LeLand W. Call

13 Oct 1932 - 30 Oct 1948


LeLand W. Call

13 Oct 1932 - 30 Oct 1948
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Leland was born October 13, 1932, to Clyde James Call and Dora Elizabeth Williams Call in Clifton, Idaho. He had 2 older sisters: Marilyn Call - born February 27, 1929 Vivian W. Call - born March 13, 1931 and eventually a younger sister: Kathryn W. Call - born October 1, 1938 Leland started 1st grad
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Life Information

LeLand W. Call


Dayton Cemetery

Highway 36
Dayton, Franklin, Idaho
United States


Our Son


September 24, 2013


September 20, 2013

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History and funeral of Leland W. Call

Contributor: BarbaraLeishman Created: 1 year ago Updated: 1 year ago

Leland was born October 13, 1932, to Clyde James Call and Dora Elizabeth Williams Call in Clifton, Idaho. He had 2 older sisters: Marilyn Call - born February 27, 1929 Vivian W. Call - born March 13, 1931 and eventually a younger sister: Kathryn W. Call - born October 1, 1938 Leland started 1st grade in 1938, when he was 5 (almost 6) years old. His 1st and 2nd grade report cards shows he was "satisfactory" in most classes, with a few "satisfactory minus" thrown in. His report cards for 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades show he was pretty much a "B" average student with a few C's and A's here and there. It also looks like sometimes his teachers felt he didn't work as hard as they knew he was capable of doing. Leland was very close to his sister Vivian. They were only 19 months apart and therefore very close. She says of Leland: He always wore striped bib overalls, had blond hair, a very mischievous smile, a twinkle in his eye and he loved to tease. We would wait for the herds of sheep to pass by the house because the lambs that couldn't keep up with the other sheep, the sheepherder would give away. They were called bum lambs and Leland and I would end up with a bum lamb for each of us. His was named Elmer. We made real pets out of these lambs and they would follow us all over the bard yard--up over the piles of hay, around the barn and through the barn. One day we came home from school, went to the pen to get the lambs and there their tails lay. Leland told me Dad had killed them and I screamed bloody murder but he thought it was funny. He knew that is what was to be done to the sheep. Summers were spent hauling hay and working in the sugar beet fields. Hauling the hay was always fun. Leland and I would ride the gray horse behind the hay wagon to the field, where it was loaded with hay with a pitch fork. Leland and I would get on the hay wagon and tromp the hay while the men would pitch it on. When the wagon got loaded we would get off and ride the horse behind the wagon back to the house. We always rode the horse bareback so it wasn't easy to stay on. Leland always spoke to ride on behind me. It took awhile for me to catch on why, but he would kick the horse in the flanks, and of course this made the horse buck, and I would either scram or go off or both. He would think it was just funny. When we got to where the haystack was we took turns riding the derrick horse back and forth while they put the hay on the stack with a big fork that was known as a derrick fork. This was a very boring job. There were cows to herd on the mountain behind the house and we always rode the horse bareback. In the evenings about dark the neighbor kids would get together and play games such as run my sheepy run, hid and seek and kick the can. His boyfriend neighbors were the Winwards, Edward, Alma and Bill. He made the football team in High School and had got to play a few games, had also just made the basketball team for that year. He was looking forward to hunting for the first time with his new 30-30 that he had just got for his 16th birthday. Leland had just turned 16 on October 13, 1948, when he was killed in a farming accident. On October 30, 1948, he had been spread manure in the fields and was driving the tractor with the manure spreader behind when something happened he was thrown off the tractor and through the fence and into a ditch. The tractor's front wheels landed on his chest. He died immediately of a broken neck. Of course this was a great sorrow to his parents and sisters. FUNERAL SERVICES FOR LELAND W. CALL - HELD ON NOVEMBER 3, 1949 Bishop Ray Croshaw conducted as follows: The funeral will commence by the choir singing "I Need Thee Every Hour", after which Brother Hyrum Ward will open our meeting. The second song wil be sung by Lester White and his daughter Carol and will be accompanied by Sister Jensen. They will sing "The End of A Perfect Day." Bishop Croshaw: We have met today as friends and neighbors, brothers and sisters to pay our respects to one of God's chidren, Leland Williams Call born October 13, 1932, died October 31, 1948. An active teacher in the Teachers' Quorum. The pallbearers today are Jimmy Kirkbride, a cousin; Edward Winward, Valdo Talbot, Blaire Henderson and Larry Perkins, all Teachers in the Quorum, and Paul Winward, a Priest. We would like very much to honor Gaylord Merrill and Richard Williams as honorary pallbearers. The family wish that I express their sincere thanks and gratitude for the kindness, the love