Joseph W Peterson

20 Apr 1887 - 21 Aug 1944


Joseph W Peterson

20 Apr 1887 - 21 Aug 1944
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A History of Joseph and Sarah Peterson* By Sarah Elizabeth Palmer Peterson and Jean Krommenhoek *(This is chapter 46 in book titled Wheeler Pioneers: A History of the Edward and Ann Wheeler Family. This book was edited by Wesley R. Burr, Norman Eatough, Jared Farish, and Ruth J. Burr and published b
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Life Information

Joseph W Peterson


Riverside Thomas Cemetery

939-949 State Highway 39
Blackfoot, Bingham, Idaho
United States


December 28, 2013


July 21, 2013

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A History of Joseph and Sarah Peterson

Contributor: Pianomom3 Created: 1 year ago Updated: 1 year ago

A History of Joseph and Sarah Peterson* By Sarah Elizabeth Palmer Peterson and Jean Krommenhoek *(This is chapter 46 in book titled Wheeler Pioneers: A History of the Edward and Ann Wheeler Family. This book was edited by Wesley R. Burr, Norman Eatough, Jared Farish, and Ruth J. Burr and published by the Wheeler Family Organization in 2015. It has 820 pages and hundreds of pictures of the Wheeler family; and it has information about relatives and ancestors that are not included in this version of this chapter that is placed in FamilySearch because this is just the text that appeared in chapter 46. Copies of the Wheeler Pioneers volume can be acquired, while supplies last, by writing to The book is also available at the LDS Family History Library and the Church History Library in Salt Lake City, and the HBL Library at BYU in Provo, Utah.) This is a history of my husband as I remember it. Joseph William Peterson was born April 20, 1887 at Plain City, Utah. When a boy of eight years his parents moved to Idaho and settled on a 160 acre farm in Thomas, Idaho. At that time it was not required by law to go to school so he did not get much education only the hard way. He was taught to work hard and keep track of his earnings and in this way he became good in arithmetic. He did his figuring in his head. In measuring hay he could get the answer before you could put it down on paper and his answer was usually correct. But while he was yet young he was good with horses. His father moved on a place where there was no water and they had to make canals to carry the water to the farms. He took his team, and we called them slip-scrapers and worked on what is now known as the American Falls Canal. He worked winter and summer just coming home weekends until the job was completed to Springfield. This country was all desert at that time, and many times the men would turn their scrapers over and find a rattlesnake curled up under it. They soon got used to it and it did not bother them, since they wore rubber boots and rubber gloves. He was also a good rider and there were wild horses on the desert and all you needed to do was catch one, if you could, and it was your horse. So he and his friends spent much time catching wild horses. Sometimes the horses were so mean, as soon as you got a rope on them they would turn on you and come after you with mad wide-open mouths. Then the riding pony had to outrun it, but they were trained to do just that. This is about the time Joe and I were married and we settled down on a 40 acre farm, a piece of his father's place. We lived there and raised all our family. Just before our second baby was born, Joe became very ill. The doctor said he would not live, but they operated on him for peritonitis and appendicitis, and he eventually started to improve. When the baby came we were asked to call her Josie, after her father. The doctor said Joe would not have any more family, but he lived to be the father of ten lovely daughters and two fine sons. He loved children and when he knew he was going to have a new baby he always asked that it be twins. He was a very good housekeeper, very neat and clean. At any time I was sick and needed help, he could take over. He was also good around the sick. At one time his mother and older sister were in bed six weeks with rheumatism, and he with the doctor coming once in a while was the only help they had, and he was also boarding a man school teacher. For his enjoyment he chose hunting and fishing. So most of his Sundays were spent on the river bank. Almost every Monday morning we would have a fish breakfast. He liked them cleaned just his way, so he would clean the fish. He was a great man to keep plenty of chopped wood stored ahead. At the time wood was all we had to burn. So he spent a lot of time in the winter hauling wood from the Lavas and then sawing it by hand. So you see that ran into work. We had a Shetland Pony and a buggy to go to primary in. This caused much amusement and no end of trouble at times. Once I had the buggy loaded with friends and family, and I had to untie the horse when we were ready to go home. The horse turned sharply and threw one of the children out and the back wheel ran over her. Since it was just a small cart no harm was done and we returned home in safety. A History of Our Family By Phelma B. Peterson Wood Joseph William Peterson was born April 20, 1887 in Plain City, Utah. He was the son of Hans Peterson and Sarah Ann Mariah Wheeler. When a boy of eight his parents moved to Idaho for his fathers health and settled on a 160 acre tract of land west of Blackfoot. It was all sagebrush-covered and required all the combined efforts of the family to convert it in to the home they desired. Roads, ditches for irrigation, and all improvements had to be built. While he was yet small he became good with horses and when the American Canal system was begun he took his team and scraper to work. He worked winter and summer, coming home weekends until the job was finished. The country was dry and desolate, and many times as they would start work they would find rattlesnakes curled up in their scrapers. They were all dressed for such things and no harm came to them. When he married Sarah Elizabeth Palmer on March 18, 1908, the family gave them the northeast corner for their farm. He was a very hard working man and provided well for his family. Just before the second baby was born, he became ill and the doctors said he would not live, but after his operation for peritonitis and appendicitis he began to improve. When the baby was born she was called Josie because they thought they could have no more children. He lived to become the father of ten daughters and two sons. He loved children and always took them with him whether at work or play. At one time his mother and sister were in bed with inflammatory rheumatism for six weeks with only an occasional trip to the doctor to help him out. At that time a school teacher was boarding at their home and it left quite a family for him to take care of. I recall one time when I must have been quite small, the whole community turned out for a rabbit drive. Since there were no fences, teams came from all directions and drove the rabbits ahead of them to a center pen where they were killed. The children thought it great sport to ride on the sleighs and hear the noise of the men and boys as they scared the rabbits. In this way they could keep the rabbits from over-running the country and causing so much damage. I have heard tell from father and mother how the wild horses used to come in from the desert in the winter for water. Since the Peterson well was the closest, they came here. Many men tried to catch them. After they were filled with water they would soon become winded and the men could rope them. Whoever caught and broke them was the owner. Many fine horses were added to the herds this way. Our fuel was obtained from the Lavas, where cedar trees grew for the trouble of chopping. However, the trip was long and tiresome for both men and horses. Provisions for at least three days had to be taken along with tent, axe, hay for the horses, and camp equipment. The roads were over deep cracks