Israel Barlow

3 Sep 1842 - 26 Nov 1923

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Israel Barlow

3 Sep 1842 - 26 Nov 1923
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Grave site information of Israel Barlow (3 Sep 1842 - 26 Nov 1923) at Bountiful Memorial Park in Bountiful, Davis, Utah, United States from BillionGraves

Life Information

Israel Barlow


Bountiful Memorial Park

2036-2198 S 200 W
Bountiful, Davis, Utah
United States


May 18, 2012


May 12, 2012

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Journal Entry Excerpt: 1869-70

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“In the winter of 1869-70 father and Uncle Dave Thompson and families were called to go and help settle the Dixie country. “It was wild and wooly [then]. Infested by roving bands of Indians. As soon as they could make the necessary arrangements, and the weather suitable, they started. It was a trip of 365 miles. In those days of poor roads it required from three to five weeks. “On arriving at Panaca, Nevada father rented a small one-roomed sod house. Mother had a small baby, Clara, just younger than my sister Pamelia. She was taken with the summer complaint. With poor water, no medicine, lack of conveniences she gradually grew worse. Soon passed away. Mother took it to heart so, that father was under the necessity of moving her back to Bountiful for a time, to save her life. “This sod house was located just across the street from the only hotel in the town. How well I can remember seeing the old stage coach come in, carrying mail and passengers, drawn by four horses galloping just as fast as they could go, covered with lather, the sweat running of them almost in a stream. Horses and driver was changed in a few minutes. On their way to Pioche and other towns."

History of Israel Barlow, Jr.: 1842-1923

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History of Israel Barlow, Jr. 1842-1923 By Eva Marie Corbett Chambers, May 2000 “The Israel Barlow Story” by Ora Haven Barlow, 1968 Edited by Victoria Wilson Chambers, March 2012 Israel Barlow, Jr. was born September 5, 1842 in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois the second child of Israel Barlow and Elizabeth Haven Barlow. His older brother, James Nathaniel, was born and died the same day on May 8, 1841. Israel’s parents had a very nice home in Nauvoo but because of persecution they, along with other members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, willingly left it and all their possessions, except what they could take with them in a wagon, and headed west. They arrived in Salt Lake City September 21, 1848 in Brigham Young’s Wagon Train. This trip was made with some difficulty because by this time three other children had joined their family. Pamela Elizabeth, born September 6, 1844, and Ianthus Haven, born May 1, 1846 arrived before they left Nauvoo and John Haven was born during the journey on July 27, 1848 at Heber’s Spring, Platte County, Wyoming. They lived for a short time in Salt Lake after their arrival, and then settled on a farm in Bountiful, Davis County, Utah. Mary Antenett was born there on November 13, 1850 and twin boys joined the family on February 3, 1854, Willard Albert (who died October 28, 1854) and Wilford Elbert. Israel was baptized and confirmed September 15, 1852 by his father in Bountiful. On June 22, 1853 when Israel was ten years old his father left on a mission to England. Israel, being the oldest child, had a lot of responsibility and much of the hard work on his shoulders. He had probably learned how to work from his father who was a farmer, had a nursery, and a large stand of bees. But they were very poor and Israel often told his children of having only one biscuit to eat after a full day of work because that was all the flour his mother had for the meal preparation. When he was nineteen years of age he was called by the Church to go east to meet the immigrants. In the Horton Haight Wagon Train Company was a very sick young woman from England who was not expected to live until they reached the Salt Lake Valley. When Israel heard this prediction he said, “Oh yes she will, and I will marry her.” Hannah (Annie) Yeates did live, they did marry and they became the parents of twelve children. Israel and Annie were married in Bountiful, Davis County, Utah on April 26, 1863 and were sealed in the Endowment House March 25, 1865. A covered wagon box, placed on blocks about one foot high, was their first home. It had a bed in one end and a kitchen in the other. They lived in this makeshift home during the summer while Israel built a one-room adobe house about 15 x 18 feet and when they moved into it Annie felt like she was living in a palace as it was so nice in comparison. Their first four children were born in Bountiful: Israel, III, son, on May 17, 1864; Annie Lovinia, daughter, on January 10, 1866; Mary Elizabeth, daughter, on October 6, 1867; and Clara Ellen, daughter, on October 10, 1869. When Clara was about nine months old, Israel and Annie were called on a mission to Panaca, Nevada. It was known then as Muddy Mission. Israel’s sister and her husband, Pamela and David Thompson, were called to the same mission. Baby Clara died shortly after their move and Annie was very sick so Church leaders told them to return to Bountiful where they remained for a little over a year during which time daughter Pamela Ellenor was born on January 9, 1872. They then returned to Panaca to finish their mission. They served until 1879 and during that time a son, John Yeates, and a daughter, Eva Antoinette, were added to their family. John was born March 4, 1874 and Eva February 23, 1876. On June 14, 1879 their son Edmund Francis was born in Bountiful. In 1880 they were called on another mission to the island then called Church Island, now Antelope Island, where they remained about three years; Israel filed on a homestead there during the spring of 1880. Their family is shown on the 1880 US Census as living on Antelope Island. The last four children were born in Bountiful; Annie traveled from Church Island back to Bountiful to be with family before delivery. Alice Janette, daughter, on June 2, 1881; Ianthus Winford, son, on January 3, 1883; Rosette May, daughter, on November 21, 1885; and Jennie Hazel, daughter, on November 10, 1887. Returning to Bountiful after their mission, Israel served as President of the Seventieth Quorum of Seventy, as a counselor in the bishopric to Joseph H. Grant in the West Bountiful ward and was ordained a patriarch on March 19, 1900. He was a pioneer dry farmer, fruit grower and stock raiser. As a member of the Utah Militia he was called to help fight the Indians. Israel told his family that after the crickets went through the wheat fields it looked as if there had been a fire. Annie passed away on April 26, 1901 at the age of fifty-eight; it was their thirty-eighth wedding anniversary. Israel was very lonely after her passing. There were still two children at home and one son on a mission. After all the children were married, Israel was a worker in the Salt Lake Temple and did a lot of research and ordinance work. He and two other patriarchs, Brother Tolman and Brother Pace visited all through Davis County holding cottage meetings, blessing the people, and healing the sick. They shared many faith-promoting experiences. After sixteen years of being alone, Israel married the widow, Mary Elizabeth Beebe Lowell, on June 18, 1917 and they spent several happy years together. Mary was born September 12, 1853 in Salt Lake City, Utah a daughter of Edward Orson Beebe and Esther Newberry. She had been married to Marcus Wellington Lowell and they had one daughter, Miriam Esther Lowell who was born May 11, 1885. Mary died April 4, 1928 and is buried in the Bountiful City Cemetery. Israel passed away on November 26, 1923 at the age of eighty-one in Salt Lake City and is buried in the Bountiful City Cemetery.

