Nolan Ray Jackman

20 Nov 1929 - 30 Mar 1980


Nolan Ray Jackman

20 Nov 1929 - 30 Mar 1980
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DIARY FOR NOLAN R. AND CAROL BELL JACKMAN BEGINNING ON NOVEMBER 22, 1948 - Provo, Utah (Written by Carol Bell Jackman) Monday November 22, 1948 Nolan, Jerry, and I went over to Grandma Jackman's after Nolan got home from work. We ate supper there and then I helped Mrs. Jackman make invitations for h
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Life Information

Nolan Ray Jackman

Married: 20 Oct 1947

Salem City Cemetery

1018 S 225 E
Salem, Utah, Utah
United States


July 13, 2013


July 12, 2013

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Diary for Carol Bell and Nolan Ray Jackman 1948–1952

Contributor: tcurtis Created: 1 year ago Updated: 1 year ago

DIARY FOR NOLAN R. AND CAROL BELL JACKMAN BEGINNING ON NOVEMBER 22, 1948 - Provo, Utah (Written by Carol Bell Jackman) Monday November 22, 1948 Nolan, Jerry, and I went over to Grandma Jackman's after Nolan got home from work. We ate supper there and then I helped Mrs. Jackman make invitations for her Primary class of Bluebirds to send to their mothers for a party they are planning. Nolan and LeGrande went out to the infirmary to visit Gene who is being held out there with four other ninth grade boys who took one of their father's car and $60.00 of Mrs Jackman's and ran away to El Paso, Texas. They just got back today after being gone 5 days. Mother is in Smithfield because Grandpa Rosskelley had a stroke last Sunday and is very sick. Tuesday, November 23, 1948 Jerry and I went downtown this afternoon and did the first of our Christmas shopping. Nolan went to National Guard tonight and I had to play a piano solo in Mutual so I took Jerry down to Mother's and Daddy took care of him while I went to Mutual. Mother is coming home tomorrow night unless she calls tomorrow morning. I hope she comes home because the day after tomorrow is Thanksgiving and also Mother's birthday (Nov. 25). We got the pictures we had taken of Nolan, Jerry, and I for christmas presents today. They are really nice. Jerry was only 6 weeks old when we had them taken but they are really cute of him. Wednesday, November 24, 1948 Today, Jerry is two months old. The last few days he has been smiling quite a bit when we talk to him. He is really a sweet baby. Grandpa Rosskelley died yesterday morning. Mother won't be home for Thanksgiving and her birthday. Daddy, Lynn, and Carma are going to Smithfield Friday for the funeral. Carma and I are going to try to make Thanksgiving dinner alone tomorrow. I haven't ever done that before. Did some more Christmas shopping today. Gene came over and ate supper and played Rummy for a little while and then Nolan and I stayed up until 1:00 trying to learn to play Flinch. Thursday, November 25, 1948 Well, today was Thanksgiving and Mama's 57th birthday. Vee, who is in Hawaii sent her a set of attachments for her Hoover vacuum cleaner. Since Mama was away, Carma, Lynn and I made our Thanksgiving dinner. We cooked a nice beef roast ($2.80), potatoes & gravy, yams, carrot & pineapple salad, fruit cake, and Lynn made one mince meat and two pumpkin pies. Mother made cranberry sauce before she left. It really turned out good but it just doesn't seem like Thanksgiving without Mama here. After dinner Nolan and I went to the show (The Luck of the Irish with Tyrone Power). We went with Lelith, Amy, Gene, LeGrande, and Flora. Mrs. Jackman tended Jerry. Saturday November 27, 1948 Today it snowed most of the day. It is really cold now. I went out to go to the store tonight and about a block away I slipped on the ice and hit my back. It is really quite sore. We went to bed early because of my back. I took Jerry to the doctor yesterday and he said that he was doing fine and looked really healthy. Sunday November 28, 1948 Went down to Mother's and stayed all day. Nolan went to two meetings out to the Scera theater for the Genealogical committee. Mother got home tonight. It's surely good to see her. It seems like she's been gone so long. Went to see Mr. Hollarman about rent his house but he wasn't home. I surely hope we can get it. Jerry had the colic and was awake last night and the night before. I surely hope he will sleep good tonight. Monday November 29, 1948 Went to the doctor today and had a treatment and then pushed Jerry in the buggy down to Mother's. Nolan came down after work & we pushed the baby back home. Had supper and Nolan went to bed and I stayed up & wrote a letter to Vee and worked a jig-saw puzzle. Bought Mother's & Mrs. Jackman's Christmas presents today. A 5 lbs box of chocolates for each of them. Tuesday November 30, 1948 Washed today. Tonight I went to a shower for Les Hatch's new wife, Colleen Dean. Mrs. Jackman went with me. Mrs. Hanks tended Jerry. Didn't get home until 12:00 It was really nice. We played Cooty. Wednesday December 1, 1948 Tonight we went out in Orem to Reese and Gladys Staheli's with Bob & Verda Stewart. Elias Staheli and his girl friend Gloria Rasmussen were there too. We played Rook and made fudge. It was fun but Bob & Verda's baby Linda had diarrhea and we had to come home early. Got a letter from Vee today say that the ward teachers came to her house for the first time since she has been in Hawaii and she was really happy about it. Saturday December 4, 1948 Nolan's day off today. We washed, went to see an apartment on 12th East and 5th South. Tonight we went to the show with Reese and Gladys Staheli. Carma tended the kids and then after we came home and played Pit and Muggins. We are invited to Jackman's tomorrow to dinner. It is Mrs. Jackman's birthday. We got a letter from Vee saying their little puppy, Buttons, died of distemper. He was just like one of the family and they really feel badly about it. Sunday December 5, 1948 Went to Sunday School & Fast Meeting & stayed at Jackman's all day. We had a birthday dinner for Mrs. Jackman. The baby doesn't feel very good tonight. He's kind of constipated. Hope he will be okay. Sunday January 2, 1949 We have moved back into the Pioneer Ward. We live in Cook's house now in the upstairs at 1080 West 1st No. It is a darling place. We pay $80.00 a month for rent. We went to church tonight and were set apart for the Genealogical committee of this ward. I am going to be the Primary organist starting next Wednesday. Jerry is awfully cute now. He is just over 3 months old. He sits on his little chair every morning and I hardly ever have a dirty diaper. We have had a big winter already this year. 30 inches of snow already. It is surely deep now. We really had a nice Christmas this year. Nolan gave me an electric blanket and I gave him an electric razor. We both bought us a new Maytag washer. I just love it. Monday January 10, 1949 I put an ad in the paper and yesterday a lady called and wants me to take care of two little boys until April. Their mother is in the hospital. I've decided to take them and the Grandmother is coming to see me about it. Yesterday afternoon Mother and Daddy came over and Mother gave me a Watkin's home permanent. I really like it. Geniel Ward came down yesterday afternoon when David went to work on