About Us

Our Goal

Our goal is to preserve precious records found in cemeteries throughout the world. We use modern technology to capture images of headstones with their GPS locations so users worldwide can access those records anywhere. BillionGraves strives to do just that: preserve at least one billion graves. And we won't stop there!

We CAN achieve this goal. If only 100,000 of our users were to upload 10,000 images (about 850 pictures a month for one year) we would easily reach that goal. With just a couple trips to your local cemetery each month, YOU can easily make these records available to those people searching for their relatives.

Join our worldwide effort and see just how rewarding (and even addicting!) BillionGraves is.

Meet the BillionGraves Team:

Hudson Gunn: President

Hudson graduated from Utah Valley University with a BS in Business Management. Over two years ago, he started Code_IT Barcodes that provided QR codes for tracking/analytics for businesses to use in advertising. This led to the creation of My Legacy Memorial which provides families the option of placing QR codes on headstones that link the viewer to online memorials and genealogy information. He is also the founder of WildTrax outdoors and has been awarded Student Entrepreneur of the Year (2011) and Best Small Business. He loves playing softball and the piano, skiing, photography, and being outdoors.

Hudson says:
"BillionGraves is important because it's the preservation of history that is quickly being lost and destroyed. Preserving this valuable information and making it readily available to promote collaborative genealogical work is a fascinating and rewarding challenge!"

Brian Moncur: Chief Technology Officer

Brian has been working on BillionGraves for three years now and has been a huge asset to BillionGraves from the start. He graduated in Chemical Engineering from Brigham Young University and has an extensive background in software design and development. He was the CTO for Fonix (a speech recognition company) as well as for AppTime, the original developer of BillionGraves. In his spare time he loves mountain biking, rock climbing/canyoneering and talking technology with his three sons who all had a hand in the creation of BillionGraves.

Brian says:
"If headstones could talk I'm sure that they would have a lot of stories to tell. Since they can't, BillionGraves is the next best thing. Those stories are quickly fading away so we need to capture them ASAP!"

Tom Hester: Director of Support and Customer Relations

Tom has been with BillionGraves since its beginnings at AppTime and is an avid BillionGraves-er. His Bachelor’s degree is in Political science with a minor in Computer Science and he is pursuing a MBA in Technology Management. Tom is a Certified Public Speaker and Technical Writer and manages the technical support for BillionGraves. Originally from California, Tom loves physical exercise, the beach, and surfing.

If you have any questions, please contact Tom at support.

Tom says:
"Watching BillionGraves develop and grow has been such a wonderful experience. The countless hours put into the development of BillionGraves has made me not only love it but develop a deep loyalty to it."

Casey Moncur: Senior Mobile/Web Developer

Casey was one of the original developers of the BillionGraves project, and is joining up with us again after taking time to finish up his Computer Science degree at Brigham Young University. He is excited to bring fresh ideas to the table and supercharge the BillionGraves movement with simple, beautiful design. His free time is usually spent with family, in the mountains, or reading.

Casey says:
"It is so much fun to be able to work on something that has real, lasting meaning behind it."