Israel Barlow, Jr.'s journal 1902-1918

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From Journal of ISRAEL BARLOW, JR. 1842 - 1923 Copied by Annie C. Carr, his oldest grandchild Retyped by Christie Hawks Chambers and Victoria Wilson Chambers, 2018 1902 Jan 30Attended the dedication of James A. Eldredge’s new home Jan. 30, 1902. Apostle Taylor gave the Dedicatory Prayer. 31I was healed this evening of a very severe sore throat almost instantly by going down on my knees and asking my Heavenly Father to hear me. I was all alone. Feb 1Went to Salt Lake on business but office was closed at 12 so was too late. Saw a one-horse-sleigh very cheap so bought it. 8Attended a meeting in Farmington at Pres. Hess residence. There were 9 Patriarchs present, J.W. Hess, Judson Tolman, E. Pace, J.E. Robinson, Bro. Millard, Bro. Wilcox, O.P. Hatch, Henry Steed and Israel Barlow; also account of what they were doing among the Saints of Zion, in Davis Co. 12At home in morning. Pruned orchard in afternoon then went to the bench for a load of gravel to spread around the house. Went to Seventies meeting in the evening. Now the gardeners are making their hot beds. 13Went to cottage meeting held at J.L. Fackrell’s home, 60 were present. Several talked in tongues that night. Sister Fackrell bore her testimony. This is it. “After giving birth to child I was very sick and came very near dying. I asked to have the Elders lay their hands on my head and while they were praying the pains all left. The pains all left, and I wished to have the Elders keep their hands on my head and while they were praying a bright light appeared in one corner of the room, and a heavenly person appeared and I said to myself “Is that the Lord?” and a voice answered “No, this is the Savior, Jesus Christ.” I saw him standing a few feet above the floor. From this time on I continued to get better and now I am entirely well.” 23The Patriarchs used to get together and go out among the sick and administer to them all the way from Centerville to South Bountiful. They were on the go almost all of the time. They did a good work. Mar 19It is 2 years today since I was ordained a Patriarch and I have given 104 blessings to date. 20Cold wind and snow, very cold for this time of year. Apr 15Sold some pieplant at 7 cents a lb. and asparagus at 22 ½ cents a lb. This was the first of the season. 26One year ago today, my wife died after 3 months of dreadful suffering. (He is very lonely now but does not wish to see anyone suffer as she did. He hopes and prays that his life will be such as will give him a place by her in the next world.) 29This is the wettest April for 15 years. My son-in-law C.W. Smedley and his wife Mary E. Barlow Smedley and 6 children arrived in Utah from Kansas City. Their baby was 2 months old. He had been studying to be a Dentist. May 3My son Ianthus and wife Chloe Barlow had a new baby 11 ½ lb. All doing well. 6Put out 1400 asparagus roots one year ago put out 1200, so will have a nice size bed. 18I AM SO LONELY I CAN HARDLY STAND IT. There is no one here with me but my little granddaughter, May. Everything reminds me of my wife and it is almost unbearable. I walk around and see pictures, rooms, and furniture to remind me of my loneliness. Jly 7Blessed Ianthus’ baby, named Winfred Israel. This is the first grandson to bear the Barlow name. The baby’s father is my youngest son. 23Drove to Layton and back to get a delivery rig. It took all day. Think where we can go in a day now with our Autos. 24Fifty-five years ago today, since the pioneers entered the valley. Then it was a wilderness, now it is yielding and blooming like a rose. This day most everyone was celebrating somewhere. I took my team and went upon the 40 acres to mow hay, but the grasshoppers had eaten everything but the stocks. I came back home as there was nothing any good to mow. Aug 14I have been engaged most of the day gathering up Genealogy of the Patriarchs of Davis Stake of Zion; this is what I’ve been assigned to do. In the evening I went with 40 West Bountiful people to the Salt Lake Theatre to see Corianton. This is written from the Book of Alma. The play was very good. 16I have been all over Layton, Kaysville, Farmington, and Syracuse gathering the Genealogy of our Patriarchs. 17I found my sister, Pamela Thompson at her son David’s. I got some information from her about father who was a Patriarch but is dead now. I drove home in a very bed dusty windstorm. I was dirty and tired but found Rose had got home from South Weber. I am not near thru getting these genealogies. I have to go to some places 3 or 4 times. 19-20I am making wagons for Ianthus and John Y. to haul brick in. They have taken a contract. I have helped John Y. to put some shoes on his horses, as the blacksmiths are so very busy. 23Went to Salt Lake with a load for market, sold my stuff. This is the first load of this season. I saw John Y. and Ianthus hauling fine gravel to be used in the making of pavement for So. Temple Street. 28Started home from South Weber. Wind blowing a hurricane, thundering and lightening, but went home anyway. I took from 7:30 P.M. to Eleven to drive to Bountiful. Sep 4Dug 35 bus. potatoes this morning. Went to East Bountiful in afternoon, got my harness took it home and washed and oiled it all over. The weather still keeps dry and warm with some wind. 560 years ago today, I arrived in the city of Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Ill., my step-grandfather was with me. I stayed in Nauvoo until 1846, when in company with my parents and my little sister who we came to live with on Sept 6, 1947 we left Nauvoo, crossed the Mississippi River in March and journeyed to the West. In Sept. we are still going until we reach the valley of the mountains where we now live, September 23, 1848. We came in Brigham Young’s Company consisting of 50 wagons or more. 6Drove to So. Weber and back today. Picked 30 doz. corn and brought home. Rose and little May were with me. 10Attended the wedding of Birdie Nobles and Joseph C. Bennett, over 100 were in Attendance. She is the last daughter and youngest child in the Nobles family. 13Bought 10 bu. of tomatoes and 30 doz. corn from my son-in-law J.F. Jones. I had to pick them and by the time I loaded and drove home from So. Weber it was 11 o’clock. We were very tired. 15I have been out so late nights to meetings and up early working, and has got a heavy cold, I was so sick with pains all over that it was very difficult to sell my load. I feel somewhat better this afternoon. 17Not feeling very well. I greased the wagon, washed and oiled harness. Heavy frost last night killed the cucumbers, melons and late corn. 18I finished gathering the Genealogy of the Patriarch’s Davis Stake. I was very glad to be able to hand the paper over to Pres. Grant. This has been quite a difficult job getting all the data. I have had to travel many hours and miles from Syracuse, Hooper, and south as far as So. Bountiful. 18I attended the wedding reception of my nephew Walter Barlow and Miss Eliza Nelson of So. Bountiful. There were about 150 guests present and it took until 10 at night to finish the supper. It was a very fine supper. 19South wind blowing at a fearful rate for 2 days, but still no storm. 20East wind blowing heavy all day. 24John Y. Barlow and Susannah (Susey) Taggert were married in S.L. Temple. 2354 years ago today since I arrived in the great Salt Lake Valley. Nearly all the older members who came at this time have passed away. Oct 9My Aunt Julia Hales who lives at Spanish Fork, 70 miles south of S.L. City, she is the only living sister of my father, she is 78 years old. She came up to go thru the Temple with me, my brothers and sisters. We did work for our Great-parents Jonathan Barlow and Margret Root and Annis Gillet his two wives. Eight of us went thru the Temple and finished our Grandparents work in the one day. Some of the work had been done wrong by my Aunt in the Manti Temple. Now it is done right. I went thru for my Grandfather Jonathan Barlow and stood for him all day in the work. 17I am all alone tonight and it is very lonesome after having a large family and so much doing all the time. Nov 5Edmund arrived home from his mission to the Southern States. Dec 26Paid $4,350 for land from Chester Call. I had 3 or 4 years to pay for it. Interest at 8% per annum. 28My Mother’s birthday today. 