Alfred Richard Whitaker

4 Aug 1916 - 10 Aug 2000

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Alfred Richard Whitaker

4 Aug 1916 - 10 Aug 2000
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Grave site information of Alfred Richard Whitaker (4 Aug 1916 - 10 Aug 2000) at Evergreen Memorial Park in Ogden, Weber, Utah, United States from BillionGraves

Life Information

Alfred Richard Whitaker


Evergreen Memorial Park

113-331 N Monroe Blvd
Ogden, Weber, Utah
United States


June 8, 2012


May 28, 2012

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Grave Site of Alfred Richard


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Floyd Lamont the story of my wonderful dad

Contributor: LinP Created: 2 years ago Updated: 2 years ago

Just prior to when my dad was born the U.S. was experiencing some economic difficulties. According to information found on Wikipedia the prices of stock began to fall on September 4, 1929 then the stock market crashed on October 29, 1929. This date is known in history as the infamous BLACK TUESDAY. If you ever have watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart you can get a slight picture of what that day was like. This depression lasted until the late 1930’s into the early 1940’s. This was what was going on in history when my dad Floyd Lamont Whitaker was born to Hyrum Richard Whitaker and Mary Cecelia Whitaker on Jan 15, 1930. He was the tenth child to be born to this family. His older siblings, still living, included Mary Cecelia age 19, Izora Margurite age 17, Alfred Richard age 13, Lorenzo Delbert age 10, Hyrum Earl age 8, Bertha May age 6, and Charles Roy age 2. Two of his siblings, born prior to him had died; Anna Laura who would have been 16 and Helen Jane who would have been 11. With this many mouths to feed it is no wonder that they had a hard life. First of all they lived in a tent until my dad was four years old. During that time my dad recalls that one time he was being watched by a neighbor. At one point Floyd lost sight of the guy and he was so upset he went into the road and started to cry. But he soon discovered the man was still there. The next place they lived was the first place they had electricity, it was a chicken coop. When I talked to him about this later on, he told me that they moved into this place when he was about four years old. Personally I can’t imagine living in a chicken coop. That would be weird! The only chicken coops I’ve been in are messy and smelly. Of course that was because the chickens were still living there. According to dad, the chickens weren’t there. Certainly, since it was the GREAT DEPRESSION, they were grateful for a place to live.By the time dad was in the second grade, his family had moved into the Brigham City Tannery, and dad had another brother, Donald Clyde who was less than a year younger than him. I never met Donald since he died before I was born, but I do recall seeing a picture of the Tannery. There was a restaurant we used to eat at when we went to visit family in Brigham and they had a painting or a picture of this building on the wall. According to dad this was a paradise for kids. There were lots of large rooms, an orchard, and an old stage couch downstairs for him and his siblings to explore. They had rented the place from a lawyer. From what dad told me the entrance for the Tannery itself was in front the lawyer used license plates to replace missing shingles. I imagine it was also big and drafty making it cold in the winter. Dad mentioned to me when I was younger that at night they would heat up stones and put them at the foot of the beds to keep them warm. Hearing it was a tannery I imagined that the place stunk with the cow hides being chemically prepared in this building, but when I asked dad about it, he said he didn’t remember if it smelled bad. During first grade Floyd was living in the city of Korean. He walked two miles to and from school alone, because he didn’t like the kids on the bus. They made fun of him. Another event in second grade that he recalls was the repossession of a little red wagon. According to him this happened when they were living in Korean. Thankfully he had other toys to play with. The toy he remembers most is a little rubber elephant; no wonder this is his favorite animal. The next major life changing event in dad’s life was the loss of his brother LORENZO DELBERT WHITAKER. At the time his brother was only twenty years of age; he died of a heart disease, but dad believed that it was the medications that killed him. On his death certificate it says it was rheumatic heart disease that he died of on Jan 30th 1940, dad was only ten at the time. In tenth grade at about the age of 16, Floyd dropped out of school and went to work. Times were tough for his family and his parents were getting older being about 76 and 66 years of age. (Hyrum Richard