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William F. Wellings

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Vital Information:
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1 September 1890
Eden Cemetery
Eden, New South Wales, Australia

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LOVING MEMORY OF OUR INFANT SON WILLIAM F. WELLINGS DIED 1ST SEP. 1890 AGED 7 MONTHS. IN MEMORY OF A LOVING SON OF EDEN JOHN EDMUND WELLINGS OAM 1934 - 2006 SON OF EDMUND SHAKESPEARE WELLINGS GRANDSON OF THOMAS HENRY WELLINGS AN EDUCATOR WHO LOVED TO LEARN In memory of founding generations of the Wellings family in Australia THOMAS HENRY WELLINGS 1851-1935, SCHOOLMASTER OF EDEN Also buried here ALICE (nee KEBBY) 1859- 1936, his wife HENRY 1828- 1907, his father CHARLES EDEN 1881- 1952, his son MARY 1884- 1969, his daughter-in-law WILLIAM 1890, his son DOUGLAS 1920- 1927, his grandson Buried elsewhere in New South Wales SARAH 1806-1887, his grandmother (born Shrewsbury, England) ELIZABETH 1832-1915, his mother HENRY PERCIVAL 1883-1972, his son WALTER MILTON 1895-1945, his son EDMUND SHAKESPEARE 1897-1949, his son They are in thy unfailing care - T. H. Wellings
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