1903 Jan 16Patriarch’s Tolman, Barlow and Pace started at 9 in the morning to giving blessings. We keep two scribes busy all day. We gave 25 or 26 blessings that day. We did this same thing many days in succession. We would stay away from home 5 or 6 days at a time giving blessings and administering to the sick in Davis Stake. It sure kept us all busy. 23Went up to daughter Nettie’s and gave her, her daughter Virgil 6 yr. and son Freo 4 yr. all their blessings. 27Wind blowing a hurricane, snow all gone. It is very difficult to get to meeting. 28Snowing to beat time this morning. It snowed nearly all day. Cleared up at night. 30Cottage meeting at Sister Maggie Grant’s. She bore her testimony speaking in tongues. Patriarch Tolman interpreted it. It said, “She knew it was a true principal and was thankful she had embraced it and had lived in it most of her life.” Feb 22Aunt Julian Hale died Feb 17, 1903 at the age of 79 years. She was a half-sister to my father. She had the same mother. Mar 2Rose still sick, I am home most of the day. Alice and 2 children also sick since they had been down to my home. 6Maggie Smith of Centerville went with me for a scribe. She is sister Pamelia’s granddaughter. 10I had to go to Salt Lake City to get some medicine for Rose. We had no drug store here. 12Rose now has inflammatory-rheumatism. She has lost the use of her limbs to a great extent. We have to turn her over. 13Took my niece Pearl Barlow with me as a scribe. Rose much better. 30Rose was married to Lawrence Watts of South Weber, Utah. Apr 5A letter from Memie telling me Rose was very sick and to come up right away. Bud ran into a wagon loaded with wood and hit him between the eyes. This knocked him unconscious and of course this upset Rose and before morning a baby girl was born. It only lived a few hours. 11Pres. Brigham Young died Sat. April 11, 1903. I went to the funeral, flowers were many and beautiful. Helds Band furnished the music while they went to the cemetery. He had been sick for three years. May 10Attended Joseph Lamoni Holbrook’s funeral. He was 67 years old. He had been sick 8 months with a cancer in left breast. He came to the valley in 1848 and to Bountiful 1849 the same year I came here. He leaves a wife Catherine Watterson Holbrook and no children. 17Israel Barlow, my oldest son is 37 today. 28Rose is here with me. She and I went to the Cemetery and cleaned off the graves of my wife, Annie and daughter Hazel, also, Father and Mother’s and Lucy, father’s second wife and John’s wife Ida May and several others. Jun 5There doesn’t seem to be so many grasshoppers. they have entirely destroyed my second crop of hay for the last 5 years. 10William Geirish, adopted son of my brother John H. Barlow, was married to Miss Annie Kramer June 10, 1903. 100 guests present, plenty of nice supper. Everyone was welcome and felt at home. Presents were many and very useful. 18Went to the Temple and was endowed for Joseph Haven. Edmund Barlow, my last child at home and Lucy Ann Garrett were married today, June 18, 1903. They were married by John R. Winder. 19Miss Cynthia Jones is my scribe in S. Weber Jly 9Well Drivers came to my farm to dig a couple of wells on the Call property I purchased. The crops are burning up. 14Well down 185 feet, no water to speak of. 15Five feet farther down, struck a small flow, 25 gal. per minute. Second well 142 feet deep, 20 gal. to min. 24Today is the 56 anniversary of the Pioneers entering the valley. 26The corner stone for the new meeting of West Bountiful was laid. 28A fine baby boy born to Ianthus and Chloe. Sep 5My birthday. I am 61 years old and my sister 59 today. We all spend the evening at sister Pamela Thompson. Nov 1Dr. Ernest Smedley’s mother died at 6 o’clock this morning, Nov. 1, 1903. 15The Bishop called Elder Nephi Hepworth to the stand, but he refused to come and he is to go on a mission in 2 weeks. I feel sorry for him, it will be hard. Dec 12This morning like old times for Memie was in the kitchen with her children running around, when the chores were finished, hot breakfast was ready just like my dear wife used to do. How I long for those days again. It is so very lonesome now they are all married. 16Went to the Temple and was endowed for Noah Haven on my mother’s side. 17Paid my tithing this morning. 19John W. Hess died Dec. 16, 1903 at 6 A.M. He was Pres. of Davis Stake. 1904 Jan 13This afternoon I attended the old folks party in East Bountiful. Apostles J.W. Taylor and A.O. Woodruff were there. 15My daughter Rose was here from Idaho. She and I went to S.L. in a sleigh to do some shopping. We went to Edmund and Lucy’s and had dinner. That night I attended a dance in West bountiful. Patriarch Steed and myself went up to my daughter Mary’s and administered to her. She is very sick with Rheumatism. 17This morning I drove to Clinton, about 5 miles from Syracuse where I was last night, to Sunday School. I am giving a number of blessings almost every day, and a 19When in Syracuse I stayed most of the nights with Bro. W.W. Steed. After the Mutual meeting there was a terrific snow storm and wind raging we had to face it for 2 miles to their home. We had a good outfit and lost no time. This was the worst storm of the season. 20Snow has stopped but there is a bitter cold wind blowing from the northwest. Gave blessings to my nephew, William Thurgood and his daughter, Edith Lavinia. Dinner, then drove 1 ½ miles to my nephew Ianthus H. Barlow and wife Alice. I gave them blessings. Then went to Bro. Steeds and got my satchel and started for Bountiful. Got home at 6:30, put horse up and went to a cottage meeting to Bro. Horton Eldredge’s. 21Drove up town and saw most of my daughters. 22Brought Rose home with me today. She was not feeling very well so went to my Bro. Ianthus’s home while I went over to the dance in the ward. 23Today Davis, Salt Lake, Granite, Jordan and Tooele stakes were to meet at 7:30 at the Salt Lake Theatre and attend some exercises on the stage. After this the stage was cleared and a long table set and loaded with sandwiches, ice-cream and lemonade, all we could eat. 24This morning we all met at the Theatre for opening exercises then dismissed to meet in different class rooms at the Business college, Barrett Hall and Memorial Hall. I was interested in the theological classes as I was teaching in this. At the close I was invited to dinner at a Mr. David Evensinji. I had the privilege of bearing my testimony to them. They seemed very interested in our faith. I was invited back to supper and went and gave blessings to them. I hope it will be the means of doing them good. I stayed at Edmund’s all night. Rose was there also. 25Rose and I returned home. Went to Richard Stringham’s and gave him and wife, Elizabeth Stringham and 6-year-old son a blessing. 26 I visited our new meeting house in West Bountiful and saw the new $600 organ and heard it played. It is a beauty. James A. Eldredge and his mother Hannah paid for it. May 28Cleaned off graves and planted rose bushes around wife and Ida May Barlow’s graves. 29I had asked to be released several times. Today I was released. 30Decoration Day. I and Mary Smedley went to grave-yard and decorated the graves. Jun 4I visited as a ward teacher Dist. No. 6. People feeling fine Spiritually. Memie and Frank and children came down from South Weber to see Alice Hatch, her sister, before they leave June 5 on the midnight train for Big Horn. 5There was 25 in the party going to Big Horn and 3 car loads of livestock and house hold furnishings, wagons and farm implements. Frank Jones went home but Memie stayed for an officers meeting in Salt Lake next day. 12In company with Bishop Muir I went to East Layton as home missionary. There was only 24 people to hear us, 18 were women. I found it very hard work to speak to empty benches. 13Picked 5 cases of strawberries. 15I was called to administer to Annie Call who is very sick. 2025 cases of strawberries, there was more but not enough pickers. 23Attended funeral of my niece in Centerville, Mary Pamelia Willey Parrish, old daughter of my sister Mary Barlow Willey. 25Annie Call my oldest daughter is still very sick, she sent for Israel and I to administer to her. 26I went to Salt Lake to the memorial services in honor of Apostle Woodruff and his wife. There was a nice program and a very large crowd. Jly 3Attended the funeral of Sister Lucina Call Sessions the first wife of Perrigrine Sessions. She was 85 years old. She came in 1847. She was the first white women to come north of Becks Hot Springs. She was married to Bro. Sessions in 1846, in Nauvoo. Bro. Sessions still has 5 wives living here in Bountiful. He was the father of 55 children. 