and friendship that has been extended to them, and to the school who cooperated with us so whole-heartedly in making every wish of the family a reality. As I bring my mind back for just a moment to these boys who have acted today as pallbearers, and I might say to these other boys and girls, young men and ladies of the high school, of the community, and the out-lining communities, I wonder if they ask themselves the same question that I ask myself, would I be prepared to take the same trail, the same path, which God has chosen for Leland to take this day. In thinking of this, of course we know the things we are thinking of, we are thinking of the standard we hold so high, the principles that we uphold and love in this wonderful church of ours. No other church on the face of the earth have the principles as does the young men and the young ladies of our church. The priesthood of God which Leland carries with him is the thing he will take with him no matter where he goes and is the one great possession that he has and always will have. And I hope sincerely in my heart especially of these boys, these young men and young women, who were so close to Leland and knew him so well, that they will never let a day pass but what they make a little harder standards to work for the next day. And that they will never let a day pass nor lay their heads upon their pillow without going before their Father in Heaven, to ask his help and his guidance so high ideals might be realized. And as I think of that Priesthood which Leland possesses, my thoughts come back to Brother Clyde and Sister Dora and their family. There can be no greater joy to be looked forward to by Brother Clyde. That joy will bring happiness and solace to him and his wife quicker than anything I know of. That joy and solace which is in the future will be when he can go to the Temple of God and there perform the wonderful ordinances of the holy priesthood. For then and only then will Leland's joy be full and then and only then, will the desire of his heart be reached. I hope and pray that God will really be kind and gracious to Brother and Sister Call and their family and their wonderful lot of friends, that he will really rally around them. I know he will. The wonderful prayer that was offered in the home and the one you just listened to will not go by unminded. God hears those prayers because they are sincere and humble; they come from the heart. To Sister Call, God has blessed her with many talents and I hope and pray that she might use these talents in teaching the young people the songs and prayers of God. And that through this she will receive comfort and solace to her heart. Through this the memories she has of her own boy will be sweet and will be wonderful. I pray the blessings of Brother and Sister Call unto this end and I ask them humbly in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen The next speaker on the program today will be Brother J.H. Choules who served as a Scout Master to Leland. Brother Donald Bradford will follow who was Leland's Seminary Teacher. Then here we would like just a word from Brother Lewis Hess who has come home and was such a close neighbor to Clyde and Dora. MR. CHOULES: My Brothers and Sisters, I feel very humble at this service today. I will try to say a few words on this occasion. I appreciate the friendship of Clyde and Dora. I extend to them my sympathy. I shall never forget when I was Scout Master when Leland became 12 years of age and then I had the pleasure of assisting him in his scout work. He had a happy disposition and always had a smile. I well remember when he came to scout meeting for the first time with his suit on. He seemed so proud and happy. It was then that I felt that he would try to live the scout law which stands for trust-worthy, loyal, helpful friendly, courteous, kind, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. He was a very friendly boy, and very friendly with me. Many the times that he and I could joke. Many a time he would challenge me in scout activity. Leland was a leader among his friends. I feel sure that he will continue to be a leader when he returns. His father tells me that Leland assumed responsibility at home. He was brave and trust-worthy enough that he could leave him with the chores. He would always say, "I'll be alright, you don't have to worry." I don't know any higher, finer tribute to pay to anyone so honest and fair. The teachings we have of the gospel and the hopes we have of the hereafter is consoling in experiences of this kind. My testimony is that the gospel is taught to the Latter-day Saints. May God bless Clyde and Dora and their family and their grandparents, I ask in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. MR. BRADFORD: My brothers and sisters, friends. I feel highly honored and humbled by the position which I occupy at this time. I pray that I might have an interest in your prayers that what I say may be of some comfort to those who are assembled here. Most of you know, I believe, that I haven't known Leland very long. But there are some people you don't have to know very long to get an insight to their character and Leland is one of these fellows. A few weeks ago, in our Seminary class I suggested to the class that we needed a cabinet. A case where we could keep our books