David Giles Roberts

18 Mar 1826 - 18 May 1893

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David Giles Roberts

18 Mar 1826 - 18 May 1893
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David Roberts These are parts taken from the journal of David Roberts (Book number 342) in the Church Historian's office. This book is written in Welsh, a translation from Welsh to English was made by Mrs. Jane Musgrove 19 September 1955. The Church Presidency desires all members in Wales to keep th

Life Information

David Giles Roberts


Malad City Cemetery

181 Jenkins Avenue
Malad City, Oneida, Idaho
United States


September 20, 2012

Michael Allen

October 4, 2014


September 18, 2012

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David Roberts

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David Roberts These are parts taken from the journal of David Roberts (Book number 342) in the Church Historian's office. This book is written in Welsh, a translation from Welsh to English was made by Mrs. Jane Musgrove 19 September 1955. The Church Presidency desires all members in Wales to keep their records. According to this desire, I will begin to keep a record. I was born 18 March 1826 at a place called Lone Boeth Penn, Ralt St. Machnlleth in the county of Montgomery, South Wales, Great Britian. My father’s name is Robert Roberts. He was born at Tinyant on the 2 March 1794. In the Parish of Mallwyd in the county of Montgomery. My mother Jane Roberts was born at Lone Boeth, 1 January 1794. She was Jane Giles before her marriage. I have two brothers and four sisters. My eldest brother’s name is John Roberts. He was born 18 of August 1821 at Lone Boeth, Penn Ralt St. Machnlleth. My other brother is Edward Roberts. He was born 8 December 1823 at Loneboeth Penn Rallt St. Machnlleth. My eldest sister was named Susan. She was born June 1828, at Penybonty Felingerrig in the Parish of Penogoes Montgomeryshire. My dear sister Susan died at the age of 2 months, she was buried in the churchyard at Penegoes, Montgomeryshire August 1828. My second sister was named Margaret, she was born 9 June 1833, at the same place. My second sister Susan died 3 February 1836 at the age of 5 years and 6 months at Penybonty Felingerrig. She was buried in Penegoes Churchyard. My youngest sister also was named Susan, she was born 26 February 1837, at Penybonty Felingerrig, Parish of Pengoes. My parents were married 9 June 1820 in Machynlleth Church. My dear mother Jane Roberts, died at my Grandmother’s house in Machnlleth on 10 of January 1843, at the age of 49, she was buried in Penegoes Church. On Saturday 14 January 1843. My brother John Roberts married a woman named Catherine Davies, daughter of David and Mary Davies of Penisardue Saines Mawdwyat, Mallwydchurch. Mongomeryshire 5 March 1849. He has to date four children. Mary the eldest born at Penisardue in her grandfather’s home in April 1849. The second John Roberts, he was born at Penygalen on 24 December 1851. The third child a boy named Robert was born 31 August 1852. The fourth child a girl named Jane born 9 March 1855 at Dinas. My brother Edward married Elizabeth Lewis, daughter of Robert and Margaret Lewis from Merioneth Montgomeryshire. They were married in Mallychurch 20 November 1852. Jane Lewis Roberts, daughter of Edward was born at Barlyr, Wilborg St. Danas Mawddwy on 23 August 1847 at 2:00 o'clock on Wednesday. Jane Lewis Roberts was blessed by the Elders. Elders Edward Roberts and John Davis who held her in their arms on the 3 November 1854. John Davis President of the Branch prayed. This same Jane Roberts married David Davis Thomas and died in Malad 23 January 1947. They were married on the 6 February 1874, and Jane died at the age of 93. She had a sister Margaret Elizabeth (Aunt Maggie) born 11 August 1858, who married Charles Bolingbrook 8 September 1876. They lived in Arbon, Idaho in later years. No mention of any child in this diary but Jane (I presume they came to America or at least Margaret Elizabeth probably was not born when the Author wrote this diary, I add this statement.) My sister Margaret married a man named Edward Jones, son of Davis and Jane Jones from Owenerist. Married in Mallwyd Church Montgomeryshire 22 May 1852. My mother (Jane Giles Roberts) father, and brothers and sisters are as Follows: Elinor Giles born 9 December 1766. Edward Giles born 17 April 1768. Jane Gile's father (Edward Giles) and his father Thomas Giles comes from overseas's with Brother Giles and two strangers to this country. Elizabeth Giles was born 22 June 1770. Jane Giles born 2 October 1772. Susan Giles born 19 August 1777 and Ann Giles born 9 April 1781. My Grandfather's mother was Jane