in the lava flows and several accidents have occurred here, which always made us doubly glad when we could see the teams come up the hill and we could run meet father and ride the rest of the way home with him. He loved to farm and would work all day long in the field and burn weeds on the ditches long after dark. Sugar beets were a specialty for him, and he usually was the first team up on the dump and the last one at night. Mother and children did all we could to help in the field, cultivating potatoes, weeding beets, raking and mowing hay, and hand-piling the hay. The last years of his life were spent as a victim of neuritis. He became unable to work, a fact that bothered him greatly. His greatest pleasure lay in the visits of his children and their families. He passed away August 21, 1944 at his home in Thomas, and he was buried in the Thomas-Riverside Cemetery. In the family plot were a 12 year-old daughter Genevieve; Margaret Ann, who died at birth; Bertha Irene, who died at one month old; Gladys Ione, who died as a six week old. All of them preceded him in death. Genevieve had been a great favorite of his and her long illness and death as a result of stomach cancer had been as hard for him to face as any problem he had ever had. She was about twelve years old when she was called home. An Autobiography By Sarah Elizabeth Palmer Peterson My father owned and operated a sawmill. He and mother worked at the mill during the summer and usually came down from the hills for the winter. The winter I was born in 1889, father came down to the valley to find a home for us. He located a place in Downey. We packed and was ready to go, reaching the house that night. Two days later, on December 12, I was born. My grandmother and grandfather were living with us at the time and so Grandmother took care of mother during her illness. The house was so cold I heard it said the wash cloth would freeze to the doorknob while dressing me after a bath. All my younger life was spent at the sawmill. I started school at seven. We would drive a team 10 miles and back at night. My older brother Henry, would care for the horses. In the summer we all worked. Father owned a small band of sheep which the younger children had to herd. One day my sister and I went with the sheep at six o'clock in the morning and took our lunch so we could stay all day. While we weren't around the sheep, some dogs came and ate our lunch. We were plenty hungry when night time came. As we grew older we had to spend more time in school. Father bought a farm in Thomas where we spent the rest of our life. We built a large nine-room home. We kids nailed the lath on while father did the other work. When the house was finished we made good use of it socially as well. I had two older brothers, Henry and James and three sisters, Mary, Nancy, and Ada. We would walk especially to primary. Later they built a school house in Thomas, and that was only a half mile from our home; but the winters were hard with lots of snow. The snow was crusted so hard we could just walk on the top and not break through. I would like to say Father sawed and hauled the lumber 30 miles from the Bannock Mill to build the home. Several homes were built from his mill. Among them were the J. R. Williams home and others. Our home was a large house with seven rooms. It had a large front room and as there was not much entertainment for us, we found our own recreation. Mother was a good sport and went along with us in our fun. Most of the young people called her mother. In 1908 Joe and I were married and lived the first year with his folks. Then, the second year Grandpa and the boys built us a house on the corner of his place. It was a two-room house and 40 acres of land. He worked several years with his father. We did not have conveniences then like we have today. There were no telephones any further out than Riverside. Then, in 1913 we got the phone, and soon after that we got electricity; but before that time we washed on the scrubbing board, ironed with a stove iron with coal oil lamps for light. We had board floors to scrub and no mattresses to sleep on. In the fall when we thrashed we would fill a bed-tick with fresh straw that was our bed. If we were lucky enough to have a rag carpet we would put straw under it for padding. After our marriage there was a period of time I just drifted along until I had three small girls old enough to go to primary. I lived one mile from the church. We did not have a car, so I bought a baby carriage that was large enough to hold two children, and the older child could walk that distance. That way I went to Sunday School in the morning and afternoon meeting at 2 o'clock, and primary on Friday. I never missed many meetings unless someone was sick. Then, about the year 1915, we bought our first car. After that it seemed easier to make a living and we had a brighter look on life. Then, in 1918 there was a flu epidemic, which took many lives. I had a three-week old baby, Joseph Bazil, and I took the flu and almost lost my life and baby. My sister Mary came in and took care of us. There was myself, my husband and four children: Josie, Sarah Genevieve, Martha, and Phelma. All were sick at the same time. She was very patient and took good care of us, and we were soon well. I would like to tell a little incident that happened to me at this time. I was lying in bed with my face to the wall and a tall man with gray hair came to my bed and looked over me and said, "What are you doing?" I said, "Nothing." He said, "Don't you go to Sunday School or Relief Society." I turned over to see who was talking to me, and he left the room. Since that time I have felt I should do whatever the church ask me to do, I have been a teacher in Sunday School, and counselor in primary, and a visiting teacher in Relief Society for years. Then in 1930 Grandpa Peterson took sick, and as he was living alone since Grandma's death, Joe and I sold our home and moved over with him. About one year after that he died, leaving Joe the worries of the place. It was only another year or so until Joe was stricken with arthritis, and he was sick so long we were compelled to sell our place and then we bought a home on a town site in Thomas. Not long after that Joe passed away, and I soon sold again and bought a home in Blackfoot. I would like to mention music. I have always been a lover of music either in dance or song I especially like the words in song. Each song is a sermon, and if at anytime I feel blue, as we all have them days, I can just sing or hum a tune and it will drive the blues away. I can hear my girls say, "Mother is going to wash. Listen at her sing." We belonged to the Riverside Ward, and used to go to Sunday School and primary on horses most of the time. We older girls organized a sewing club, where we went from house to house sewing carpet rags. I took an active part in mutual and Sunday School until after I married. Quite often after and during the preliminary programs in Mutual, Mary and I were called on to sing. For years I have served as a visiting teacher in the Relief Society. After my marriage to Joseph W. Peterson, we moved to our home one mile north of the Thomas Store, where we spent most of our married life. I began to teach Primary where I've taught so many years since. Joseph and Sarah's Children Josie and John Browne John and Josie met at Thomas, Idaho, where Dad was working in road construction. He was working at a gravel pit at Grandpa Peterson's farm. This is where he met Josie Peterson who had to deliver a message to Grandpa Joseph Peterson. They were married in Pocatello and lived on a 40 acre farm which Dad and his father worked very hard to reclaim from the desert. Later, another 40 acres was added to this farm. He worked hard and long hours in clearing the fields and helping to set up the irrigation system. Their first home was a small two-room house which was later replaced by a four-room basement home. It was here that all the children were born—most