Mary Jane Boyle

5 Feb 1849 - 3 Mar 1909

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Mary Jane Boyle

5 Feb 1849 - 3 Mar 1909
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Mary Jane Ewell was born 5 February 1849 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa to William Fletcher and Mary Lee Bland Ewell.  Her mother was a Southern Belle and her father had been a missionary for the Church in the southern states.  He first encountered her when she had fallen off her horse and
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Life Information

Mary Jane Boyle


Santaquin City Cemetery

160-198 E 300 S
Santaquin, Utah, Utah
United States

Headstone Description

Wife of W. H. Boyle Sr. born Council Bluffs, Iowa died Santaquin


June 28, 2011


June 27, 2011

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Contributor: SouthPawPhilly Created: 1 year ago Updated: 1 year ago

Mary Jane Ewell was born 5 February 1849 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa to William Fletcher and Mary Lee Bland Ewell.  Her mother was a Southern Belle and her father had been a missionary for the Church in the southern states.  He first encountered her when she had fallen off her horse and he was training to be a doctor so he helped her.  The family liked him at first and his new religion. Then her father found that his neighbors hated the “Mormons” and told him to leave and Mary was heartbroken. She knew that gospel was true and she loved William. Her Mammy Cloe (black slave servant) passed notes back and forth between the two.  She sneaked out of the house with her Mammy to accompany her.  They found a small town in Missouri and were married.             Mary’s father wouldn’t let see her mother and he also refused to see her. She was beginning to decline in health and her doctor told him tha the needed to let her see her daughter.  He did so but wanted them to live near them and give up their new religion.               William and Mary Lee had six children, three girls and three boys.  The first Francis Marion was born 3 November 1835 in Ray, Missouri.  John Pleasant was born 2 August 1837 in Livingston, Missouri; Sarah Elizabeth was born 18 April 1841 in Livingston; Barbara Ann was born 24 October 1842 in Livingston. William Thomas was born 5 October 1846 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie,Iowa. John was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1845 at the age of eight.            Her father, William, was a member of the Mormon Battalion.  After going all the way to San Bernardino, California where he was discharged from the Army, he started for Utah Territory.  After he had finally reached Utah he planned on being with his family, thinking they were in Utah. Upon finding that they were not, he trekked back to Winter Quarters, Nebraska.  He died on 18 December 1848 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa.             After being reunited with his young family, he died unexpectedly.  He was buried in the Winter Quarters Cemetery.    They were still living in Pottawattamie, Iowa in 1850.  H Mary Jane was born four months after her father passed away on 5 February 1849 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa.             Her family came to the Utah Territory with the Uriah Curtis Company. Her mother was 34 years old; Marion Francis was 16; John was 14; Sarah Elizabeth was 11; Barbara Ann was 8; William Thomas was 5; Mary Jane was 3;and William Warren was 1. They departed on 28 June 1852 with about 260 individuals and 50 wagons from Kanesville (present day Council Bluffs) Iowa.   Her mother carried her most of the way across the plains            This was taken from Lucy Benson Wilson’s autobiography of the trip they encountered: “we have had good health in camp till this morning (July the 12)The cohlery[cholera] came & took Bro Bracken & Sister mathews [Mathis]from our midse.  Mary Ann’s father was 57 years old and died on the Loupe Fork of the Platte River in Nebraska.            We traveled on our journey till the 23 when Brother Mathews [Mathis]died.their was 2 more deaths before we reached Laramie. at that place our company was divided in to 2 as to travel faster. our Com.No. 1 proceded on our journey.            At the Pasifick [Pacific] Springs we met my Brother James Benson with provision for us, which was thankfuly received[.]we traveled up hill& downhill &over Mountains & threw valleys& all manner of creekes & turns&snow & rain & cold. Still we felt to rejoice to know we would soon reach the valleys of the Mountain.” The following is from the journal of John Lee Jones who was in their company: “After the Journey of Nearly 16 Weeks & 3 Days we ascend the Summit of the Rocky Mountains nearly 9000 feet above Sea Level, as we Stood gazing with rapture & delight, from the Summit of the Mountain. down into the Vally of the Great American Desert. with its Lake of Some 70 Miles in lengeth running North & South. by 30 Miles in Wideth, this to be the Place for the Gathering of all Nations, our Hearts Swelled with Gratitude to Our Heavenly Father for his goodness unto us while Crossing the long & Dreary Plains,Guiding us to Our future Home in the Mountains. as My Mind reverts back Upon the Scene it is Just 34 years Ago, our Cattle was Foot Sore& weary, on arriving in the Small "City of Salt Lake",the future Capital of ‘Deseret,’”            They arrived in the Salt Lake Valley 29 September 1852. They located in Cottonwood and Mammy Cloe taught her how to spin and weave materials for their clothes, carpets for the floor, how to card wool,to make quilts and weave straw hats.  They were able to make a living until her sons were old enough to earn and make a home for them.             Her mother married Peter Jones in 1853 in Ogden, Weber, Utah Territory. They had three children.  Hannah was born in 1853 in Ogden,Weber, Utah Territory.  Zachariah Henry was born 6 December 1856 in Ogden; and Emma Keziah was born 19 February 1858 in Provo, Utah,Utah Territory.  They lived in the Ogden area until 1858. This would have been the same time that the Saints had to abandon their homes and lands and head south because of the approach of Johnston’s Army.  They probably stayed down in the Provo area. Mary Jane was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1860 at the age of eleven. She married William Henry Boyleon 24 December 1869 in Santaquin, Utah, Utah Territory at the age of 20. The following summer they made the trek to Salt Lake City and were sealed in the Endowment House on 13 June 1870. William Henry was born on 19 February 1851 in Ogden, Weber, Utah Territory toHenry Green and Keziah Donnell Holladay Boyle. He was baptized into the Church on 7 May 1863 at the age of 12. He was 18 when they married. When he was just a baby his family was called to help settle the San Bernardino, California valley. His sister Mariah Louisa was born and a few months later his mother died and was buried in a little plot of ground near the town. His father was a member of the Mormon Battalion and after they were discharged in San Diego they traveled north to Chino and San Bernardino. Over Cajon Pass following the Old Spanish Trail through Las Vegas until just north of Cedar City where they proceeded to Salt Lake City. They left California on 21 March 1848 with just 35 individuals in the Henry Green Boyle Company and arrived in the Salt Lake Valley on 5 June 1848. Porter Rockwell was their guide. His father was called on a mission to the northern part of California and left his two children with their grandmother Holladay in San Bernardino. After the mission he went to Utah and settled in Payson. Grandmother Holladay and the two children followed Henry and settled in Santaquin where her brothers lived. William was sent to school until he finished fifth grade. He found what work he could to take care of his children and his mother-in-law. He met Mary Jane and fell in love with her. Together they had eight children, five girls and three boys, all born in Santaquin, Utah,Utah Territory. Mary Kesiah was born 13 December 1870; Sarah Louise was born 30 January 1873; William Henry Jr. was born 19 October 1874;Lydia Ann was born 11 August 1876; Emma Jane was born 18 July 1878;James Hollis was born 15 April 1881; Zachariah Levi was born 5 March 1883 and died 15 April 1883; and Leona Pearl was born 6 March 1893. Her husband worked in Tintic for many years and much of the burden of raising the children was hers alone. She taught them to do chores,how to be careful and thrifty, and how to take the produce and dry or prepare it for the winter. Their first home was in a little grove of cottonwoods in the southern part of Santaquin. He built the home and also part of the furniture. Later they moved a block away into a larger home, then built an addition to it. Mary Jane died on 3 March 1909 in Santaquin, Utah, Utah Territory at the age of 60 and was buried on 5 March 1909 in Santaquin. William diedon 22 January 1913 at the age of 61 in Santaquin and was buried in the Santaquin Cemetery, Santaquin, Utah, Utah.