swing shift and stayed until he got off at midnight. We made fudge and had a lot of fun. Tuesday January 18, 1949 We are moving again. This to 631 North 1st East. It is only $45 a month instead of $80 and we have our heat, gas, and hot water with it and here we have to pay our own. Today I went over to Lorna Backers' for the first time to practice for the Primary. I'm the Primary organist now and she is the Chorister. Took Jerry with us. Nolan went to Mutual tonight and I'm staying with Jerry. Wednesday January 19, 1949 I went to Primary tonight and then Nolan and I went to a wedding reception in the ward. We danced a little bit for the first time since before the baby came and we couldn't remember how very well. We met Mel and LaDawn Farr and they said they would like to come up tomorrow night to see Jerry. I guess Nolan will stay home from National Guard because we forgot all about it. Thursday February 3, 1949 We bought some twin rinse tubs today to go with our washer but I am washing tonight while Nolan is at National Guard and one side leaks terribly. Nolan will have to telephone Sears tomorrow and tell them that they will have to replace them. We got a letter today from Ross & Grace (Bell) saying that Grace is going to have an operation to remove a cyst from one ovary next Tuesday February 8. We are living now at 631 North 1st East. We have a nice semi-basement apartment. Three rooms and a bath. It is really nice and we have everything including a nice Kelvinator Refrigerator & a Magic Chef range furnished besides our heat, hot water and gas for only $45.00 a month. I hope we can keep it for a while. I took Jerry to the doctor the other day and he weighs 16 1/2 lbs. He is 26 inches tall. He is only 4 months old. This winter is surely cold. We have had 75 inches of snow so far this winter and 2 nights is has been as cold as 25 degrees below zero and almost every night it is below zero. Daddy says this is the coldest winter he can ever remember. We live just a half a block from David and Geniel Waid now and it is surely nice to have a friend so close. We have a lot of fun together especially Geniel and I because we are always at each others house during the day when Nolan and David are working. Saturday February 5, 1949 Today Nolan was home from work so I cleaned the house and made some coconut custard pies. One for , one for Rasmusson's, our landlords upstairs, and one for Geniel and David. Then I went shopping with Mother and Carma this afternoon. When I got home we went upstairs and spent the evening with Rasmusson's playing games and listening to records and eating ice cream and cookies. They are very nice people. Sunday February 6, 1949 Spent the day at Mother's. Nolan went down for Priesthood meeting, Sunday School and Fast Meeting. Lynn came up after Jerry and I after Fast Meeting. We had a nice dinner and played the piano & Aunt Montez and Gae and Gae's new baby, Linda, 6 weeks old came and visited. We had supper and made a batch of divinity. Daddy brought us home. Thursday February 10, 1949 Today I washed and hung my clothes out for the first time since I moved here. I had to wade through snow up to my knees to get to the lines but they are really nice and my clothes got almost dry. Nolan went to National Guard tonight and Naoma Boren came over and talked to me for a while. She lives just across the street. Tomorrow I have to go over to the doctor and I am going to take Jerry over to Geniel's while I go. Saturday February 19, 1949 today Nolan and I did a big washing. Tonight we went to Jackman's for supper and then took them to the show. Carma tended Jerry. I made some banana cream pies today and gave one to Rasmussen's. Thursday February 24, 1949 Today Nolan, Mrs. Jackman, Mrs. Hanks, and I went to the Salt Lake Temple for two sessions. there were really a lot of people there. 310 in the morning session and about 300 in the afternoon one. We didn't get home until 25 minutes to eight and Nolan had to go to National Guard right from Salt Lake so he didn't even have any supper. Mrs. Jackman watched Jerry for us. Friday April 1, 1949 Last night Nolan and I went to a big ham supper at Barbara Jenkins for the Miracle Maid Kitchen Ware. It was really nice. Tonight we are going to see Fred and Louise Meecham. They have just had a new baby. It was born on the 24th of February. A cute little boy with lots of black hair. Jerry is getting so big now he is over 6 months old. Yesterday we took him uptown and bought him a cute little training seat that fits right on the toilet, and some new shoes. We had to get him size threes. He is growing so fast. On March 9th we bought us a car. We've been wanting one for so very long. It isn't a very new one but it runs good and has good tires. It is a 1935 Chevrolet 2 door sedan. It is brown. We bought it from Stan Brown for $250. We thought it was a pretty good buy. Tuesday May 3, 1949 We've been down town shopping for Mother's Day gifts all day. We washed this morning. After shopping we had Turkey dinners at Woolworths. Jerry got his first tooth today. We got Mrs. Jackman a set of Berry dishes and we got Mother a set of Blue Cameo Earrings and necklace. I surely hope they like them. We got a letter yesterday from Vee saying that she and the boys are coming home for a vacation on about June 22, 1949. She says they will stay about a month or 6 weeks. It is very warm and nice here now. Very spring-like. Friday May 6, 1949 Well, Nolan is still working from 4 to 12 so Jerry and I are staying home alone again tonight. We don't see each other very much on this shift. Nolan didn't get up until noon and then we went down to the store and then down to Mother's for a minute and home just in time to eat dinner before Nolan went to work at 3. Evelyn Kopp Madsen called a little while ago and I told her I would tend her little girl, Karen, while they go somewhere tonight so maybe she'll bring her down. She is a cute little girl only 11 days younger than Jerry. Nolan worked hooking for the cranes last night at the open hearth of the Geneva Steel Co. where he works. In February Leo Hatch got burned out at Geneva where he had just got a job. He was keeping some fires burning out there to thaw out the ore. He turned his back to the fire and he had oil on his pants so they caught on fire. He has been in the hospital ever since and still can't stand up yet. His wife, Colleen, is staying with her folks. The Geneva Steel Co. pays $19 a week to her while he isn't working and pays all of his hospital and doctor bills. It was really awful. He has had skin grafted on his legs and they still don't know how much longer he'll be in the hospital. he is in the St. Marks Hospital in Salt Lake. Last month Mr. Duffin who lived down by Mother's, Fern's father was burned to death at the Ironton Plant of the Geneva Steel Co. out between Provo and Springville. He was burned everywhere except a little bit on one of his feet. Worst on his face. His eyes were burned out. they took him to the St. Marks Hospital but he only lived a few hours. He was burned at 5:30 in the morning and died a little bit after noon. Sunday July 10, 1949 I have been neglecting to write for so long that I hope I can get