of them at home. There were six sons and one daughter: Melvin, Agnes, Alton, Jack, Gayle, Jerry, and Earl. An additional farm was later purchased which was down towards Pingree and bordering on the desert. Again, there was some very hard work involved in clearing rocks, burning sagebrush, working the fields and setting up an irrigation system. As was the system at the time, most of the work was done by family members, husband, wife, and children. Dad loved farm animals. They always had dairy cows that needed to be milked, morning and night, seven days a week. I personally remember when they had to milk the cows by hand. It had snowed so much one winter that the roads were blocked and the milk truck could not get in to pick up the cans of milk. There was nothing to do with the cans of milk except pour them out. Life was hard back then. He also had work horses and saddle horses of which he was very proud. He was often asked to enter them in the parades at Blackfoot. About 1952 warmer weather enticed them to move to the Emmett, Idaho, area of western Idaho. They purchased a farm up on the Emmett bench. This is where the younger members of the family grew up and thus it was really "home" to them. When they retired they purchased a home in the township of Letha and spent many years there. They thoroughly enjoyed taking rides up into the mountains and going fishing and hunting. They had many wonderful memories of trips with Jerry and especially of going to Canada. Dad eventually lost his eyesight and was blind for several years. He died in 1981 and was buried at the Emmett Cemetery. Alton died of a massive heart attack in 1987 two years after having complex heart surgery. Gayle died in 2007 and Melvin (Joseph) died in 2013. After Dad's death, Mom moved to a senior complex apartment in Emmett where she lived for many years. About 1991 she moved to Woodland, California to be near her daughter. She made several trips to Emmett to visit, and did quite a bit of traveling with family members. She also took her first airplane ride to Idaho. She didn't really care for that. In 1999 she moved back to Boise, Idaho, and lived there for several years. As her health deteriorated, she lived in a nursing home in Boise. She enjoyed living in the different areas, but was always so happy to get back to Idaho. She passed away December 17, 2005 at Boise, Idaho and was buried at Emmett, Idaho. Martha and David Dance We were all born at the family home in Thomas, Idaho, lived on the 40 acres on the corner of Grandpa Peterson's farm. After Grandmother Peterson passed away, we moved in with him. We went to primary regularly in the old rock church in Thomas. Mother was a Councilor in the primary and very faithful in carrying out her duties. The farm next to Grandpa Peterson's was the Dance Family's. Theron, called "Rusty" because of his red hair, and I dated while he finished Ricks College. His parents Philip B. and Celia W. Dance took us through the Salt Lake Temple when we were married. We came home for our reception and dance at the Thomas Church. Theron raised sugar beets and milk cows. We had a team of horses and borrowed enough money to buy a harness. He worked with his dad and saved enough money to buy the farm we now live on. Theron served on the school board and in the Idaho Legislature. We served in the Idaho Falls Temple then a mission in Nashville, Tennessee. After Theron died I served a mission in San Diego, California. Marva attended BYU and married Gaelard Jensen, who was in the Air Force where they spent their first years. Gaelard set up his flying service from home. Marva began teaching music in the schools. After Gaelard's death, she served a mission in the BYU Hawaii School of Music. David served a mission in Indiana. He married Dianne Wheeler in the Idaho Falls Temple and began farming. As the family grew they built a new home on their Pingree farm where they live. He began driving truck, which lasted more than 20 years. Galen graduated and then married Myrna Elaine Ellis in the Idaho Falls Temple. They lived and worked in the area until 1967, then moved to Wendell, Idaho where they raised and educated their family. Galen served in the Wendell Ward bishopric and the high council. Celia graduated from BYU and married Merlin Gary Hill in the Idaho Falls Temple. They moved to Idaho Falls where she taught school. Celia taught in the schools and church, and helped many families. She died from a brain hemorrhage. Alan and Rita McPherson Dance were married in the Idaho Falls Temple. They have eight children raised in the Thomas-Pingree area where they attended Snake River schools. Alan farmed and then has been a truck driver the past 23 years. Rita has worked in the schools as a teacher's aide. Blaine served his mission in London, England. He married Joan Baldwin. They soon moved to Sandy Valley, Nevada, working with contractors who grew and laid sod. Joan has worked in the schools with the family. They own a sod farm. Steven served his mission to Sao Paulo, Brazil. He married Sharon Buxton in the Idaho Falls Temple and settled in the Moreland area where he worked at the Atomic Energy site. Enjoying family, retirement life's good. Evan served his mission in New England States. He married Leslie Ann Wheeler in the Idaho Falls Temple. They built their home in Rockford. Leslie was hit by the train, leaving Evan with six children ages 1-13. He married Sandi Alplanalp who had three children, As a team they have raised their children. He is now working at the North Dakota Oil Fields. Keith helped on the farm until his mission to Santa Barbara, California. He married Cynthia Jeanne Young in the Idaho Falls Temple. They located in the Seattle area to raise their family. He is a contract carpenter-home builder. Chad served his misson in England. He married Deanna Schwabedissen in the Idaho Falls Temple. They left for BYU to complete his schooling. After graduation they settled in Idaho Falls, Idaho where he is now a bank executive. He is now serving as a stake president. Diane also went to BYU. She married Gary Walker in the Idaho Falls Temple, and they moved to Whittier, California, then Logan, Utah to finish their degrees. Lake Havasu, Arizona is where the family calls home. After their divorce, Diane moved the family to Idaho, where she met Art Jones. They are happily married in New Mexico. Phelma and Owen Wood I found work after graduation in Blackfoot, where I met and married Owen Merrell Wood. We started farming with a team of horses and rarely used machinery. We had 120 acres of land with our name on the contract, and a three room lava rock home. Owen always wanted to farm and has known the meaning of hard work! As the family grew we have tried to help out as much as possible. We worked as a family to make work enjoyable by setting goals like a swim party, picnic, or short trips after a job was finished. When our children numbered five we took our family to the temple to be sealed as a family forever. The first big trouble came during the winter of 1949. Beverly was born January 1st, and to get Mom to the hospital and then home Dad followed the snow plows. The last of January, Sheryl, our second daughter, was diagnosed with Bulbar polio. She was in the hospital in Pocatello. Owen was able to be with her most of the time because of the help of his brother LaVar and Uncle Charlie. It was certainly a time for fasting and prayer. The doctors gave her a one-in-three chance for recovery. She recovered wonderfully thanks to the goodness of our Heavenly Father. Our life changed with our Shetland Ponies—Spurs, Topsy, Trixie—who became our best friends. We watched as all our kids and many grandkids learned to ride and were cared for by the horses. Things went along fine until Owen Woodrow "Woody" our first son passed away from leukemia. This was a test for us as a family—a tie we have in heaven. We have served 15 years in the temple, as well as many callings of service, from scouting to Relief Society, and all in between. Jean