Giles. My mother Jane Giles Roberts was one of five children 2 sons and 3 daughters as follows: Thomas Gil's, Jane Giles, Edward Giles, Mary Giles, Susan Giles. Susan Giles had a son named David Davis. The names of the children of my uncle Thomas and Aunt Catherine Realigned Giles and dates of births is as Follows: Jane Giles was born 22 August 1816. Edward Giles born 12 January 1818. Thomas Giles born 22 November 1820. Susan Giles 22 May 1822. Catherine Giles born 29 April 1824,and John Gile's born 29 August 1827. There mother's maiden name was Catherine Rowlands, daughter of Edward Realigned (a tailor) who lived at Corris about 6 miles from Machynlleth, on the road to Dolgelly. My Aunt Catherine Gile's died in June 1880 age 58. My Grandfather Edward Giles died in May 1841, age 74. Edward Giles the son of Thomas and Catherine Gile's in 1842 age 25 years. My grandmother Susan Giles died in 1846, age 86 years. The four above were buried at Mallyd. That is John and Margaret Roberts. About the 13 May 1826 my parents moved to a place about one mile from Machynlleth called Peynbonty Felloingrrig in the Parish of Penogoes. I was nurtured in the doctrines of the State Church (Church of England) in Penegoes under the ministry of one of Morgan Davis the Parish Minister. In May 1844, we moved from there to Machnlleth where I joined another church. This was the Deciples or Cambellitys as they were know. I was baptized by Edward Davis of LLandilores, in the river Dyfinear Pontandfe, My Machynlleth, on 18 April 1845. In the year 1845 I first heard the gospel preached. it was in the summer by Captain Dan Jones, under the hall of the town of Machynlleth. He preached at 8:00 o'clock Saturday night and Sunday at 9:00 o'clock, at 4:30 p.m. and at 7:30 in the evening. He proved his points from the bible. He testified that he was sent of the Lord and that he had received the gift of the Holy Ghost which was now upon me. My father bought a book ad I read it. This satisfied me greatly. The Elder Captain Dan Jones came again and preached twice on a Sunday. I studied the doctrines very minutely. In the month of February, Abel Evens came to Machynlleth and preached twice. Tuesday night and Thursday night. Within three months Elder Evans came again and Samuel Davis from LLywyn. Elder Evans baptized me by Craigbwich Lake, Elder Able Evans preached in the Cambellite chapel at 2:00 o'clock. A meeting of the Saints was held at the home of Edward Davies. I was made a full member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Being confirmed under the hands of Elder Abel Evans and I recieved the first of the Holy Ghost. I was advised to pray sincerely for a testimony to live worthily. This was the first meeting I attended as a member of the church. This was the 19th April 1846. I moved from Machynlleth to Abergnolwun on the 17 May 1847. In the summer of this year a branch was opened at Llanehry in the home of Willliam Morris. Thomas Ellish (Elder) was chosen to be Branch President. I was set apart by deacon by Elder Thomas Hughes. The President Thomas Ellis ordained me a deacon, in the home of Brother William Morris in LLandegrin. The name of the persons in the Branch are: Thomas Ellis President, David Roberts a Deacon, Robert Roberts, Margaret Roberts, Susan Roberts, others present but there names are not copied. Elder Abel Evans came there to Preach, also the Elders: Edward Roberts and Thomas. I moved from Dolgelly to Dolfor, Llanegrin In Merioneth May 1848, my membership was still in Machynlleth. I moved from LLanegrin to LLanbrynmair about the end of June 1848. The LLanbrynmair branch was formed in the Elder Thomas Ellis was made president of the branch. And Elder Edward Roberts as counselor. I was sat apart to Priest at the conference and Thomas Ellis was sent to LLanbrynmair to open the branch and ordained me a priest. Thomas Ellis and Edward Roberts ordained me a priest in my house at Penygily, on the 6 May 1849. I traveled with Edward Roberts (my brother) to many difference places. I opened the preaching meeting with prayer. I moved from LLanbrynmair and went to stay with one Mr, Griffith Evans of Tanyfoil Pentrif Abercywarch Paris of LLanymanwddwy, this was on the 25 July 1849. Edwyn Smith and Mr. Evan Williams (Flannel Mfgs) Dinas Mawddy were here before me. Also my sister Margaret Roberts who was staying at Froindinon with Mr. Even Hughes, I testified to them if they obeyed God’s Laws they would receive a testimony. The branch was formed a month or two before we came here to stay. He would come from LLanbrynmiar to visit us at Dinas. The names of the members of the Dinas Branch were as follows: Elder Edward Roberts President, Thomas Ellis