was 60 years old and his mom Mary Cecilia was 49 almost 50 years old when Floyd was born.) During the next couple of years he worked and went to the theaters with his brothers. One of the jobs he did was working the garbage truck. He said that when the garbage truck was dumped the ashes from it would get him all dirty. Because he had to work, dad didn’t get to go back to school until in his 30’s. That was when he completed his GED or General Education Degree this was something he said that Fern made him do, and he was grateful for her insisting on it. On the 25th of June 1950 the North Koreans invaded South Korea; this was the start of the KOREAN WAR. Floyd wanting to avoid going overseas, joined the National Guard, and became part of the 204TH ARTILLERY BATTALION. This was the wrong decision to avoid the war, instead of staying close to home they were the first group of men sent over to Korea to fight. Training for the conflict began; at first they had my dad shooting off artillery. That is until the huge gun he was using got a kink in the cable and went off before it was supposed to. Dad’s career as a gunman literally exploded. Not anxious for a repeat performance they put him in the switchboard and wiring station. When training was done the National Guard headed for Korea. Day after day these loud guns went off, leaving hearing loss behind. My dad didn’t completely go deaf, but his hearing was seriously depleted. Although without this defect we wouldn’t have some of the funniest stories to tell, such a story happened around Thanksgiving, Mom (Fern) was talking about getting a large turkey to cook up for the meal. My dad had misheard what she’d said and asked, “WHAT DO WE NEED A BIG TOOTHPICK FOR?” Sometime after Floyd went off to war, he married his first wife Montella. During his marriage to her they had two children, a boy born in 1954. He is almost one year older than my brother. Then a girl was born in the year 1956 almost one year younger than my brother by mom and almost one year older than my sister by mom. His boy was six and the girl was still a baby when Floyd and Montella got a divorce in 1960.With both Fern Mobley and Floyd Whitaker having been through a divorce, they were once more free to play the field. For entertainment Floyd would go to the bars and drink a few beers. On this special occasion his good friend RoSs Child came in with his cousin Fern Mobley, and introduced the two of them. Now maybe no sparks flew, and they certainly weren’t smitten at first sight, but somehow they liked each other enough to start dating. Mom taught Ross Child how to dance, she also tried to teach dad but he had ‘two left feet and three rights.’ According to my brother she tried to teach him as well. I’m certain she tried to teach all of her children how to dance--after all she taught me the Jitter bug and the swing. Then in the most romantic fashion possible, Floyd--sadly lacking any kind of embellishment--flat out asked Fern to marry him. And they had a grand MARRIAGE where they eloped to Elcho Nevada on May 19th 1962. Now seriously this was their second marriage, so neither of them needed the pomp and ceremony that usually goes into a wedding. So it might not have been the kind of wedding that we all dream of, but it was sufficient. Almost a year later, but not quite, they welcomed their first child together into the world. A daughter (Name withheld due to fact still living) was born on January 25, 1963. Because of the prior car accident with a guy that was blind in one eye, Mom had to have multiple back surgeries. Unfortunately the Dr., who performed these operations, was incompetent. Indeed, he had become known as a bit of a drunk. This put off having another child for eight years, so I didn’t make an advent into this world until 1971. In addition, somewhere around their latter teen years my brother and my sister by mom (names withheld) were adopted by Floyd. Needless to say life went on and lots of things happened. At eight months old I fractured my skull. When I was five my older sister was married to her first husband and then not too long afterward divorced him. My brother went into the army and went to live in Germany and later Louisiana. Of course Fern and Floyd went to see him and took a grand tour of Europe when I was about eight years old. Then in December when he was in Louisiana we went and saw him after Christmas. It was miserable sleeping on the vent in his trailer. My older sister remarried and had a baby girl the day after I turned ten. My younger sister married when I was about eleven years old and started her family. She has one girl, and four boys. My brother married and together they have four children. Three boys and one girl. I was the last to leave home and had a few special memories that involved just my parents and me. I now have two kids of my own one girl and one boy.