and supplies. And if the fellows of the class would take it upon themselves to build one, the seminary would buy the supplies. Immediately, Leland volunteered. He accepted the challenge of the class. You know you can judge a great deal a persons character by the friends he keeps and Leland has fine friends. I might say that his classmates should accept that challenge and continue that project and dedicate it in his honor. Another thing I noticed about Leland was that joyful personality. He always had a smile. His smile was like a light in the window of his soul indicating that his heart was at home. I am sure that we will all miss that smile, here at school and in this community. All this makes us wonder why such a fine young man had to be taken from our mist. I've thought about it a great deal. The other night I was reading of the teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith and I came across these words in a funeral sermon that he was giving at one time. He said this" "When men are prepared they are better off to go home", and what he said of this brother, I think we can say of Leland. He was prepared and I wonder if we are. Sometimes I think we can say that God is merciful to me that he prolongs my time, and give me an opportunity to get prepared. To continue the words of the prophet, I think we might put here Leland's name, when he says "Leland has gone forth to carry on the work, to assist in a more effective work for the dead. The spirits of the just resulted to a greater and more glorious work, thence they are blessed in their departure in the world of spirits. They are not far from us. They know and understand our thoughts, feelings and emotions, and are often pained therewith." No, he is not far from us and those of you who know Leland and have looked over his remains this day know that the Leland we knew and loved is somewhere beyond. He is entering a new phase,new experiences, perhaps doing a great work. Starting on a great missionary experience. He will be there to greet his parents. Sisters and loved ones, might receive comfort from this gospel and seek over God's blessings in pray and humility, that they might be comforted at this time and I ask this humbly in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. LEWIS HESS: Brothers and sisters, friends, I sincerely hope that what I may say here today might be of comfort to this family because I love them so much. I also love the grandparents of this boy, Brother and Sister Call and Brother and Sister Williams because we have lived so close. I think it is grand when someone cane live neighbors for 30 years. We have had a few little spats once in a while as neighbors do, but when we could live there and enjoy one another's company and get along, and holler across the fence or as you might say "Live in a neighborly manner" and still carry on and still have the love and respect for one another, nothing can take the place of it. In our religion today, in our gospel of Jesus Christ, He teaches us that we should be friends and love one another no matter what comes along, and above all try to be a neighbor to yourself and to those around you. I'd like to say this to Clyde and Dora that our Father in Heaven has seen fit to call Leland home, Maybe this is going to be a harsh statement but I believe it, my religion teaches it to me. That his is far better off today than any one of us here in this house. He died a young man it's true. The opportunity of life was right at his feet. He was just blossoming out into young manhood. He could have probably stepped out into the world and made a name for himself. On the other hand, the conflicts that we are going through today, with the world in the turmoil it is, it would have only been a short time until Leland maybe would have been called in and been cannon-fodder for somebody else. In my way of looking at it, I think the Lord has shown mercy upon this family at this time to call him home. I don't think that Leland is unhappy. He is close, he will always be close. He is next to us now. He is here this day, to our exercises here. He realizes what is going on but I'll bet if he were given the opportunity now to would not return, loving his father and mother as he does. My religion teaches me that, my brothers and sisters, and I believe it from the bottom of my heart. For I can say to Clyde and Dora, be prayerful and get down and ask your Father in Heaven why, why this has to be. He will in his way give solace and comfort and there will come a time when you will realize that his was to be. God is the given of all things, and he has the privilege to take them away. If he sees fit to call anyone of us home, whether we be prepared or not, it is time for us to go. We come into this earth as mortal beings, but there isn't a soul here but what at some future time will go the same way that Leland has gone here. And I would say to the rest of us to be called home that we can ascent as innocent and as clean and unmarred from the strides of this earth as Leland is and I am sure it today. I think Goad has been honored by calling this young man home. I don't think Leland, I have been away for sometime,but from the time I knew Leland, he was almost one of my children, because he was always over home. Either he was over playing with my boys of my