Our Goal

We aim to provide an expansive family history database for records and images from the world’s cemeteries, all tagged with GPS locations. Our database is growing every day. We are gathering headstones from new countries all the time. Our goal is to collect one billion graves, and we can do it with your help.

Since we don’t have the manpower or the distribution to visit every cemetery in the world ourselves, we want to join with you to collect and transcribe headstone images. New users are registering every day.

Help us make family history more accessible to everyone. Take the BillionGraves.com iPhone/Android app with you when you go to your local cemetery and contribute to the grave image database. Even if you don’t have the gadgets required to collect images for BillionGraves, you can still help build the database by transcribing the images so anyone, anywhere, can find ancestors’ graves while in their own home.