went to beauty school in Idaho Falls, and married Eli L. Krommenhoek. We made our home in Idaho Falls where I opened my shop. After our second son was born, we moved to Pocatello, and later to Boise. We are still here, where we raised our family. Sheryl attended Ricks College and then worked at Idaho Falls Atomic Energy Commission where she met John Ybarguen. She received her LDS mission call to Finland. She got home to send John to VietNam. They were married after his return and lived in Idaho Falls and Riverside. John suffered a heart attack and is missed by all the family. Etta May attended Ricks then served a mission to the East Central States, then to BYU nursing. She worked at the LDS Hospital, University of Utah Hospital and the VA hospital. She married Dale I. Eavenson, and they have a son and twin daughters. They are currently serving a mission. Charles served in Hawaii on a mission, and then attended BYU. He decided his real love was farming. He married Jill Fielding and farmed out on the reservation, and then moved to Washington. They have four beautiful kids and were later divorced. He married Mary Taylor who had three sons. They have their home and farm in Pasco, Washington. Beverly attended Ricks and graduated from BYU. She taught school at Pingree and Pocatello where she met and married Ivan Bullock. She went back to teaching in McCammon and taught for 29 years. She's been in church organizations from primary to Relief Society, and had many teaching positions. Ivan served as bishop and conducted 49 funerals. He taught at Idaho State University as coordinator of the Diesel Program for 19 years. Gerry attended Ricks and graduated from BYU. She began teaching in Winslow, Arizona where she married Walt Harrah. He joined the Navy, so they traveled four years. They divorced and she returned to Blackfoot with her three kids. She began selling insurance and traveling, and she married Andy Herrera from California and has lived there since. Jay attended Ricks, and then served a mission in Tempe, Arizona. He attended BYU and married Janece Moody. They moved to Washington to farm. In his words, "Life's good. We grew lots of different crops including a crop of five kids." They expanded farming and The Country Mercantile on the Pasco-Spokane Highway. Their second Country Mercantile is opening in Richland soon. They just finished a mission at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. Myra and Joseph Peterson Joseph Basil Peterson was born on December 4, 1918. He was the first son of Joseph William and Sarah Elizabeth Palmer Peterson in Thomas, Idaho. He grew up on the farm learning the values of family togetherness in work and play. He attended Rockford Elementary and graduated from Thomas High School. His grandparents Hans and Sarah had given their sons Joseph William and Basil Hyrum a portion of the Peterson homestead. They learned to work together in both family planting and harvest teams. Joseph B. married Myra Olney and they made their home in Idaho Falls in 1945. She was divorced with two children—David Gene and Francis Carol Walters. They raised David as their son while Francis Carol was raised by her father. Soon they prepared to welcome a son, Larry Keith, who passed away same day of his birth in 1946. Jo Ann was born in 1953 and was named after her dad to complete the family. Joe was working as a truck driver and enjoyed being on the road with Challenge Creamery, Bairs, and Cowboy Oil. We lived in Hagerman, Idaho and traveled to keep in touch with family every chance we had. After they retired they moved back to Idaho Falls to be near family. David Gene Walters settled in Idaho Falls and worked at the Atomic Energy Site and owns Uniglobe Magestic Travel Inc. So if he is not working he is somewhere flying airplanes. He married Tanis Redford and they had a son, David James. They later divorced. Francis Carol Walters married Archibald Thomas Porter who was in the U.S. Navy. They had a son, Tracy, and twin girls, Elaine and Annetta. Later they divorced. She then married Richard McCarthy and lives in Tennessee. Jo Ann Peterson and Francis Willard Watson married in Idaho Falls, Idaho in 1971. They have Willard Joseph, Stephanie Ann and Richard Francis. They are a family who are loving and caring to each other and others. Watching their grandchildren grow up made them proud. In her words: "Our ancestors led us to this life with the path to follow. I hope we are making them proud." Francis was also a truck driver so they lived in many areas as needs were met. They lived in Salt Lake, West Valley, and Kearns, Utah. Then, after retiring they made their move back to Idaho Falls to be near family. Soon after they returned, her parents Joseph and Myra returned to the Idaho Falls area also. Cleo and Jonathan Webb Cleo Peterson was born March 16, 1921 in Thomas, Idaho. She met her childhood sweetheart, Jonathan Browning Webb, in the fourth grade while attending school in Thomas and Rockford. She married the love of her life May 5, 1939 and remained faithful to that man for 76 years. Jonathan served in the U.S. Army and after his service they bought a farm. This took lots of backbreaking work to make it like it is today. They raised sugar beets, hay, grain, potatoes, and cattle. In 1961 they purchased their mountain retreat near Bone, Idaho and Wolverine Mountain. This has been a haven for the family and friends. Sitting next to Mom at a wrestling match made you feel you were about to be pinned yourself; elbows out and feet dancing she knew she was helping them win. She also enjoyed every stitch put into homemade quilts for grandkids. The children are listed below. Each of them graduated from Snake River High School. Their 50th wedding anniversary was celebrated on May 5, 1989. Jonathan "Jony" LeRoy graduated and served in the U.S. Air Force. He married Dawn Darlene Nelson in 1965, and they had two children, Becky and Brian. Jony built his own electronics business and for years repaired everything in sight. After he divorced Dawn, he later married Iva Roth. He was killed in a accident at his home in 2003. He is still missed by his kids, grandkids, and family. He kept people laughing because of his jovial fun humor. Joe Douglas excelled in wrestling while he was in high school. He won many titles. Joe then joined the U.S. Navy. He married Patricia June Bates after the military service, and their early life was on the farm. Their children were Jody, Jon, Julie, and Lucas. Both of the older boys followed his footsteps on the mat. Jody is still coaching the sport. Because of Joe's hay fever, they moved to the Boise area where they opened a daycare center in their home, bringing the farm to city kids in gardening and animals they helped care for. These last years found him traveling the countryside, delivering trailers for Katrina. Later he worked with his son Lucas doing reposession work. He passed away at home in 2012, and is missed by all who knew him. Betty Webb Caldwell Volger was a true country girl, used to working hard and enjoying the country life. After graduation she married Dwight Caldwell, and to this union was born Debra Ann and Bob Lynn. They were later divorced. Soon she met and married the love of her life, Gerry L.Volger. He had three children: Lorie, Lisa, and Chris. They lived in Pingree, Idaho and both retired from the Bingham County in 2008. They now keep busy with a metal fabrication business. They love to spend time with their family camping and traveling. They are always searching for new places to visit. Jack Webb was a full fledged farm boy. He loves the process of making things grow. He took over the family farm since Dad's death. He raises cattle with his wife Dorothy Ternus Webb, and help of their family of three kids, Sandra, Diana, and David, their spouses, and grandchildren. They have a ranch in the Sellar's Creek area of Bingham County, where all the family gather to to help others. It's not unusual to see at least one extra person in the truck when headed