boys were over playing with him. And I know that they loved him very much. And all that has been said today for Leland is true. My oldest son wanted to come down, but things came up that it couldn't be arranged but I know he thought so much of Leland and he would have liked to have been here a whole lot. After a boy has grown up with someone, what they think of them often times teaches us lots more than what we ourselves know. So Brother and Sister Call if you remember our Father in Heaven and get in touch with him, get down on your hands and knees and ask him why, it will all be answered unto you. We pray that the Lord's blessings will be upon you and your family that you may have dictations of our Heavenly Father and the rest of your family that has been called to mourn today, that you will understand and realize that this is part of life's mission here on earth. May we all remember him and keep His commandments, and be honored by so living that when the time comes, when we are called home as he is, that our Father in Heaven will say, "Well and faithfully done, thou servant, come on home and enjoy thy blessings here." May the Lord bless us at all times, I pray in Jesus name, Amen. WE WILL NOW BE FAVORED BY A SONG BY BISHOP KOFOED AND DAUGHTER MELBA, THEIR ACCOMPANIMENT WILL BE SISTER EDNA KOFOED, AFTER WHICH WE WILL HEAR FROM LEROY ARCHIBALD OF THE DAY SCHOOL. LEROY ARCHIBALD: Brothers and Sisters, I am pleased to be here today on this occasion, and I want to assure Clyde and Dora that this brings a lot of joy and satisfaction to me to be asked to say a few words here today. I have learned to love Clyde. He is a wonderful person. I know this is the case because Clyde was in my scout group when he was a young man and its my association with him in the past that has brought this about. Some of the things that I did, must have pleased him or they wouldn't have asked me here today. And for this reason I assure you it makes one feel good. I appreciate this honor. Clyde was a member of the first scout troupe in Dayton. I was the first scout master as I recall. And we did have some very pleasant experiences together. I have known Clyde all his life. He has been a kind, congenial, trust-worthy man and boy. I have appreciated his life and I know my life has been better because of my association with him. I've known his parents. I admire them from the bottom of my heart for their lives and for the things they have done and gone through and smiled about all of it. And the fine family they have raised. I've been very closely associated with his family and I have truly learned to appreciate them. I have had most of the children in school. I've been their ward teacher in the home. I've worked with Jim Call in the fields and other places and I know their hearts are in the right place. They are good Latter-day Saints andn I am sure that a great reward is in heaven for them. I knew Clyde's great grandmother - Grandma Phillips as all of us used to call her. I am sure she is practically as well known in Clifton as in Dayton. She was left a widow when all her children were young and she had a large family. She persisted in caring for them, obtaining the necessities of life for them, and besides she administered to hundreds of women who went down into the valley of the shadow of death to bring boys and girls like Leland and other boys and girls we have here today into this life. And the pleasantness of her character--why it would just do your heart good to sit and hear her laugh and talk, no discouragement, she could always see the bright side of everything. This is the kind of stock Leland came from. I knew Brother and Sister Williams not so well. But I have known them and I have watched them through life and I know that they are true and staunch Latter-day Saints. I know particularly his Uncle Jim Williams, who has proceeded him in death. A fine man, all of us I am sure are proud to be acquainted with him. I wish the world was full of such men. When Leland comes from people of this kind, we can't expect anything else, but the things that have been said of him here today. I had Leland in school. He graduated here the first year I was in Clifton. The boys and girls will recall, I believe, that I would turn to Leland and call him his Father's name. He reminded me so much of him. There was a great resemblance in looks and especially in character; that sweet lovable disposition, agreeable and cooperative and anytime you wanted to do anything, they were behind you and they put their whole soul into the thing you asked them to do. This is a wonderful characteristic my brothers and sisters. As has been stated, Leland is better off today than he was last week at this time. This is not only my belief but I was reading the other day of an experience of Jebidia Grant, father of President Grant, had when his spirit was permitted one evening to leave his body and go into the spirit world. There he visited the people he had been acquainted with and saw the exquisite whiteness and beauty of the things he saw over there. People were dressed in white, he said, beyond any description, everything was in order. He said he particularly looked for some disorder having so recently come from this earth. But he says he could find none. Everything was perfect in unity and people loved one