everything in that I want. Jerry is 9 1/2 months old now. He has 6 teeth and he is really growing up. He walks all around the house in his stroller. He waves by-by and shakes his head no, and says Da-Da and Ma- Ma. I am expecting another baby in November. About the 18th. They are afraid there will be a steel strike at the plant and I don't really know what we'll do. the strike is going to start on July 16 unless they can settle it before that time. I surely hope they will be able to settle it. Vee, Jimmie, and Terry Lynn are here for their vacation now. They came over from Hawaii to San Francisco on a great big new type of airplane, the Stratocruiser. And from there to Salt Lake on a DC6. They came on June 21 and don't know exactly when they will go back but they don't think it will be until August sometime. We went to Salt Lake to get them. July 16, 1949 The strike was postponed until September 14. Wednesday August 3, 1949 Well, I guess we'll be moving again. Rasmussen's are going to sell house and the people that are buying it are going to make the basement into a painting studio. We don't know whether we will try to buy now. (Mr. Jackman say's he will help us borrow the down payment) or rent again. I imagine we'll rent because they're afraid that there will be a strike in about 6 weeks out to Geneva and we are afraid if we started to buy one now we would only lose it then. Jerry has had a terrible cold. He coughs so very much I believe we'll have to take him to the doctor. Thursday August 4, 1949 We put an ad in the paper today to see if we can find an apartment. I surely hope we can. Geniel, Nolan, and I went down to Ream's and had a cheeseburger for lunch. They are really good and only 20¢. Nolan is working graveyard shift now so he is in bed now. Jerry is playing in his "Babee Tenda" and I am just starting my housework. Monday August 8, 1949 It's Vee's birthday today and Mama, Daddy, Vee, and Jimmie and Terry Lynn went to Salt Lake to get Vee's reservations go back to Hawaii. She will leave in about a week. We will really miss her. She is so sweet to us. We are moving. We found an apartment on 463 South 5th East. It is a little bigger than the one at Rasmussen's and it is on the ground floor but it is so far out and it is in a big apartment house and there are so very many dirty little kids around. We aren't very satisfied with it and we are going to keep trying to find a nice one in the west part of town. Jerry's cough is still awful. He didn't cough for two or three days so we haven't taken him to the doctor yet but yesterday he started coughing all the time again. He pulled the telephone off onto the couch where he was lying and hit himself in the eye. His eye is all black and blue. Nolan has gone to work this afternoon at three o'clock and I am just scrubbing the floors and trying to get things straightened up a little bit. The landlord is supposed to bring us a bed. I surely hope he comes with it because we can't go back to Rasmussen's tonight because we've moved Jerry's bed over here. Thursday August 12, 1949 Well we just got through moving once more. We moved from the place on 463 South 5th East in Provo to a place on 16th South in Orem. We moved our things up yesterday and just got things straightened around a little bit today. It is really a much nicer place here and I think we can finally settle down for a while. This place is just about a block & a half from Ross new house out here. It is really very nice and is the same price as the other apartment ($50 a month) except that we pay our own electricity here. there is a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, utility room, hall, bathroom and closet. It is really roomy to what we have had and has lots of cabinets and cupboards. I am just going to bed now. Nolan is working swing shift still and won't be home until about 12:30. I will go to bed and read until he comes. Friday August 19, 1949 We just got back from Salt Lake from taking Vee and Jimmie and Terry to the plane. they left here at 6:30 this evening and will get in San Francisco at 9:30. They are staying there with Paul and Paul Benevent overnight and then leaving at 10:30 in the morning for Hawaii. they will get there about 9:30 tomorrow night. They are flying over on a DC6. I hated to see her go and she hated to go. She was homesick even before she left. Jerry walked 5 or 6 steps alone last night and has taken a few more today. I believe he will be walking all over in not so very long. We have been having a lot of trouble with little sugar ants on our cabinet. Yesterday I made a boiled raisin cake because Nolan loves them. I sat it on a tea towel on the cabinet & went down to Mothers. When we came back, it was just saturated with little ants. This morning I made another cake. this time I put it on the top shelf of our metal Bread Box. We went to Salk Lake and when we came back it was just like the other had been. I really don't know what to do about them. they are really terrible. Tuesday August 23, 1949 The Primary Presidency just came to ask me if I would be Pianist in the Primary this year. I told them I would try. It will be quite hard when I live out here but I really hate to quit because I like Primary and it is about the only part of the Church I get to do anymore. they are having the first union meeting Thursday Night. I am iron and making cookies this afternoon. Jerry is still coughing a lot. We got some DDT for our ants and have been spraying it around. I surely hope we can get rid of them. Sunday August 28, 1949 Nolan is working down to the Cannery now and out to Geneva too on the swing shift. He wants to earn enough money to pay the hospital bill for the new baby. This afternoon, after Nolan went to work, Jerry and I went for a ride with Grandma & Grandpa Bell and Lynn and LaRee Duke. We went up to Soldier Summit through Spanish Fork Canyon. We picked some Choke Cherries for jelly. Jerry had his first haircut last Tuesday, Aug. 23. Grandpa Jackman cut it. He didn't cut the top. Just trimmed the back and sides but it makes him look a lot better. He looks more like a little boy now instead of a baby. He still looks quite a bit like a baby though. Friday September 2, 1949 Nolan went down to work at the cannery this morning. He'll be coming home any minute now. I'm getting supper. I've been home all week alone while Nolan has been working on two jobs. Today is his day off at Geneva so he has been down to the cannery all day. Jerry didn't have a nap yesterday and he was awfully restless last night so we're all pretty tired today. Leo and Calleen Hatch are coming out to see us tonight. I think we'll try to borrow Wheller's (upstairs) parcheezy set. We got an announcement from Joan and Elmo saying that they had a new baby on August 14- Their third, another girl. Thursday September 8, 1949 I went to the doctor today. He said a slight heart disturbance that is quite common among pregnant women. He gave me some tablets to take and said to come back next Thursday. He said the baby is fine and in a good position. He said the baby is a girl. Nolan has gone to the National Guard tonight. This is just the second time this year and he couldn't go because he had