4About 11 I went up to Annie Calls then went over to Tabernacle and heard program then had dinner with Annie. Then went to ball game until 4 o’clock. Then went to Lagoon in afternoon. There was 8000 people there that day. 10At 11:40 took train for Salt Lake for the memorial services for Apostle A.O. Woodruff and wife, Helen in the S.L. Tabernacle. All stands were draped in white and all kinds of beautiful flowers were placed all over in stands and platforms made especially for this purpose. Went to Edmunds for dinner. 14I went to Saltair for Stake Sunday School Day. 21 Stakes to be represented. We had a 30 minute boat ride after lunch. 17 Attended meeting in East Bountiful. Elder Blamirs from Kaysville just returned from 4 years mission from Tahiti. He spoke of a cyclone that struck the group of Islands and swept nearly everything off the Island. The Elders were saved by their strong faith and prayers. 23I shipped to Butte, Montana, by Wallace Muir, 57 bushels of potatoes at 1cent a pound 24Sunday School at Centerville. Dinner at Charles Smith. Farmington in afternoon to S.S. Union Meeting. 30I dug up and shipped 97 bushels potatoes. This evening Memie and little boys came down from South Weber. Aug 6 Drove to Salt Lake and brought Edmund’s and Lucy’s furniture up to Bountiful where they are going to live. 10Went to Salt Lake to Ringling Bro. Circus. It is twelve years since I saw a circus. As I stepped on train to come home someone picked my pocket of my purse containing $12.90. 15Went to Logan on Old Folk’s Day. Four daughters, Annie, Mary, Memie and Nettie and Israel were there. I had a jolly good time meeting old friends. 22I witnessed the laying of the corner stone for the South Bountiful Chapel. 23A 10½ lb. baby boy born to Lucy and Edmund Barlow. I arrived in Salt Lake Valley, September 23, 1848, 56 years ago. Nov 6 I blessed Edmund’s baby giving him the name of Edmund Garrett Barlow. 9President Theodore Roosevelt was elected President of U.S. 19I attended the funeral of Patriarch Joel Parrish of Centerville. He was the third man to come and settle in Centerville in the spring of 1848 with his father. 23Mary Smedley gave birth to a baby girl. It only lived ½ hour. Dec 11 Snowing. There is hardly a day goes by that I am not called to administer to one or more people. 25Spent most of day and night with Israel and Joan. We studied President Woodruff’s late discourses. This was a real joy and pleasure. Snowing again. 26My son-in-law, Lamoni Call, has apostatized from the Church and we all feel bad. 29Memie Jones gave birth to twin girls. Leora and LaVora Jones. 1905 Jan 13 I blessed the twins and named them, then blessed their mother. 15I attended the funeral of Sister J.D. Buckland of East Bountiful. She came here in 1859 by way of Cape Horn and California. 16Spending most of time healing and administering to the sick. 23Went to Salt Lake to attend three sessions of the S.S. Convention. Came home on the midnight train, had a very hard time to get home as the East wind was blowing at the rate of 40 miles an hour. Blowing down barns, poles, wires, and trees. May 14 Edmund and Lucy came up from S.L. and had dinner. It is Edmund’s birthday. He is 26 years. Jul 16 Tonight, there are at my home five daughters, one son, two sons-in-law and 22 grandchildren. This is the largest gathering home for over a year. 24Pioneer Day. The three Bountiful’s joined together and made a parade ½ mile long. There were three ladies that came in 1847 in it, Sister Susan Grant, Sister Mary Pace, and Sister Hatch. There was covered wagons, cows and horses hitched to one buggy and all Church organizations represented. Patriarch Orin Hatch, the only survivor of the Mormon Battalion was in it. I rode in a surrey with several other Patriarchs. Aug 26 Taking in several loads of melons and potatoes. Thunder showers. Sep 5 I was 63 years old today. Annie, Rose and Nettie got up a nice little party and supper for me. Israel was there also. Six of ten living children were absent, 16 grandchildren present, 16 absent. Three sons-in-law and one daughter-in-law present. Also, a cousin, 74 years old by the name of Charles Barlow Bunell. This is the first time I have ever seen him. He lived in Oregon 52 years. 28Attended Patriarch Joseph Argyle’s funeral. Oct 11 Attended the wedding of my oldest grandchild, daughter of Annie Call. Annie Charlotte Call married Willard G. Carr; was married by Levi S. Heywood, a Justice of the Peace. There was a very large wedding supper. 25Attended the wedding of nephew Willard Barlow and Jessie Wright. 27A large part of my family went to the trains to see Nettie and Charles Jenson and family off on the train for Big Horn. 29I attended the funeral of John Fisher. Nov 16 Attended the funeral of Samantha Willey who died Monday night at the age of 91. She joined the Church about the time it was organized. Has lived in Bountiful 50 years. 30Thanksgiving – had dinner with Joan and Israel Barlow. Dec 7 Attended the funeral of Robert W. Mass of Lumber Co. of East Bountiful. He died very sudden of pneumonia. Patriarchs Ashby and Pace came to my home to administer to Susie T. Barlow, John’s wife. She had faith in administration and not in an operation. That night the influence seemed right, so I asked Bro. Pace to dedicate my home which he did. We three Patriarchs had seen the Prophet Joseph Smith. Bro. Ashby was about 17 then. 17In company with most of my sisters and brothers went to Salt Lake to the funeral of my mother’s brother, Jesse Haven. He died December 15, 1905, age 92 years. 1906 Jan 14 Attended the funeral of Patriarch Drake’s wife at Centerville. She was the last surviving woman of Zion’s Camp. 18I was called to Ogden as my daughter Rose was confined. Her baby, a fine boy only lived a few hours. They named him James Franklin as he was born on his uncle Frank Jones’ birthday. Mar 15 Attended the funeral of Mary Pace, wife of Patriarch Pace. She was a pioneer of 1845; his first wife died 26 years ago. 30Attended the funeral of Sister Barlow, my father’s last wife at Logan, Cache Co. Apr 15 Gave my sister, Pamelia B. Thompson, a patriarchal blessing. 19There was a big earth-quake in San Francisco. It set fire and four-square miles of the city was burned up. Some 3 or 4,000 people were killed or injured. 29 Attended the services of the dedication of the South Bountiful meeting house. It cost $22,000 and was all paid for and $430 on hand. May 5 Frost killed the asparagus and did much damage. Aug 8 Joan is 37 years old and just gave birth to her first child, a 7 lb. boy. She has been married 14 years. She had a very long, hard time. They named him Owen. 24Annie Call Carr gave birth to a baby boy. They named him Gallard Call Carr. He is my oldest great grandchild. Sep 15 I received a telephone from Ianthus saying he was down with appendices. Israel and I went right down and with such medicines as we took with us and with the power of administration, he did not go and be operated on. Oct 1 I was asked by Mrs. Smith, wife of Jesse M. Smith, to write a testimonial of my knowledge of the Prophet Joseph Smith. This is it. Testimonial I was born in Nauvoo and lived there until the following May after the Martyrdoms of the Prophet Joseph and his brother Hyrum. My father was one of his body guards and trusty messengers, consequently the Prophet Joseph visited our home often. Very frequently he used to take me on his knee and play with me and many times he has blessed me, also. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of the living God, as I know I live. I expect this testimonial to stand recorded for or against me in the day of judgment, just as I prove true or false to my covenants. I also was present at the Prophet Joseph Smith’s last address to the Nauvoo people and was sitting within 30 or 40 feet from him and could hear him plainly. (Israel Barlow, Sr., born in 1842 at Nauvoo, IL. Given at Woods Cross) 8I went to my brother Truman Barlow’s and gave blessings to 3 nephews, Elbert Vinson Call, Christian Call, and Gillette Joseph Call and to Elbert’s wife, Hannah Lucretia Tolman Call. 20Big east wind. Our West Bountiful meeting house that cost $20,000 is wrecked, barns and hay and trees are down all over the country. It is most severe between Ogden and Woods Cross. There isn’t a wire or hardly a telephone pole left standing. Cows, horses, pigs, and chickens blown away or killed. Houses and trees are wrecked, and the train blown off the track. It is the worst I’ve ever witnessed. It will take a month to clear away the trees and wreckage and get the town cleaned up again. Dec 4 A baby girl born to Ianthus and Chloe M. Barlow, all well. 1907 Feb 5Raining so much that where the Ogden and Weber Rivers join is washing our land away and is right up to the houses in the lower part of the Valley. 