Leroy Deloss Izatt

Born: 14 Aug 1919

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Leroy Deloss Izatt

Born: 14 Aug 1919
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I wanted to write a few of my memories of my uncle LeRoy Deloss Izatt. I spent much my young life at my grandma and grandpa Ira Deloss Izatt's. Gaye and I were from our mothers 1st marriage. I was only 3 months old when she married Bryan Leavitt. Gaye had became so attached to living with our grandp

Life Information

Leroy Deloss Izatt

Married: 26 May 1961

Spanish Fork City Cemetery

Cemetery Roads
Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah
United States

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Children: Gerald, Taunabeth, Layna, Dan


May 28, 2011


June 6, 2011


July 24, 2019


June 2, 2011

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Memories of Uncle Roy by Kathy Anderson Walker

Contributor: igbaker Created: 1 year ago Updated: 1 year ago

I wanted to write a few of my memories of my uncle LeRoy Deloss Izatt. I spent much my young life at my grandma and grandpa Ira Deloss Izatt's. Gaye and I were from our mothers 1st marriage. I was only 3 months old when she married Bryan Leavitt. Gaye had became so attached to living with our grandparents that our mother left her there for a while but she never did come and live with us perminantly. I believe grandma had become so attached to her that she couldn't bare to let her go so I spent a lot of time at their house if she couldn't come and live with us I went there. Uncle Roy had not married and was in his 30's or 40's before he did. I guess I could say that I knew him as well as any one. As long as I can remember Roy was always outside working on the farm. I know grandma told me that Roy was doing a mans work by the time he was eight years old. I was under the understanding grandpa was in a car wreck and hit his head real badly on the roof of the car and had to go to Logan for Dr. treatments. Grandma said she took Roy as a new baby and rode the freight wagon through Crow Creek so she could get to Logan to be with grandpa. She said it was so cold she couldn't change the baby's diaper until they got to the half way house to spend the 1st night. I find them living with Ira's parents on the 1920 census in Logan Utah. Ira is working at a water plant. They were very poor and I have wondered if the land they lived on next to Annie's mother was theirs. I do know in the late 1950's are early 1960's Roy had sold the land and bought another house around the corner and a little east. Roy and grandpa had been milking their cows there for awhile before we moved. I remember when they moved their things in the back of Roy's truck. The mattress flew off so they put it back on top of the truck and made me set on it to hold it on. This newer house had plumbing with an indoor toilet, tub and sinks. Grandma loved this house as she had never lived in anything this nice.She didn't have to carry water and warm it on the wood stove as there was a hot water heater. We hadn't been in there very long when uncle Roy brought out a calander and said its 1961 no matter how you look at it and turned it upside down to show us, so we were there by 1961. There had been a ladder to get to the upstairs in a closet and Roy and grandpa built steps. This is where Roy slept, Gaye and I latter slept upstairs when they finished another room. Not that it was really finished but good enough we could sleep there. I always wondered why Roy could sell grandpa's house but maybe It was in Roys name and not grandpa's I will have to look into that. How ever it turns out I do now Roy provided the main part of the income for the household. Roy bought a lot of meadow land over the years so he could have hay and pasture for the cows. I never saw Roy idle he always had work that had to be done. They didn't go to town and buy new things such as nails and shovels they just found some piece of pipe for a handle and when they pulled nails they straightened them out and reused them. Like any small farm they had a few chickens, pigs and sheep. Their main income was from the milk cows. I never remember seeing a Bull are are a horse that was not used as a work horse. It was many years before they used anything but horses to do the farm work. Uncle Roy had a dry sence of hummer I really don't remember him playing with us are setting on his lap I think he was just to busy for that. He did however tell us in the spring when the Buttercups were in blossom so we could go pick them and he would bring cat tails and pussy willows from the meadow in the spring which we put in a vase of water until they dried up. When the water flooded over in the ditch at Uncle Charle's place Roy would tell us when it was hard enough to ice skate on. No job was too hard are dirty for Roy he never ask anyone to do a job he hadn't done many time him self unless it was in time of real need. Whenever there were baby puppies born if they were female he had to get rid of them as they could give the male pups away but no farmer wanted a female pup as they just bred more mouths to feed. When the baby kittens were born uncle Roy would tell us in a few days after their eyes were open and we could go play with them. If we came to often the mother cat would move the babies and hide them from us. You could always give kittens away as they kept the mice around the house and farms down. I'm sure if I set and thought about it I could come up with some pranks Uncle Roy played on us. I will only mention one right now. One Christmas Uncle Roy wrapped ( probably grandma wrapped ) Gaye and I up a very pretty presant with a nice ribbon and bow on it. We were so excited as I don't remember getting a gift from Uncle Roy before. However I am sure that his money contributed to what we did get. That was the 1st gift we wanted to open Christmas morning. Now when I tell you what it was go find out how the pioneer children played with them. We each got 2 chicken claws. We were having so much fun but grandma made us burn them. Uncle Roy Blessed me as a baby and he also confirmed me a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I was baptized the night before and went to grandma's. The next morning Gaye and I went to Church with Uncle Roy and when it was time to Confirm me they called me up and ask who was going to do it. I said I guess my Uncle Roy so only then did he come up. Roy was always active in the Church and there were mornings about 3 A.M. that I would get woken up by grandma ironing Roys Temple Cloths so he could go to the Idaho Falls Temple to do work for the dead. Uncle Roy was always there for me whenever he thought I was in need. When he moved to Logan and worked for the College at the end of the year he was to get rid of all the leftover scarves, mismatched gloves and other things that they just planned on trashing. Roy would bring them to me as he knew we had a lot of children, our own and many that just came to stay awhile. It may not sound like much to you but we were ever so glad to get them. Anything was better than nothing. When the fruit came on in Utah Uncle Roy would get permission from people who's fruit had fallen on the ground and he would bring all he could pick up off the ground to me to can for winter. One time a large windstorm came up and blew the apricots off the trees. He picked them all up even though they were mashed and full of grass and brought them to us. I cleaned them up as best I could and made apricot syrup from them. My kids still talk about how good it was.

