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Geni has teamed up with BillionGraves in the great initiative of documenting every headstone in the world with the free and simple to use BillionGraves app.

The BillionGraves application is Geni's preferred cemetery headstone crowdsourcing application. With patent-pending technology, translations into 25 major languages, as well as advanced systems for handling Gregorian, Hebrew and Julian dates, BillionGraves is the best international application for documenting and preserving headstone information. It's fun, too! (in a unique way that only genealogists would understand).

Register for free on this page. Then download the free mobile application for any iOS or Android device. All information you contribute will be posted on BillionGraves and MyHeritage SuperSearch where it will be free for all users. MyHeritage Record Matching will match it for free to all profiles on Geni!
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