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DUNKARD BRETHREN CEMETERY Dunkard Brethren (aka Magness Chapel) Cemetery Lonoke County, Arkansas Austin; 1.7 miles north of Hwy 167 on Ed Haymes Rd *From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Part of a series on the Schwarzenau Brethren (the German Baptists or Dunkers) The Dunkard Brethren are a small group of conservative Schwarzenau Brethren churches that withdrew from the Church of the Brethren. The Church of the Brethren represents the largest body of churches that descended from the original pietist movement began in Germany by Alexander Mack and seven other believers. Early in the 20th century some members began to feel that there was a drift away from apostolic standards. Because of this, a small group of conservatives withdrew from the Church of the Brethren and formed the Dunkard Brethren Church in 1926. The name Dunkard or Dunker is derived from the German word tunken, meaning "to dip". This emphasizes the method of immersion observed by all of the various branches of Schwarzenau Brethren—trine immersion. A believer is immersed three times, once in the name of the Father, once in the name of the Son, and once in the name of the Holy Spirit. Some of the Dunkard Brethren exhibit the plainness of dress associated with the "Old Order" Brethren and Mennonites. As defined by Webster's New International Dictionary second edition unabridged.


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