Memories from Roy's Book of Remberance contributed by Kathy Anderson Walker

Contributor: igbaker Created: 1 year ago Updated: 1 year ago

I ran on to this in some of Roy's old records. Before he died he brought me over things that he thought I might add to my collection of Genealogy files this was in his own hand writing. My most interesting experiance was when I went down to Logan to the Temple to receive my own endowments. I went with a group of other Elders. I went through twice that day 6 December 1944. And on February of 1945 I went down and went through another two times. I surely enjoyed going through the Temple and doing work for the dead. Vacation's and travel I haven't done much of. Schools I attended I only went through the Afton and Smoot grade schools. Later years I started to High School but didn't keep a going I only went one year. Poitions I've held in the Church On 1 July 1944 I was selected to be Secretery of the 3rd quarum of Elders of the South Ward of the Star Valley Stake. September of 1947 Elders quarum was divided and I was released from the 3rd quarum and set apart as secretery of the 9th quarum of Elders. December of 1947 I was chosen to be Ward Teaching Supervisor of District # 3. 21 November 1949 I was set apart to serve as a Missionary in the Star Valley Stake of Zion. on 6 January 1952 I was released as a Stake Missionary. On 11 May 1952 I was set apart to become advisor to the 2nd quarum of the Deacons. September 1952 New Presidencyof the Elders was chosen and I was sustained as Secretery serving as Boy Scout troop Commitemen. On 29 January 1956 wards were divided to create a 3rd ward and I was set apart to the office of assistant Ward Clerk. On 20 January 1958 I was set apart by High Councilmen Morris Haderlie to serve on the Stake Genealogy Committee. On 29 September 1958 I was released as assistant ward Clerk. Personal Record LeRoy Deloss Izatt Father: Ira Deloss Izatt Mother: Annie Elizabeth Anglesey Born: 14 August 1919 Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming Blessed: 7 September 1919 by Ben Nield Baptized: 1 Octobert 1927 in Afton by Albert H Linford Confirmed: 2 October 1927 in Afton by George Kennington Deacon: August 1931 by Charles Weber Teacher: 6 October 1935 by Arch Gardner Priest: 2 May 1937 by Edwin Allred Elder: 2 November 1941 by Royal Papworth Endowed: 6 December 1944 Logan Utah Temple Mission: 21 November 1949 Star Valley Stake Wyoming Released from Mission 6 January 1952
Grave record for Leroy Deloss Izatt (Born: 14 Aug 1919), BillionGraves Record 2781 Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah, United States