6Rose had her baby blessed and named Israel Eugene. Blessed by Elder Marcus Farr. Daughter Rose and husband had to leave their home last night on account of the high water. 13Attended the funeral of Dora Garrett Sedgwick. She is 28 years and leaves three boys and one girl three or four days old. I dedicated the grave. 17I attended the funeral of Jane Muir. She died February 14, 1907 at 2:15 p.m. of old age, 85 years. She was the first wife of W.S. Muir, one of the Mormon Battalion. She is the last wife of the four to die. She is the mother of Bishop Dan Muir. I dedicated the grave 27I administered to Dora Sedgwick’s three-week-old baby with whooping cough and Edmund’s baby, six months with the same disease. Mar 23Edmund’s baby girl, Elizabeth, eight months old, died of blood poisoning. 24My brother Ianthus Barlow died at 25 minutes to 6. Most of his children, wife and brothers and sisters were there. Pallbearers were Israel Barlow, Jr., D.O. Willey, Jr., Walter Barlow, Clarence Willey and Clarence Barlow. Lots of flowers and 40 carriages went to cemetery. He was loved by all. Apr 2Jesse Barlow, son of Ianthus H. Barlow, buried a little 20 month-old-child of spinal meningitis. This makes three deaths in the Barlow family in one week. 6I met my cousin Edmund F. Palmer of Price, Summit Co., Utah. I had not seen him for seven years. 7In general conference it was voted that Joseph F. Smith be made trustee in trust, to donate 20 tons of flour for the famine stricken Chinese. It was sent to California thence to China. 15Phone call from Ianthus to come right up South Weber and help cut brush and try to hold the river from washing so much of our land away. It is rising fast. 18Today I have twelve men and three teams to help cut trees and place on the bank to help keep the river in control. We had to protect a distanced of 600 or 700 feet on the side of our land. May 5Went to meeting in East Bountiful. They talked of dividing the ward as it was much too large for one bishop. 16Walter Barlow’s wife, Eliza Nelson Barlow, died after giving birth to a baby girl. They have been married five years and this is the second child. 19There were 1,000 people to her funeral; 64 carriages went to the grave. She was loved by all. Jly 7Attended the funeral of Sister Mark Waddoups of East Bountiful. Sep Lucy, Edmunds wife, was operated on today by Drs. Kesler and Dixon. She has been ailing since the baby was born one year ago. 5I am 65 years old today. I have seen many changes in my day. I have seen this western country grow from a desert to a beautiful place in which to live. Hundreds of thousands of people here, factories, canneries, phones, and water projects to water even desert land. 28Attended a social or farewell for my sister, Pamelia Thompson’s son, Israel Ernest Thompson, who is going to Europe on a mission. We gave him quite a few dollars, and I gave him a patriarchal blessing. Nov 13I attended my, Uncle Robert T. Burton’s funeral. 24I helped to dress Bro. Ashby in his temple clothes and put him in the casket. I attended his funeral that day. There were six patriarchs there and all spake a short time. Dec 12I attended the funeral of Bro. Andrew Grant. He was 41 years old. He leaves a wife and six children, oldest fourteen years. He was one of the Presidents of the 74th Quorum of Seventies. 1908 Jan 6Henry Garrett died this morning. 10Attended Henry Garrett’s funeral. 15Walter Barlow’s baby girl died this morning. She was 8 months old and had measles and scarlet fever. There was a graveside service. 17Another child of John Jackson and wife passed away. This is two in one week. Both had pneumonia. 26Chester Call died today at the home of Pamelia Thompson. She went in as a plural wife 15 or 20 years ago. He had been sick all winter. 29Attended funeral of Bishop Chester Call. He had been bishop for 19½ years from June 20, 1867 until January 19, 1896. He then moved to Portneuf, Idaho where he was always active in the church. He taught school, was a merchant, a dairyman and stockman. He represented this State in the Legislature when we were made a state. He was born 1841. Feb 3We called a Barlow reunion to be held between 4 and 10 of April. 6Elbert Henry Barlow, son of Laura and Wilford Barlow just returned from a two-year mission in England. 7I, and brother John, and wife Lizzie, went to Los Angeles by way of San Francisco. There is quite a large company. We will be gone about a month. 14I went to the Oregon Short Line station to meet the remains of my brother Hyrum Barlow’s wife. She died in Afton, Wyoming and is being buried in Bountiful beside her husband. Quite a number of her family came down with the body. Her name was Margaret Fielding Burton Barlow Rainey, her mother was a Fielding, a cousin to Joseph Fielding Smith. My brother Hyrum Barlow died 13 years ago today. Seven months and one week after he died, Maggy gave birth to a son, she named him Fielding Burton Barlow. She had two daughters older, Edyth and Mercy. Their oldest child was named Hyrum Elwood. He died when he was a little over two years old. October 19, 1904 Maggy married a Mr. David W. Rainy who was a widower with five or six children. By him she had two girls, Dorothy Ellen and Margaret Elenore, born May 7, 1906 and February 10, 1908. When she and the child Margaret Eleanor both died, they were buried in the same casket. Maggy was 42 years and five months. Apr 7Sixteen present at a family reunion at Turman Barlow’s home. We appointed a head to gather genealogy, so we can have names to work in the temple this winter. The committee: Israel Barlow, John H. Barlow and Truman Barlow, Israel Barlow, Jr., with Joseph Barlow secretary. 18I met my nephew Oscar Barlow. He came in from Snake River with his wife’s body, she died three days ago of blood poisoning following childbirth. There are four living children and one dead. The funeral of Emily Rebecca Kynaston Barlow was held in East Bountiful, April 19, 1908. She was 33 years. 20Rose’s baby, Eugene, died at 12:15. He was buried in Ogden Cemetery. 26It is seven years ago today since my wife Annie Yeates Barlow died. 27Mary Barlow Smedley gave birth to twin girls. (I think they died.) May 8Joan Barlow gave birth to an 8½ lb. boy. They named him Newell. 23Chloe Barlow gave birth to a 9 lb. boy. Jun 25Ianthus’s baby boy died and I am making arrangements for the funeral. We held the funeral here in my home. Cumorah Call was organist. She rendered a very beautiful solo for the services and Pearl Smedley sang a very nice song. The baby was one month, two days old. His name was Thomas William Barlow. Jly 5Fast Sunday. Israel’s baby was blessed by him and named Newel Barlow. Altheron Barlow’s baby girl was blessed and named Flora Erma Barlow. 27Today Israel came here with a cousin of mine by the name of Ira Gardner Wing, the only living son of my Aunt Rhoda Barlow Wing [Rhoda Almira Barlow]. Mr. Wing is 54 years old. Here he met some 300 of his relatives. Aug 2Fast Sunday. Edmund’s baby girl was blessed and named Ruth. Afternoon, I attended the funeral of sister Samuel J. Holt. 21A baby girl born to Memie and Frank Jones. Nov 1I blessed Memie’s baby girl and gave her the name of Erma Jones. 1909 Jan 24Rosa had a new baby boy. He was very small and weak, only 7 ½ months. He was named Carl Barlow Watts. He lived from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. My daughter Annie, her daughter Annie, Lamoni’s wife, Nora, came up for the funeral. Feb 14 Went to meeting in East Bountiful and witnessed the dividing of it into two wards. North of meetinghouse was Bo. No. 1 with W. Walter Barlow as bishop, Joseph Kynaston as first and Joseph Howard as second counselors. South of meetinghouse was Bo. No. 2 with Jed Stringham as bishop, Emil Feller as first and James E. Burns as second counselors. Apr 5I attended Annie and Lamoni Call’s silver wedding. They had been married 25 years. They received some very nice presents in silver. 12Today I went over to my brother, Ianthus’, home. He died three years last March. While there, I blessed Georgenia’s baby girl and named her Aurelia Muir. Jun 5The Weber River is higher now than it has been for 30 years. 8Oscar Barlow’s baby, 14 months old, died and was buried in Bountiful. Its mother died when it was born. It had pneumonia and was named Israel B. Barlow. 