to work swing so this is the first time for him since he came back from Camp Williams. We don't know when to expect the Baby. It could be anytime from the 29th of October until the 16th of December. Vee wrote to me day before yesterday and said that she might come home and stay until Foch comes home next May but I guess she won't because Mother got a letter saying that she might come a couple of weeks before Foch but that was all. We got a letter from Ross saying that because of the cut in the military budget he will be out of the Navy in a couple of months. The last of October. They will live just a couple of blocks from us in their new house. Ross is going to go to school in the winter quarter this year at at the BYU. Lynn is getting married in about November. He was planning to live is Ross's house but now that Ross is coming home I guess Lynn will find an apartment. Lynn is planning to go to school this year too. They can go on the GI Bill of Rights and have their tuition, books, and $120. a month while they are going to school so they would really be crazy not to go. I can't hardly believe that Jerry will be a year old in just a couple of weeks. He is getting so big now. He is really a sweet baby. We took him to the store with us tonight at Esquire's Top Hill Market. It is just 2 1/2 blocks from where we live. Anyway, we put him in one of the wire baskets that they have to carry groceries and while we were walking around getting our groceries he stood up and then fell backwards, basket and all. he hit his little head right on the top on the cement floor. The poor little thing. He screamed for just a couple of minutes and then he quieted down and has acted okay ever since. He is gets so many bumps now because he is so active and he doesn't have any idea of danger at all. He walks quite a bit now. He can go clear across the room now. It won't be long until he will be going all over the house. Tomorrow night I am going to a Primary Ward Union meeting at Katharine Davis'. She is the Primary President. I guess Primary will start next Wednesday. Tuesday September 13, 1949 Nolan is just going to leave for work on his last graveyard shift this turn. I'll really be glad to have him home to sleep with me tomorrow night. It was the opening social of Mutual tonight. We were going to go but it was a dance and I can't dance so we went to the show with Geniel and David instead. It was "The Great Gatsby" with Alan Ladd. It was a pretty good show. I put up pears yesterday, down to Mother's because it is so much easier to do it on the gas than on the coal. Today I washed. Tomorrow I'm going to finish the pears and then go to Primary. We have made an agreement with the Wheeler's upstairs that if we will tend their kids while they go to Mutual in the Hillcrest ward out here on Wednesday or Thursday nights they will tend ours on Tuesday nights. It will help us all out because neither Mrs. Wheeler or I could go otherwise. Mr. Wheeler is the scout master in the Hillcrest ward. He is teaching school at the Provo High this year. Spanish and English. I think Carma is going to take English from him. Yesterday we bought Jerry a chest of drawers for his Birthday. It is a little one. Two little drawers on top and three underneath. It is an unfinished one and Nolan is going to stain and varnish it. It is a nice solid one and we got it for only $7.50. They have postponed the strike again for 11 days and the union has accepted a compromise so the chances have lessened a lot that they will have a strike. I surely hope that they won't have it right now we need the money more than ever for the new baby. Daddy brought home a very nice basinette cover yesterday. It is plastic and very nice. Wednesday September 14, 1949 Today Nolan went to the dentist and had a tooth filled. Jerry and I went with him. After, Nolan brought Jerry home & put him to bed & Nolan went to bed too. I stayed at Mother's and put up pear jam. It turned out really good. I went to Primary this afternoon. Tonight is the drawing for a new Kaiser Car out here in Orem. We are tending Wheeler's kids tonight while they are going to Mutual. Tomorrow I'm going to the doctor again and Nolan is going to pick prunes next door. Friday September 16, 1949 Yesterday I went to the doctor again. He said the tablets he gave me had slowed down my pulse but that I would have to lie down for an hour every morning and take a nap every afternoon. I hope everything is alright. I tended Flora, Alona, and Larry (Lincoln Hank's Son) this afternoon while Mr. & Mrs. Jackman went to Salt Lake to see one of the roomers at their house (Grant Jensen) off. He is leaving for his mission. Nolan went out to the Sharon Industries to can peaches for his mother. Leo and Colleen Hatch are coming over in a few minutes to play games with us. The wind is really blowing hard outside tonight. We bought Jerry some new shoes with hard soles yesterday. Brown. Today we bought him a new pair of blue pajamas. His first ones. They are nice and warm with the feet and have two pair of pants. The lady next door told Nolan this morning that if he wanted to come over and pick us a bushel of Italian prunes we could have them so I guess I'll put them up. They are really good. Especially in jam. Mother buys them every year. Tuesday September 20, 1949 We didn't get to go to Mutual tonight because Nolan is working swing shift. We washed this morning and I have just finished doing the ironing. We put up a bushel of peaches yesterday and we are going to do one again tomorrow. We have to do them at Mother's because they haven't put in our gas stove yet and it is so hard to do them on the coal. It makes it quite inconvenient for Mother. Tomorrow is Primary again too. Today we got Ross' refrigerator out of storage. We are going to use it for the month and a half until they get home. It surely seems nice to have one again. The Steel Strike is supposed to start on Saturday at Midnight if they can't settle it before. I surely hope they can. Friday September 23, 1949 I've finished reading the book "Childbirth without Fear". The doctor told me to read it and I really think it is a good idea. This book teaches how to relax and says that if you can relax you don't have near the pain in labor that you have otherwise because if you tighten up it flexes two conflicting muscles at the same time. They have postponed the steel strike again until next Friday night at midnight. I surely hope they will be able to settle it before then. I'm making old fashioned peach jam today. I hope it will be good. Friday September 30, 1949 The Steel Workers Union is out on a strike tonight. I really don't know what we are going to do. I went to the doctor yesterday and he said that he thinks the baby is due about the 29th of October and that is just a month away. We have just enough money saved for the hospital but nothing for the doctor. It is really awful that they have to strike. there are 4500 men out of work at the Geneva plant alone. there is no work at all around here and I guess we'll just have to starve or go in debt or something. They are picking apples now for 12¢ a bushel but with so many men out of work I don't know whether he can even get that