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Clinton UP Cemetery is located in Clinton, Allegheny Co, PA. The cemetery dates back to circa 1808, when the original owner of the property, Charles Morgan, died and was buried on the grounds that he planned to deed to the Clinton church. Clinton UP Church, originally named Montours Run Church, was founded in 1797. Shortly after the Montours Run congregation was founded, a tract of land was deeded to them by Mr. Morgan, composed of 8 acres joining the village of Clinton. Part of this land was to be used for a church building, completed in 1797, and the rest of the land was to be used as a public burial ground for anyone wishing to be buried there. Mr. Morgan died in 1808, long before his desires could be fulfilled. His son carried out his wishes and the deed to Clinton Church was dated April 10, 1837. The deed states:" the Associate Congregation of Montours Run enjoying the labors of the Rev. William Wilson belonging to the Associate Synod of North America to confirm a grant made by his late father, Charles Morgan, a certain piece of land lying in Allegheny County on the waters of Raccoon Creek (actually Potato Garden Run which flows into Raccoon Creek) ..." The deed was not recorded until Oct 5, 1864. Sometime between 1935 and 1938, part of the old cemetery fell into the mines that are beneath it. Those graves and their markers are lost and with poor record keeping, no one knows exactly who was lost. There are many veterans buried at the cemetery dating back to the Revolutionary War. There are also two Native Americans buried here. The location of their graves is unknown. Go to for a complete listing of those buried here along with photos of all readable stones.


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