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Family Plots

(Previously known as 'Map It')

Are you tired of searching through endless websites and dusty old books looking for your ancestors just to end up exactly where you started? Nowhere! What if I told you that with one simple click you could turn your endless searching into hours of discoveries with the new BillionGraves “Family Plots” feature? BillionGraves changes the game completely by utilizing our state of the art GPS technology to create a world-wide, interactive map of your search results! BillionGraves “Family Plots” feature shows you within seconds exactly where your ancestors are buried. Whether it’s the entire World or your local Cemetery; you have the ability to discover your ancestors from the comfort of your home. Discover who’s buried in the family plot or track down family members who moved to distant countries. The possibilities are endless with the new Family Plots Feature along with the other great products from BillionGraves!

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