28Went to the home of Kate Carlas. Her daughter Myrtle just returned from her mission to Wisconsin. Aug 15This afternoon went up in South Weber to a ward reunion in honor of the outgoing bishopric. We all had a very nice time. My daughter Nettie from Big Horn and six other of my children, and five of their husbands, and granddaughter Annie Carr, and two little great grandchildren, and fifteen grandchildren were there. I sure had a fine showing. Sep 9Ianthus lives in West Jordan now. I was called down as he was sick again with his old complaint again. Oct 9 I went with Memie to see Alice Hatch who is here from Big Horn. 1910 Jan 8Alice [Alice Janette Barlow] had a baby girl born at the old home at 8:45 a.m., weighing 10 lb. Annie and Dr. Kesler were in attendance. Named her Annie Hatch after her grandmother. Feb 26My grandson, Lamoni B. Call has just sold my place and home to a Mr. William Bull. They have their household things here now. I took a house in S. L. in exchange. Mar 9I moved two loads of my furniture up to Annie Call’s for a while. 21While in Bountiful, I am making my home with Annie Call. Apr 7Today, myself, my oldest daughter Annie Call, my oldest granddaughter, Annie Carr, my oldest grandson, Gallard Carr, had our picture taken. The four generations. I attended the funeral of Clarence Wiley’s 18-month-old son, Newel Waldo Willey. This is Sister Mary Barlow Willey’s grandson. 14Mr. Bull had a fire in the old home. All that is left is the walls. The cherry trees in front will die, the wood work and the summer kitchen are all gone. It makes me feel sad to see the old home burned so badly. Sep 30Lamoni Call fell from the rafters of the theater he is building. He dropped 16 feet and fell across floor joist and among all kinds of boards and rubbish. He cut one ear off and had it sewed on and almost paralyzed his lower limbs or almost breaking his back. Oct 3One day last week the Twelve Apostles took action and cut son, Israel, off the church for marrying a second wife, contrary to the laws of the Church. God will be the judge and right all things in the end. Nov 30Ianthus was operated on in the Layton Hospital for appendices. Dr. Kesler, Dr. Smedley, Israel and myself went up for the operation. Dr. Heath performed the operation. He was just 32 minutes. In about three or four hours he was pretty well out of the anesthesia. 1911 Jan 29I blessed and named Rose’s baby Elwood Taylor Watts Mar 4Charles and Nettie Jenson and 4 children came beck to Utah to make their home. They have been living in the Big Horn Country. Jun 17I loaded part of my household goods from Annie Calls and took them to So. Weber where I am making my home now. Aug 14Finished taking my writing desk and safe to my home in So. Weber. 23Today I learned of the death of Catherine Holbrook. Sep 24Israel brought my cousin Ira Wing up to see us in So. Weber. Oct 7Pres. Taft arrived in Salt Lake City on the 5 a.m. train and spoke to the people in the Tabernacle. 21Nettie and Annie Carr drove up from Bountiful and got 10 bu. Of apples for winter. Dec 16Ianthus and Chloe have a new baby boy, 10½ lbs. This makes 7 for them. 28Today is my mother’s birthday. She is 100 years old, was born Dec 28, 1811. She has been dead somewhere near 25 years. 1912 Jan 3Alice confined. She has a fine baby boy. She and baby fine. 10Ianthus’s baby, 24 days, died with whooping cough. [Bryant McMullin Barlow] 12Ianthus brought the baby to Bountiful to bury it by its brother. Israel, Annie Call, Annie Carr, and myself were at the cemetery. Ira Vernard Smedley died yesterday. He has been sick one year and was 12½ years old. When we were returning from the cemetery after burying Ianthus’s baby, we saw a black smoke come out of the theater that was owned by my son-in-law, Lamoni Call. Annie Carr jumped out and gave the alarm and in about ½ hr., the volunteer fireman had a stream of water running into the fire. It was soon out. This was not long before Annie Call would be confined, but she was very calm. 25Rose gave birth to a baby girl. All well. Apr 17Annie Call just gave birth to her 12 child, a baby girl. They named her Ardith Call. She has 8 girls and 4 boys. Jly 18We all met at Lagoon for the day, 32 grandchildren, 6 daughters, 1 son, 2 daughters-in-law, 46 in all. There were 3 sons and their families unable to get there. We all had a very enjoyable time. Sep 22I attended the double funeral of Thomas Page and Emma Call, one of Anson Call’s wives. Oct 17Annie Carr gave birth to son. This is her 4 child. Dec 29Frank and Memie Jones [Pamela Eleanor Barlow] took his twin girls, Leora and Lavora, to the Weber River, brake the ice, and John baptized them on their 8th birthday. 1913 Jan 24I went over to my sister Pamela Thompson’s and found her daughter Theresa Call and 8 children there. They had been driven out of Mexico and were here among relatives and friends. Bowen call, her husband was still in Mexico trying to save his $25,000 worth of property. This reminds me of the days when I was young, between 1842 and 1848 and we lived in Nauvoo. I find that my father, Israel Barlow, joined with Zion’s Camp 6 of May 1834, at Streets Hurrow, 27 miles from Kirkland, Ohio. Brigham Young stayed at father’s house May 5, 1834, all night. 29I am reading the history written by Wilford Woodruff of early pioneer life. It reminds me of when I was a child and walked 1000 miles across the plains from Omaha to Salt Lake. I later crossed them 3 times with ox teams. Feb 3Today is Brother Wilford’s 59th birthday. When he was born, Father was in England on a mission. Wilford is now the father of 12 children by one wife. 12I attended the wedding of my granddaughter, Cumorah H. Call and Leroy Petty at her parent’s home, 1562 So. 10 E., Salt Lake City, Utah. They were married by Bishop George Arbuckle of the L.D.S. Church. 19Today my brother Truman H. Barlow died in the L.D.S. Hospital following an operation for Bright’s Disease. He died at 6:30 p.m. 23My father and all his family joined the church in 1832. Mar 19I received word that my niece Silva Willey was dead. She had been sick 3 years from Paralytic stroke. Apr 14Alice came to Bountiful and rented Annie Carr’s home, she is living in her mother’s home. May 6This evening Israel and Joan gave a supper in honor of my wedding day, April 26. This is my 50 wedding anniversary. Joan had a crowd and a very fine supper. 14Went to a social in the new West Bountiful Amusement Hall. It has been erected in the last year at a cost of $10,000. 18I attended the funeral of Sister John R. Rampton (Zoa Cornia Rampton). She leaves 7 children, all small. 30Annie Call has a case of appendices. Dr. Kesler thinks can cure it without an operation. She is at her daughter, Annie Carr’s home. Jly 18I attended the funeral of James Burningham, 78 years old. He came from England near 1861. Aug 17Rosa had a new baby boy, born Aug 17, 1913. Sep 5I am 71 years old today and have been on the road all day. I am very tired. 17I attended the wedding of William E. Smedley to Miss Stella Corine Smith of Meadowview, Washington Co., Virginia. They were married by Parley P. Willey of Bountiful at his mother’s home at 8:45 p.m. Very few in attendance. 1914 Feb 7Dr. Raleigh Smedley, wife and baby, left for Downing, Idaho where he will practice dentistry. He graduated last fall at the Kansas City Medical College. Mar 12I attended the funeral of Susan Grant [Susan Fairchild Noble], mother of J.H. Grant, wife of Jedidiah Morgan Grant. Jly 5Alice gave birth to a baby girl. All doing well. Aug 18Israel Owen Barlow’s 8 birthday. He was baptized by James A. Eldridge, confirmed by me, his grandfather, Israel Barlow. Sep 5Lucy gave birth to a 10 lb. baby boy, all doing fine, at 5 p.m. 6My sister, Pamelia Thompson is 70 yrs. old today. 22Attended the funeral of Sarah Tolman Mabey, wife of Jos. T. Mabey, mother of Charles R. Mabey. She had 12 children, 11 alive now. She is 60 years, daughter of Patriarch Judson Tolman. Nov 4Attended the funeral of Sister Hanson [Rosetta Linne Fisher], she died in childbirth. She is the oldest daughter of John Fisher. 1915 Feb 7I attended Bountiful 2nd Ward and blessed Annie Carr’s baby girl naming her Sylvia Frances Carr. This makes 10 great grandchildren, 5 child for Annie Carr. Mar 16Attended the funeral of Wallace Muir. He was 53 years old, son of W.S. Muir. Born in West Bountiful. Died in Moapa [Nevada]. Buried in Bountiful. Apr 6Attended the funeral of Hattie Stringham, 19-year-old daughter of Lizzie Barlow Stringham and Richard Stringham. There was a very good crowd. 