or not. I surely hope everything comes out okay. They turned on our furnace tonight so it feels quite a bit better but we have to pay $10 more a month for rent - $50 a month now. It is due on October 11th but we won't have it if the strike is still on and they sound like it will be a long one. I surely hope we can do something. Our gas stove is in now but it isn't connected yet. It will cost us $5 to get it turned on. Monday October 3, 1949 We are still out on strike. They are supposed to be meeting in Washington today to see if they can settle it but it doesn't look like they will. Nolan has been down and filed for unemployment compensation but we don't think he'll get it because he isn't really unemployed but is just out on strike. They were supposed to come out today and turn our gas on. We had to pay a $10 deposit on it today and but they haven't come yet and it doesn't look like they are going to. Colleen and Leo came out to see us last night and we played Pit and Muggins. We went in to Jackman's for dinner today. We had soup and apple pie with Graham cracker crust and whipped cream. It was very good.; Jerry has a bad cold. At least a bad cough. Nolan has looked everywhere for a job. He can't even find any apples to pick. We put an ad in the paper to see if we can take care of children to earn a little bit of money. I hope we get some calls on it. Sunday October 9, 1949 We're still out on strike. I surely hope they settle it pretty soon. Nolan has tried everywhere to find work since the strike started 9 days ago and just hasn't been able to find a thing. Yesterday he called the Intermountain Food Packing Plant on about 6th South and 5th East and they told him to come down on the night shift tomorrow night and maybe they would be able to use him. I surely hope he can get on there. We only got one call on our ad in the paper about taking care of children. It was from the 7th ward Relief Society. They wanted someone to take care of their nursery while they had their opening social last Tuesday afternoon. I went and earned a dollar but that's the only lick we had on that. The baby is due just 20 days from today. I can hardly wait! We went to a church carnival the other night with Les and Iretta Wheeler, the people upstairs. It was in this ward out here, the Hillcrest ward. It was really nice. Les and Iretta are really nice too. They took us in to see one of the shows they had there, it was Hawaiians. Hawaiian girls that are over here going to school at the BYU. It was really a good show. Hula dancing and Hawaiian songs and everything. They bought us some candy too and paid her little sister who tended Jerry along with their babies. They finally came out Friday night and turned our gas on. It really seems awfully nice to have it after we went without a stove or any hot water for over a week.; I made some apple dumplings today and it really bakes good. We were going over to see Leo and Colleen last night but when it came time to go their lights were out by the storm we had last night so they came over here instead. We made fudge and played a new game that they had. It was called "Sorry" and was really a lot of fun. It snowed yesterday and the day before for the first times this year. Jerry runs all over the house now. He is really getting grown up now. And he is really sweet. I'm going to ask the doctor the next time I go if I can stay in the hospital for only three days instead of five. Mother is going to take me down to her place anyway and so maybe he'll let me. I hope so because we really don't have the money to pay for five days if I can possibly get out in less. Thursday October 13, 1949 Yesterday was Primary again. Nolan went out picking apples in the morning. Last night I had to go to Primary Preparation meeting down to Barbara Jenkins. Clarence Montgomery and his fiance Norma Cook came over and played games with Nolan until I got home and afterwards for a little while. Today they are starting mediation meetings in Washington again to see if they can settle the Steel Strike. It has been going on now for 13 days. Nolan is out picking apples again today. Jerry is, finally, almost over his cold now. He never coughs anymore and his nose runs just a little bit so I guess he'll soon have that over with. We got our check Monday and we got $70 so we had enough to pay our rent for one more month anyway. Monday October 17, 1949 Well, the strike is still on. they are having another meeting in Washington on Wednesday. Jerry has been awfully sick. He started to get sick Friday night and was very sick all day Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday we called Dr. Riley (Clark) but he was out Elk hunting so we had to get Dr. Kyle (Clark). He examined him all over and said that he couldn't find anything especially wrong with him but he had a temperature of 103.6 and his eyes were so heavy and dark under them. The Doctor gave him a shot of penicillin and he gave us some baby aspirin to give him every two hours. By about seven o'clock last night he was acting just fine again. The penicillin is really wonderful. Today he is acting so much better. Nolan hasn't been able to find any more work at all. Saturday Mama went uptown and bought me a new chenille bathrobe to have in the hospital. It is really nice. A beautiful pink color. Vee sent $10 to help pay for it and Mother wants me to take it and buy Jerry a snowsuit. He doesn't have one at all for this winter. I hope the baby comes soon although the strike is worrying us so much. Tomorrow I'm going to Relief Society to play for mother, Mrs. Searle, and Mrs. Haycock to sing a trio. they are going to sing "Sylvia". Nolan is out ward teaching tonight. He has a new partner that he thinks will be a lot better. Tuesday October 18, 1949 Today Herby Greenland, from out to the plant, and his new wife came over from Lehi to see us. Nolan is going to go deer hunting with him if we can get a license. He wants to go so badly. I surely hope he can. I went to Relief Society and played for Mother's trio. It really sounded good. Nolan is going to National Guard tonight. Friday October 21, 1949 Well, everything just seemed to work out fine yesterday. Nolan wanted to go Deer hunting so badly but we were afraid that the baby might come while he was gone and we didn't have any money for a license or shells so he thought it was impossible. Well, we went to the doctor yesterday. he said that he didn't think that the baby will come for a little while anyway. So Nolan was going to go and just watch. He called the captain of the National Guard, (that is who he is going with) to see if he could take Herby with them he said yes and that he thought he could get Nolan a gun and some shells from the National Guard. Then when we came home there was a letter from Vee with $20 in it. She said Foch wanted us to have it to help us out during this awful strike. Anyway, I guess Nolan will be able to get his license now and go. the National Guard is taking them to Gunnison this afternoon and they will be back Sunday afternoon. Then, just to make things almost perfect, Mother called last night and said that she had talked to Mrs. Meservy and that she could give Nolan a job at the