another and they were all busy striving for one great purpose. And that's where Leland is today. He came back, Brother Grant did, and President Woodruff was ahold of his hand and he talked to him and he says the one great regret was to know that he had to return to earth life to his earthly pattern. As much as we love this life and the many things we enjoy, he said that it was so wonderful over there and he dreaded to come back. Well, that corresponds with our scripture, doesn't it? Where Peter says, "Eye have not seen nor ever heard, neither have entered into the heart of man the things that God hath prepared for them that love Him, also keep His commandments." I wish we were all prepared to return home to our Father in Heaven as Leland is at this present time. Leland is alright. My concern isn't so much for him, my concern is for his parents and for all the rest of us because the beauty we enjoy over there depends on what we do here. It's character of the soul. I attended a funeral once down in Oklahoma when a young man 21 years of age died and his parents didn't believe in a hereafter. That was sad. That was really sad. I know Clyde and Dora have a testimony of the gospel. They know that this separation will be brief, very brief and in a short time they will again be with Leland and enjoy his association again. But those people didn't believe that and you can't imagine the carrying on. At that time I was thankful to my Heavenly Father for this gospel and the understanding we have of the hereafter. There is a hereafter. There is a God and a Hell and this earth and everything in it was created by Him for the good of man. If we use it that way we will enjoy it and the wonderful blessings he has for his saints. But it is us my brothers and sisters, who will have to put forth the effort. In the beginning Christ came down here and Lucifer preceded Him in His remark and said, "I will go into the world and I will save all mankind, regardless whether they want to or not." But Christ came along and said, "I'll give them their own free agency, to choose for themselves how they live, and what they will do." So Christ's plan was accepted and we're here my brethren and sisters in fulfillment of that plan. We lived in the spirit world and had our identity as much as we have it here today. We knew one another, we knew our Father in Heaven and conversed with him. We lived the plan of the gospel and we lived it to the extent that we were privileged to come here and enjoy a body of flesh and bones. A step in progression. I am just wondering if there was sorrow in heaven when those bright spirits came down into this world. A much dreaded place I am told. A much dreaded place according to President Grant. A dreaded place because it wasn't as nice as it was in Heaven and yet it was our understanding of the gospel, we knew we had to come here in order to get a body of flesh and bones. A step in progression, I am just wondering if the spirits really were happy. Well, we had to get the body of flesh and bones to go on to progression form which we couldn't be exalted in the highest glory in the kingdom of God. And so we choose to come down here and everything we knew before was hidden from our minds. We came down here as Paul says, We live entirely by faith, until we pass on to where Leland is. Leland isn't living by faith now. He had that experience and is living by knowledge. He knows that God lives. And he knows of the hereafter. People of the world sometimes say, they can't believe there is a God or he wouldn't allow some of the things to occur that occur. Well, the Lord lets nature take it's course and these laws of His are eternal and when we break those laws, we suffer the consequences. If we live them, we reap the blessings. And the Lord in that respect doesn't have much to do with giving us our own free agency. Most thinking men acknowledge that there is a hereafter. One of our greatest recent scientist, his name has slipped my mind at this time, but he says scientist have every reason to believe that man is of extra ordinary importance. He says what would we say is the greatest thing about man. The exercise and discipline of youth, the struggles and failures of maturity and the loneliness and tranquility of old age. These make the fires which we must pass to make the pur gold of our souls thus perfected. What will nature do with man, annihilate him? There must, of necessity be for God's children everlasting life. And so that is that my brothers and sisters. Life is one eternal round and Leland has just stepped into a higher degree where he will be able to accomplish more and do more for himself and for his family. I've seen mothers send their first children out for school the first morning. When the first child left the door what did they do? You usually see them crying, don't you? Because they don't want them to do to school? No they wouldn't bring them back for anything in the world. They know the progression they are going to make. They know they are going to be separated from them during the day for awhile. It's the loneliness that they are grieving for. I came into Salt Lake City on a train and I saw a Norwegian woman there weeping bitterly and I thought, "My, I wonder if there is a corpse on this train." But when the train stopped a young man stepped off