out, whether it be to town or work. Darlene Webb after graduation became a secretarial office gal. Working for Kraft and later at Dr. Rhiem Jone's medical office. She was a farm girl who loved the farm, but city dwelling was more her style. She married John Copenhaver, and they had Ashli and Michael. Later they divorced and she married Peter John Maheres in 1988. His son is Johnny Maheres. Pete and Dee, as he called her, raised Appaloosa horses, and she participated in team penning with Pete. They were a happy couple with dreams of their own, but then tragedy came calling. Pete was attacked and killed by his stepson on March 4, 1994. Dee tried her best to survive the loss and repercussions, but failed. She committed suicide on July 21, 1994. She was a great mother, daughter, and sister. She is missed tremendously. Life will never be the same without her. DeLila and Ralph Boyce DeLila was born at home. She attended Rockford Elementary and Thomas High School. About that time, she met Ralph Boyce of Bradford, Arkansas, who had come to Idaho with the Civil Conservation Corps. He also was working for the Edward Webb family, and got to know Jonathan, who was her sister Cleo's husband. Well, "Joff" and his brothers took Ralph on a deer hunting trip and while tracking some deer Ralph was accidentally shot in the leg. Because it was harvest and Cleo was preparing food for a large crew of farm help, she asked her sister DeLila to come help her take care of Ralph who was assigned to bed rest while his leg healed. She was great help and the story begins their life together as they were married in July of 1940. They went back to Arkansas to meet Ralph's family, and their first son Virgil was born there. They came back to Idaho, found work and made their home in the Thomas area. They lived there for 25 years. While there they took their family of three girls and one boy to the Idaho Falls temple to be sealed together with Virgil who had died at birth. Later they opened a day-and-night laundry in Pocatello, where they lived for the next 14 years. They were able to retire in Riverside where they spent many hours serving in their ward and also the Idaho Falls Temple. During that time they were called to serve an LDS mission in Cannonball, North Dakota. DeLila and Ralph served their family in doing hours of research and temple work—enjoying their children always. Irene was born in Blackfoot, Idaho and graduated from Snake River High. She met Orval Kenneth Taylor while at BYU, and they married and moved to his home in Neosho, Missouri. His family owned a pharmacy. They had a daughter Lori. Marilyn was born in Blackfoot, Idaho and raised in Thomas. She was the third child of five born to Clara DeLila Peterson and Ralph Boyce. She attended the Snake River schools until her senior year when she moved to Pocatello, Idaho due to her folks having set up a laundromat business there. She graduated from Pocatello High in 1962. She married Dale Elmer Fresh from Blackfoot, and they remained there and raised their five children. Vernon Ralph was born in Blackfoot, Idaho and graduated from Highland High. He married Charisse Glessing. They had a daughter Nicole and a step-daughter Lacie. They were the light of his life. He was later divorced. He passed away in 1993. Connie graduated from Pocatello High. Then went to BYU where she met and married Kunita Lincoln Koga . They have six children with two boys and four girls. They lived and raised their children in Gresham, Oregon. They have four grandchildren. Connie died of a very rare throat cancer in 2002. Cal and Dila Peterson Calvin Arnold Peterson and Dila Renee Gibbs married in the Idaho Falls Temple on January 20, 1948. They lived in Blackfoot, Idaho and were blessed with three children— Vicky Lynne, born November 2, 1948; Ross Calvin, born July 15, 1955; and Julie, born February 7, 1959. Cal was born April 10, 1926 in Thomas, Idaho. He was the tenth of twelve children in the family. Cal loved sports and played softball and basketball on the school team. He graduated from Thomas High School, but before he could finish his senior year he was inducted into the armed forces. Cal served in the U.S. Army during World War II both in the Philippines and in Korea. At the end of the war, Cal returned stateside and he and Dila began to date regularly until their marriage in 1948. Dila's parents were Tasman D. Gibbs and Lottie Ione Barnard. She had three brothers and one sister. She graduated from Moreland High School in May 1945. She also loved sports. Cal and Dila met at a high school basketball game at Moreland where Cal was doing his "stuff" with the Thomas team. He left for the army a couple of weeks later and Dila left for the LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, Utah on June 1, 1945 to continue her education. Cal and Dila started writing soon after. Dila graduated from business college and started a job in Pocatello, Idaho at the Idaho Refining Company. She was one of four people transferred to Salt Lake City when Phillips Petroleum Company bought out Idaho Refining Company. Cal worked at the Atomic Energy Company site near Arco, Idaho as a security guard. He was given the opportunity to learn the electrical trade on the site and within a couple of years he was a journeyman electrician and worked on the first atomic submarine. Later, while working for the electrical union he was sent to Conrad, Montana, as a foreman on the missile sites. When the job was completed, they sent him to work in Washington state for Boeing. The year was October, 1966. He worked for Boeing for five months, and was then offered a partnership in an electrical business in Seattle, which he took. In June of 1967 the family moved to Renton, Washington. Vicky, who had just graduated from Blackfoot High School, received a full scholarship offer from Utah State University where she started school in September, 1967. While there she met Steven Hammond of Oxen Hill, Maryland and in September of 1969 they were married in the Idaho Falls Temple. After graduating from college, Vicky's husband Steve joined the Air Force. He served all over the world in that capacity retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel after a 20-year career. Vicky went into a career of teaching music. They have 7 children and 21 grandchildren. After school each day, Ross helped his dad in the electrical business. He graduated from Issaquah High School in June, 1973 and left for a year of school at BYU before serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Ross served in Canada Calgary Mission from October, 1974 to October, 1976, returning to BYU in January, 1977. Ross soon after returned to Bellevue, Washington where he continued to work for his dad and continue his schooling at the University of Washington in Seattle. Julie graduated from Issaquah High School in June of 1977. She continued her education, leaving for BYU that fall. She continued for three and a half years before returning to Renton due to health problems. She went to work for Northwestern Bell for several years and now works as an office manager for Group Health of Seattle. She is an excellent pianist and has served for many years sharing her talents with many choirs and congregations. Cal and Dila raised their family and served in the church faithfully in Renton, Washington for the next forty years, sinking deep roots in the Pacific Northwest. The family enjoyed many activities and outings in this beautiful area. Favorite pastimes were deep-sea fishing, visiting Lopez Island and other sea shores in the area. Visits to the mountains were always enjoyed. Dila retired from a long and eventful career as a bookkeeper and secretary in the late 1990s. Cal retired from the electrical business and passed away from congenital heart failure in October of 2005. After Cal's passing, Dila moved up to Lynnwood, Washington to be closer to her daughter Julie. Alice and Lon Mickelsen When Alice and Lon were first married they settled in Moreland. Then later, they moved into their Groveland home where their family has grown up and she still lives. They bought the Maple Street Laundromat, and Alice still enjoys being there each day. Lon was a butcher and worked at the meat packing plant until retirement. Yonula married Harry Katseanes and they have a home in Blackfoot. They farmed for several years in many areas and are now back home. Charlene and Donald Dewey raised their children around the family in the area. They have helped at the laundry, fixing machines, helping patrons, and working together. Especially since Lon's death they have been able to help a lot. Delwyn Lon married Holly Murdock and they had a son Marcus. Later they divorced. He married Jane and they have three more children. Delwyn built his construction paving business in Moreland. They built their new home in Riverside. Since Lon's death he has taken on many responsibilities. Descendants of Joseph and Sarah 5-Margaret Ann Peterson 1909-1909. 