factory, doing odd jobs for 75¢ an hour. We are so thrilled about it. He has gone down this morning until noon and then he will start Monday and go every day. She said she can use him at least half of every day and she thinks maybe a whole day. I washed last night while Nolan was at National Guard. I'm going in to town with Nolan at noon and then Mother is going to tend Jerry while I go to that expectant mother's class. It is out to the Hospital today. Geniel and David are going to pick me up at Mother's. Saturday October 29, 1949 Well, the day is here that the baby was supposed to come but as yet there are no signs that it will be today. I wouldn't be surprised if it were a couple of weeks yet. Nolan has been working all week at the factory. the last two days he has worked on an apartment house Meservys are building on the lot just east of their house. He earned $1 an hour doing that so that is really good I think. the paper sounded a little more hopeful about the strike being settled. I surely hope it is but I'm not nearly as worried as I was because we at least have some work. Sunday November 13, 1949 Today I came home from Mother's with our new little baby boy. He is the sweetest little thing. He has red hair and dark blue eyes. We are going to name him Steven* Ross (ultimately-Stephen). I'm so glad he turned out to be a boy. I would have loved a little girl either because I really would like one but the little boy will be so much nicer for Jerry. He was born on November 2nd and I really had an easy time. It was on a Wednesday and I had taken Jerry in to Mother's while I went to Primary. During Primary I talked to Lorna Backus and Ila Carter and I was telling them I didn't think I ever would have the baby. I went home at about 5:30 . When I got there, (over to Mama's) Ross, Grace, & Randy had just walked in from Florida. Ross has been down there for about a year in the Navy Air Corps. Anyway, my water broke then, as soon as I got home, about 6 o'clock I had the first pain. It was very easy and I had another one at 6:15. From then on they came about every 5 minutes and then closer and closer together. We called the doctor about 6:30 and he said not to wait too long before going to the hospital because he didn't think I would have a very long labor this time. the pains didn't get very hard at all but they kept getting closer and closer together. About 8:15 we went to the hospital. When we got there the nurse took me up to the labor room and I got undressed and ready. They let mother come up to the labor room but she only stayed about 5 minutes because they took me into the delivery room then. I asked them if they were sure I was ready but I guess I was because the baby was born just a few minutes later at 9:14. I only had 2 little whiffs of ether and was awake through it all. It was surely a lot different than it was when I had Jerry. I held the baby while we were still in the delivery room. I had more stitches than I did with Jerry but they haven't bothered me near as much. I have been down to Mother's ever since the baby was three days old when I came from the hospital. She wanted me to stay until next Wednesday when the baby will be two weeks old but she has so very much to do down there right now. Ross, Grace & Randy are staying there until they can get their house finished enough to move in. (their house is just a block * a half from us,) and then Lynn is getting married Wednesday to LaRee Duke in the Salt Lake Temple and they are having their reception the same night in the First & Seventh Ward chapel hall in Provo so Mother is so very busy and I feel perfectly fine now. I am going to try to go to Lynn's reception for a little while anyway. Jerry is so sweet about the baby. He isn't the least bit jealous and he acts so cute when we let him him see the baby. The steel Strike is over. It was settled Friday.; They are starting up the plant as fast as they can. Nolan isn't back to work yet but I guess he will be pretty soon. They are going to contact the men by telephone. (* Spelling as it read in the journal - apparently the final "ph" spelling wasn't settled on until later.) Wednesday November 16, 1949 Today Lynn & LaRee are getting married. Mother & Daddy have gone to the temple with them. Tonight is their reception. I'm going to go for a little while. Mr. & Mrs. Jackman are coming to take care of the boys while we go. Nolan goes back to work Sunday on day turn. The baby's cord hasn't come off yet. I called the doctor about it this morning but he wasn't in and I am waiting for him to call back now. I'm going to Primary this afternoon because Nolan is home to tend the boys. Mrs. Duffin whose husband was burned to death has a diamond and is going to be married again. Her husband was burned to death at the steel plant just 7 months ago. Thursday November 17, 1949 Geniel came out to see me and stayed all day. Nolan has gone to National Guard tonight. He took the dirty clothes in to Mother's. She is going to wash for me again tomorrow. We went to Lynn's reception last night. It was really a nice one. They have a nice apartment. Mr. Duke owns it. It is on 6th West and between 1st and 2nd North. The babies have really been good today. They are surely sweet little boys. The baby was 2 weeks old yesterday and Jerry will be 14 months a week from today, on Thanksgiving day. Mr. and Mrs. Jackman came out to tend the babies last night and while they were here they painted 2 cute little figurines. The are giving them to Lynn and LaRee for a wedding present. Sunday December 4, 1949 We had Stephen blessed today. The Bishop William Gus Cook blessed him. Grandpa Jackman blessed Jerry but Nolan thought it would be nice to have the bishop bless Stephen. We went up to Mrs. Hanks for a birthday dinner for Mrs. Jackman. It was really nice. We have bought daddy's car. A 1935 Ford 4 door Sedan. We borrowed $200 out to Geneva to pay for it. We are trying to sell the Chev. I surely hope we can and pay some of our bills. Nolan has gone to work on swing shift this afternoon and both of the boys are asleep. Next Spring when school is out & the baby is a little bigger I'm going to try to get a job and help us earn enough money for a down- payment on a house of our own. It would surely be something to have a place where we didn't have to pay rent. Sunday December 11, 1949 Yesterday we had the first snow storm of the year. The weather has been just like fall clear up until night before last but it really seems like winter now. Jerry is almost trained now. Last Monday morning he just started to tell me and he has ever since. It really makes it a lot easier for me. Nolan is working today on day shift. We still have both of the cars. We have had an ad in the paper all week but nobody has even called about it. I surely hope we can sell it. Stephen is almost 6 weeks old now. Yesterday Geniel came to see me and bathed him for me. I got a nice long letter from Vee yesterday. They will be coming home in May. Just five more months. I hope they can get orders for somewhere close around. They'll have a long furlough when they come back from overseas. It would surely be something if they could get there orders for Hill Field. they are