7Pearl Smedley Fisher gave birth to a fine baby boy, all well. Jun 6Attended the funeral of Wallace W. Willey, 73 yrs. old. He came to Bountiful 1851, lived here ever since. Funeral in Bountiful, buried in Salt Lake City. He had 2 wives and 15 children. 7Israel’s second wife, Bellva [Alice Belva Welling], is staying with Nettie. Israel went up and blessed their baby and named her Annie. 23I was endowed in the Temple for David Haven. 24I was endowed for Nathanial Haven. 25I was endowed for Calvin Haven. 30I was endowed for Luther Haven. Jly 1I was endowed for Thomas Rider. 2I was endowed for Jeremiah Laland. These all relatives on my mother’s side of the house. Aug 5I am helping sister Pamela Thompson arrange names for work. We have hunted out about 75 names from the genealogy books for the Haven families. 20 I was endowed for Thomas Haven. 31It rained today quite hard. This is the first rain for 83 days. Sep 9I was endowed for Elias Haven. 24I was endowed for William Haven. Oct 27I was endowed for Asa Haven. Nov 15I was endowed for James Haven. 17Bro. Samuel Smedley and myself assisted in blessing one of our great grandsons. Named him Ray Vernard Fisher. 7 mo. Old, weighs 33 lbs. He is the son of Pearl Bertha Smedley Fisher and Roy Christon Fisher. 24I was endowed for Simon Haven. I was endowed for Jason Haven. Dec 3Today I am searching thru records in Gen. offices and got a true genealogy of my grandfather, Jonathan Barlow, and great grandfather, Nathan Barlow. 20Virgil Jenson Goodfellow died at the home of her mother, Nettie Jenson. She was operated on with a baby. It was only 6 mo. Old and did not live. Virgil was 19, the 14 of last June, married 1 yr last Oct. 23Virgil’s funeral today. 1916 Feb 3This morning reminds me of a morning in 1854 when mother gave birth to twin boys. One died at 9 months and was named Willard, the other Wilford is now 62 and living. Father was on a mission in England and never saw Willard. Mar 27Attended the funeral of Anna Zetta Garrett Hepworth, 37 years old. She died in childbirth leaving 6 children, oldest 15 years and a husband. 28Attended the funeral of Harris Eldredge 17 years old, son of Clarence Eldredge. He was killed by the Bamberger train. There was a blinding snow storm. Apr 1This is an answer to my prayers. Today Israel received a letter from the granddaughter of my father’s sister, asking for genealogy of the Barlow family. Her name is Grace [Grace Emily Bunnell Hayes], her father is Byron L. Bunnell, his mother Margret Barlow Bunnell. 19These relatives on Mother’s side of the house. I was endowed for Ralph Hemingway. 20I was endowed for John Hemingway. 21I was endowed for Benjamin Hemingway. 26I was endowed for Moses Hemingway. 27I was endowed for Silas Hemingway. 28I was endowed for Jonathan Hemingway. May 3I was endowed for Solomon Hemingway. 4I was endowed for Ebenezer Haven. 5I was endowed for Daniel Haven. 10I was endowed for Asa Haven. 11I was endowed for Nathan Haven. 12I was endowed for Joseph Bixby. 18I was endowed for Gideon Haven. 19I was endowed for Josiah Bixby. 24I was endowed for Luke Bixby. 26I was endowed for Benjamin Haven. 30Fannie Call Barlow died today, 56 yrs. old. She is the 1st wife of Truman Barlow. 31I was endowed for Moses Haven. June 1I was endowed for Jesse Haven. 8I was endowed for Jedediah Haven. 9I was endowed for John Boucher, a relative of Lucy Heaps Barlow. Pamelia and I stood proxy for the sealing of Benjamin Haven and Ruth Gleason; Benjamin Hemingway and Lucy Stone; Gideon Haven and Comfort Pike; Isaac Haven and Ruth Grant; David Haven and Jerusha Whipple; Daniel Haven and Mehitable Haven Haven. 12We had about 100 Barlow descendants present and formed an organization, so we can hunt genealogy records and do temple work. 16I was endowed for Joseph Frail on Haven side. 17I was endowed for Joseph Frail, another one. 22I was endowed for Samuel Frail. 23I was endowed for Mr. Goud on Haven side. 28I was endowed for John Lamb on Haven side. 29I was endowed for Jesse Haven. 30I was endowed for Ezra Haven. Jly 5I attended the funeral for Sister Sedwick, wife of Richard Sedwick, Sr. 6Rose gave birth to a baby girl. 9I attended the funeral of Patriarch Judson Tolman, He would be 90 yrs. old the 14th of this month. He leaves a posterity of nearly 600. 26Memie gave birth to a baby boy Sep 3Blessed Memie’s baby and named it Raleigh Dean Jones. Blessed Rose’s baby and named it Irene Watts. Oct 1Walter W. Barlow resigned as Bishop of Bo. No.1. He had an honorable release and Richard Stringham was made Bishop. Nov 27We find that in the years 1897-8 we have done the temple work for 62 of our dead relatives. Dec 12Lucy gave birth to a baby girl. 21Chloe M. Barlow gave birth to a baby girl. This is Ianthus and Chloe’s 10th baby. 31The heaviest storm in 30 years. Street cars have not run to Salt Lake for one week. There is no coal in Bountiful and people are burning old wood that has been laying around for 20 years and are glad to get it. One and two families are living together to be able to keep warm. I had several invitations out for New Years but was not well and able to walk so had to decline. 1917 Jan 4Street car commenced running today. The first time for 2 weeks. Feb 18I attended the funeral of Patriarch Edwin Pace. He saw the Prophet Joseph when he was 17 yrs. 28Bro. Samuel Smedley, Sr., passed away this morning. Mar 9Attended the funeral for Mrs. John Penman. She is an old resident of Bountiful. Apr 5Patriarch Thomas Briggs died. He came from England 1863. He and with others helping him, they did the temple work for 6,000 friends and relatives. 19It is 17 years today since I was set apart as a Patriarch. May 18Attended the funeral of Emorett [Loveland] Sessions, 78 yrs. old. She was the wife of Perrigrine Sessions. She came to this country in 1850 with her parents, Chester Loveland. 31Leland Sessions, son of Laura and Hyrum Sessions and Mary R. Hatch, daughter of Ellen Moss and Gilbert Hatch were married. Jly 5Hannah Wintle Barlow died this morning. She was the wife of Bro. Ianthus Barlow. She was 71 ½ yrs. old and the mother of 10 children, 60 grandchildren and some great grandchildren. 18I am married again and have moved to Salt Lake and starting to keep house after 16 years of being a widower. Sep 2Blessed and named my grandson, Vernon Byron Carr. 5This is my 75 birthday. I am quite well and able to work in the temple nearly every day. Nov 11I attended the funeral of J.H. Grant, the late Pres. Of the Davis Stake. He was 63 years old. Dec 27Barlow Call is home on a 10-day furlough from the Navy in Los Angeles, to see his mother Annie Call who is dangerously sick. 28Memie’s husband James Frank Jones died last night. He had stomach trouble. 1918 Jan 6Annie [Annie Lovinia Barlow Call] is at the L.D.S. Hospital for an operation but is too weak to stand it yet. They are building her up preparing for it. 18I went to Annie’s home to see her since her operation. She is very low but not in much pain as they are keeping her under an anesthetic. 21Annie died this morning. She is 52 yrs. and 11 days old. Mother of 12 children, a very loving and good wife and mother, her husband Lamoni Call is all broken up about it. He had hopes of her recovery until she was operated on and it was found she had a cancer. All that could be done was to leave it and sew her up as it was on the liver. 24Annie’s body is at her oldest child’s home, Annie C. Carr. The snow is too deep, we have to use sleighs. The speakers were Henry Stahle, N.T. Porter and Israel Call. My brother, John H. Barlow dedicated the grave. Feb 17Went to Bountiful to board meeting for the Barlow organization. I told them that 20 years ago I did about 60 names and then very little was done after this until 3 yrs. ago when we organized and now we are doing a lot of work. I am sure pleased. Mar 5Attended the funeral of Ann Ashby, 82 years, the mother of 14 children. She was a hand cart veteran. Her husband died 10 years ago. 10Pearl Smedley Fisher died today following an operation. 13Pearl’s funeral was today. It was well attended. 27Mary Smedley died this morning. She has suffered a great deal. It is only 2 weeks, I think, since her daughter, Pearl, passed away. 30Mary’s funeral today. Jun 2I gave Israel Barlow Smedley a blessing and met his intended wife, Lydia Mathilda Hendrickson. 8I am working in the temple every day and being endowed for many. When I am home I am hunting and preparing more names. The work is coming along very fine.