5-Josie Peterson 1910-2005 m:1930 John Melvin Browne 1899-1981. 6-Joseph Melvin Browne 1931-2013 m: Jean Ward 6-Agnes Genevieve Browne 1934- m: Boyce White 6-Alton J. Browne 1936-1987 6-Jack Ralph Browne 1939- m: Irene 6-Gayle C. Browne 1943-2007 m: Beverly Woods 6-Jerry LaMar Browne 1947- 6-Earl D. Browne 1952- 5-Sarah Genevieve Peterson 1911-1923. 5-Martha Isabel Peterson 1913-2000 m: 1932 David Theron Dance 1908-1988. 6-Marva Dance 1933- m:1953 Gaelard Kai Jensen 1934- 7-Stephonie Ann Jensen 1955- m: Tom Byrnes; m:1979 Robert Keith Lallatin 1948-; m:2007 George Casanova 1950- 8-Michael Thomas Byrnes-Lallatin 1976- 9-Janessa Byrnes- Lallatin 8-Heather Ann Lallatin 1980- m: Timothy Preece div; Joshua Gunderson 9-London Drake Gunderson 2011- 7-Teresa Jensen 1957- m:1981 William Michael Powell 1954- 8-Sarah Powell 1983- m: Jeremy Franklin Heistand 1980- 9-Kai Alexander Heistand 2001- 9-Conner Heistand 2005- 9-Carson Shay Heistand 2008- 8-Cody Powell 7-Jeneane Jensen 1958- m: Frank LeRoy Passarelli 1945- 8-Darren Passarelli ab1984- m: Chelsea Glover 1985- 9-Paxton Michael Passarelli 2012- 9-Blakely Joy Passarelli 2014- 8-Melissa Passarelli m:2014 Terry Mustain 8-Kyle Vincent Passarelli 1991- m:2013 Hailey Hotter 7-Zane Kai Jensen 1959- m:1984 Shellie Dawn Carlson 8-Skylar Young 1982- m:Amy Dance 1984- 9-Boden Young 2010- 9-Cooper Dee Young 2012- 8-Shay Kai Jensen 1985-2007 m:2005 Amy Stevenson 1984- 9-Alie Kae Jensen 2006- 8-Chelsie Jensen 1987- 8-Lucie Isabel Jensen 1993-2008. 7-Melonie Jensen 1960- m:1981 Ammon Bradley Storer8-Jennie Storer 8-Heather Storer 8-Brittney Camille Storer 1984- m: Kevin Eutace Curtis Harris 1975- 9-Dariun Harris 9-Kenedi Harris 2010- 7-Zola Marie Jensen 1962- 7-Chris D Jensen 1966- m:1988 Lalani Cogdill; m: Angela Reader 8-Ashlyn Duchscher 1992- m: Nicholas Gelles 8-Christopher Jensen 1998- 8-Abigail Jensen 2001- 8-Addison Jensen 2006- 6-David Philip Dance 1935- m:1960 Karen Dianne Wheeler 1942- 7-Rhonda Lynn Dance 1962- m:Frank Zumaya 8- Lee Zumaya 1990- 8- Alex Zumaya 1992- 8- Brian Zumaya 8-Chris Zumaya 1997- 7-Laurie Ann Dance 1964- m:1987 John Anthony Grayson 1961- 8-Erin Noel Grayson 1989- 8-Anne Marie Grayson 1991- 8-Carolyn Grayson 1993- 8-Sean Thomas Grayson 1995- 8-Claire Grayson 1997- 7-Rochelle Lee Dance 1965- m:1987 Richard Cardan Taylor 1965- 8-Tyson Cardan Taylor 1990- 8-Dallas Michael Taylor 1992- 8-Gentry McKel Taylor 1994- 8-Ashlyn Taylor 1997- 8-Porter Taylor 2004- 7-Kara Jean Dance 1966- m:1990 Franklin G. Staheli 1963- 8-Kiara Dianne Staheli 1991- 8-Cache Franklin Staheli 1993- 8-Mariana Obea Staheli 1995- 8-Jacob Staheli 1998- 8-Brett Staheli 2000- 7-Gina Marie Dance 1967- m:1987 Darren Jay Dawson 1966- 8-Kylee Marie Dawson 1988- m: Jordan Baldwin 9-Harvey Timothy Baldwin 2014- 9-Kendall Baldwin 2011- 9-Jeremiah Baldwin 2014- 8-Nephon Jay Dawson 1989- 8-Terin Ray Dawson 1991- 8-Zayvin Glenn Dawson 1993- 8-Tylo Darin Dawson 1994- 8-Race Dawson 1998- 8-Buxton Dawson 2000- 7-Lisa Carol Dance 1968- 7-Michael Dance 1970- m:1992 Sara Lynn Dalley 1972-; m: Erin 8-Colton Michael Dance 1993- 8-Marissa Lynn Dance 1995- 8-Megan Dance m: Erin 8-Bo Dance 8-Jet Dance 7-De Aun Dance 1972- m:1992 Jeff Bruce Benson 8-Andrew Jeff Benson 1993- 8-Ellis Dianne Benson 1995- 8-McKayla Benson 2000- 8-Brianne Benson 2001- 8-Ani Benson 7-Kent Phillip Dance 1978- m: Jamie 8-Chandler Dance 2001- 8-Kezalee Dance 2003- 8-Ali Dance 8-Degan Dance 7-Maricela Dance m: Alex Zavola 8-Nicolas Zavola 1998- 8-Daniel Zavola 1998- 8-Camilla Zavola 2002- 8-Gabriel Zavola 2005- 6-Galen Rex Dance 1936- m: 1955- Myrna Elaine Ellis 7-Mickie Elaine Dance 1956- m: Kent G. Peterson 8-Douglas Peterson 1980- m: Jerico Taylor 1980- m;2007 9-Maddox Kent Peterson 2011- 8-Jason G. Peterson 1982- m:2004 Candy Jo Searle 1983- 9-Braden Jason Peterson 1982- 9-Kyden Kent Peterson 2008- 9-Hayley Jo Peterson 2011- 9-Audrey Ann Peterson 2013- 8-Travis M. Peterson 1984- m:2006 Jessica Lynn Gallup 1985- 9-Brielle Lynn Peterson 2008- 9-Kamden Travis Peterson 2011- 9-Devree Mia Peterson 2014- 8-Jesse Vaughn Peterson 1989- m:2022 Suzanne Nicole Davis 1991- 9-Lucas James Peterson 2012- 7-Bart Ellis Dance 1958- m:1978 Cindy Turner 8-Dustin Bart Dance 1978- m:2002 Sherami Dana; m:2010 Lori Richey 1979- 9-Ainslee Dance 2003- 9-Brekk Dance 2007- 9-Branson Dance 2008 9-Andee Dance 2010- 9-Treydon Richey 2000- 9-Hannah Richey 2003- 9-Naomi Richey 2004- 9-Xandree Richey 2004- 8-Galen Drue Dance 1981- m:2002 Natalie Bruce 1981- 9-Alison Dance 2010- 9-Diesel Dance 2012- 8-Dillon Ellis Dance 1984- m:Alicia Shaw 1986- 9-Sierra Dance 2007- 9-Cody Dance 2009- 9-Logan Dance 2013- 8-Duke Arden Dance 1986- m:2008 Carrie Warner 1989- 9-McKaty Dance 2010- 9-Kenna Dance 2012- 8-Dalton Dance 1991- 9-Shawnee Dee Dance 1996- 9-Dexan Dance 2000- 7-William Galen Dance 1963- m: Sallie Frederickson 8-Sarah Ann Olsen Dance 1982- m:2001 Adam Layland 1982- 9-Josie Ann Layland 2006- 9-Addison Kay Layland 2009- 8-Brad William Dance 1986- 8-Bonnie Elaine Dance 1988- m:2013 Trenton E. Riddle 1989- 8-Shannon Kay Dance 1991- m: Joshua Purser 1987- 9-Jason Vern Purser 2011- 7-Sandra Faye Dance 1970- m:1989 Terry Dawson 8-Michael Eugene Dawson 1990- m:2008 Michelle Martenez 1991- 9-Kelsie Raye Dawson 2009- 9-Kambri Dawson 2012- 8-Taylor Faye Dawson 1994- 8-Brooke Elaine Dawson 1999- 8-McKayla Faye Dawson 1999- m:2008 Samuel Bruhn 1967- 8-Shyanne Bruhn 2002- 6-Celia Faye Dance 1939-1988 m:1961 Merlin Gerald Hill 1939- 7-Monica Hill 1962- m:1984 David Thomas Broadbent 1960- 8-Thomas Jackson Broadbent 1985- m: Jill Stokes1985; m:2011 Logan Michelle Drury 1985- 9-Scott Jackson Broadbent 2007- 9-Heather Marie Broadbent 2007- 9-Madison Rain Broadbent 2011- 9-Evelyn Kaye Broadbent 2013- 8-Merlin James Broadbent 1988- 8-Monica Lynn Broadbent 1994- 8-Trevor Lloyd Broadbent 1996- 7-Ryan D. Hill 1964- m: Brenda Sue Blethen 1962- 8-Adrian Scott Davis Hill Davis 1984- m: Maxine Rebeles 9-Jordyn Naoma Rebeles-Davis 2004- 8-Theron Todd Hill 1990- 7-Sterling D. Hill 1968- 7-Minon Hill 1970- m:1995 Duane Evan Call 1971- 8-Tayman Wayne Call 1996- 8-Krysten Celia Call 1998- 8-Kalysta Rae Call 2000- 8-Brayden Duane Call 2003- 8-Gavyn Merlin Call 2004- 8-Tayla Diana Call 2006- 7-Nichole Hill m:2001 David Edwin Doerr 1970- 8-Sarah Elizabeth Doerr 2002- 8-Ethan David Doerr 2004- 6-Joseph Alan Dance 1941- m:1961 Rita Carole McPherson 1943- 7-Kimra Dance 1962- m:1981 William Lane Martin 1960- 8-Marcus Colby Martin 1983- 8-Payson William Martin 1985- m:2008 Linzie Toone Martin 1988- 9-William Maximus Martin 2010- 9-Amelia Darling Martin 2012- 8-Rhett Warren Martin 1991- m:2013 Ashley Lynn Brower 1994- 8-Nathan Reilly Martin 1993- 7-Andrea Dance 1964- m:1984 David Leroy Mitton 8-Joshua David Mitton 1985- m: Kyla Leona Lyman 9-Avery Jane Mitton 2009- 9-Kolby Joshua Mitton 2012- 9- Miton 2014 8-Christopher Alan Mitton 1986- m: Jessica Elise Tanner 1987- 9-Aili Olivia Mitton 2008- 9-Estee Emeline Mitton 2014- 8-Curtis James Mitton 1988- m:2011 Emily Anne Crain 9-James Franklin Mitton 1991- 8-Amy Mitton 1991- m:2012 