planning to have a new car when they come home and if they were at Hill Field they could probably come home almost every weekend. Saturday December 24, 1949 It's Christmas Eve tonight. Nolan is working swing shift and I am waiting up for him to come home so we can put out the boy's Christmas. Jerry is going to get a little wagon, a hobby horse, a doll, a little tractor and some blocks. Stephen is just getting some new rompers & some rattles. Thursday January 5, 1950 It's 1950 and we're moving again. This time we are moving down over the viaduct in a cute little two bedroom house. We do need two bedrooms and it is really too cold here for the babies. We are all catching colds. Jerry has been coughing the last two days quite a bit. Stephen coughed last night and Nolan has an awful cold. We bought a nice gas & coal combination range. It is almost like Mother's except a little older. It is quite nice. Friday January 13, 1950 I went to the doctor today. The babies are getting so big now. Stephen is over two months old now and Jerry is so grown-up. He understand everything you say to him and he knows such a lot more. Nolan is working swing shift now and he has gone to work now. I think I'll try to shampoo the rug this afternoon. We have a rug of Ross'. I am still nursing Stephen. Saturday January 14, 1950 This morning I went out to Orem to pick up our mail. I got a letter from Vee and a lot of other things. Mostly bills and advertisements. I went out to see the Utah Power and Lights co. about our deposit on the lights and then went to see Ross & Grace for a few minutes. Ross brought me home. Nolan has gone to work this afternoon. The babies are both asleep so I'd better get my work done. Jerry cut 3 more teeth so now he has 11. Wednesday February 1, 1950 Today was Primary. I took the boys up to Mother's and she took care of them while I went to Primary. I stayed there for supper and then Daddy and Mother brought me home. Day before yesterday we bought a new breakfast set on sale at Utah Valley Furniture Co. and got a 24 piece set of sliver plate and an 18 piece of Franciscan dinnerware with it. It is really nice. We got it all for $69.95. We bought Jerry and Stephen each a new crib too. They are the nicest ones I've seen. I really like them. We got them at Sears and they were $34.50 each and the mattresses were $12.95 each. When they delivered them we found that Stephen's springs had come unwelded and tonight we found that his mattress had been cut on one end. I surely hope they'll give us new ones for them. Last night we were going over to the Mapleton Ward Reunion with Ray and Edith and Mr. & Mrs. Jackman but when we got there we were so late that we decided not to go in. Mrs. Hanks and Larry had come down to take care of Jerry and Stephen for us so instead Mr. & Mrs. Jackman bought a lot of food and we all came down here and ate. It was quite nice. Nolan is working tonight and I have a big ironing besides a dirty house so I'd better get busy. Wednesday February 8, 1950 Today is Primary. Nolan is working day shift today so Ross is going to come down and get the boys and me. We can't make our furnace work today so we have the gas oven on to heat the house. It keeps it quite warm though. It has been quite warm the last few days About 50 degrees. It seems nice to have it a little warmer again. We have our new Breakfast set now. I like it a lot. The table is black with a white star in the middle and chrome legs. The chairs are white leather with black trimming. Thursday February 9, 1950 Today is a Primary Practice but I won't be able to go because Nolan is on day shift. Tomorrow night the teachers are going around on the Primary Penny Drive. I have to take sandwiches. It will be lots of fun. At least it was last year. We are going to Fern Braithwaite's house after to count the money. Saturday February 18, 1950 Stephen has a little cold today. I'm vaporizing him now. Mother went to the hospital Wednesday and Thursday morning. She was operated on to take out three tumors. Dr. Austin did it. She was terribly sick Thursday but yesterday she felt a lot better. They brought her home yesterday. Ross & Lynn gave her half a dozen roses. Vee wrote and said that she thinks they will buy a new mercury when they get home in May. Sunday February 26, 1950 Nolan is working today but the Coal Strike is still on and if it isn't settled by tomorrow midnight, Nolan will be out of work again. I surely hope she isn't because we have so many things to pay on now that we really need all we can earn. Yesterday we got a check for $87.10 back on the income tax he paid in last year. We are going to use it to pay our doctor bill. It is really wonderful weather here now. It is almost like summer. Jerry plays outside all the time. Of course, I have to watch him all the time he is out. Geniel and David just came and got Stephen. They wanted to take him over to Geniel's folk's house in Pleasant Grove. he sleeps almost all day anyway but I really am missing him. It seems so funny to have him gone. Tuesday February 28, 1950 Nolan is out of work again. I don't imagine it will be too long this time though and we can collect $25. a week unemployment compensation so I don't think it will be too bad. Today Stephen had his second shot for Tetanus, Typhoid fever, and Whooping Cough. He doesn't feel very good tonight. I did a very big washing this morning and now we are waiting for Clarence and Norma Montgomery to come. They are supposed to come and play cards with us tonight. Thursday March 2, 1950 Nolan is at National Guard tonight. He is still out of work. It really hadn't ought to be very long though. Today we went up Rock Canyon shooting 22's. Nolan, I, Jerry, Mr. Jackman, LeGrande, and Gene. Gene has been in jail the last two days because he and another boy took a new car from up to the BYU campus and went to Payson in it. The police found out it was Gene and held him because he wouldn't tell who the other boy was. Sunday March 5, 1950 I have just finished getting dinner and now I'm waiting for Nolan to come home from Church. He is bringing Fred and Louise Mecham home with him for dinner. This afternoon we're going out to shoot the 22. I really enjoy it. I surely hope they hurry before the dinner gets cold. The coal strike is over so I guess Nolan will be going back to work sometime next week. I'll surely be glad. We got our stove all paid for now. I hope we can get a refrigerator before long. Wednesday March 8, 1950 I went to Primary this afternoon. I drove the car up. I know how to drive a little bit now but I really need to get my driver's license. Last night I went to the show with Louise Meacham. We saw "Key to the City". Nolan is going back to work tonight. They called this afternoon up to Mother's and said for him to come back on graveyard tonight. It is surely nice to have him back to work again. Jerry crawled out of his bed this morning for the first time. We were still in bed and we heard someone walking around. We wondered who it was and in a second Jerry walked into our bedroom. Thursday March 9, 1950 Nolan is at National Guard tonight. He went back to work last night. I got a letter from Vee today saying that she doesn't think