Elder, Davis Roberts Priests, Edwyn Thomas Ellis and Edwyn Smith a priest moved back to Machynlleth Branch 14 May 1850. Margaret Richards was cut off the church she lived at LLanbtymair. On the 20 of May (merioneth Conference) was held at Machynlleth. I went to conference from Aberycywarch on Sunday Morning with Edward Roberts who came here last Thursday, Eliazer Edward President of the conference was released from his duties as President and William Evans Orfhymn was made President. Thomas Hughes 2nd counselor to the president of the church in Wales was at this conference and taught the saints to give to the causes pertaining to the church and to pay their tithing. The Saints were addressed by Thomas Pugh, Eliazer Edwards, William Evans, and William Jones. President Pugh spoke on the subject unless a man be born of the water and the spirit. I was made an Elder in that conference on the 8 of September 1850. By William Evans of the Conference. Daniel Roberts who came from Hiraem Branch (came from South Wales at the beginning of last August) was made an Elder and Edward Roberts ordained me an Elder. He also ordained Daniel Roberts who came from South Wales. We preached in many places. LLanmawddy, Cywarch, Blean, Dinas, Mawddy, Aberangle, Towyn an dAlvertifi. We bore our testimony's to many people. The President of the Mergonthshire Conference William Evans was released and Elder Willaim Richards of Rhymn was made President of the conference. This was 15 of September 1851. Daniel Roberts left Dians Branch as follows as of January 1, 1952, Edward Roberts Elder, Davis Roberts Elder, Robert Roberts teach, Elizabeth Lewis, Susan Roberts, John Evans, and Peter Davies. These two were traveling Elders who visited us at Dinas often. I (David Giles Roberts) copied this from a written paper). He had likely written this paper previously. I came to this town at the will of the Lord to preach the gospel by telling every one what they have to do the be saved. A list of these to whom the Gospel was preached and refused is given. (This list not copied). We testify to the Lord of there dreadful behavior and we shook the dust from our feet against those who refused the gospel. The members of Saints 1 January 1855 are Edward Roberts Elders, Davis Roberts Elder, John Roberts Priest, William Ayese Elder, David Lewis Priest, Robert Roberts teacher, Elizabeth and Margaret Jones. David Roberts was received permission to leave Dinas Branch tomorrow to be able to move. I testify he is a faithful Elder in the church and I pray to my Heavely Father that he will bless him exceedingly with the Holy Ghost for his great faithfulness to the church. Signes, Edward Roberts President of the Dinas Branch. Dinas Mawwddwy 14 1849. Robert Roberts (father of David Giles Roberts) died 14 January 1859, age 65 years. Our dear father died quarter to two o'clock Friday afternoon. This is the end of the journal of David Giles Roberts. This may be about the time he left for the United Sates. He is supposed to have settled in Malad, Idaho in about 1865 and lived in Brigham City, Utah for some time before that time. I think he came over to the U.S.A. between 1855 and 1857. Copied by Susan Ward Malad, Idaho. Recopied by Alice Barnett Thomas Salt Lake City Utah.

Life timeline of David Giles Roberts

David Giles Roberts was born on 18 Mar 1826
David Giles Roberts was 6 years old when Charles Darwin embarks on his journey aboard HMS Beagle, during which he will begin to formulate his theory of evolution. Charles Robert Darwin, was an English naturalist, geologist and biologist, best known for his contributions to the science of evolution. He established that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestors and, in a joint publication with Alfred Russel Wallace, introduced his scientific theory that this branching pattern of evolution resulted from a process that he called natural selection, in which the struggle for existence has a similar effect to the artificial selection involved in selective breeding.
David Giles Roberts was 14 years old when Samuel Morse receives the patent for the telegraph. Samuel Finley Breese Morse was an American painter and inventor. After having established his reputation as a portrait painter, in his middle age Morse contributed to the invention of a single-wire telegraph system based on European telegraphs. He was a co-developer of the Morse code and helped to develop the commercial use of telegraphy.
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David Giles Roberts died on 18 May 1893 at the age of 67
Grave record for David Giles Roberts (18 Mar 1826 - 18 May 1893), BillionGraves Record 2188892 Malad City, Oneida, Idaho, United States