Jacob Bachman

1830 - 1907

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Jacob Bachman

1830 - 1907
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Son of Hans Rudolf Bachman and Elizabeth Aerny Married Elizabeth Sutter, 3 Dec 1852, Bottenwil, Aargau, Switzerland Children - Mary Bachman, Verena (Frana) Bachman, Henry Bachman, Jacob Bachman, Elizabeth Bachman, Emuel Bachman, Sarah Bachman, Rosella Bachman, Bertha Bachman, Alma Bachman Married An

Life Information

Jacob Bachman


Mountain View Cemetery

5551-5589 E 2700 N
Eden, Weber, Utah
United States


June 5, 2012


June 3, 2012

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Jacob Bachman (26 April 1830 – 19 December 1907)

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Son of Hans Rudolf Bachman and Elizabeth Aerny Married Elizabeth Sutter, 3 Dec 1852, Bottenwil, Aargau, Switzerland Children - Mary Bachman, Verena (Frana) Bachman, Henry Bachman, Jacob Bachman, Elizabeth Bachman, Emuel Bachman, Sarah Bachman, Rosella Bachman, Bertha Bachman, Alma Bachman Married Anna Hegetschweiler, 27 Mar 1867, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah Children - Joseph Bachman, Annie Bachman, John Rudolf Bachman, Emma Josephine Bachman History as given by son, Emuel Bachman. Near the head of a little valley, which is about 6 or 8 miles long and varying in width from about a half a mile to a mile at its widest place, in the foot-hill regions of the Switzerland Alps, is a hill named Willsberg. It is about 600 feet above the base of the little valley. About half way up the hill, overlooking a beautiful small creek, is a typical Swiss house, nestled in the center of a growth of old and stately hazelnut trees. This house is the ancestral home of the Bachman family. How long the family has lived there is not known. Presumably it has lived there many generations and perhaps the family name of Bachman was taken from the residence there itself, meaning "The man of the creek, or Creek Man." "My father, Jacob Bachman, son of Hans R. Bachman, was born here the 26th day of April 1830. He died in Ogden, Utah, December 19, 1907. My mother was Elizabeth Sutter, born in the city of Aarau, well-educated daughter of a lawyer, in whose office she served as his scrivener. They were married December 3, 1852, and joined the Church in the year 1855. They started for Utah in 1862. On arriving at Bern, Switzerland, I was born August 17 of that year. This made our family a family of 5 children leaving for Zion; Frana, Henry, Jacob, Elizabeth and Emuel (myself). Mary, the oldest of the children had died before the family started. "Our first home in Utah was in Harrisville, in Mound Fort, Weber County. But we soon moved to Liberty in Ogden Valley. The extreme cold and want of food and clothing for his family caused my father to complain bitterly of his sacrifice of a good home and plenty in Switzerland. He became very ill, and during which time he saw the mistake of complaining, and repented. My mother, was always strong in the faith. From Liberty we moved to Eden, where, in November 1866 my mother died. In about a year my father married a widow by the name of Anna Stone who had one child. From this union there were born 4 children, making a total of 13." Heart Throbs of the West, Kate B. Carter, Vol. 4, p. 273

Life timeline of Jacob Bachman

Jacob Bachman was born in 1830
Jacob Bachman was 10 years old when Samuel Morse receives the patent for the telegraph. Samuel Finley Breese Morse was an American painter and inventor. After having established his reputation as a portrait painter, in his middle age Morse contributed to the invention of a single-wire telegraph system based on European telegraphs. He was a co-developer of the Morse code and helped to develop the commercial use of telegraphy.
Jacob Bachman was 29 years old when Charles Darwin publishes On the Origin of Species. Charles Robert Darwin, was an English naturalist, geologist and biologist, best known for his contributions to the science of evolution. He established that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestors and, in a joint publication with Alfred Russel Wallace, introduced his scientific theory that this branching pattern of evolution resulted from a process that he called natural selection, in which the struggle for existence has a similar effect to the artificial selection involved in selective breeding.
Jacob Bachman was 32 years old when U.S. President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, declaring the freedom of all slaves in Confederate territory by January 1, 1863. Abraham Lincoln was an American statesman and lawyer who served as the 16th President of the United States from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865. Lincoln led the United States through the American Civil War—its bloodiest war and perhaps its greatest moral, constitutional, and political crisis. In doing so, he preserved the Union, abolished slavery, strengthened the federal government, and modernized the economy.
Jacob Bachman was 47 years old when Thomas Edison announces his invention of the phonograph, a machine that can record and play sound. Thomas Alva Edison was an American inventor and businessman, who has been described as America's greatest inventor. He developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world, including the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and the long-lasting, practical electric light bulb. Dubbed "The Wizard of Menlo Park", he was one of the first inventors to apply the principles of mass production and large-scale teamwork to the process of invention, and is often credited with the creation of the first industrial research laboratory.
Jacob Bachman was 55 years old when Louis Pasteur successfully tests his vaccine against rabies on Joseph Meister, a boy who was bitten by a rabid dog. Louis Pasteur was a French biologist, microbiologist and chemist renowned for his discoveries of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation and pasteurization. He is remembered for his remarkable breakthroughs in the causes and prevention of diseases, and his discoveries have saved many lives ever since. He reduced mortality from puerperal fever, and created the first vaccines for rabies and anthrax. His medical discoveries provided direct support for the germ theory of disease and its application in clinical medicine. He is best known to the general public for his invention of the technique of treating milk and wine to stop bacterial contamination, a process now called pasteurization. He is regarded as one of the three main founders of bacteriology, together with Ferdinand Cohn and Robert Koch, and is popularly known as the "father of microbiology".
Jacob Bachman was 68 years old when Spanish–American War: The Treaty of Paris is signed, officially ending the conflict. The Spanish–American War was fought between the United States and Spain in 1898. Hostilities began in the aftermath of the internal explosion of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor in Cuba, leading to US intervention in the Cuban War of Independence. American acquisition of Spain's Pacific possessions led to its involvement in the Philippine Revolution and ultimately in the Philippine–American War.
Jacob Bachman died in 1907 at the age of 77
Grave record for Jacob Bachman (1830 - 1907), BillionGraves Record 1345789 Eden, Weber, Utah, United States