Jayson Lynn Smith

17 Sep 1900 - 29 Jul 1938

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Jayson Lynn Smith

17 Sep 1900 - 29 Jul 1938
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I believe the following history was written by Ardella (Smith) Davis, Jason's sister: Jason Lynn Smith was born the 17 September 1900 at Thurber, Wayne, Utah. He was the eighth child and fifth son of Jorgen (John) Smith and Sarah Sariah Durfey. Jason spent his boyhood days on the old farm located do

Life Information

Jayson Lynn Smith


Bridgeland Cemetery

E River Rd
Duchesne, Duchesne, Utah
United States


October 3, 2011


October 2, 2011

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Grave Site of Jayson Lynn


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History of Jason Lynn Smith

Contributor: shetler Created: 3 years ago Updated: 3 years ago

I believe the following history was written by Ardella (Smith) Davis, Jason's sister: Jason Lynn Smith was born the 17 September 1900 at Thurber, Wayne, Utah. He was the eighth child and fifth son of Jorgen (John) Smith and Sarah Sariah Durfey. Jason spent his boyhood days on the old farm located down by the "Dirty Devil River" near the city of Thurber. Jason's father owned 160 acres of land on which he raised milk cows, horses, and pigs. Jason helped with the chores of milking and feeding the cows or feeding the pigs and horses. In his spare time he rode horses. He loved horses and spent all the time he could on them. Jason also loved to run and it was said he could out run anyone in that area. He would run 100 yards in 10 seconds. One time right before his mother died, a boy who was pretty fast challenged Jason to a foot race. They started right by Jason's house. Jason's mother, Sarah, had her daughter, Amanda, move her bed around so she could watch the race. In the process Amanda remembers Sarah saying, "Now, if you don't want to see Jason win that race you better not let him run!" showing how much confidence she had in her son. During Jason's childhood he was the kind of boy who knew everything and got into everything. Jason attended school at Bicknell. During the summers starting in 1913 he worked for a man named Bishop Arthur Meeks for whom he drove cattle from Bicknell to the Colorado River. Jason would be gone from three weeks to a month. Jason was said to have been a very hard worker. Along with being a hard worker Jason was also very free hearted. He would buy anything or do anything for anyone in need. It was said that he would ride for miles and miles to get a doctor or medicine for someone and never complain. One time he needed a purse so he went down to buy one and found he didn't have enough money. He came home and cried because he was in debt and didn't have any money for his new purse. In 1916 Jason's parents went to Uinta Basin because of Sarah's poor health. Amanda was put in charge of the family. She was responsible for cooking for 15 children and bathing them. In the summer of 1921 Jason headed down on horseback for the Colorado River to work. On the way he met Cleo Teeples, Leonard Buchanan, and Cleo Lee for the first time. Jason stayed with them and they talked all night. By morning he and Cleo Lee had decided to get married. All four of them went back up to Thurber and Jason told Amanda he was getting married. Amanda objected because Jason hardly knew Cleo, but Jason didn't listen. He and Cleo went to Loa, Wayne County, Utah where they were married. After being married they both went down to the Colorado River where Jason worked. When finished they returned to Tory, Utah and lived in a rock house belonging to Cleo's brother, Melvin Lee. In December Lynn (as Jason was called) contracted small pox and went to Duchesne. He couldn't find work so he went to Myton, Utah where his parents lived. He and Cleo lived in the restaurant owned by his parents until Lynn got a job herding sheep. Lynn went herding sheep and Cleo stayed with Lynn's family in Myton. While Lynn was gone Cleo wrote a letter to her brother Lawrence telling him that Lynn's family was treating her mean and that she wanted Lawrence to come and get her. Before Lawrence could get there Cleo had already left on a bus. Lawrence had brought a gun with him, but when he found that Cleo had already left he determined that his sister had been lying, so he stayed the night with Lynn's parents. When Lynn came home and found Cleo had left he broke down and started crying. It wasn't long before Cleo filed for a divorce. After than Lynn worked around Duchesne until his family moved to Park City in 1922. At Park City he got a job working in the mines. He also took up fighting to earn more money. It is said that he never backed down from a fight and most generally won. While in Park City Jason attended the dances and it was at one of these dances in 1923 that he met Ruby Alice Edwards. After being married to her on 10 October 1923 at Malad, Oneida, Idaho they both went to Midview, Utah and bought a farm. A year later, Phyllis, the first of seven children, was born to them. Lynn worked hard on the farm and one day in July of 1938 while plowing out corn with one horse he went unconscious and fell off. In falling off he landed in a ditch full of water which brought him around. He unhooked the horse and belly boosted himself onto it's back. The horse brought Jason to the barn where Ruby saw him. Her and the children helped him off the horse. Uncle Almy came and administered to him and Aunt Ream gave him a shot for typhoid fever. Jason would then call for his sister Della. Ruby didn't want Della to come because Della had just lost her father and husband. When Uncle Almy found out, he called Della himself. Della got a ride with Uncle Norman who was a truck driver. Before Della could get there, Jason had already gone unconscious again. Ruby had arthritis real bad and couldn't help Jason much. She had it so bad she could hardly pick up a glass. Della stayed with Lynn 10 days and nights giving him an ice cold water bath every half hour for an hour and rubbing him and giving him lots of juices. The ninth night Lynn really suffered. Della remembers that when she would move his right leg he would pull a face as if it hurt and his right foot seemed to be twisted in. Della took care of Lynn in a room in the basement. Almy would bring food for Lynn and Della. Della asked Almy to ask Ruby if it would all right to dedicate Jason to the Lord. Ruby consented and so Almy anointed his head and dedicated him. Just before his said Amen, Della noticed that Jason was dead. Almy broke the news to Ruby. Jason Lynn lived on earth 38 years, 10 months, and 12 days. He played hard and worked hard, but still took time to play with his Indian children friends and his own children. He died one day before the 12th birthday of his oldest child.

Life timeline of Jayson Lynn Smith

Jayson Lynn Smith was born on 17 Sep 1900
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Jayson Lynn Smith died on 29 Jul 1938 at the age of 37
Grave record for Jayson Lynn Smith (17 Sep 1900 - 29 Jul 1938), BillionGraves Record 283400 Duchesne, Duchesne, Utah, United States