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Answers to common support questions:

The photos I uploaded are assigned to the wrong cemetery, how do I correct this?

To correct this make sure that you have added the cemetery you took photos at using either the BillionGraves App or the Add A Cemetery page on the website. If you can then send us the link for the cemetery the pictures are supposed to be in, we can assign the images you took to the cemetery they are supposed to be in.

I forgot to link or improperly linked photos I took at a cemetery. How can I correct this?

The linker page allows users to link or unlink their photos. You can access this page by visiting the My Photos page, and navigating to the photo you wish to link, then clicking the "Link Image" button.

I found a BillionGraves record that was transcribed incorrectly. How can I correct this?

Records can be corrected by navigating to the records you wish to edit, then clicking the blue edit button, and then updating the information. You must be a registered BillionGraves user to edit this information.

I found a BillionGraves cemetery that has incorrect information. How can I correct this?

To correct the information for a cemetery, please email us the link to the cemetery, plus the corrections that need to be made.