Life timeline of Alfred Richard Whitaker

Alfred Richard Whitaker was born on 4 Aug 1916
Alfred Richard Whitaker was 12 years old when Walt Disney character Mickey Mouse premieres in his first cartoon, "Plane Crazy". Walter Elias Disney was an American entrepreneur, animator, voice actor and film producer. A pioneer of the American animation industry, he introduced several developments in the production of cartoons. As a film producer, Disney holds the record for most Academy Awards earned by an individual, having won 22 Oscars from 59 nominations. He was presented with two Golden Globe Special Achievement Awards and an Emmy Award, among other honors. Several of his films are included in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.
Alfred Richard Whitaker was 23 years old when World War II: Nazi Germany and Slovakia invade Poland, beginning the European phase of World War II. World War II, also known as the Second World War, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945, although conflicts reflecting the ideological clash between what would become the Allied and Axis blocs began earlier. The vast majority of the world's countries—including all of the great powers—eventually formed two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis. It was the most global war in history; it directly involved more than 100 million people from over 30 countries. In a state of total war, the major participants threw their entire economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities behind the war effort, blurring the distinction between civilian and military resources. World War II was the deadliest conflict in human history, marked by 50 to 85 million fatalities, most of whom were civilians in the Soviet Union and China. It included massacres, the genocide of the Holocaust, strategic bombing, premeditated death from starvation and disease and the only use of nuclear weapons in war.
Alfred Richard Whitaker was 28 years old when World War II: The Allied invasion of Normandy—codenamed Operation Overlord—begins with the execution of Operation Neptune (commonly referred to as D-Day), the landing of 155,000 Allied troops on the beaches of Normandy in France. The Allied soldiers quickly break through the Atlantic Wall and push inland in the largest amphibious military operation in history. The Allies of World War II, called the United Nations from the 1 January 1942 declaration, were the countries that together opposed the Axis powers during the Second World War (1939–1945). The Allies promoted the alliance as a means to control German, Japanese and Italian aggression.
Alfred Richard Whitaker was 41 years old when Space Race: Launch of Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth. The Space Race refers to the 20th-century competition between two Cold War rivals, the Soviet Union (USSR) and the United States (US), for dominance in spaceflight capability. It had its origins in the missile-based nuclear arms race between the two nations that occurred following World War II, aided by captured German missile technology and personnel from the Aggregat program. The technological superiority required for such dominance was seen as necessary for national security, and symbolic of ideological superiority. The Space Race spawned pioneering efforts to launch artificial satellites, uncrewed space probes of the Moon, Venus, and Mars, and human spaceflight in low Earth orbit and to the Moon.
Alfred Richard Whitaker was 53 years old when During the Apollo 11 mission, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the Moon. Apollo 11 was the spaceflight that landed the first two people on the Moon. Mission commander Neil Armstrong and pilot Buzz Aldrin, both American, landed the lunar module Eagle on July 20, 1969, at 20:17 UTC. Armstrong became the first person to step onto the lunar surface six hours after landing on July 21 at 02:56:15 UTC; Aldrin joined him about 20 minutes later. They spent about two and a quarter hours together outside the spacecraft, and collected 47.5 pounds (21.5 kg) of lunar material to bring back to Earth. Michael Collins piloted the command module Columbia alone in lunar orbit while they were on the Moon's surface. Armstrong and Aldrin spent 21.5 hours on the lunar surface before rejoining Columbia in lunar orbit.
Alfred Richard Whitaker was 62 years old when Jim Jones led more than 900 members of the Peoples Temple to mass murder/suicide in Jonestown, Guyana, hours after some of its members assassinated U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan (pictured). James Warren Jones was an American religious cult leader who initiated and was responsible for a mass suicide and mass murder in Jonestown, Guyana. He considered Jesus Christ as being in compliance with an overarching belief in socialism as the correct social order. Jones was ordained as a Disciples of Christ pastor, and he achieved notoriety as the founder and leader of the Peoples Temple cult.
Alfred Richard Whitaker was 70 years old when Space Shuttle program: STS-51-L mission: Space Shuttle Challenger disintegrates after liftoff, killing all seven astronauts on board. The Space Shuttle program was the fourth human spaceflight program carried out by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which accomplished routine transportation for Earth-to-orbit crew and cargo from 1981 to 2011. Its official name, Space Transportation System (STS), was taken from a 1969 plan for a system of reusable spacecraft of which it was the only item funded for development.
Alfred Richard Whitaker was 75 years old when The World Wide Web is opened to the public. The World Wide Web (WWW), also called the Web, is an information space where documents and other web resources are identified by Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), interlinked by hypertext links, and accessible via the Internet. English scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989. He wrote the first web browser in 1990 while employed at CERN in Switzerland. The browser was released outside CERN in 1991, first to other research institutions starting in January 1991 and to the general public on the Internet in August 1991.
Alfred Richard Whitaker died on 10 Aug 2000 at the age of 84
Grave record for Alfred Richard Whitaker (4 Aug 1916 - 10 Aug 2000), BillionGraves Record 1377799 Ogden, Weber, Utah, United States