the train. She embraced him and kissed him and smothered him with love. He had been gone two years on a mission. Why was she weeping? She was just overcome with joy. So when that boy went, she wept. Why didn't she keep him home? Well, she didn't want to, she wanted him to go on a mission. She wanted him to go to school and do all these things. So Clyde and Dora, today as has already been remarked, if they had the privilege of calling Leland back they wouldn't do it. I know their testimony of the gospel is stronger, their knowledge of Leland is in a better place and they wouldn't call him back. And I promise Clyde and Dora and brothers and sisters who mourn for Leland that in time you will be comforted but it will take time. If all of us could just realize what they are going through and offer some kind word or act every time we have an opportunity. Today I am sure they feel wonderful for this multitude of friends and all of these wonderful flowers and things. I know that makes them feel good. But you know in a week or two from now when they are down there alone, when Clyde is out in the barn alone doing chores, we won't be there. I wonder what he will do then. Well, there is one source of satisfaction Clyde, you can go to your Father in Heaven and ask him why in prayer and I wouldn't doubt but what Leland will be there in spirit. I wouldn't wonder at all if he will be their in spirit to comfort you. In conclusion I might say for you to be prayerful and humble and you will understand. May the blessing of the Lord be with you to comfort and console you at all times. This is my prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. BISHOP WINWARD: My dear brothers and sisters. I pray that what I might say on this occasion will be of comfort to those who mourn for Leland. If I may bring back to my mind just the other night when a group of boys and girls were in our home. It didn't seem like they had a care in the world. They were so happy. Leland was there rejoicing and they had their plans made for the future. The next morning, as I was in my car and just as I was coming from town, Brother Williams and Arnold came to me: "Come Bishop, Leland has been hurt, he wants to be administered to immediately." So I hurried. As I got there and got the oil, Sister Call had just got back. But it was too late, the reaper had come. Leland wasn't there. The Leland I knew the night before, who was happy and was playing, rejoicing and talking with us wasn't there. He was gone. Brother and Sister Call were wrapped in each others arms facing the road, and you don't know how helpless a person feels. I've had that experience. You don't know how helpless and lost. Brother Call was wondering why? Sister Call was wondering why? He said, "If I had only gone for that load," and Sister Call said, "I wish I hadn't told Leland to clean that coupe this morning. My boy would have been here." I am wondering, brothers and sisters, if it would have been true. Everything that I have seen since has indicated that Leland's mission on earth was finished. We saw his body lying there. All of us thanking God he didn't have to stay and suffer. His life was taken in a minute. He was gone to eternity now; there was nothing anyone of us could do. So I was wondering with all of these why's. Why a young man that age, just at the prime of his beginning life must be taken and why so many things happen in life. So I went home to study and I wish there was time this afternoon here to tell the things that I found in the books of the Prophets. The great men of this world who have lived; their testimony of the life we are living. In my reading I would like to read to you just briefly here of a young officer doctor in this last world war. When he came home on a furlough, he was asked to talk in his ward. And here is a few of the words that he said. "The Lord must have known that there was something very interesting over the horizon or he wouldn't have permitted Him to hang on the cross, His only Begotten Son. But brothers and sisters, he followed life in the battlefield to the hospitals and our brave fellows. I try to take an attitude like this: Lord if you want me today, I am ready. There must have been something important over there, or God wouldn't have taken the only son of Brother and Sister Call. All their hopes were centered, their ambitions, a good clean fellow, there certainly was something important or he wouldn't have been called away from home. If we'd have had the chance, we all would have pleaded for him to stay, I am certain. The Lord doesn't act that way. He comes and takes and we are left but not without any assurance of something beyond the grave. It says we understand death, for the first time when he puts a hand on someone we love. I have been with Sister Call a number of times when she was Relief Society President in the homes of the dead. How brave she was. But this is a new experience for her; quite different I am sure. Another writer said at one time, "He who is afraid of death, strides himself like the waves of the seas against the winds, close to watch them, that just as sure as there is a birth, there is a death." They are both universal. This world is the world of the dying and Leland is gone on. He hasn't gone on to Celestial Glory. No, he's gone to Paradise. That world of