

Makenna Johanson

October 2, 2021

Larry Bulloch

September 18, 2021

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Grave Site of Norris D.


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Notes for Norris Donalvin Roundy

Contributor: Makenna Johanson Created: 1 month ago Updated: 1 month ago

The birth of Karl's (Dad) first child, Norris Donalvin, (born the August 2, 1933) was a rich but harrowing experience. Doctor Norris was the attending physician. The birth was stalled, with only the top of the baby’s head exposed. Doctor Norris told Dad there was little hope for saving the baby’s life. He said he would only be concerned about saving the mother. With this sobering diagnosis from the doctor, Dad found an empty quiet room and implored the Lord to help. The doctor used some sort of a clamp on the baby’s head to pull it on through the birth canal. Norris had scars on both sides of his head in the hair area about the size of dimes where his hair did not grow. The scars were unnoticeable however, because he had a full head of thick black hair. Baby Norris was alive and healthy. And Mother gave birth to ten other babies during her life. There must have been an urgent mission on the other side for Norris. Dad’s petition to the Lord at the time of his birth had been grant, and Dad had the privilege of seeing Norris develop and grow fast, both physically and mentally. At fourteen he was a well developed young man. At that age, on May 15, 1948, he was taken to the other side for a purpose only fully understood by God. Dad lost his first-born. Through a dream, Dad learned of the importance of doing the temple work for Norris. It hadn’t been clear to him as to whether temple work needed be done because Norris had been born under the covenant. Dad told us several times of his dream. He saw Norris coming across the field west of our house in Alton. Norris was coming from the graveyard to see Dad. Dad was greatly disturbed by Norris’ apparent anxiousness to leave him and to return. Dad invited him to remain and a plea was extended for Norris to stay and visit. Norris told him he had very important work to do and that he had to go right back. Other conversations might have been in the dream, however, Dad had it impressed on him that Norris only came to tell him to have his endowment work done in the temple. After a discussion with his cousin, Dan Frost, who was the stake president at that time, the work was done about 17 years after Norris died.

Life timeline of Norris D. Roundy

Norris D. Roundy was born on 2 Aug 1933
Norris D. Roundy died on 15 May 1948 at the age of 14
Grave record for Norris D. Roundy (2 Aug 1933 - 15 May 1948), BillionGraves Record 45789190 Kanab, Kane, Utah, United States