Douglas A. Beck

27 Jan 1902 - 25 Feb 1902


Douglas A. Beck

27 Jan 1902 - 25 Feb 1902
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Julius Conrad Beck taken from the book 'In Memory of the Becks' compiled by Stephen F Beck Julius Conrad Beck, one of the seven children of Frederick Beck and Henrika Hansen was born in Aalborg, Denmark November 3, 1860 making him 69 years of age at the time of death. His father Fredrick Beck was on
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Life Information

Douglas A. Beck


Alpine Cemetery

283 N 300 E
Alpine, Utah, Utah
United States


May 29, 2011


May 26, 2011

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Life History of Julius Conrad Beck

Contributor: ruffledvelvet Created: 9 months ago Updated: 9 months ago

Julius Conrad Beck taken from the book "In Memory of the Becks" compiled by Stephen F Beck Julius Conrad Beck, one of the seven children of Frederick Beck and Henrika Hansen was born in Aalborg, Denmark November 3, 1860 making him 69 years of age at the time of death. His father Fredrick Beck was one of a family of 10 sons and 5 daughters. While a young man Fredrick took part in the war between Denmark and Germany. Soon after his return home he heard of Mormonism and he and his wife were convinced of its truthfulness and were baptized. In the spring of 1866 with their three small children, Emma, Julius, and Janius started on the long journey to Utah. Julius was six years old at that time. The ocean voyage covered a period of nine weeks The trip across the plains also took them nine weeks and was made entirely by ox teams. In the same company with the Beck family was Andrew Jensen who later became assistant Church Historian. They arrived in Salt Lake City on October,1866 and remained there for two years. In 1868 they moved to Alpine, Utah County, where they homesteaded a tract of ground on the bench north of the mouth of American Fork canyon. They engaged in farming and Fredrick had learned the trade of a mason in Denmark so he was engaged in building many of the dwellings in Alpine. He was known as Mason Beck Julius was baptized when he was about 10 years of age and held all the offices of the Priesthood from a deacon to a high priest. He followed the occupation of farming and acquired considerable property. He married Rhoda Francis Vance March 13, 1889, in the Logan Temple Francis was the daughter of John Wesley Vance and Rhoda Freestone. They became the parents of six sons Wesley, Julius, Owen Vance, Sidney McCuIlough. Loy and Douglas. The latter died in infancy. The others grew to manhood and were married. Although Julius' schooling consisted of only one season under Richard T. Booth he was a man of sound judgment and belonged to many committees in the ward. He was one of the first chairmen of the Old Folks Committee and held this assignment for twelve years. He was a member of the Home Dramatic Club and being musically inclined took part in Glee Clubs and the ward choir. In 1906 he was set apart as one of the seven presidents of the Seventies. In 1904 he was appointed as Ward Clerk and for twelve years with the help of his good wife he kept the ward records accurately. In August 1903 he left his family of a wife and small children to fulfill a mission to his native land Denmark where he met and converted some of his own relatives who later came to Utah. It is an achievement of distinction how his wife managed the farm and the family of small children for two years. He was an excellent carpenter, especially in building hay barns and stock corrals and mangers. None could equal his good judgment and the durability of his work. He built many buildings in Alpine and did considerable building for his cousin Jacob Beck on his ranches at Highland, Goshen, and Gunnison, Utah. He would go into the canyons and select the best timber and bring the largest poles and construct the largest and strongest hay derricks that were built in the valley. Much of his work will be standing for years to come. It was a pleasure to work with him. He was always jolly and good natured, never complaining about a hard task. He was very careful to see that no one was injured in the hazards of building the large high hay derricks. You never had to worry about the time and the long hours he worked. He always gave an honest days work. Stephen F. Beck wrote the following: In the evening when he and I were away from home on some job we would converse far into the night about the Gospel and he would relate the experiences he had with his relatives, the Becks, in Denmark while he was on his mission there. I shall never forget an incident that took place on the Goshen ranch. One of the men took seriously ill with a bad cold which was more like pneumonia. We were a long way from a Doctor and something had to be done as he was unable to breathe. Julius said if you will kill a fat chicken I will make a plaster. A chicken was killed and a plaster was placed on the sick man's chest. Then he said "This will either kill or cure." The next morning the man was much better, but when the plaster was removed all the skin came with it. The sick man was soon well and able to work again. Two years after his return from his mission to Denmark he sent his son Wesley on a three-year mission to New Zealand. In 1917 Wesley and Sidney assisted in the first world war. At the time of his death he was chairman of the new church building committee. His health had been good up until a week before he died. He died November 18, 1929 while the elders whom he had called administered to him. The direct cause was a heart ailment. He was the father of six children, the grandfather of eighteen and the great grandfather of twenty-three.

Life timeline of Douglas A. Beck

Douglas A. Beck was born on 27 Jan 1902
Douglas A. Beck died on 25 Feb 1902 at the age of 0
Grave record for Douglas A. Beck (27 Jan 1902 - 25 Feb 1902), BillionGraves Record 3500 Alpine, Utah, Utah, United States