Life timeline of Mary Jane Boyle

Mary Jane Boyle was born on 5 Feb 1849
Mary Jane Boyle was 11 years old when Petroleum is discovered in Titusville, Pennsylvania leading to the world's first commercially successful oil well. Petroleum is a naturally occurring, yellow-to-black liquid found in geological formations beneath the Earth's surface. It is commonly refined into various types of fuels. Components of petroleum are separated using a technique called fractional distillation, i.e. separation of a liquid mixture into fractions differing in boiling point by means of distillation, typically using a fractionating column.
Mary Jane Boyle was 12 years old when American Civil War: Fort Sumter surrenders to Confederate forces. The American Civil War was a war fought in the United States from 1861 to 1865. As a result of the long-standing controversy over slavery, war broke out in April 1861, when Confederate forces attacked Fort Sumter in South Carolina, shortly after U.S. President Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated. The nationalists of the Union proclaimed loyalty to the U.S. Constitution. They faced secessionists of the Confederate States, who advocated for states' rights to expand slavery.
Mary Jane Boyle was 26 years old when Winston Churchill, English colonel, journalist, and politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1965) Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was a British politician, army officer, and writer, who was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955. As Prime Minister, Churchill led Britain to victory in the Second World War. Churchill represented five constituencies during his career as Member of Parliament (MP). Ideologically an economic liberal and British imperialist, he began and ended his parliamentary career as a member of the Conservative Party, which he led from 1940 to 1955, but for twenty years from 1904 he was a prominent member of the Liberal Party.
Mary Jane Boyle was 34 years old when Krakatoa begins to erupt; the volcano explodes three months later, killing more than 36,000 people. Krakatoa, or Krakatau, is a volcanic island situated in the Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra in the Indonesian province of Lampung. The name is also used for the surrounding island group comprising the remnants of a much larger island of three volcanic peaks which was obliterated in a cataclysmic 1883 eruption.
Mary Jane Boyle was 47 years old when George VI of the United Kingdom (d. 1952) George VI was King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Commonwealth from 11 December 1936 until his death in 1952. He was the last Emperor of India and the first Head of the Commonwealth.
Mary Jane Boyle died on 3 Mar 1909 at the age of 60
Grave record for Mary Jane Boyle (5 Feb 1849 - 3 Mar 1909), BillionGraves Record 29732 Santaquin, Utah, Utah, United States