Life timeline of Israel Barlow

Israel Barlow was born on 3 Sep 1842
Israel Barlow was 17 years old when Petroleum is discovered in Titusville, Pennsylvania leading to the world's first commercially successful oil well. Petroleum is a naturally occurring, yellow-to-black liquid found in geological formations beneath the Earth's surface. It is commonly refined into various types of fuels. Components of petroleum are separated using a technique called fractional distillation, i.e. separation of a liquid mixture into fractions differing in boiling point by means of distillation, typically using a fractionating column.
Israel Barlow was 19 years old when American Civil War: Fort Sumter surrenders to Confederate forces. The American Civil War was a war fought in the United States from 1861 to 1865. As a result of the long-standing controversy over slavery, war broke out in April 1861, when Confederate forces attacked Fort Sumter in South Carolina, shortly after U.S. President Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated. The nationalists of the Union proclaimed loyalty to the U.S. Constitution. They faced secessionists of the Confederate States, who advocated for states' rights to expand slavery.
Israel Barlow was 35 years old when Thomas Edison announces his invention of the phonograph, a machine that can record and play sound. Thomas Alva Edison was an American inventor and businessman, who has been described as America's greatest inventor. He developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world, including the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and the long-lasting, practical electric light bulb. Dubbed "The Wizard of Menlo Park", he was one of the first inventors to apply the principles of mass production and large-scale teamwork to the process of invention, and is often credited with the creation of the first industrial research laboratory.
Israel Barlow was 45 years old when Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show opens in London. William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody was an American scout, bison hunter, and showman. He was born in Le Claire, Iowa Territory, but he lived for several years in his father's hometown in Toronto Township, Ontario, Canada, before the family returned to the Midwest and settled in the Kansas Territory.
Israel Barlow was 52 years old when Mahatma Gandhi forms the Natal Indian Congress (NIC) in order to fight discrimination against Indian traders in Natal. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was an Indian activist who was the leader of the Indian independence movement against British rule. Employing nonviolent civil disobedience, Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. The honorific Mahātmā – applied to him first in 1914 in South Africa – is now used worldwide. In India, he is also called Bapu and Gandhi ji, and known as the Father of the Nation.
Israel Barlow was 66 years old when Ford puts the Model T car on the market at a price of US$825. Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. It was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16, 1903. The company sells automobiles and commercial vehicles under the Ford brand and most luxury cars under the Lincoln brand. Ford also owns Brazilian SUV manufacturer Troller, an 8% stake in Aston Martin of the United Kingdom, and a 49% stake in Jiangling Motors of China. It also has joint-ventures in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Russia. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is controlled by the Ford family; they have minority ownership but the majority of the voting power.
Israel Barlow was 70 years old when The British passenger liner RMS Titanic sinks in the North Atlantic at 2:20 a.m., two hours and forty minutes after hitting an iceberg. Only 710 of 2,227 passengers and crew on board survive. RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in the early hours of 15 April 1912, after colliding with an iceberg during its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City. There were an estimated 2,224 passengers and crew aboard, and more than 1,500 died, making it one of the deadliest commercial peacetime maritime disasters in modern history. RMS Titanic was the largest ship afloat at the time it entered service and was the second of three Olympic-class ocean liners operated by the White Star Line. It was built by the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast. Thomas Andrews, her architect, died in the disaster.
Israel Barlow died on 26 Nov 1923 at the age of 81
Grave record for Israel Barlow (3 Sep 1842 - 26 Nov 1923), BillionGraves Record 1129774 Bountiful, Davis, Utah, United States