they'll be able to come home until near the end of July instead of in May when they had planned. Elden will be home the first of April. Tonight I went in to get an undershirt for Stephen in Jerry's room and there was Jerry curled up on the floor asleep. I guess he is going to be a problem from now on. Since he can crawl out of his bed. Friday April 14, 1950 Yesterday I took Stephen for his last shot. He weighs 17 lbs. now. Last night we went to see Alene and Wally Ferguson. They have two little boys too. Their little Gary and Jerry have lots of fun together. Gary is 8 months older than Jerry. This Saturday we are going to be able to talk to Vee on a ham radio set out in Orem. I can't hardly wait. Nolan is working graveyard now. I got up this morning and washed. He hasn't come home yet. Elden is home now. Saturday April 22, 1950 Jerry has been awfully sick. He has had the croup and laryngitis. He has been in bed for the last 4 days. He and Stephen each have had a shot of penicillin for it and they seem quite a bit better today. Stephen has had just a little of it. July 26, 1950 We've moved again. This time to 980 West 4th North. The boys are growing so fast. Stephen is almost 9 months old now and Jerry is nearly two. We like this house quite well and hope we'll be able to stay for a while. Vee was supposed to be shipped home on the 2nd of August but on July 14 the United Nations went to war in Korea against the communists and they froze all of the armed forces to their jobs so we don't know how long they'll be there now. I surely hope she'll be able to come home soon. Nolan is in the National Guard and we are so afraid he will be called in. We are hoping for the best. Nolan has been called on a stake mission here in the West Utah Stake. He is surely thrilled about it and has already started going out tracting. Thursday August 10, 1950 Tonight I went to the show with Barbara Kendall. It was "Our Very Own". It was very good. Jerry has had swollen glands and he has had a nightmare the other night and it makes him so hard to put to bed. Stephen walks in the stroller now. he is the best baby and he still has all of his red hair. I surely hope it stays red. Saturday May 24, 1952 Nolan is working straight day shift. He has been on that for a year & a half now. He has Saturdays and Sundays off. Today he is home & we are washing and clean house. We are living at 159 South 9th West now & like it very much here. Darwin & Shirley (Jackman) lived across the street but they moved Thursday. We think that maybe Richard & Joycelyn (Thayne) will move in their apartment. I hope so. The boys are so big now. Jerry is 3 1/2 years old & Stephen is 2 1/2. Jerry has quite dark hair now and Stephen's hair is blond. He lost all of his red hair when he was about 1 year old. He is the funniest little stinker. He says some of the funniest things. We have a 1946 Pontiac now. We surely like it. Tuesday May 27, 1952 Tonight is a shower for June McNeely. A nurse who works on night shift in the nursery. I have been working in the hospital for the last 3 months and like it quite well. I work on Maternity except for relieving on Eye Surgery. I work from 11 at night until 7 in the morning.

Life timeline of Nolan Ray Jackman

Nolan Ray Jackman was born on 20 Nov 1929
Nolan Ray Jackman was 10 years old when Adolf Hitler signs an order to begin the systematic euthanasia of mentally ill and disabled people. Adolf Hitler was a German politician, demagogue, and Pan-German revolutionary, who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945 and Führer ("Leader") of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator, Hitler initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939, and was central to the Holocaust.
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Nolan Ray Jackman was 16 years old when World War II: Nagasaki is devastated when an atomic bomb, Fat Man, is dropped by the United States B-29 Bockscar. Thirty-five thousand people are killed outright, including 23,200-28,200 Japanese war workers, 2,000 Korean forced workers, and 150 Japanese soldiers. Nagasaki is the capital and the largest city of Nagasaki Prefecture on the island of Kyushu in Japan. The city's name, 長崎, means "long cape" in Japanese. Nagasaki became a centre of colonial Portuguese and Dutch influence in the 16th through 19th centuries, and the Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region have been recognized and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Part of Nagasaki was home to a major Imperial Japanese Navy base during the First Sino-Japanese War and Russo-Japanese War.
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Nolan Ray Jackman was 28 years old when Space Race: Launch of Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth. The Space Race refers to the 20th-century competition between two Cold War rivals, the Soviet Union (USSR) and the United States (US), for dominance in spaceflight capability. It had its origins in the missile-based nuclear arms race between the two nations that occurred following World War II, aided by captured German missile technology and personnel from the Aggregat program. The technological superiority required for such dominance was seen as necessary for national security, and symbolic of ideological superiority. The Space Race spawned pioneering efforts to launch artificial satellites, uncrewed space probes of the Moon, Venus, and Mars, and human spaceflight in low Earth orbit and to the Moon.
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Nolan Ray Jackman was 34 years old when John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Texas; hours later, Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in aboard Air Force One as the 36th President of the United States. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, commonly referred to by his initials JFK, was an American politician who served as the 35th President of the United States from January 1961 until his assassination in November 1963. He served at the height of the Cold War, and the majority of his presidency dealt with managing relations with the Soviet Union. As a member of the Democratic Party, Kennedy represented the state of Massachusetts in the United States House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate prior to becoming president.
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Nolan Ray Jackman was 43 years old when Munich massacre: Nine Israeli athletes die (along with a German policeman) at the hands of the Palestinian "Black September" terrorist group after being taken hostage at the Munich Olympic Games. Two other Israeli athletes were slain in the initial attack the previous day. The Munich massacre was an attack during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany, in which the Palestinian terrorist group Black September took eleven Israeli Olympic team members hostage and killed them along with a West German police officer.
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Nolan Ray Jackman died on 30 Mar 1980 at the age of 50
Grave record for Nolan Ray Jackman (20 Nov 1929 - 30 Mar 1980), BillionGraves Record 4451020 Salem, Utah, Utah, United States