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Gary Wayne Simpson

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Woodlawn Memorial Park

100-198 N Felix St
Durham North Carolina 27703
United States

Gary Wayne Simpson

Born: 13 April 1953
Died: 18 September 1994
People Buried Here
Linda Grady Simpson
Buried Here
12 Feb 1957 - Not Available

Husband Father Brother And Son Our Special One

Wife Mother Sister Daughter and Friend

The Lord Givith And The Lord Taketh Away

Ashes To Ashes Dust To Dust

So It Will Be With The Two Of Us




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Linda Grady Simpson
Buried Here
12 Feb 1957 - Not Available
BillionGraves.com record for Gary Wayne Simpson (13 April 1953 - 18 September 1994), BillionGraves Record Woodlawn Memorial Park, Durham, Durham, North Carolina, United States, North America