Michael Travis Ivan 8-Jason Samuel Mitton 1994- 8-Andrew Scott Mitton 1991- 7-Clayton Alan Dance 1967- m:2008 Mariam Ann Simper 1974- 8-Porter Alan Dance 2003- 8-Evalynn Grace Dance 2005- 7-Holly Dance 1969- m:1990 Curtis Ivan Jones 1963- 8-Adam Jones 1991- m:2010 Laura Leticia Arenas 1992- 9-Maddie Lynn Jones 2010- 9-Dacie Awen Jones 2012- 9-Jeremy Wyatt Jones 2014-2014 8-Eric Hyrum Jones 1993- 8-Joseph Alan Jones 1995- 8-Emily Ann Jones 2005- 7-Alana Dance 1972- m:2001 David James Frost 1967- 8-Jerrymiah David Frost 2002- 8-Samuel James Frost 2003- 8-Sariah Joan Frost 2005- 8-Ruth Ann Frost 2008- 8-Eden Winter Frost 2011- 8-Ester Rich Frost 2013- 7-Sara Jane Dance 1974- m:1993 Korden Farrell Wray 1971- 8-Wyatt Korden Wray 1995- 8-Kendon Chase Wray 1997- 8-Kohner Dean Wray 20000 8-Bridger Alan Wray 2001- 8-Daniel James Wray 2004- 8-Justin Farrell Wray 2006- 7-Ariane Dance 1980- m:1999 Marc Eric Robinson 1976- 8-Kaitlyn Ann Robinson 2001- 8-Kassidy Rose Robinson 2003- 8-Benjamin Tate Robinson 2006- 8-Abigail Ruth Robinson 2009- 8-Rachael Marie Robinson 2011-7-Rita McKel Dance 1982- m:2002 Brian Graham Mc Inelly 1980- 8-Emma Marie Mc Inelly 2004- 8-Taelor Jane Mc Inelly 2007- 8-Adison Reese Mc Inelly 2010- 8-Ian Graham Mc Inelly 2012- 8-Bailee Ann Mc Inelly 2014- 6-Blaine Dance 1943- m:1966 Joan Baldwin 1946- 7-Randall Blaine Dance 1967- m: Donna Bloxton 8-Dylan Randall Dance m: Jessica Bentley 9-Emeline Dance 8-Toria Dance 8-Shayla Dance 7-Deveny Dance 1968- m: David Pace 8-Preston Pace 8-Brookyn Pace 8-McKay Pace 7-Jason Reed Dance 1970- m: Shantel Davis 8-Hunter Dance 8-Lauren Dance 8-Landon Dance 7-Darren Phillip Dance 1972- m: Shawnee Lim 8-Whitney Sioux Dance m: Quenten Thompson 8-Damon Dance 8-Carson Dance 8-Daisy Joan Dance 7-Tyler Theron Dance 1976- m: Rosemary Summerhays 8-Avery Dance 8-Lila Jane Dance 8-Grace Harper Dance 7-Candis Dance 1978- m: Ryan Roberts 8-Anna Joan Roberts 8-Xavier Roberts 8-Isaac Roberts 8-Eva Roberts 8-Lincoln Roberts 7-Brian Lee Dance 1980- m: Christina Harston 8-Alyssa Dance 8-Carinn Dance 8-Ashton Dance 7-Douglas Baldwin Dance 1983- m: Stephanie Riding8-Jackson Dance 8-Jordan Dance 8-Mackenzie Dance 8-Coleman Dance 6-Steven Roy Dance 1946- m:1970 Sharon Buxton 1950- 7-Bradley Steven Dance 1971- m: Lauren8-Braelin Isabelle Dance 2001- 8-Deverie Helen Dance 2007- 8-Aislen Sarae Dance 2009- 7-Sabrina Ann Dance 1976- m:1996 Kevin LaMar Godfrey 1974- 8-Kaden Lyle Godfrey 1998- 8-Kristen Ann Godfrey 2000- 8-Rachel Brenda Godfrey 2002- 8-Dylan Myler Godfrey 2006- 8-Emma Helen Godfrey 2008- 8-Mailia Iabelle Godfrey 2011- 8-Jessie Elna Godfrey 2013- 7-Eric Steven Dance 1978- m:2001 Danielle Crooks 1980- 8-Arianna Danielle Dance 2007- 8-Bobby Eric Dance 2010- 7-Julia Helen Dance 1979- m:2006 David Mosiah McDonald 2009- 8-Ethan David McDonald 2009- 8-Austin Verl McDonald 2011- 7-Quinn Verl Dance 1983- m:2005 Suzanne Peterson 1994- 8-Madyson Kaye Dance 2007- 8-Bodil Quinn Dance 2008- 8-Boston Steven Dance 2011- 8-Jayde Janet Dance 2014- 7-Brianna Sharon Dance 1986- 6-Evan Dee Dance 1947- m:1970 Leslie Ann Wheeler 1951-1984. 7-Russell Evan Dance 1971- m: Tamara 8-Amanda Dance 7-Jeremy Dee Dance 1972- 7-Dustin Andrew Dance 1974- 7-Jennie Dance 1976- m: Joshua Cobb 8-Evan Cobb 8-Brayden Cobb 7-Amanda Dance 1980- m: Truman 8-Raven Truman 8-Harlie Truman 8-Brackin Truman 7-Hilary Dance 1983- m: Shawn Wilmot 8-Raclyn Wilmot 8-Brady Wilmot 6-Keith Lane Dance 1951- m:1973 Cynthia Jeanne Young 1953- 7-Amy Jenea Dance 1974- m: Quinn Peterson 8-Reece Peterson 8-Quincy Peterson 8-Trey Peterson 7-Darcy Lynn Dance 1975- m: Shaun Liechty 8-Alex Liechty 8-Colin Liechty 8-Gavin Liechty 7-Brent Lane Dance 1976- m: Terrie 8-Drew Dance 8-Avery Dance 7-Cody De Wayne Dance 1978- m: Heather 8-Coda Dance 8-Bryer Dance 7-Trevor Stephen Dance 1982- m: Dustine 8-Aden Dance 8-Lucas Dance 6-Chad Wayne Dance 1953- m:1974 Deanne M. Schwabedissen 1951- 7-Julianna Dance 1975- m: Joshua Turley 8-Emma Lynn Turley 2000- 8-John Wayne Turley 2004- 7-Rebecca Dance 1976- m: Bryon Lynn Beck 1975- 8-Kasey Lynn Beck 8-Zackary Chad Beck 2002- 9- Beck 8-Andrew Moore Beck 2005- 8-Alexandria Brooke Beck 2009- 7-Emily Dance 1977- 7-Katherine Dance 1980- m: Kendall Brown 8-Carter Dean Brown 2003- 8-Allison Ruth Brown 2005- 8-Tyson Alan Brown 2007- 8-Austin Roy Brown 2012- 7-Benjamin Chad Dance 1983- m: TaNiel Rena Landon 8-Landon Benjamin Dance 2008- 8-Cooper Russell Dance 2009- 8-Holland Rena Dance 2011- 8-Becham Chad Dance 2014- 8-Claire August Dance 2014- 7-Matthew Theron Dance 1986- m: Jennifer Lynn Clark 1985- 8-Jackson Matthew Dance 2013- 7-Lindsey Brooke Dance 1989- m: Zachary Cleverly 6-Diane Dance 1955- m:1978 Gary Walker; m:2012 Arthur Rey Jones 7-Christi Ann Walker 1979- 7-Melinda Jo Walker 1981- 7-Gary Dean Walker 1984- m:1983 La Recia Peery 8-Brighton Airas Walker 2014- 7-Kimberlee Sue Walker 1985- m: 2014 Jose Martinez 1984- 7-Casey William Walker 1990 5-Bertha Irene Peterson 1915-1915. 5-Phelma Burnis Peterson 1916-2001 m:1938 Owen Merrell Wood 1914-2003. 6-Jean Wood 1939- m: Eli Lance Krommenhoek 7-Jeanine Ann Krommenhoek 1959- m: Steven Howard Berglund 8-Courtney Leigh Berglund 1981- m: Andrew James Erickson 9- Lily Marie Erickson 2010- 9-William Bryce Erickson 2013- 8-Erik Steven Berglund 1981- m: Paulina Fernandis 8-Amy Lynn Berglund 1987- 8-Andrew James Berglund 1990- m: Breanne Parsons 7-Debra Kay Krommenhoek 1960- m: David Richard Olsen 8-Ashley Kate Olsen 1991- 8-Amanda Jennifer Olsen 1993- 8-Jacob David Olsen 1995- 8-Jared Daniel Olsen 1997- 8-Hailey Lynn Olsen 2001- 7-Marvin Lance Krommenhoek 1962 -1985. 7-Brad Owen Krommenhoek 1965- m: Nina Marie Kilgore 8-Ian Cedric Krommenhoek 1996- 8-Curtis Phillip Krommenhoek 1999- 8-Quinn Lance Krommenhoek 2004- 7-Angela Lyn Krommenhoek 1967- 8-Jessica Taylor Krommenhoek 1988- 7-Diane Larae Krommenhoek 1970- m: John David Bollinger. 8-Acacia Ranae Bollinger 1993- 8-Corrissa Mae Bollinger 1996- 8-Hadley Shae Bollinger 2005- 6-Sheryl Wood 1941- m: John Ybarguen Jr 1942-2014. 8-Kaytlynn Nicole Clark 1996- 8-Luke David Clark 1999- 7-John Jeffrey Ybarguen 1973- m: Candice Leavitt 8-Colton Jeffrey Ybarguen 1998- 8-Kennedy Ann Ybarguen 2000- 8-Mari McKell Ybarguen 2003- 7-John Justin Ybarguen 1978- m: Audrey Ruth Twiggs 8-Adilyn S. Ybarguen 2008- 8-Rylee K. Ybarguen 2008- 8-Ragan Ybarguen 2011- 6-Owen Woodrow Wood 1943-1954. 6-Etta May Wood 1945- m: Dale Irven Eavenson 7-Jared Irven Eaveanson 1979- m: Tricia Marie Henrie 8-Samuel Irven Eavenson 2008- 8-Brittany Jade Eavenson 2010- 7-Rebecca Eavenson twin 1981- 7-Kristina Eavenson twin 1981- m: Beren Alexander Colby 8-Eaven Alexander Colby 2011- 8-Danaka Ann Colby 2013- 6-Charles Merrell Wood 1947- m: Jill Fieldingd; m: Mary Louise Taylor 7-Cherise Leilani Wood 1970- m: Joey Averett 8-Cortney Leilani Averett 2005- 7-Celeste Kalani Wood 1972- 8-Riley Elizabeth Wood 2008- 7-Danielle Nicole Wood 1976- m: Matthew Stepnes 8-Jack James Stepnes 2003- 8-Taylor Stepnes 2005- 7-Charles Patrick Wood 1978-6-Beverly Wood 1949- m: Ivan Ray Bullock 7-Sheraine Lee Bullock 1974- m: Robert Shawn Bruce 8-Mason Robert Bruce 2006- 8-Eden Lillie Bruce 2009- 8-Zaila Grace Bruce 2009- 8-Quinn Thomas Bruce 2010- 7-Roxanne Una Bullock 1975- m: Kyle Robert Jamieson 8-Kolby Kyle Jamieson 2000- 8-Joshua Reese Jamieson 2002- 8-Jace Barrett Jamieson 2004- 8-Kortlyn Jamieson 2006- 8-Paige Kristine Jamieson 2008- 8-McKenna Stratford 2012- 7-Diedre Rae Bullock 1978- m: Scott Paul Samuelson 8-Amaya Jade Samuelson 2001- 8-Ashlyn Paige Samuelson 2004- 8-Owen Scott Samuelson 2008- 7-Barrett Ivan Bullock 1979- m: Elizabeth Ann Luker 8-Marius Bullock 2004- 8-India Grace Bullock 2007- 8-McKay Ivan Bullock 2009- 8-Bentley David Bullock 1984- 7-Trevor Owen Bullock 1984- 6-Geraldine Wood 1952- m: Walter Neil Harrah m: Andres Herrera 7-Robert Neil Harrah 1977-2007 m: Kathy Lynn Bynum 8-Spencer Robert Harrah 1996- 8-Kaysia Starr Harrah 1999- 7-Brian Walter Harrah 1978- m: Jen 8-Tyler James Schofield 1995- 8-Tamisha 8-Chance 7-Amber Dawn Harrah 1981- m: