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St John's AME-AUMP Church is located at 77 New London Road. The AUMP denomination also grew out of Peter Spencer’s 1813 African Union Church, like Mt. Zion’s UAME. The AUMP church was originally a Methodist Protestant Church, but in the 1960’s switched to an Episcopal (AME) congregation.\n \nThis particular congregation was organized around 1848 and services were held in a log cabin that stood where the current structure is now. The log cabin was replaced in 1867 with the current structure, which was heavily remodeled in the 1960s. In 1890, St John AUMP was officially incorporated, and finally renamed St John African Methodist Church in 1996. St John has always been dedicated to serving its community, providing spiritual education through Bible study and Sunday school, and remembering its members through memorials and tributes. St John\'s AME-AUMP Church Cemetery is located on South Main Street adjacent to St John\'s Cemetery (owned by St John the Baptist-Holy Angels Roman Catholic Parish).

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