Miwok Cemetery

Marshall, Marin, California, United States

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http://www.marin.californios.us/marshall\n\nMiwok Cemetery \na.k.a. Marshall Cemetery \nReynolds, Marin County, California \n\n The tiny Miwok Cemetery is located on the east side of Tomales Bay just north of Reynolds. It once was part of the vast (56,621.04 acres) 1844 Nicasio (Nicasia) land grant to Pablo de la Guerra & Juan (John) Cooper. William Reynolds and Daniel Frink bought a tract of land within the Nicasio grant in 1852. While the cemetery does not appear on modern USGS maps, the little hamlet of Reynolds does appear. \n The cemetery is in plain sight, it is above a small embankment on the east side of Highway 1 exactly at Milage Marker 37.17. It is easy to drive past the cemetery without seeing it though. Coming from the south, when you pass Reynolds, the eucalyptus trees will block the view of the cemetery. Approching from the north, after you pass Marshall, you will come around a curve and the embankment and bushes obscure view of the cemetery. \n Once you locate the cemetery, you will need a place to park. At the very north end of Reynolds, there is what apperars to be an old dirt road that works it way around to the front of the cemetery. Parking at the north end of Reynolds and walk the old road to the cemetery. \n Going southbound, approaching the cemetery from Marshall, immediately past the curve there is a wide shoulder where a few cars can park. If you are able to park on the shoulder there, make absolutly sure no part of your car sticks out over the white line at the edge of the highway into the highway proper. That would be dangerous to you, your car, and to other drivers. Highway 1 is only two lanes and is narrow. Besides, the California Highway Patrol frown on parking on highways and the CHP is efficient. \n If you do park on the shoulder, walk down the side of the west highway until you are facing the cemetery. Carefully cross the road, climb the small but steep embankment. Gate should be unlocked. Be sure to close it on your way out. \n The Coast Miwok lived at the Marshall area of Tomales Bay for thousands of years. Their practice was to bury their dead were they lived. The Miwok did not have formal cemeteries with formal headstones. It seems that the Miwok of the Marshall area intermarried with white settlers and some may have attended the Church of the Assumption of Mary in Tomales. \n This cemetery was restored in the mid 1990s. The cemetery is still active. \n
Miwok Cemetery, BillionGraves Cemetery 173363 Created By Ann, Marshall, Marin, California, United States