Todd William Rittel 8-Maddison Rain Wood 2001- 8-Ben T. Rittel 2006- 6-JLyn Wood 1954- m: Janece Leona Moody 1955 7-Brandon Jason Wood 1978- m: Veronica Esmerilda Silva 8-Michael Jason Wood 2006- 8-Jayce Dillon Wood 2008- 8-Dawson Eric Wood 2009- 8-Ethan Wood 2013- 7-Shanae Lynette Wood 1979- m: Aaron Ross Jones 8-Kali Lyn Jones 2006- 8-Krew Ross Jones 2008- 8-Kolt Roy Jones 2011- 7-Nathan Jaden Wood 1983- 7-Janica Larae Wood.1985- m: Seth Warren Ellsworth 8-Warren Seth Ellsworth 8-Lydia Ellsworth 2012- 8-Ezra James Ellsworth 2014- 7-Coriann Lacole Wood 1988- m: Tucker Lee Fraughton 8-Peyton Lacole Fraughton 2014- 5-Joseph Basil Peterson 1918-2002 m: 1945 Myra Olney 1922-2007 6-Larry Keith Peterson 1946-1946 6-JoAnn Peterson 1953- m:1971 Francis Willard Watson 1950- 7-Willard Joseph Watson 1972- m: Michelle Kaye Orton 1971- 8-Jordan Kaye Watson 1997- 8-Sahrene Ann Watson 2008- 7-Stephanie Ann Watson 1975- m:1994 Jared Kevin Johnson 1974- 8-Kevin Jacob Johnson 1995- 8-Cylee Ann Johnson 1997- 8-Zachary Wayne Johnson 1997- 8-Amanda Grace Johnson 2004- 7-Richard Francis Watson 1977- m: Shalene Cleveland 1982- 8-Jasmine Mackenzie Watson 1997- 8-Jamie Mae Watson 1998- 8-Cole Jacob Watson 2003- 8-Bailey Shay Watson 2005- 5-Cleo Elva Peterson 1921-2006 m:1939 Jonathon Browning Webb 1919-1992. 6-Jonathon LeRoy Webb 1940-2003 m:1964 Dawn Nelson 1945- 7-Beck Jo Webb 1965- m:1986 Perry Wohlshlegel; m:1995 Troy Leathem 8-Jacob Lee Wohlshlegel 1986- 8-Erika Dawn Wohlshlegel 1989- m:2010 Billy Poulsondiv m:2013 Jason Rush 8-Cheyanna Leathem 1997- 7-Brian Kelly Webb 1967- m:1994 Laura Murdock; Misty Schuck Robinson 8- Colton Jon Webb 1997- 7-Becky Webb m: Troy Leatham 6- Stillborn Webb 1943- 6-Joe Douglas Webb 1944-2012- m:1964 Patricia Bates 1945- 7-Jody Wayne Webb 1966- m:1986 Michelle Marie Meyer 1966- 8-Daiel Jordan Webb 1990- 8-Shay Ann Webb 1994- 8-Tucker Joff Webb 1998- 8-Tnner Dane Webb 2000- 7-Jon Paul Webb 1967- m:1986 Tonnie Taylor 1970- 8-Terra Jean Webb 1988- m: Baumgarter 9-McKnzie Nola Baumgarter 2007- 8-Tyler Jon Webb 1990- m:SheKinah Davis The 1988- 9-Hemi Webb 2010- 9-Chevelle Webb 2012- 7-Julie Ann Webb 1977- m:1996 David Patrick Clairborne 1978- 8-Tabitha Lynn Claiborne 1998- 8-David Joseph Claiborne 2000- 8-Nathaniel James Claiborne 2005- 7-Lucas Jack Webb 1980- m:2001 Brooke Jones 1980- 8-Hayley Aurora Webb 3005- 8-Ashlyn Alora Webb 2005- 8-Kinzey Jordan Webb 2008- 6-Betty Eilene Webb 1946- m:1965 Dwight Caldwell 7-Debra Ann Caldwell 1966- m:1985 Tony Joe Barrington 7-Robert Lynn Caldwell 1969- m:1987 Valerie Stamper 6-Jack Webb 1949- m:1968 Dorothy Ann Ternus 1949- 7-Sandra Ann Webb 1969- m:1990 Steve Crippen; m:1998 Brian Colling 8-Travis William Crippen 1991- 7-Diane Pauline Webb 1972- m:1992 Ronald Steinmitz 1969- 8-Russel Browning Steinmitz 1995- 8-Hailey Hunter Steinmitz 2001- 7-David Eugene Webb 1977 m:1998 Jamie Powell 1976- 8-Dillon Lemieux Webb 1995- 8-Bobby David Webb 2000- 8-Carlie Jo Webb 2003- 8-Payton Gene Webb 2005- 6-Darlene Webb 1951-1994 m: 1971 John Kelly Copenhaver 1951; m:1988 Peter Maheres 1953-1994 7-Ashli Michelle Copenhaver 1972- m:1995 Mark Nillson 8-Tyler Gustoph Nillson 1999- 8-Jamison Michael Nillson 2003- 7-Michael Copenhaver 1976- 5-Clara DeLila Peterson 1924- m: Ralph Boyce 6-Virgil LaMar Boyce 1941-1941 6-Vera Irene Boyce 1942- m:1968 Orval Kenneth Taylor 7-Lori Taylor 1969 m:1987 Gregory James Scott 8-Shannon Shaylee Scott 1988- 8-Amanda Ranae Scott 1989- 6-Marilyn Boyce 1944- m:1963 Dale Elmer Fresh 1943-1991. 7-Ralph Mardell Fresh 1964- m: Victoria L. 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Peterson 1955- m: 1998 Wendy Marie West 1963- 7-Nicole Peterson 1979- m:2001 Stacey Jon Grant 8-Stella Stacey Grant 2011- 7-Angela Peterson 1981- 7-Justin Ross Peterson 1986- m: 2012 Margaret Prall Mitchell 7-Alexis Gibbs Peterson 1990- m: 2011 Michael John Payne 7-Seth Michael Campbell 1992- 6-Julie Peterson 1959- m: 1982 Charles Howard Kucera; m: 1993 Charleton Johnson 5-Gladys Ione Peterson 1928-1929 5-Wanda Alice Peterson 1930- m: Lon Mickelson 1920-1998 6. Yonula Mickelsen 1946- m:1964 Harry Katseanes Jr. 1942- 7-Camron Rance Katseanes 1964-1987 7-Lisa Camille Katseanes 1966- m:1987 Wayne Miller 7. Kara Michelle Katseanes 1979- 6-Charlene Ann Mickelsen 1952- m:1971 Donald R. Dewey 1951- 7-Donald Shane Dewey 1971- 7-Kristine Ann Dewey 1977- 6-Delwyn Lon Mickelsen 1955- m:Holly Murdock; m: Lois Jane Pratt 7-Marcus Lon Mickelsen 1974- 8-Chase 8-Roselle 7-Rachelle Mickelsen 1976- 7-Brandy Lyn Mickelsen 1977- m. Roby Austin 8-Logan Hadden 8-Jordaynne Jane 8-Diylon Lon 7-Zane Mickelsen 1983- 8-Caleb Zane 8-Emma Jane 8-Shayna Jo

Life timeline of Joseph W Peterson

Joseph W Peterson was born on 20 Apr 1887
Joseph W Peterson was 9 years old when George VI of the United Kingdom (d. 1952) George VI was King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Commonwealth from 11 December 1936 until his death in 1952. He was the last Emperor of India and the first Head of the Commonwealth.
Joseph W Peterson was 21 years old when Ford puts the Model T car on the market at a price of US$825. Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. It was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16, 1903. The company sells automobiles and commercial vehicles under the Ford brand and most luxury cars under the Lincoln brand. Ford also owns Brazilian SUV manufacturer Troller, an 8% stake in Aston Martin of the United Kingdom, and a 49% stake in Jiangling Motors of China. It also has joint-ventures in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Russia. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is controlled by the Ford family; they have minority ownership but the majority of the voting power.
Joseph W Peterson was 30 years old when Tsar Nicholas II of Russia was forced to abdicate in the February Revolution, ending three centuries of Romanov rule. Nicholas II or Nikolai II, known as Saint Nicholas in the Russian Orthodox Church, was the last Emperor of Russia, ruling from 1 November 1894 until his forced abdication on 15 March 1917. His reign saw the fall of the Russian Empire from one of the foremost great powers of the world to economic and military collapse. He was given the nickname Nicholas the Bloody or Vile Nicholas by his political adversaries due to the Khodynka Tragedy, anti-Semitic pogroms, Bloody Sunday, the violent suppression of the 1905 Russian Revolution, the executions of political opponents, and his perceived responsibility for the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905). Soviet historians portray Nicholas as a weak and incompetent leader whose decisions led to military defeats and the deaths of millions of his subjects.
Joseph W Peterson was 41 years old when Walt Disney character Mickey Mouse premieres in his first cartoon, "Plane Crazy". Walter Elias Disney was an American entrepreneur, animator, voice actor and film producer. A pioneer of the American animation industry, he introduced several developments in the production of cartoons. As a film producer, Disney holds the record for most Academy Awards earned by an individual, having won 22 Oscars from 59 nominations. He was presented with two Golden Globe Special Achievement Awards and an Emmy Award, among other honors. Several of his films are included in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.
Joseph W Peterson was 52 years old when Adolf Hitler signs an order to begin the systematic euthanasia of mentally ill and disabled people. Adolf Hitler was a German politician, demagogue, and Pan-German revolutionary, who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945 and Führer ("Leader") of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator, Hitler initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939, and was central to the Holocaust.
Joseph W Peterson died on 21 Aug 1944 at the age of 57
Grave record for Joseph W Peterson (20 Apr 1887 - 21 Aug 1944), BillionGraves Record 6273485 Blackfoot, Bingham, Idaho, United States