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Henderson Cemetery was established in 1858 by Enos and Susannah Henderson. They chose a site adjoining the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, known as Henderson Church, which they had also established earlier that year. The first burial was Enos and Susannah’s daughter-in-law, Elizabeth Sewell Henderson, wife of Milton Alexander Henderson. She died at age 22 on October 3, 1858, less than a month after giving birth to a daughter, Mary Elizabeth. There are approximately 475 graves that are each marked DS with only a rock -- no name or dates are listed. It is known that some 60 Henderson family members are buried in the cemetery DS without a marker. These names and dates are added to the list DS without plot numbers. The cemetery is easily located about 1 mile east of Pangburn on Highway 124. A cemetery census was originally entered into a computer file by Kara Spence, a former board member of the White County Historical Society, in 1999 from record kept by the late Garland Henderson and the late Louis Crook, Jr. The record were updated June 27, 2004, by Leroy Blair, who at the time was the cemetery caretaker. The update was done using old Henderson Cemetery Association record, old White County Historical Society record, information obtained by talking to people visiting the cemetery, and by personal survey. The row numbers in parenthesis indicate the location of the grave. The first number is the row number starting from the west end nearest Pangburn and going east. The second is the number of feet down the row starting at the side of the cemetery next to Hwy 124 and running south to the road that goes by the maintenance building. The rows that start DS with a letter are located in the new Murphy Addition south of the road going by the maintenance building. The row numbers for these rows are painted on the road and wood posts. / The rows go south to the back of the cemetery. The second number is the grave number in the row Their is no cemetery at this location ...


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