the spirits, and before he can become a perfect spirit, he must come back to take up that body again. I couldn't help but think when I saw that body there and wonder 'why' this beautiful body, well proportioned, well taken care of. He ws active. These boys were talking about what they were going to do in football and they were going to start basketball. When he come back, Brother and Sister Call will have a son. At another occasion at a funeral I heard these words, and I'd like to read them today. It's called: "A Prayer" Oh, Father help me to understand and know the reason why, The boy that thou has give me, so early hath to die. Who one whose life had been so pure, who never knew deceit, To droop and wither like the flowers, crushed beneath ruthless feet. Oh, Father, help this dear heart of mine, Oh let me see the veil beyond where dwells his spirit pure. And know he is happy where he is gone, Oh, let me feel secure. Forgive the surging doubt that rises, within my aching heart. And take the dimness from my eyes, that darkness falls apart Let light and knowledge come to me from Heaven, thy home on high, Oh help me put my trust in thee, Oh Father, tell me why. Perhaps I sin in asking this, More faith I should show in thee, But oh, I miss his loving kiss, he was so dear to me, Just let me know that I shall sometime find him and clasp his for to mine, I ask in Jesus name, amen. And her is the answer by God: Grieve not, oh my daughter, for time shall be, When death shall be no more, they love one I'll return to thee, to cherish evermore. T'was in the plan that man should die, and slumber in the grave. But rise again as even I, for this my life I gave. For moral life is but a part of God's eternity, For which the souls of men embark, time and salacity, What men call death is but a step, from low to higher plains And all who in the dust have slept, in me shall rise again. Grieve not for the one that's gone, Nor let your heart despair, For God in wisdom calls your son to work for Him up there. The prison gates to open wide, for those who died in sin, And through repentance them to guide again to worship Him. Let this be your answer why, and let your heart rejoice, For unto God they do not die, who answer to His voice. But walk with Him in realms of love, For all the righteous being, Be comforted for there above, thy son will welcome thee. Those are beautiful words, and I believe them with all my heart. I believe that Brother and Sister Call will have the privilege of seeing Leland as they go home for that son has what he wants. There are many things which we can say on occasions of this kind but time does not permit as I said I read in my reading,I wish we had time. I have a wonderful book here of thought taken from our learned men. Men who are not of our faith, but still have a knowledge that there is something hereafter. Men who are prophets in this knowledge. Oh, we know we don't have to doubt that there is an eternity. In conclusion, may I give these other words that are often brought home to me on occasion of this kind. They came so quickly; it's a place we don't have much time, oh, what shall I say, we don't know when our time will come. We are not permitted that. Who knows who is next. "How Much Are You Worth". Supposing today were your last day on earth. The last mile of the journey you trod. After all your struggles, how much are you worth? How much can you take back to God? Don't count as your possessions your silver and gold. For tomorrow you leave them behind. And all that is yours to have and to hold, Are the blessings you've given to mankind. Just what have you done as you've journeyed so long? That was really and truly worth while. Do you feel your good deeds would of set the wrong? Could you look over your life with a smile. We're only supposing, but if it were true, And you invoiced your deeds since your birth. And you've figured the profits you've made in life's deal. How much are you really worth? May God bless them, Brothers and Sisters. Let's not forget Brother and Sister Call. Let's go put our arms around them. They are going to be lonely. I have not had that experience that they are going through. I am sure it hurts me because this boy was like one of ours. I have two sons just about his age. They were together and they had their plans and hopes and so it hurts today that he will not be here. But Leland is alright, Brother and Sister Call. His mission is completed in life. He's gone home. I wish that we could all go home to see God. May He bless us all with faith that we many do better; these are the things that draw us near the House of the Lord. It is on these occasions that we make resolutions that we are going to do better. May God give us strength to carry them out. Bless us at all times to keep his commandments and in doing this we may gain exultation to the Celestial Kingdom. That we may go to that place where Leland will be, I humbly pray in Jesus name, Amen. The closing song will be given by the choir. After which the closing prayer will be given by Brother Herman Viehweg.

Life timeline of LeLand W. Call

LeLand W. Call was born on 13 Oct 1932
LeLand W. Call died on 30 Oct 1948 at the age of 16
Grave record for LeLand W. Call (13 Oct 1932 - 30 Oct 1948), BillionGraves Record 5267259 Dayton, Franklin, Idaho, United States