Brigham Young Family Memorial Cemetery

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
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Cemetery Information

Address 140 E 1st Ave
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
United States


This cemetery is more appropriately called the Brigham Young Cemetery. See the Utah State History website address:;jsessionid=A3603A6DE0A436E5D48D4910E4D95075?id=SL2108 also this article from the "Church News" at the following link: Also, some of the headstone images are not at this cemetery, they are from the Kimball-Whitney Cemetery just over a block away. The misplaced images are #10 of 13, #11 of 13, #12 of 13 and #13 of 13. These should be moved to the Kimball-Whitney Cemetery location and are duplicates of pictures I have uploaded.

Cemetery Images

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